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Chapter 23: Bulletin

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“In what capacity are you talking to me?” Dewitt’s voice was cold. “The military is not under the jurisdiction of the House of Representatives. As the commander-in-chief of the three armies, my identity is equal to that of the Prime Minister. What decisions I make, what orders I give, what rules I make towards regulations have nothing to do with you. And you think you can interfere?”

Dewitt’s voice had always been profound. Now that he was in a bad mood, his cold blue eyes narrowed, and the pressure of S-level Terran instantly shrouded Cook and the others. The slightly weaker members of the group could not help stepping back, while the rest, under this fierce pressure, suddenly remembered who they were standing in front of.

Dewitt was not even forty, and he had taken the top command position of the military headquarters. The soldiers in his hands were immeasurable. Within a month, the Zerg poisoning had caused the man to fade away from their vision. A Marshal’s position seemed to be vacant in their eyes. They even began to wait for the announcement of Dewitt’s death. It had been a long time since the idea of dividing up the big cake that fell out of the Army Department, even when they first heard about Dewitt’s return, they didn’t take it seriously.

One month of critical reports, as well as their inquiries, the average life expectancy of high-ranking Terrans and the low profile of Dewitt when he first returned, seemed to make them forget what kind of person Dewitt was.

The Iron-Blooded Marshal’s title was absolutely not for show, and he had never been soft-handed to anyone. Scenes from the past flashed through everyone’s brain. Dewitt, this person, in the minds of this group of people, was finally alive. Some had thought that this “threat” was dead, but, as they felt the pressure push down on them, their legs could not help but go a little soft.

“That’s right, but as a member of the House of Representatives, we also have the power to supervise the Military Department, including the responsibility to present some things to the public.” Unlike those people, Cook had not dealt with Dewitt much before. People in all worlds spoke too much, and his strength was different from other colleagues present. Although he instinctively felt afraid of the pressure, the temptation of the little beast was huge. Cook intuitively thought it a massive breakthrough for Dewitt.

Cook’s blue eyes squinted as his expression became calculating.

Dewitt was silent for two seconds and gave him a sharp look. “What do you want?”


Cook’s eyes lit up, and sure enough, Dewitt was an ordinary man. In his present situation, what he feared most was that someone would take him out of the Marshal’s position in a month’s absence. Zerg poisoning involved the lives of tens of thousands of comatose soldiers. Once the news of his intentional privacy was published, it would be very likely that Dewitt would be killed. All the hidden dangers that Dewitt left behind in the army would be brought out. After all, no matter which institution, it was impossible to have a single mind. The other party obviously did not want to see such a scene, so he had just made the right gamble.

Cook thought happily, wrote a manuscript in his heart and began to talk with great flourish, “First of all, we should make this beast…”

Eight words, just eight words, not even one more! Cook’s confident eight words had just finished, and Dewitt turned away with the little fox in his arms without hesitation! Very simply, he had no intention to listen to his words at all!

No love at all!

Cook was stunned and felt as if someone had slapped him in the face. The pain was scalding, he opened his eyes wide and hesitated for a long time. He dared not shout the word “stop” at Dewitt’s back. He just gritted his teeth in anger, stared and thought fiercely in his heart that he had gone crazy from the poison. He really thought he could cope with Dewitt.

The colleagues behind Cook looked at him as he looked at Dewitt, each with unsaid words in his heart.

Nobody noticed that Dewitt’s ironed uniform seemed to have been torn by something. Soon, with a furry paw used to open the passage, a pair of black beans eyes squeezed out of the gap between Dewitt’s arm and his waist. Both small ears drooped behind his head. The face was deformed, but the little fellow showed his eyes with great perseverance and then gave Cook a fierce stare.

At that moment, Dewitt disappeared into the laboratory, but soon, the silent laboratory suddenly became noisy again, “What’s this, what’s this smell?!”

“What a stink! Where did it come from?… Ku, Mr. Cook?”

