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Iceberg Man’s Prey 

Iceberg Man's Prey
Iceberg Man’s Prey

Author:Wumeng Xiaoyan

Status in Original Country: 11 chapters (Complete)

Genres: Sadist, BL, Smut, Modern Day


Summary: What? Why do I, young master Xia, have to share a room with this country bumpkin and a super ugly one to boot?! No way! How could his distinguished self live with such a man? He must find a way to drive the ugly and poor cold-faced man out of the dormitory. But why was it that every time he wanted to give him a lesson, he ended up being the one who got the lesson! And he nearly lost his “manhood”! Abhorrent son of a bitch, we cannot exist together!!!! 

But this disgusting shitty cold-faced man suddenly wants to “compete” with him.

Trigger Warning: This story contains hard smut, crossdress scene, outdoor sex, rough sex, etc, very minimal plot point. Please do not continue if you don’t find amusement in it. Also please don’t diss on author just because some of the scenes are too emotional. The story is purely fiction, please don’t discourage others from enjoying just because it doesn’t match your taste. Enjoy.

Chapter One

Translated by Addis and Rara of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

XX University was a famous first-class university in China, so many students crammed night and day to get in. Parents were proud that their children could become students of XX University. But Xu Ling was not interested in it. Ge looked coldly at the admission notice of XX University and turned his head to look out of the window. If it hadn’t been for his mom, forcing him to change his school of choice, he would have become a student at the Conservatory of Music instead of enrolling in XX university something.

After remembering his capricious, overbearing mom, Xu Ling’s eyes glimmered with helplessness. Who can you find in this world with a “genius” mom like her who forced her son to give up studying music that he had spent more than a decade worth of hard work on for a completely unfamiliar law school just because of a TV drama…

The train soon arrived at the station. Xu Ling got off and saw a bus specially sent by XX University to pick up the freshmen not far away. He walked past with his luggage.

Seeing Xu Ling, the seniors who were responsible for welcoming him and also the other freshmen were all startled at once; their expressions were more exaggerated than if they had seen a ghost. It was no wonder since anyone who saw a weirdo wearing a hat, sunglasses, a mask, and was fully clothed from top to bottom would be shocked.

Xu Ling ignored their surprised expressions and explained his identity to the seniors, then got on the school bus and sat on a random seat. The last time he had gotten on the train, the person sitting next to him had a bad cold and sneezed all the time, which made him come “fully armed” this time around. He shouldn’t have listened to his mom to take this shitty bus and should have just come by plane instead.

Later, the freshmen got on the bus one after another. Their parents accompanied most of them, and only Xu Ling was alone. Xu Ling’s father went abroad on business. His mother wanted to send him, but Xu Ling refused because he was afraid that his mother would make him lose face.

“May I sit here, please?” A girl asked, pointing to the seat beside Xu Ling.

Xu Ling looked around and found that all the seats were fully occupied, only beside him, because people didn’t want to sit with him, was still empty.

Xu Ling nodded his head, and the girl thanked him and sat beside him.

This was a gorgeous girl, but looked very haggard, eyes a little red and swollen. It seemed that she had just cried. Xu Ling was not a meddler, and when he saw the girl, he put on his headphones to listen to his music.

“Wait a minute!” When the driver was ready to start the bus, a beautiful and noble-looking classical beauty ran onto the bus, panting.

“Such a beautiful lady!” Some bold boys shouted excitedly, and the classic beauty girl smiled embarrassingly.

It was rare to meet such a beautiful woman. All the boys stood up and scrambled to give up their seats to her. Only Xu Ling did not get up. The classical beauty accepted the kindness of a boy wearing glasses and sat in front of Xu Ling. The traditional beauty seemed to know the girl beside Xu Ling and smiled at her.

The girl beside Xu Ling did not seem to have expected to meet each other here. She was stunned and returned her smile with a stiff one.

When the bus started moving, the seniors began to tell the students about the excellent history of XX University. Suddenly there was a loudspeaker behind the car.

“Stop! Quickly!” Everyone looked out and saw a superb Ferrari following the school bus, the owner of which was a handsome and dazzling boy.

