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Chapter 24: Look at What?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Chen Xiong said this to Dewitt. After hearing it, Dewitt frowned and looked at Chen Xiong for the first time, although he had heard of him many times before, he had never met him.

“Old Chen can be trusted.” When Lin saw Dewitt’s appearance, he immediately said, “He is an absolute expert in the field of Qi beasts. Many of my studies over the years have depended on his understanding and experience of Qi beasts.”

Next, to him, Archie nodded in agreement.

Looking at the tough face of a man in his middle years, Dewitt was silent for a moment, bowed his head and touched Wen Jin’s head. “What do you think?”

Wen Jin narrowed his eyes, and his eyes fell on the face of the man named Chen Xiong. He felt that this man had a lot of thoughts, but he just wanted to exchange information. This was more for him than for Dewitt. Naturally, while being checked up, it is the default that some of their own information would leak out, while the other party would use the information about this world as an exchange. As who would benefit more from this exchange, it depended on their ability.

Looking into each other’s dark watery and slightly persistent eyes, Wen Jin smiled softly in his heart. He was not a demon who could not afford to gamble, but the Old Cheng’s black bear spirit was a little interesting. After hearing his divine roar, the man could not restrain his instinctive yearning when facing him.

However, it was not so simple. 

“Chee.” Wen Jin stretched out his soft paws and stepped on Dewitt. His bright eyes stared at Dewitt for a moment. Then he reached out his tender tongue to lick the tip of his nose and nodded gently.

Wen Jin was in a good mood now. This little tail considered his opinion at every move, his promising personality made him happy. So he intended to be gentle to show that he was satisfied with the other party’s attitude. But he didn’t know that he looked so cute that when Dewitt looked at him, he felt that his heart was melting.

Dewitt knew what Wen Jin meant, but he still did not intend to give away any information. What state Assyria was in; what the appearance of this fox meant; what its ability meant; Dewitt knew better than anyone else. Such a contract beast was bound to cause a great disturbance. It may not know these things, or simply wanted to express its trust, but Dewitt could not help thinking, nor could he take advantage of the simplicity and ignorance of this beast to make progress.

He repeatedly touched the soft head of the little fox, raised his head, once again refused Chen Xiong, and his words were firm. There was no room for him to retreat.

Unexpectedly, Chen Xiong was not reluctant.. When Dewitt said that he did not accept the three words, his eyes even flashed a glimpse of appreciation.

Wen Jin was apparently somewhat stunned. He didn’t think that this big fool would do this for him. He thought a little about the deep meaning behind his two refusals. He couldn’t help feeling itchy.


“This beast is very special.” Dewitt’s own inspection was carried out as usual. After the inspection, Chen Xiong, who had been silent all the time, suddenly said in earnest, “I sincerely hope you can treat him well.”

Dewitt looked at Chen Xiong with a slightly unexpected expression. “I will.”

“Is Professor Lin not going to raise a contract beast?” Archie’s attention was not on their side. His mood soared all the way since Old Lin got Dewitt’s blood sample and finally buried himself directly in the lab. “He always works day and night, and he doesn’t like the people around him. I’m really worried about what will happen to him.”

Archie asked Dewitt, whose father had a good relationship with Old Lin and had watched Dewitt grow up. Turning his head and looking in the direction of the laboratory door, Dewitt thought and said, “He’s had one before.”

Chen Xiong’s hand was stiff as he packed his things.

“Old Lin also raised a contract beast?” Archie was shocked. “Never heard of…”

Dewitt’s eyes were faint, and he glanced in Chen Xiong’s direction. “Let’s go.”

“Yes? Are you going back to the army? What are you going to do about Cook?”

“No need to deal with him.” Dewitt turned and touched Wen Jin’s head. “I’m not going back to the Army Department. I’m going to take him to the Gourmet Street, as I promised.”

“Chee!” Wen Jin stared brightly at Dewitt.

Archie was stunned. Dewitt was always a workaholic and was accustomed to returning to the military department immediately after coming back. But he could understand why he came to the Academy of Sciences first. Now that the examination was finished, Dewitt still said that he would not go to the military department, but would take the little fox to the Gourmet Street. If this was known by former colleagues, he was afraid that each of them would cry out and not believe it.

Dewitt didn’t think as much as Archie did. The reason why he didn’t return to the Army had something to do with Cook. Cook’s appearance reminded Dewitt that the capital stars really changed a lot in the month he left and this change could not exclude the military. His return may have aroused some people’s alarm, at this time, returning first to the military was not the most appropriate way.

