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Chapter 31: Grab a partner with Lao Tzu!!

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Just like what Boss Jin himself said – he definitely wouldn’t forget an extremely wealthy young genius who had amazing looks as well as an emotionless face.

So he stared at the newcomer for an entire three minutes, all the way up until a certain boss almost couldn’t help but want to murder someone. Finally, JinYu clapped his hands and said, “You’re that grandson of the guy with the purple coin!”

Long Changxiao didn’t understand for a moment when he heard that, but then his poker face seemed to twitch faintly. He did know about that incident where his grandpa once lent a purple coin to a shameless brat, but that incident was too trivial – trivial to the point that if this person hadn’t brought it up himself today, and if his own memory wasn’t excellent, he definitely would’ve tossed that memory into the bottom of the river, never to be retrieved again. But once that memory resurfaced, Lang Chongxiao looked closely at JinYu with some amazement and seriousness. After his grandpa got rich, he had unintentionally helped quite a few people, and there were no lack of people who had ultimately become very successful or rich. Except, the only thing was that those people all needed at least ten years to do so. Up to today, this young man was truly the first person he met who created such a unique shop that even Long Changxiao knew of after just one month and one purple coin.

“My name is Lang Changxiao. I presume that you, then, are Anjie’s famous Boss Jin.” Long Changxiao spoke very courteously, but his expression was as impenetrable as ever.

It didn’t matter whether JinYu once knew his grandpa or not; nothing was allowed to go wrong with what he was here to request today. Or else, with his identity, he could tell his subordinates to come forward, and if that didn’t work, he could just directly knock out someone who was weak or frail and carry them away. Except, just when he was getting ready to do as he had always done, one of his subordinates who was a big shot and lived on Anjie came forward to plead with him with an alarmed expression. He said that Long Changxiao definitely, definitely couldn’t treat this Boss Jin with contempt and scorn. 

From a character standpoint, Boss Jin seemed incomparably cunning and treacherous, and he liked to screw people over. From a power standpoint, even though he was an extremely weak and puny human, he had three Level A beasts and one Level A+ beast surrounding him, as well as beasts ranging from Level B to Level F. With all those beasts, if you thought he was weak, then that just meant your brain had problems.

When Long Changxiao heard his subordinate – who had never feared anything – warily introduce such a person, he was fairly surprised at first. But in order to carry out his motive, he still told his subordinate to investigate all the things that happened after this Boss Jin entered Anjie. He found out that the powerhouse on the capital star was almost enough to match those of the hidden clans in the south and the head of the dragon sect, and his head started to hurt a little. 

Naturally, to develop the dragon clan into the powerhouse that it was today, he wasn’t afraid of negotiating or making deals with others. He just didn’t like to do so with those troublesome people. But after he saw JinYu’s profile, he almost immediately determined that this fellow was the most troublesome person.

This kind of person had no relatives, no enemies, and no cares. He seemed greedy, but he wasn’t actually a money grubber. He seemed weak, but he was actually quite powerful, so there was no way to threaten or bribe him. He was laid-back but also a little temperamental. Besides all that, Boss Jin was also fairly intelligent. But what made Long Changxiao want to sigh the most was the fact that – besides him being intelligent – his willpower was also resolute.

‘What the hell! Someone smart who you can’t threaten or entice, with staunch willpower! This kind of person is a monster who should be struck by lightning! Whenever I want to ask such a person for help or to make a trade before we’ve become good friends, I have to be prepared to be screwed viciously over until I spit blood!! That kind of person should try dying once, I say!!’ That was what his grandpa would often curse to his current lifelong friends before he became friends with them. After Long Changxiao saw JinYu’s profile, he felt as if he was about to step on the same old path as his grandpa did.

Now, as Long Changxiao stood in the pet shop and stared at those peach blossom eyes, and Boss Jin’s smiling, calm expression, he knew that it wasn’t ‘as if’ – he was definitely going to end up the same as his grandpa: viciously screwed over. As for whether or not they could become lifelong friends…

Suddenly, an extremely fierce and powerful pressure enveloped Long Changxiao’s body. His gaze focused, and he stared straight at the beast sitting next to JinYu. Then, his blood churned violently, and his pupils shrank!!

That was actually… a qilin!?

Qi Qinglin stared coldly at the young genius. He was clearly resentful about this guy’s sudden appearance.

For now, never mind how you suddenly came to stir up things just when my mate and I were getting intimate – why are you staring at my mate for so long after coming in?! Even if you have a fourth of the dragon god’s bloodline in you, not even that pureblood young master of the dragon clan is my opponent right now! You, with your impure blood, want to steal my mate?! Is your entire clan tired of living?

Big Boss Qi’s pressure was quite strong, but when he purposefully targeted one person, it was even more powerful. If Long Changxiao didn’t have a fourth of the dragon clan’s bloodline, he would’ve already kneeled onto the ground by now.

… tsk, never mind about lifelong friends. He would have his grandpa’s great blessing if he could just walk out from this pet shop alive today.