“Driver uncle, please drive faster, don’t stop!” When the classical beauty saw the boy, she was in a panic and shouted to the driver.

The driver looked at the student and nodded. Although he didn’t know what was going on, it seemed that the man was dangerous. He wanted to protect the beautiful girl from harm.

It was found that the school bus was speeding up and the Ferrari boy was also speeding up to catch up. The person shouted to the classical beauty, “Lin YaTing, don’t run! You are mine.”

After hearing that, the school bus immediately exploded into an uproar. It turned out this was a “rich young master’s pursuit of beauty” show.

The classical beauty blushed with shame and retorted, “Xia Chuan, what do you want?”

Xu Ling looked at them indifferently, bored, turned his head and continued to listen to the song, but unintentionally found the girl beside him looking at the Ferrari boy sadly, the bright eyes filled with tears.

Xia Chuan rushed ahead and forced the bus to stop in the middle of the road. He rushed onto the bus and stepped towards Lin YaTing. Lin YaTing shrank back in fear.

“Lin YaTing, I already said you can’t run from me. You’re mine!” Xia Chuan grabbed Lin YaTing and announced it domineeringly.

“Let me go! Jackass! Bastard…” Lin YaTing struggled with embarrassment, but from her attitude of refusing, it was more like it was welcome as her beautiful face blushed pink. She did not hate the boy named Xia Chuan.

“I will not let it go!” Xia Chuan grabbed her hand and stared straight into her eyes. “I like you. Date me!”

“I…” Without waiting for Lin YaTing to say her refusal, Xia Chuan had blocked her lips domineeringly, and Lin YaTing pushed him shyly a few times, but in the end, she could not resist and accepted his kiss.

“Wow~” The freshmen, who had seen this kind of TV plot, all shouted excitedly and a few boys whistled.

Xu Ling looked on with cold eyes and was somewhat sympathizing with the girl beside him. The girl looked at the two people who kissed in front of her and was going crazy. Her face was full of despair. But no one noticed her grief; in everybody’s eyes, there only existed this lovebird couple…

“My name is Xia Chuan. I’m in the same school as all the brothers and sisters here. I’ll invite you to dinner another day. We’ll go first, bye-bye… “Kissing for nearly two minutes, Xia Chuan released Lin YaTing satisfactorily, laughed at everyone and left with Lin YaTing in his arms, without looking at the girl beside Xu Ling from beginning to end.

Watching Xia Chuan leave in the Ferrari with Lin YaTing’s grace, the girls all admired Lin YaTing’s good fortune since she got such a handsome and wealthy boy.

Xu Ling disdainfully said, “Who will hear the cry of the former, when the latter’s smile is in the front.”

The girl beside him raised her head in surprise. Xu Ling did not say much as he handed her a handkerchief and looked out the window at the blue sky.


“Chuan, my lad, you are so awesome to be able to capture Lin YaTing so quickly!” Inside the male dormitory of XX University, Xia Chuan’s close buddy Luo Shuai said in admiration.

“Quick what? It has almost been two months!” Xia Chuan disagreed.

“Princess Lin is a tough cake to crack, but she’s so beautiful that even a year is worth it… “

“Guys, bad news!” The door suddenly opened, and a blonde boy rushed in.

“Xiao Qiang, what’s wrong?” They looked up curiously.

“I just heard that the school roomed us with some southern ethnic minorities guy!” Dai Xiao Qiang cried agitatedly.

“What? Did they room us with a country bumpkin? Are you sure there is no mistake?!” Xia Chuan’s face had a disbelieving look on it. 

“How does this school work? Don’t they know who we are? Goodness! Ethnic minorities are all barbarians with no quality and culture. They are disgusting just from sight.” Luo Shuai had severe ethnic discrimination and hated ethnic minorities.

“We have to rush to the school Administaff and ask them to relocate that freshman.” Dai Xiao Qiang nodded.

“No!” Xia Chuan shook his head and vetoed. When he left for school, his old man had said it clearly, warning him that he could not use his name to play with privileges or else he would break his leg.

“What should we do then? Anyway, I don’t want to live with that kid even if I die!” Luo Shuai frowned.

“It’s easy. We can find ways to keep him from staying and force him to leave himself!” Xia Chuan’s lips raised with a terrible evil laugh.