“Are you going to Gourmet Street?” Chen Xiong, who was collecting the equipment, heard this sentence and asked suddenly.

“Yes,” said Archie. Chen Xiong and Archie were more familiar with each other because of Caicai. Archie pointed to  Wen Jin lying leisurely in Dewitt’s arms. “This little fellow is small, but he is a huge glutton. He wanted to go to Gourmet Street ever since we landed.”

“Oh.” Chen Xiong put the last piece of equipment in his bag and then said something that nobody had thought of, “Can I go with you?”


Wen Jin had no objection to this black bear’s keeper going with them. To him, it was just that there was another small tail behind his original small tail. Although it was not easy for the black bear man to hold back his yearning and keep his reason, there was also a limit. The high-ranking contract beasts had absolute authority in front of low-ranking beasts. It was not untrue to say that high ranks could easily become idols to the lower ranks. If one thought in this direction, the black bear contract beast was probably pursuing his idol.

In fact, because of Dewitt’s successive good performances, Wen Jin was in a good mood, and he had a permanent smile on his muzzle.

But Archie was different. Old Chen was always a good talker, but he had a strange temperament and wasn’t young. So it felt like a child taking a pet out to play with his parents. It was rather uncomfortable. Archie also secretly expressed this view in private. Dewitt’s reaction was to take a few steps out with the little fox and firmly draw a clear line between them.

“Chee?” Even though they had just arrived at the beginning of Gourmet Street and they did not get off the suspension car. Archie looked at Gourmet Street, which was not far away and unexpectedly found that it was overcrowded. “Why are there so many people today?”

However, he asked this question because it was clear that Dewitt was not a person who knew anything about this place. Chen Xiong was the one who answered, “Gourmet Street is hosting a festival in the next two days.”

“Festivals? What kind?” Archie asked in surprise. The reason why Gourmet Street was called Gourmet Street was that it was indeed a street for making food and selling food, but the people who created Gourmet Street were very capable. In the last year or two, they had developed Gourmet Street into a huge theme park. Every day, more and more people came to check it out, causing the traffic to become larger. Nowadays, after so many years, there were almost no off-season times, and the reason why they were able to do this was that Gourmet Street was unique. The contents of Gourmet Street were always constantly changing, which could always arouse people’s interest.

It’s contractors and managers even put out an advertisement saying, [We don’t need special activities. Every day, at every corner, can bring you enough surprises.]

This was enough to show the managers’ self-confidence, but their abilities did deserve such a statement. Gourmet Street, as they say, had never disappointed the people who came here in the past few years. But now, this place had spontaneously decided to hold a themed event? Hadn’t they ever heard of meeting one’s waterloo before?

Chen Xiong touched his chin and thought for a while. “Well, when everyone enters the Gourmet Street they must wear some sort of mask. Upon entering, everyone needs to register an account. There will be different competitions and award points for the winners. After accumulating enough, they can participate in mysterious activities.”

“Masks? Games?” Archie was stunned. “Wait, Old Chen, how do you know…”

Chen Xiong turned his head and looked at him mysteriously. Then a sweet female voice came out from his wrist. “Yes, this mysterious activity can only be known by the participants who have gained the right to participate. After three days of accumulation, we have come to the last day, tonight at 10 o’clock, if you want to get a mysterious gift from paradise-“

Archie: “…”

Chen Xiong’s eyes were deep. “There is no end to learning.” Old antiques didn’t have to admit what they knew. 

Dewitt leaned on the comfortable cushion of the suspension car, his slender legs stretched out together, casually, as he stared down at the ‘joyful paradise.’ His side profile appeared very cold. “This is a high-risk area where Qi beasts are poisoned. The potential danger is very great. There is no restriction on the flow of people in the army?”

“The poisoning of the beasts will not cause much concern.” Chen Xiong answered subconsciously, after thinking about it, he added, “And this poisonous ingredient is very strange, the official statements have been suppressed.”

Dewitt snorted coldly and was about to speak. Suddenly, he intercepted Wen Jin’s dissatisfied stare. His little black beans eyes were full of yearning. He picked up his thin lips, made a black mask on the terminal, and got out of the car. Following him, Archie made a face mask, while Chen Xiong made a three-dimensional bear mask directly.

“Chee!” Looking at the three of them in big, fake masks, Wen Jin felt itchy at the moment. Although he had been living with a mask on his face for the last eight hundred years, he always felt that as it was somewhat different from this thing. Look, all the people in the street had this fake mask on their faces, some had big ears, some had bloody faces and all kinds of strange shapes. He wanted one too!