“My God,” a well-dressed man looked at Cook for a moment, pinched his nose tightly and finally could not help but run out, “It’s putrid! What on earth smells so bad?!”

Half a minute later, everyone scattered away, only Cook remained in place. But this time he wasn’t angry but was fumigated by his own smell. Very incomprehensible, ah, how can he have such a strange smell? Really, really stinky…

Every calculation ran away from his mind. Now Cook just wanted to rush home and take a good bath. He turned his head and looked at the subordinates who were still holding on to their posts. Cook didn’t know whether he should praise their loyalty.

He thought for a moment and looked with the strange eyes at the group of people. He thought that his face could not be picked up today. So he raised a hand heavily. However, the hand had just been put on his subordinate’s shoulder when the colossus black bear beast saw Wen Jin walked out of the room. The beast suddenly opened his mouth and let out a fierce roar in Cook’s direction.

It sounded like a command and in the next second, one after another, the roars of other beasts followed.

The colossus was very unhappy that his idol had been taken away. The room smelled worse and worse. Right now, the man has said that he would take his idol to study, which made the beast’s mood explode. It was due to this group of people that he hadn’t even had the time to ask his idol if they were going to see each other again.

The two people who were still standing in the room definitely could not understand the beast’s language, but they could feel it’s irritability in the atmosphere around them, and they immediately ran away as if they had a fire under their asses.


“Marshal, today’s inspection, you see…” Old Lin took everyone to his research room and locked the door. He was sure that no more ignorant people would break in before he said, “Is it still ongoing?”

Lin always wanted to respect Dewitt’s opinions. After all, the contract between Dewitt and this beast was a fact. It was also a fact that their lives were tied together.

“My inspection will be done. I will cooperate with any project. Archie should have given you the data. I hope you can develop an antidote as soon as possible.” Dewitt answered decisively, and after he had finished, he looked down at Wen Jin, saying, “It doesn’t have to be said for a while.”

Dewitt did not explain; he did not need to explain. This was his contract beast, and he had promised the little fox, as long as it did not want to say anything, he would insist on secrecy till the end, even if he knew what abilities it really had, he will not force him to reveal them. The disappearance of Zerg poisoning had been the most significant gift to him. He could not force Wen Jin to do anything more just because of his responsibility and missions.

Old Lin’s eyes said that he had some regrets. He mainly studied the ability nucleus of the Terrans. He was silent in the relevant fields for so many years, to solve the energy storm and increase the control level. And his latest experiments showed that the only solution to ability storms was likely to be addressed with this little fox.

To be honest, the roar of the little fox, which had just shown high prestige in the laboratory, seemed to give Lin an illusion, as if he had been grabbling along the road for so long and could finally push open the heavy door that had blocked the Assyrian people for more than two hundred years. Although he wanted to know the difference between this little fellow and other contract beasts, Old Lin was not a scientist who liked to base his research on others’ unwillingness. He nodded and looked kindly at the snow-white soft fox with black eyes. “Listen to you, but this little fellow is so cute. Marshal, you can’t be as fierce to it as you are to other people.”

Archie: “…” No, no, no, stay with him one more day, and you will know that this fellow has been entirely captured by this small fox. He was absolutely not an iron-blooded Marshal.

Thinking of the past scenes, Archie felt at ease. He was surprised when the little fox was able to distinguish the energy stones and thought that Dewitt had good luck. Now it seemed that if the little fox really was everything that they thought he was, then Dewitt didn’t just have good luck at all, he had heaven-defying luck. 

The theory of size versus ability… it might really break. 

Thinking of this, Archie looked at Wen Jin and could not help but soften.

Suddenly, Wen Jin, who was staring at him with two numb eyes, shivered. Instead, Chen Xiong, who had been silent all the time, suddenly asked, “Why don’t you ask him for his opinion?”


The author has something to say: 

Dewitt: Many people think you are my weakness.

Wen Jin: Hmm? Does that mean they want to be stabbed to death by a soft rib?

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