“Good idea!” Luo Shuai and Dai Xiao Qiang raised their hands in favor of it and then the three men began to discuss how to put the unfortunate new student in his place…

Looking at the busy and crowded campus, Xu Ling frowned slightly and decided to go to the dormitory first then register for his classes when there were fewer people.

Finding his dormitory number, Xu Ling went into the boys’ dormitory and found room 503 before knocking on the door.

“The door is unlocked. Come in!” Someone responded immediately.

Xu Ling pushed open the door, but just as he walked over the threshold, a basin of dirty water poured down, and he had no time to escape, instantly turned into a drenched rag…

“Sorry! My hand slipped, so…” Dai Xiao Qiang looked at him apologetically. They weren’t surprised at Xu Ling’s strange clothes. In their hearts, the minorities were very strange!

“Xiao Qiang, why are you so careless?! “Xia Chuan looked at Xu Ling’s sorry figure and tried to resist laughing. He feigned angry scolding and then feigned concern to ask Xu Ling, “Hey buddy, are you okay?” They intentionally wanted to give Xu Ling a lesson!

Xu Ling turned a deaf ear on them. He calmly put his luggage on the only empty bed in the room, took out a pair of clothes and went to the bathroom. He did not even look at them from beginning to end.

Xu Ling quickly perceived their hostility and knew that the basin of water was deliberate, but he did not expose them, because he disdained them! The proud Xu Ling felt that it was meaningless for them to quarrel with Xia Chuan about this matter, but he did not expect to share the same dormitory with Xia Chuan, which made him a little surprised!

“Damn it, fuck that shit! What’s good about a country bumpkin like you…” Xia Chuan and the others were all furious with Xu Ling’s attitude. Luo Shuai, who had always been hot-headed, started cursing and was not afraid to be heard by Xu Ling.

Xia Chuan’s eyes turned into two clusters of anger. This was the first time someone dared to ignore him like this. Fuck that shit, that man is so dead…

“Right! Who does he think he is?” Dai Xiao Qiang nodded his head.

Xu Ling, who heard everything from the bathroom, was still calm. He took off his sunglasses and mask in front of the mirror and found that he had a lot of red rashes on his face.

Xu Ling frowned. No wonder his face felt itchy. He had the hereditary constitution from his mother, which make him easily allergic, and he would get a rash from it. He had to wear the mask every day for a short time since sun exposure would irritate his rash even more.

After taking a bath, Xu Ling re-equipped himself, wrapped his body tightly from top to bottom before leaving the bathroom.

The others were going out to eat when they saw Xu Ling come out. Xia Chuan deliberately said, “Don’t steal our things while we are not here, poor boy!” 

In their eyes, the minorities from the south were poor people who had no money.

Xu Ling ignored Xia Chuan’s words and was not angry at all. After they left, he went to register for his classes and asked the teacher to change rooms.

Xu Ling wanted to change his dormitory, not because he is afraid of them, but because he felt that it was depressing to live under the same roof with those of poor judgment.

But the teacher refused Xu Ling’s request. The school stipulated that first-year students could not change dormitories; they had to wait for the second semester. Xu Ling could only reluctantly give up the idea of changing his room. It seemed that he must live with that group of annoying garbage in the future.

The dormitory conditions of XX university were quite good. The four people had a telephone, TV, internet and a bathroom. But Xia Chuan, as well as the other young masters, was disgusted and full of complaints.

“Damn, what’s with this connection speed? It’s slower than a fucking senile turtle!” Luo Shuai, who was playing a game, scolded angrily.

“That’s right, what a greedy school this is! They received so much money from us, and yet they don’t even give us better treatment. This dorm room isn’t even half as big as my room…” Dai Xiao Qiang, who sat next to him, was equally dissatisfied.

Xu Ling, who was lying in bed reading, gave them a cold glance. These people were so annoying, and they were screaming all day! Fortunately, Xia Chuan, the one with most complaints, had gone out on a date, or else he would be bored to death by the three of them.