Now they had taken a staircase to the lowest level of Gourmet Street. The smell of food and the noise of the people around them drowned out Wen Jin’s call. Dewitt’s eyes were puzzled. Wen Jin was so anxious that he simply reached out his paws to Dewitt’s chest. The speed was very fierce, but for a second, it was soft. The soft pads of his feet already patted  Dewitt’s neck, and he began to whine again.

The warm, soft pads hit his neck and itched a little. Dewitt paused, reached out, and pulled the little white paw off. Wen Jin narrowed his eyes, as if very dissatisfied with his behavior, once again put his paws down.

“Does it want one?” Archie looked curiously over. “But it doesn’t have a terminal. It’s not very easy.”

“There are some of his size.” The receptionist who was registering the account for them heard the words and laughs. “There are also beasts here that are the same size of your contract. We can do it here. How many people need one?”

“Eh…” Archie was stunned, and then he responded. He said that Gourmet Street really deserved to be a place that developed at the speed of light in a few years. The contract beasts were directly marked in most stores that they were not allowed to enter. This Gourmet Street not only gave way but also especially thought of the mask suitable for contract beasts. As soon as Archie heard this sentence, he had the idea of ‘I must bring Caicai out to play more if he likes it here.’ Otherwise, he would certainly be in trouble if he was captured. 

The receptionist said that all the masks that could be made were unfolded with a light screen. Wen Jin looked at them and quickly jumped on them. After a little glance, the white-haired claws were pressed on a small square. It was a silver-foil mask with a few white hairs at the end of the eyes. It looked very handsome and simple. It was tailored for him!

“Caicai, do you want it?” Archie looked at the various patterns and itched a little. He touched the bird on his shoulder.

“Chirp!” No, I’m not a bumpkin fox! Caicai said, turning his head proudly, but his small eyes looked reluctantly at the panel.

Wen Jin, who caught a glimpse of Caicai’s reaction, looked at it disdainfully, humming, dying to let it suffer, but the ugly bird did not care.

It turned out that the receptionist was not exaggerating. There was a small machine beside the desk. After she entered the relevant data, soon, a small silver foil mask was added to the transparent display box. Wen Jin immediately stared at the mask with his eyes shining. He raised his little furry face to Dewitt, the monkey. Saying, ‘Take me with you, help me put it on!’

The corners of the lips under the black mask could not help but hook up. Dewitt reached out and fixed the mask on the fox’s head. He felt the warmth of the upper half of his face covered by the mask. His eyes were wide open, and his face was strange. The mask felt so light that when he wore it, he had no sense of burden at all. Turning his head to look at the handsome self in the mirror, Wen Jin could not help but shout excitedly and touched his paws on his mask.

The mask did not show any marks. Otherwise, there would be several small footprints in the shape of pads on it.

“Chee!” Wen Jin, wearing a new mask, felt that his fox face had become handsome, wagging his tail. He smelled the food in the air, recalling the long-winded conversations of these human beings along the way and thinking that there was a competition here, he decided that the champion must be him.

Running high and looking far, Wen Jin quickly climbed onto Dewitt’s shoulder, then sat down on the Iron Marshal’s head with his small eyes under the silver foil mask and looked around before they finally fixed on a super-large machine. His vision was very good, he could clearly see that people were put in it and then were taken out. At high speed, he could also hear the people’s super excitement and trembling screams.

“Chee!” That one looks interesting, he wants to play!


Two hours later.


{{A-class curvature flying vessel record has been refreshed. The latest record is ten minutes, twenty seconds, the highest record holder: GQ, won 18 points, best wishes (^▽^)   }}

With a crisp sound, all the people gathered at the simulation games for “mysterious activities” in the crowded Gourmet Street received such a message on their terminals, but after receiving it, their expressions were not as cute as the words on the news.

“I’ll bite. What’s going on? Who is this GQ?! This man has broken the record of five A-level competitions this evening. Is he an official black hand?” When someone saw the news, he immediately complained, “A record breaker gets 18 points. I’ve been playing for three days and only got 52 points. What’s the reason?”

“Huh? Curvature Flying Vessel? Ten minutes? What the hell, I remember that the last recorder only had five minutes. They were able to double the record instantly?! Aren’t curvature flying vessels notoriously difficult?”

