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Chapter 40: Old Long

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Old Jin’s lividness made Jinyu privately raise an eyebrow. Jin Qian, Jin Bi…your vows are enough. Either this old man wants money or just had bad taste. It was more than enough to be his grandchild, Jin Qian had to be a runaway.

It was good that he wasn’t the old guy’s grandson, otherwise enduring a hundred prospective partners…that would really cause one’s body and heart to suffer~ Hahahahaha he was not gloating about their misfortune at all.

Since both sides had agreed, Jinyu did not intend to delay it. Even more, just now he saw the shield and Old Long seemed to have something more urgent. The sooner he went, the better.

So Jinyu reluctantly accepted the contact card from Old Jin and established a service. Jinyu led his four beasts, Long Changxiao and his beasts, and the beast-god boss to the carriage headed towards the Long’s old house. Of course, sitting in a carriage with three people and a beast, the big white bear’s body wasn’t as great. So, when they squeezed onto the carriage, Baozi and Xiao Bai excitedly ran outside.

PS, Xiao Bai stood on Da Bai’s back. This guy never walked itself because it had a small physique and was a bit lazy. As long as it didn’t make the boss mad it wasn’t a problem.

They spent about an hour happily jumping about around the street. Jinyu waited until they were further from the city and reached the suburbs, where the rich gathered. Even though this world was different from the former world but the fact that rich people still loved to build a manor to show off their wealth remained the same. You had to know that only those who work and are rich are busy in the city. These were not those kinds of people.

Of course, Old Long didn’t have that kind of strange attitude. He only lived in this house because it was the only house he had before. Even though he had renovated it since gaining fame and fortune, it was still considered an old house. The old house was used to raise beasts.

The carriage finally stopped at a big gate in the garden. In front of this gate, people were already waiting, bowing down to welcome them, “Young master, the master is in the beast fighting arena. If you could please go there directly.”

Long Changxiao nodded. The beast outside tilted its white feathers then took a step to the right with the other beasts before running away.

“Hey, so you must agree that a beast carriage is better than a suspension sports car! One hundred percent automated!!” Jinyu sighed next to Qi Qinglin before saying glumly, “My store still doesn’t have traveling beasts! Even though Baozi and Da Bai aren’t bad but if they start running it doesn’t feel right!”

Just as Jinyu’s words fell, the carriage started jolting violently. Its shaking caused Jinyu’s stomach to flip and made the Big Qi Boss hug a certain slippery fish. En, those beasts are very good. “Pah!! Baozi!! Da Bai!! It was definitely you guys who scared the white-feathered beasts!! Don’t you guys know as an outstanding A ranked beast you guys have to be more open-minded!! They clearly run better than you!! Holy shit! Stop bumping!!”

Jinyu didn’t have to open the door to know that his own beasts were extremely jealous right now. Qi Qinglin roared right after Jinyu was in his arms. However, to his dismay, when he had just finished roaring the carriage had already arrived. It completely backfired!

Once the carriage stopped Jinyu lividly got off the cart to discipline the beasts. Once he was finally able to stand firm, suddenly a dark shadow ferociously came towards him.

That black shadow jumped onto Jinyu and bit his neck. In a flash, a cold hum started. That black shadow paused and was violently swatted by Da Bai. However, hitting it into the ground wasn’t enough. Who knew where the quicksand came from but the beast was buried in the quicksand until only its two nostrils were showing, just so it wouldn’t suffocate to death.

“How loathsome! What kind of person are you, being so cruel to this girl’s beast? Release the wind monkey for me now!!”

This was the voice of a young girl. Without that overbearing tone, her voice would be pleasant to hear. Jinyu removed his eyes from the pale yellow miniature version of that orangutan beast. In a flash he saw the owner of that voice. Pah, still not as good looking as he was.

“Hey! You dare to ignore my words?” That young girl said darkly, “I’m the Jin Peng clan’s Miss Biao!!”

Jinyu picked at his ear. He rolled his eyes at the girl. “I don’t care which clan’s Miss Biao or whore [1]you are but this is the Long family’s estate. Did you come to the wrong place? How pitiful, you have so much brain damage you don’t even remember the way home. You’re still a pretty-looking thing.”