After a few days of limited time together, Xu Ling knew the general situation of Xia Chuan and the others. Xia Chuan was in the law department like himself while Luo Shuai and Dai Xiao Qiang were majoring in foreign economic management. They were good buddies who grew up together. They all had wealthy or affluent families, so their eyes were on top of their heads, and they watched “peons” through the peepholes. Xia Chuan, the one with the best family, was the worst of the lot. 

Xia Chuan was a true prince as his father was a decisive figure in the political circles, and his mother was a celebrity in the business circles. Such a family gave Xia Chuan enough arrogant attitude to despise anyone, especially the poor.

But Xu Ling was not frightened by Xia Chuan’s impressive family background. Knowing their identities, he had only one feeling. The future of the country was in these hands. It was a worrying future!

“Damn it, country pumpkin, can you move out without getting in our way here?” Luo Shuai turned his head and scolded Xu Ling. The dormitory was very unpleasant. It was even more irritating to see this shitty barbarian.

Xu Ling was still the same as before, deaf as ever, thoroughly treating them as air.

“Damn it! What’s your attitude? Do you want to get punched? “Dai Xiao Qiang stamped his feet in fury. Abhorrent! This kid was insane. No matter how much they scolded him, he thought they were farting, and he was too lazy to answer a question.

Xu Ling stretched out a lazy waist and looked at his watch. It was already six o’clock. It was time to eat. Xu Ling jumped out of bed and put on his coat. He went to the canteen to eat and left both Luo Shuai and Dai Xiao Qiang in rage.

“My homies, I’m back!” Suddenly the door opened, and a cheerful laugh came from the outside.

“The inhumane skirt chaser finally came back. We thought you were dead outside.” Seeing Xia Chuan, Luo Shuai, who was already full of fire, returned angrily.

“What’s with the fire? Who bullied our little Shuai?” Xia Chuan sat beside Luo Shuai and asked with a smile, hugging him on the shoulder.

“Who else can there be but that deadass barbarian?” Dai Xiao Qiang shook his head and sighed.

“That kid again!” Xia Chuan’s eyes narrowed.

“Chuan, I can’t stand it! If I continue to stay with that kid, I’ll go crazy sooner or later…” Luo Shuai gritted his teeth; his eyes were about to burst into flames.

Xia Chuan could understand Luo Shuai’s mood since that stinky boy made people very angry. He was a poor hillbilly from the countryside, but he repeatedly scorned them, simply not putting them in his eyes at all. In particular, he looked at them as if they were disgusting garbage, full of contempt, and disdain…

“What is this?” Dai Xiao Qiang suddenly noticed the food container in Xia Chuan’s hand, grabbed it, and opened it. He immediately shouted, “Jade chicken! “

“Chuan, you play it big ah! To think you took Lin YaTing to Regent…” Luo Shuai directly looked over his shoulder. Regent Hotel was the best hotel in the city and was famous for its high price; Jade chicken was their signature dish.

“You can’t capture your prey without bait!” Xia Chuan smiled and shrugged. “I bought this, especially for you guys. Enjoy! “

“My man, you never forget your buddies!” Dai Xiao Qiang happily picked up a fork and started munching on the chicken.

“Wait a minute!” Suddenly, Xia Chuan had a flash of inspiration in his mind and reached out to stop Dai Xiao Qiang.

“What’s wrong?” Dai Xiao Qiang looked at him, puzzled.

“Don’t eat it first. I’ve come up with a way to get rid of that stinky boy!”

“What method?” Luo Shuai and Dai Xiao Qiang asked excitedly at the same time.


XX university had the best canteen among all the other universities. The dishes were diverse and delicious, making it very popular with students. But Xu Ling had only bought bowls of porridge for several days. After leaving home to here, Xu Ling hadn’t fully adjusted to the new environment and had been deprived of his appetite, so he could only eat light food.

Xu Ling took his porridge and left the canteen to find a quiet and empty place to sit down. He didn’t like a lot of people eating near him. It was too noisy

“Oh, how is the porridge again? Aren’t you tired of eating it every day? “

As soon as Xu Ling was about to pull down his mask to eat the congee, he heard a nasty laugh. Xu Ling frowned. These people were so sick in their minds that they couldn’t even let people eat their meals peacefully.