“Didn’t the official say that the curvature flying vessel was to discuss misappropriation and to some extent improve the open data of the Ministry of Military Affairs? It was said before that this was the difficulty of the abnormal devil. How could someone sit in it for ten minutes?”

“Quickly, you send this to the Internet and see if anyone has ever seen this one called GQ. I’m going to watch it. Somebody is such a bully that he broke many records overnight. Otherwise, the curvature flying vessel, I went in and was done in 10 seconds but have been nauseous ever since and it’s been a whole two hours!”

As soon as the words came out, someone immediately opened the screen and sent the news on the Star Net.

Gourmet Street had done a lot of work, whether in the early stage of promotion or in the middle of the operation and even invited a lot of well-known UPs to participate in the game plus live broadcasting, so such a program, although only held in the Capital Star, in fact, the audience was very wide.

Especially at the beginning, this activity was criticized by many people at an inopportune time. During that period, the Empire was filled with fear and sadness of the Zerg invasion. As soon as the promotion of Gourmet Street came out, it was criticized by a group of people in turn, which expanded its influence to a certain extent and made it more inconvenient. Assyrians who came to Gourmet Street early wanted to watch the live broadcast of the games that would be shown for three days.

However, it had been proved that the activities offered by Gourmet Street were really very interesting. Most of the competitions selected by Gourmet Street were related to the military, which broadened people’s understanding and made them feel happier than ever before.

So, on the last day of this program, the mysterious activities would be announced. The flow of people on the live network was quite huge. All kinds of logic emperors began to pay attention to this feast and even wrote one guessing post after another. The first full screen of abuse gradually evolved into a simply good one. Strange and exciting. As a result, the news came out about GQ, and there was an instant response on the interstellar network, and it exploded.

[Ten minutes and twenty seconds?! The mode of vibration and pressure of an A-class curvature flying vessel is quite high. It has been said before that it is simulated or even exaggerated with military data. It is said that only soldiers, specially trained by the military can withstand that kind of wave frequency. Most people can’t sustain it for half a minute. How can someone persist for ten minutes and twenty seconds? Did the authorities leave the back door wide open?]

[Obviously, they had to have. What the hell? Who is this GQ? The record of a curvature flying vessel is God J, God J! Doesn’t everyone know how high God’s spiritual ability is? He beat level A, floor 4. He’s simply a genius, especially in the spirit of self-discipline dissociation in this area of super-deep attainment. Because of his record, the military sent people to try to break it! How could this score be doubled? If I didn’t have my hands and feet tied behind me, I’d cut your head off!]

[It’s still a matter for the official to send someone through the back door. If the official really wanted to, it must have been arranged long ago. What’s the reason for arranging such a conspicuous and easy-to-blackout score on the last day? And there’s not only one place to enter the mysterious event venue tonight. This GQ certainly has nothing to do with the government. I’m a fan of the Gourmet Street owner. He’s so cute that you can’t talk nonsense about cheating! And you all say it’s a mock army data, in case it’s a retired special force or something? But then again, who is God J? Is that the one who caught fire on the Interstellar Network in the past two weeks? I don’t remember how he got to the Capital Star?!]

[Hey, hey, you don’t even know God J upstairs? You live in ancient times. Come on, little brother, I’ll give you popular science – ]

While the Inter-Star Network was blown up, Dewitt collar was being bitten and pulled, directing him to the next game venue. During that time, he was stared at complainingly because Wen Jin thought the game was so boring that he was blaming Dewitt for wasting his time.

Yes, that GQ was Dewitt’s registered account. Archie was the one who decided on the name. Anyway, it was an anonymous account. Dewitt didn’t care. And the GQ was also taken from the nickname of the little fox. So Dewitt was not only indifferent but also very happy.

He didn’t know about the record-breaking. As soon as he entered the park, he shut down all the reminders of the terminal and played with Wen Jin’s projects one by one. It was really a game. He played with whatever he wanted to play. So, Dewitt’s accusation of Wen Jin’s whining was somewhat useless.

“You want to play more?” After thinking for a while, he felt that he could not indulge this little fellow in the skill of lighting the pusher pot. Dewitt stopped in his place and said it very seriously.

“Chee!” You blame me? How was I supposed to know that that game was a fart ride? I could have lasted longer than that. This kind of thing was rated as an A-level competition. I don’t know what the organizers were thinking! When Wen Jin went in for a while, he had already thought of it. It was only because Dewitt told him that there would get many points if he broke the record and that he would be more likely to take part in mysterious activities. So he stayed in the machines and did not move his buttocks uncomfortably for ten minutes. At last, he could not bear it and had slapped Dewitt to take him out.

