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Chapter 39: Archenemy

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

As for the four A and A+ level beasts, since they were the first beasts picked up by Jinyu, they had the same strength and experience, so they already formed a tight-knit circle. Even though there was a second black dog, which was also an A-level beast, in the pet store, as well as other level B and B + beasts, because of the differences in time and strength, even if they had a good relationship, it was difficult to get into this small circle.

Although on the surface these four weren’t always together, and from time to time they had all kinds of violent incidents of quarrels involving fights and food grabbing, the so-called ‘tight-knit circle’ was evident whenever a new beast appeared…

Regardless of whether they were the most rational or the most stupid, they would always have a desire to put a new beast in its place, especially when the new beast was also A-level. It must be said that Er Hei only understood how ‘stupid’ he was after he was abused by their four kinds of tyranny, and how good the boss was in turn. Of course, they would never claim credit for it. Helping the boss clean up difficult people was what the beasts should do. 

In fact, it was because the days were too quiet, beautiful, and boring that these four felt their internal violence and combat traits roar. The beasts below A level really weren’t strong enough for them to toss around, and moreover, the beasts below A level would run when they saw them. Fucking hell, why was it so difficult to pick a fight?! So, at that moment, the four beasts were very excited to see the A+ class big white bear, especially for the similarly A+ class Da Bai, who very much liked the idea of fighting this bear.

However, even a smart beast could tell that the bear was currently very weak. Da Bai was worried that he would slap it to death with one strike.

So, wouldn’t it be better to first put it in its place?

It has to be said that the big white bear, who had followed Long Changxiao for a long time and blocked assassins and fought countless battles for him, just emerged from the embrace of death. He was also an A+-level beast. Their sensitivity to all dangers was extremely first-rate.

Even if the four fellow beasts were looking at the big white bear with tilted heads and friendly, cute eyes, it still felt that holy shit, these beasts were too dangerous, and it had to restore its strength as soon as possible!!

So the big white bear continued to bow its head and wolf down the nutritious liquid food after it glanced at the four of them. Long Changxiao, who saw the bear swallowing its food like a wolf, was stunned. Didn’t he just see his beast secretly pour the nutritious liquid food into a box and stealthily hide it under its bed? Why did it suddenly start eating again? Was it true that nutritious drinks had different flavors?

Long Changxiao couldn’t understand why his great white bear suddenly became so enthusiastic, but that didn’t mean that JinYu or Qi Qinglin couldn’t understand.

Jin Yu twitched his lips in silence. Who taught the beasts in his family? Eviler and eviler, ah?! How could a boss like him with such dignity and aloofness raise such black-bellied beasts?

Well, it must be that the character of their former masters was very bad.

Qi Qinglin looked at JinYu’s face and eyes, and his mouth also twitched. He still shouldn’t attack at people, or his benefits would be gone.

Over there, the big white bear was eating liquid food to supplement nutrition. Da Bai, Xiao Bai, Xiao Xue, and Baozi seemed to be watching it eat carefully and lovingly as they sat around it, as if they were supervising it and making sure it ate well. Even Long Changxiao praised the sensibility of these beasts as he observed them. However, Young Master Long didn’t realize that his Da Da Bai had already almost exploded. The consequence of excessive preparedness was that it was overfed. Finally, it fell to the ground with its paws covering its eyes, indicating that everything was all too much to bear.

I’m still a patient, aren’t you just working together to make trouble for me! Wait till I’m better, I’ll slap you into the iceberg!! How could there be such a shameless beast beside such a good man like Boss Jin?

The four beasts looked at the big white bear humming with joy, and they collectively squinted, before they looked away and started snickering. At that moment, the door suddenly opened again, revealing Old Man Jin’s face, which look a little angry and devious, “Jin brat! How can you commit murder in this old man’s hospital?! If it weren’t for this old man’s quick rescue, that brat would have ended up with a life-long deformity! Tsk tsk, you even broke the glass. Let’s discuss the issue of compensation!!”

JinYu sneered at that and said, “Don’t pretend to be old. That guy’s wound can be quickly healed just by shining a rebirth laser on it. Of course, his face might be scarred, but he entered the room with a gun, wanting to kill someone. The doctor from your hospital broke into the patient’s room with a gun. Even if this is a beast hospital, it’s still a big scandal. I think, as a legitimate defense, I should ask you for psychological damage fees.”

When JinYu said that, the four beasts stood up and looked at the old man with shining eyes, as if they were looking at a fat sheep.

“…” Old Jin’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch when he looked at the beasts. Even without asking, he could tell that these beasts were absolutely that brat’s. Look at the expressions in the eyes of those cunning, greedy, and excited beasts. When did beasts become like this?!

However, although Old Jin criticized them silently a little in his mind, he still liked beasts because of his occupation. Even though the nature of these beasts was a bit strange, it still did not hinder Old Jin’s love for them.