In a flash the girl’s face flushed red and the old man behind her laughed. “You said it quite well! They definitely didn’t all get brain damage and walk to the wrong place! They come running even if there’s nothing. Even more they want to rob the owner when his house is on fire, hmph! Is it fun provoking me? You guys haven’t even solved the poison in your body and yet you dare be so presumptuous. I’m seriously going to kill you guys!!”

The old man who just spoke was naturally Long Changxiao’s grandfather. This was also the old man who gave Jinyu that purple coin. Jinyu looked at the old man and saw how his complexion and physique weren’t bad, so he didn’t have anything else to say. He gave the old man a slight bow.

Originally Old Long had no recollection of Jinyu, at best what the kid just said was very sharp. When Jinyu bowed he recognized thought that this man should be his own grandson’s servant or friend so he didn’t think more about in. In reality, at the moment Jinyu looked very refined and courteous while the Jinyu who first came to this world and visited him was an absolute rascal to the old man.

“Grandpa. Are you alright?” Long Changxiao quickly went forward.

“Hng hng, what problems could I have? The guys who want to take advantage of you aren’t forcing me to give up territory. Aside from brain damage these guys also have a nervous disorder! As if our Long family gate is that great to go through!! If you dare to enter you must be ready to go or else never return!!” Old Long said, looking coldly at the young man who was standing beside the girl at the same time. Obviously this thirty year old man was the epitome of trouble.

“Old Long, you’re mistaken.” Sure enough when the man saw Long Changxiao coming back, his eyes with a hint of regret. If Long Changxiao could come back a little later his plan would have been successful. But now…Long Changxiao’s Bai Wei was already on the verge of death so since Long Changxiao returned, he’d still find a way to make the Long family suffer!

Thinking of this, the man looked at the unexpected arrivals of Da Bai and Baozi. Even if he had two more A level beasts he wouldn’t be able to change anything!

“The elders think that recently the Peng and Long families have had some conflicts. They want to resolve these issues. The elders certainly did not mean to hurt Old Long. Moreover, my younger sister and subordinates have been poisoned by Old Long. I can’t dare to do anything foolish.”

This was a good thing to say but when he finished, he made two enigmatic hums. Old Long staggered, anxiously looking towards his grandson. He then lost hope when he found out the man with such tacit understanding was not his grandson. Then, the Old Long’s eyes stopped on Jinyu again. Jinyu rolled his eyes and his lips twitched. His face clearly said: You’re dumb x Your whole family is stupid. In a flash, Old Long felt this expression, which begged for a beating, was quite familiar.

“…You’re that shameless rascal!!” Old Long finally recognized the person, “How come you’ve returned here?”

Jinyu smiled at Old Long. “You actually recognize me? How come you didn’t recognize me at first? I’m returning your money. Hehe, look, it hasn’t even been a month but I’m able to return a thousand purple coins. You should really regret not listening to the younger generation and should have given me more purple coins. If you had given me a hundred coins, wouldn’t I be able to return ten thousand now? Make small investments and you will see a lot of profits in this business! It seems like your eyesight is still kind of bad~”

Old Long wasn’t sure whether he wanted to laugh or cry at Jinyu’s words. This kid’s attitude was really deserving of a beating, even more a kind of beating that used a pole. On an ordinary day Old Long would just ignore it but this was a special situation that required him to solve it now.

Consequently, Old Long nodded at Jinyu and then said to the youth, “Peng Yu, don’t even bother pretending that these words don’t have any use. This old man doesn’t have time to play with you. I can guess what you want, just say it aloud.”

Peng Yu’s eyes were dark, “If it’s Old Long’s words then us younger ones will say it directly. We want to fight your beasts to decide who owns the shops on West Third Street!”

[1] A pun since Biao3 and whore (biao3) are homonyms in Chinese.


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I think the Peng hamily is in for a big surprise and that they will be running away in shame very soon!

Thank you for the chapter!

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Oh, lucky! The restless A-level beasts will get a fight after all~! 🤣

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