As Long Changxiao thought that, he lowered his head, teeth clenched. He almost couldn’t bear the pressure around him, and right now, what he hated the most right now was that stupid subordinate of his. He even hid something like the qilin – an outstanding god beast – from him, how moronic, how blind, how sick of living was that lackey of his to be like this!

“Hey hey hey hey!! What are you doing, what are you doing?!” Just when Long Changxiao thought that he wouldn’t be able to stand it any longer and would have to make a fool out of himself, JinYu spoke. He reached out and directly pushed Big Boss Qi’s head to the side before he faced that shining cash cow in front of him and smiled. “Hehe, Mister Long Changxiao, was it? Don’t pay any attention to him, he hasn’t eaten lunch yet today, so his mood isn’t very good. You can just ignore him. Really.”

“…” Qi Qinglin and Chang Longxiao both looked at JinYu expressionlessly, thinking: if you’re going to find an excuse, can’t you at least find one that’s more reasonable? You have the nerve to throw out such an obvious, lame excuse, truly…

Qi Qinglin rolled his eyes at JinYu before he turned and started walking upstairs. He didn’t feel like staying here; after all, he wouldn’t be able to hear what JinYu and this Long Changxiao guy talked about afterwards anyway. He might as well not watch so that he wouldn’t get irritated; that way, he would avoid scaring away that cash cow too, and his mate wouldn’t vent his anger out on him later that night—

He had already been the target of JinYu’s anger several times now, and the final result was that he was relegated to the guest room to sleep. If he ran to the master bedroom, then JinYu would go to the guest room. Fucking hell! They hadn’t even done the most basic of things yet, so if they couldn’t even share a bed, how suppressed was he going to be!!

Big Boss Qi started to seriously consider the combined proposal that several of his subordinates had come up with, such as what JiaWu said, ‘Master, you’re so wise and extraordinarily handsome. Madam has the privilege of being liked by you! So, you can just do whatever you want.’

… that wouldn’t do, he knew very well what kind of personality his mate had. The consequences of forcing himself on him would be very terrifying. Even though, from a strength perspective, Qi Qinglin had nothing to worry about.

‘Master, after getting drunk, people will always be unable to restrain their emotions or want to do things… so?’ Damned YiWen, after JiaWu such a thing to him, did YiWen really think Qi Qinglin’s JinYu was the same? What’s more, he hadn’t even found an opportunity to drink lately! Doing things after getting drunk – what should he do when he didn’t have any alcohol!!

‘Master, this subordinate actually thinks that Madam’s personality is pretty good. So this subordinate was thinking – as long as Master earnestly talks to Madam, he should be able to accept it.’ BingHei’s expression was very conscientious.

So, after Qi Qinglin equally conscientiously told JinYu that, and then was mercilessly kicked to the guest room by JinYu, Big Boss Qi also earnestly began to consider: should he castrate BingHei, or make him stay abstinent for a whole year?

As he thought, Qi Qinglin sighed. It looked like he could only use DingBai’s method now. But it was truly too slow to boil a frog in warm water… even though he could eat a bit of tofu every day, he still felt like he was being treated very unfairly, wasn’t that right? When he thought about all the people who wanted to climb into his bed before … now it was his turn to climb onto someone else’s bed. Really! He was too great.

Over here, Boss Qi Qinglin was resentfully thinking about how his nightlife had been very uncomfortable recently, while downstairs on the sofa, JinYu and Long Changxiao were both secretly measuring the other up as they sat across from each other.

Just as it seemed like this staring contest was going to persist like this forever, a mouthwatering taste suddenly floated over. JinYu turned to see the a tiger-striped cat wearing a tiny golden chef’s hat – the cat that had been collectively and enthusiastically welcomed by all the beasts, and the cat who was also a beast that knew its tastes – come over carrying two plates.


The beast put the plates down in front of JinYu and Long Changxiao before it cried out very proudly. JinYu burst out laughing when he heard that, before he picked up what looked and smelled like a delicious roasted chicken wing, and he bit into it.

Next, JinYu nonchalantly scraped all the roasted chicken from Long Changxiao’s plate onto his own. Under Long Changxiao’s slightly twitching gaze, the boss of the pet shop said while gnawing on a chicken wing, “Welcome to the cute Beast Store #138, what kind of beast do you want to buy?”


“I want to invite Boss Jin to visit my home with me, to rescue a beast on the edge of death.”

Long Changxiao’s ability to remain calm was S-tier, so he ignored a certain boss who was gnawing on chicken wings without any table manners. Except, just as he finished speaking, a furious roar suddenly sounded from upstairs. In an extremely short span of time, it made all the beasts in the pet shop and the neighboring houses tremble, before they all huddled in the corners, not daring to move.

Fucking hell!! Stealing the mate from Laozi!


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September 20, 2019 1:53 pm

Thank you for the update!
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Such an obedient pet.

September 20, 2019 4:43 pm

😠. “Did you hurt it? Prepare to lose it!”
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September 21, 2019 6:45 am

And we have the first house call… but Boss Qi might be against it.

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Qinglin is a lot more patient than most domineering leads.
Long ChangXiao is treading on dangerous ground here; initiating the dark side of a certain jealous mate.
Thanks for translating.

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