As soon as Luo Shuai finished mocking, Dai Xiao Qiang immediately answered and continued to taunt Xu Ling, “No choice, a poor man can only afford what he can.” 

“Shut up, you two!” Xia Chuan pretended to glare at his buddies behind him, showing his shining white teeth and laughing, “Don’t be angry, buddy! We are here to apologize to you.”

Xu Ling was stunned and looked at Xia Chuan curiously. He wondered if the weasel was laughing so disgusting like this when it paid New Year’s greetings to the chickens.

“I thought about our behavior carefully, and I found we were awful. I hope you can forgive us, be a big man and forgive us and don’t take it to heart…” Xia Chuan said, very sincerely. “This is to show our sincerity. I hope, after you eat it, you will forget the past grievances. Let’s get along well with each other.” A delicious jade chicken was handed to Xu Ling.

“Eat it quickly. It’s a good thing. You can’t afford it all your life!” Luo Shuai said bitterly; they had no choice but to let this stinky boy have his way this time to achieve their purpose.

Xu Ling looked at Xia Chuan and others thoughtfully and finally took over the food container, he pulled down his mask and ate a little.

See, Xia Chuan and the others laughed and bent their eyes, thinking that the country bumpkin will always be country bumpkin. Just feed him something delicious, and he was hooked! They put laxatives in the chicken, and he’d feel it later…

“Buddy, take your time. We have to go.” After that, Xia Chuan immediately left with Luo Shuai and Dai Xiao Qiang. The goal was achieved, and they could withdraw.

Xia Chuan and the others did not know that after they left, Xu Ling spits out the chicken in his mouth…

Xu Ling wanted to throw away the chicken, but he saw a familiar figure coming in the distance. He raised his lips, and his eyes glistened with a cold glow.

To make Xu Ling’s death more ugly, Xia Chuan and the others also especially destroyed the toilet in their dormitory. It was extremely vicious, but they waited all night without any movement from Xu Ling…

At dawn, watching Xu Ling get up and go to class, as usual, Xia Chuan and others were all dumbfounded and full of suspicion.

Xia Chuan followed Xu Ling stealthily, staring at his tall and arrogant figure. His phoenix eyes were full of doubts. What the hell was going on? Why did this stinky boy behave like nothing happened at all? Didn’t the pharmacist tell him that this laxative was so strong one could die half-way after taking it?

“Xia Chuan!” A roar came from behind. Xia Chuan turned his head and saw the school famous’s hell professor, Prof. Wang. Although Professor Wang was over sixty years old, his personality was quite hot-headed. In school, he was known as Gui JianChou*. Many students were afraid of him.

Rara T/N: Gui Jian chou literally means so scary even a demon or ghost would be scared of them. Kind of like a Demon’s Bogeyman? lolol. 

“Professor Wang!” Xia Chuan walked forward with a smile and a respectful salute. He paid great attention to his image in front of all of his teachers. “Professor, you don’t look so good. Are you ill?” Xia Chuan found that Professor Wang, who had always been healthy and energetic, was green and haggard today, almost like a ghost…

“Xia Chuan, you even dare to ask? How did I even teach such a scum like you! Are you so dissatisfied with me that you came up with such a prank to teach me a lesson?” Professor Wang, as if he had eaten explosives, roared furiously at Xia Chuan.

“Professor Wang, what do you mean?” Xia Chuan couldn’t understand a word.

“Don’t play dumb! Xu Ling admitted to me that it was you who put laxatives in the chicken and asked him to bring me something to eat…” Professor Wang was so angry that he blew spittle into his beard. He spent all night on the toilet yesterday until his body was utterly exhausted, weakening his legs and almost losing his life.

Hearing the words, Xia Chuan suddenly realized what had happened. Damn it; he was being played! This dead kid dared to play with him like that. Damn it!

“Professor, I was wronged, I… “

“Shut up! You don’t have to make excuses. I didn’t expect you to do such a dirty thing. I’ll tell the Dean about it. Just wait until you get expelled from this school.” Professor Wang interrupted Xia Chuan’s explanation and left angrily.

“Professor, no! Listen to me…” Xia Chuan ran after him.