“Tsk tsk, white sand tiger, flaming leopard, snow bird, double-tailed white cat, Jin brat, aren’t you lucky? These are considered rare breeds of A-level beasts.”

JinYu’s lips twitched when he heard that. Before he could boast, Old Jin said, “How about it? Give one of them to this old man? I am rich and powerful ah!”

As a result, the corners of JinYu’s mouth which had raised up now dropped 90 degrees downwards, and his face became menacing. Then he suddenly laughed, “Okay, as long as one of them likes you, it can go with you. The rule in my shop is that they choose the owner, not the other way around.”

As soon as JinYu said that, Old Jin narrowed his eyes. Maybe he had misread him a little. This boy wasn’t like him, but was even more extra than him. Beasts choosing their owner, not people choosing their beasts? Tsk tsk, the beasts were much more precious.

When Old Jin turned his eyes to Baozi and the rest, he found somewhat speechlessly that the four beasts who were just looking at him with gleaming eyes were now facing him directly with their butts. Looking at all the butts, Old Jin felt his hand itch.

“Tut, do you really think I cherish you abnormal beasts! This old man just came to inform you that the brat who came in through connections was expelled. As for you, you’re all right physically. You can recover even at home. Hurry up and pack your things and beat it!”

JinYu rolled his eyes when he heard that. He had never seen such a petty old man. But in any case, the hospital wasn’t as good as his own. He was also out for the entire day. Although the beasts couldn’t starve with that cooking-beast present, but they could destroy the whole place as if thieves ransacked it just through fighting over food. It would still be best if he went back to hold down the fort.

But just as JinYu was ready to wave his hand and tell the four beasts to go back, along with the boss who refused to let go of his hands, a silver crystal in front of Long ChangXiao’s chest suddenly lit up, and then a light screen appeared in the ward. There was an old man with golden eyes on the screen. At the moment, his righteous face was red and thunderous.

“Xiao-er! Where are you now? Hurry up and bring Bai Wei back to the old house!! Fuck, you even dare to show off your new beast in front of me, do you really fucking think that when this old man retired I stopped competing with that little bastard?! Hurry up and bring Bai Wei back. I wants to slap Bai Wei to death! Stealing my land!!!”

After the roar, the screen disappeared, leaving a room of people staring at each other.

Long Changxiao took a look at the big white bear still rubbing its belly before he looked at JinYu with some bitter laughter. Grandpa’s curtain of light really came at a good time. Was he trying to make Long Changxiao be screwed over?

As an outstanding boss, JinYu could naturally sniff out business opportunities immediately. The smile on his face was like a flower.

“Boss Jin.”

“We are in the service of renting beasts.”

Long Changxiao sighed, “What’s the price of Da Bai?” In any case, he was going to be screwed over. He might as well find the biggest pit.

“A thousand purple coins,” said Jin Yu, smiling. “For one day.”

“…” Can this man still die and ask for more money? “Deal.”

“Hehehehe, we’re about to eat good and live well! On the basis of friendship, I can also bring along Baozi, Xiao Bai and Xiao Xue to show off to the old man even more. That’ll just be a gift.”

Long Changxiao looked at the majestic Baozi and Xiao Xue before he nodded. Don’t give a gift horse in the mouth. In any case, it was just a dinner; there was no way that it could go that wrong, right?

Seeing Long Changxiao nod, Jinyu’s eyes smiled even more, and then he said: “Before we go to work, we still need to know about the situation. What’s the matter? Who are the enemies? Your old man is so angry, there must be a reason, right?”

“Not only is there a reason, it’s because it’s his archenemy.” The one who replied JinYu was actually Old Jin, who also had a rather ugly expression at this time: “The Jinpeng clan’s branch family from the south side relies on their connections to their relatives to behave wantonly in the capital star, but now that the Jinpeng family is in civil strife, nobody cares about them anymore. They’re becoming more and more arrogant. They even went over to find Old Long.”

JinYu looked at Old Jin and raised his eyebrows slightly. Did this man have a grudge against the other branches of Jinpeng? As a matter of fact, before he had even finished thinking, Old Jin gritted his teeth and said, “What kind of family is that? He even hit on my granddaughter and drugged my grandson! The thought that I almost got a winged fucker as my granddaughter-in-law makes me want to smash the whole hospital into their house!!!”

Fucker… JinYu’s mouth twitched. “Why didn’t you smash it?”

“Nonsense! There are five A-level beasts and at least thirty B-level beasts in that family. Even though they’re only one tenth of Jinpeng’s in the south, my hospital full of the sick and injured won’t be able to smash them, it’ll just be giving them free beasts!” Old Jin was very angry. “Who the hell knows what rogue star Qian-er ran off to. If he doesn’t come back with at least three A-level beasts, I’ll make him go on a hundred blind dates!! All the way until I find my granddaughter-in-law!!!”

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