When Wen Jin logged out, he realized that they had lasted five minutes longer! The last record breaker just sat in it for five minutes, that is to say, the time they waited for was all wasted. With those five minutes, he could have found more interesting items and delicious things. Why did he stay in that boring place?

Dewitt also said that he was innocent. He had been trained in curvature flying since he went to the military academy. However, from the series of competitions just now, it can be seen that the official had indeed communicated with the military considering the frequency was much more intense than when he was in school, but– – life itself was harder than going to school.

Dewitt fought on all four sides of the frontier and had to fight in person if necessary. Although it was more difficult than normal, he wouldn’t start sweating after a few seconds, not to mention ten minutes. Even staying in there for ten days to half a month was no problem for him. To do normal office work would cause him to start sweating in a few seconds. But his fox really had been fooling around for ten minutes.

Wen Jin did not want to listen to his explanation. He glared at Dewitt through his mask and sat on his shoulder again. He pulled the latter’s ears with his paws and whined to his ears. He danced around, pulling to the left. 

Dewitt was ridiculed by the little fellow’s righteous appearance. He wiped his lips and turned to look at the fox sitting on his shoulder.

“Chee.” What? What are you looking at?! Wen Jin, who was ruffling his fur, put out his paws, pushed Dewitt’s face with the soft pads. He narrowed his fox’s eyes and sneered with his mouth. He looked like a bully.

Dewitt stared at him for a long time. He didn’t think that when he first came to his hands, the little fellow was quite white. Where did he learn so much chaos and disorder from?

Thinking about it, Dewitt decided to stop the little bully’s expression, turned his hand, and stuffed a meatball into Wen Jin’s mouth. Wen Jin’s original whining was instantly blocked as he ate the meatball. When Dewitt appeared at the next event, he was holding the small fox that was eating and heard a carnival.

“Ah ah ah, God J! God J is here!” 

A little girl screamed, “Does God J want to play this game? Big hammer?! The previous record breaker must have used an inner mmp. Cheers God J! Refuels!” 

Big hammer, as its name implied, referred to the big hammer in the middle of the competition venue. The way to beat the record was very simple. The contender had to punch the big hammer, and they could use either their ability or strength alone. The big hammer would give the challenger a corresponding score according to the amount of energy detected.

[God J’s spiritual ability is A level 4 ah ah ah. Who can be stronger than him?! Kneel down and ask God J to beat the record! Burst the hammer!] Not only at the scene, but also the watching audience on the Inter-Star Network began to brush up the barrage wildly.

“God J?” Dewitt watched the crowds and fed the fox another meatball.

Learning from old antiques and searching online at any time, Archie mysteriously leaned over. “A popular Internet man, whose full name is JU, has recently caught fire. It’s said that there are four levels of A grade. It seems that they are very powerful. I’m only at third A grade. So this guy has a huge fan base. Shall we change games?”

Dewitt squinted his eyes, narrowed his lips and looked at the man with the white mask in the distance, which was somewhat special, with a thin red line down his eyes, extending all the way to the corner of his mouth.

“Chee?” What the hell, why not play? Wen Jin, who was enjoying the meal, heard the conversation, paused suddenly and raised his head.

When the hammer was blown up, it had three-dimensional effects. Don’t mention how beautiful the effects were when they were blown out. He saw them when he stood far away. And the person who was challenged at that time was not strong enough. He could explode such beautiful debris effects. It must be different for the big silly man. He wanted to play!

Wen Jin thought, moving his paw to slap Dewitt, but at this moment, Dewitt’s eyes still fell on the God J.

Compared with other people, the man was slightly smaller, wearing a large windbreaker, just able to cover his body. Behind the mask was gray hair. Soon, Dewitt’s eyes fell behind the white mask, which showed some pointed ears.

Normal people may think they were a false ear made to match the atmosphere of the mask, but Dewitt was sure just by glancing – it was the real ear.

Grey hair with pointed ears and red eyes under the mask were the characteristics of Uttar aliens.

The eyes moved slightly, and the expression under the pure black mask sank.

The little fox sitting on his shoulder couldn’t see the expression under the pure black mask. He was sideways, his mouth was slightly open, his body was leaning backward, his double chins were about to fall off. His black bean-like eyes were wide open, and he looked at Dewitt, staring straight at the teenager on the stage in shock.

“Chee!” Not holding back, Wen Jin extended his paw and slapped Dewitt on the face several times. I want to see, I want to see it!

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