Xu Ling, who stood behind them, gave a cold smile. He had never been a good man, anyway. If someone dared to harm him, he would give it back ten times. This time, he only gave Xia Chuan a light lesson. If there were another time, he would not show any mercy.

“Damn, Xu Ling, get out of here! You bastard, dare to set me up… “Xia Chuan rushed into the dormitory, kicked open the door, and shouted abuse.

Luo Shuai and Dai Xiao Qiang, who were discussing racing cars, were shocked and rushed forward to ask, “Chuan, what’s the matter?”

“Damn it, that dead boy dared to play me. He did not eat that chicken yesterday, but gave it to Prof. Wang using my name.” Xia Chuan pointed at Xu Ling angrily and scolded. The dead boy murdered him now. No matter how he explained it, Prof. Wang refused to believe that he was innocent. He had even gone to the principal’s office to make an official complaint.

“Xu Ling, did you eat a bear heart and a leopard gall? How dare you play Chuan… “

“I didn’t expect that you could be so vicious and do such a despicable thing. It’s shameless!” Luo Shuai and Dai Xiao Qiang immediately scolded their common enemy, Xu Ling.

Xu Ling glanced at them. Did these people forget that it was they who put the drug in it in the first place to trick him? They were barking like mad dogs. He just returned their favor after all.

“Dammit, today if I don’t beat you to your knees and make you beg for mercy, my surname is not Xia!” In a rage, Xia Chuan grabbed a chair and swung it at Xu Ling. Fortunately, he was pulled back by Luo Shuai and Dai Xiao Qiang.

“Chuan, calm down! Don’t forget the school rules… There are rules in the school that students will be punished severely if they dare to fight.”

“Damn, I don’t care. I must kill this bastard… “

Facing Xia Chuan’s lion-like anger, Xu Ling’s eyebrows didn’t even bother moving as he yawned lazily. He was a little sleepy; maybe he’d take a nap! Xu Ling turned over on his bed, completely ignoring the existence of Xia Chuan, closed his eyes, and prepared to go to sleep.

“Let me go. I’ll kill him!” Xia Chuan was going mad. The dead boy dared to despise him so much. Bastard…

“Chuan, don’t do that!” Luo Shuai and Dai Xiao Qiang held Xia Chuan tightly and dragged him out. They were afraid that Xia Chuan would kill Xu Ling in anger if he stayed any longer in the dormitory.

“Bastard, bastard, beast… “

Xu Ling continued to sleep despite the curses coming from outside the dormitory and soon fell asleep.

After this laxative incident, the president did not punish Xia Chuan because of his friendship with his father, but he called his father, and Xia Chuan was scolded half dead. Xia Chuan hated Xu Ling even more.

Since Xia Chuan couldn’t teach Xu Ling a lesson publicly due to the school rules, he could only take revenge against Xu Ling secretly. Xia Chuan let Luo Shuai, and others spread a rumor that Xu Ling was always wearing a mask and dared not show his real face because he was so ugly and had strange diseases. Xia Chuan wanted to isolate Xu Ling so that everyone dared not come close to Xu Ling and talk to him, but Xu Ling did not care about it. Xu Ling’s character was already unsociable. He didn’t like to have contact with people. His life became peaceful when no one was there to bother him. Seeing that this plan was ineffective, Xia Chuan immediately thought of another vile idea…

“Chuan, I’ve found what you want.” Luo Shuai threw the sack in his hand in front of Xia Chuan. It was full of colorful snakes that were hissing.

“Huh! I must play that stinky boy to death this time… “The gloomy smile made Xia Chuan’s bright and handsome face look even viler.

“Chuan, don’t you think this is a bit too much? What if something happens?” Dai Xiao Qiang looked at Xia Chuan hesitantly.

“Too much? This is nothing compared to how that kid framed me. I must let that stinky boy know that this young master Xia is not easy to provoke!” Xia Chuan immediately scolded, as long as he thought about what the boy had done to him, he would be furious and would like to eat his meat and drink his blood.

(Ra: and later on, “seamanan.”
Addis: Means they have to set sail on a ship first. :D)

Due to the environment, he grew up in, Xia Chuan was pampered in the palm of his parents’ hands from an early age. He had never suffered a bit of grievance. If he wanted wind, there would be wind; If he wanted rain, there would be rain. No one dared to treat him like how Xu Ling was treating him. Xu Ling not only ignored him but also dared to devise a plan and frame him. To him, Xu Ling had committed a terrible sin. Even if he killed him a hundred times, his hatred wouldn’t go away…

Dai Xiao Qiang and Luo Shuai looked at each other and sighed helplessly. That boy had terrible luck and had even offended Xia Chuan. THe hoped that he would not be bitten to death by the snakes…

Xia Chuan had just instructed Luo Shuai and Dai Xiao Qiang to hide the venomous snakes when Xu Ling came back.

As soon as Xu Ling entered the room, he heard a very light and strange “hiss, hiss” sound. There was a trace of helplessness in his eyes. These people were so naive that it made him completely speechless. He couldn’t expect anything from them.

After looking at his bed, a dangerous and weird smile bloomed on Xu Ling’s face, but because he was wearing a mask, Xia Chuan and the others couldn’t see it. Otherwise, they would be on guard against the tragedy that would occur in the future.

Xia Chuan watched Xu Ling step by step excitedly as he walked to his bed. They hid the snakes inside Xu Ling’s mattress. As soon as he sat down, the snakes would come out of the quilt and bite him until he was a honeycomb.

Xu Ling stood before his bed and smiled coldly. He suddenly lifted the quilt. Before Xia Chuan and the others could respond, he quickly grabbed all the snakes on the bed and threw them at Xia Chuan.

Unlike many boys who were not afraid of snakes, Xia Chuan was very afraid of snakes. When he was a child, he was bitten by a snake during an outing and had been scared of snakes since.

“Fuck you snake, get out of here! Don’t come here…” Xia Chuan shouted in disregard of his image. “Little Shuai, Xia Qiang, get rid of them quickly…”

“Chuan!” As a good friend of Xia Chuan, Dai Xiao Qiang and Luo Shuai knew that he was afraid of snakes, so they rushed forward and drove the snakes away.

“Shit, the snake went in…” A little snake got into Xia Chuan’s trousers and frightened the handsome, 180cm tall man, enough to make him cry.

Xu Ling stood at the opposite side of the room, cold and ruthless. A strange glow appeared in his eyes as if he was surprised, but, somehow, it looked like a sliver of excitement, just like ha had suddenly discovered something new!

“Chuan, take off your pants and get the snake out quickly…” Luo Shuai cried anxiously.

“Ah-” Xia Chuan immediately took off his trousers, but as soon as he pulled them down, he uttered a terrible scream.

“Chuan, what’s wrong?”

“Did you get bitten?” Dai Xiao Qiang and Luo Shuai asked anxiously at the same time.

Xia Chuan nodded, pointing to his lower body, unable to speak due to the pain, his manhood was unfortunately bitten.

“Don’t be afraid, Chuan. We’ll take you to the hospital right away.” Dai Xiao Qiang picked him up in a panic and rushed out at once.

“You better pray that Chuan will be okay, or you will die!” When Luo Shuai followed Dai Xiao Qiang out, he was giving Xu Ling a hard look as he said his harsh words.

Xu Ling remained silent as his face continued to be expressionless. After Luo Shuai and the two others left, there was a husky and low laugh echoing in the room.

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I love Xu Ling already!!!! This story is so refreshing.

November 3, 2019 12:31 am

This was funny as hell!

November 7, 2019 8:01 am

Wow! This is amazing! So funny and just in chapter 1, I’m so excited to read more. Thanks for translating. 😊

November 29, 2019 5:20 am

He got a taste of his own medicine..LMAO

April 15, 2020 9:38 am

Served the bullies right ….hahahahaha 😁😁😁

This is so exciting…

July 26, 2020 5:27 am

These rich pampered kids are reallyyyyy stupid.

October 15, 2020 5:03 pm

Man I really love Xu Ling, he is the King of the badass to those who deserve 😉

March 19, 2021 3:23 pm

Very satisfying 😏
Thank you for translating.

March 25, 2021 7:11 pm

I know for sure I will like this novel! The MC is strong willed despite his appearance! Can’t wait to read more! Thank you for the translation! ❤️

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