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Chapter 47: Beast Doctor

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

JinYu lifted an eyebrow as he stared at the young man eating French fries with a questioning gaze. Even though he had already mostly guessed who this man was, he was still a little unable to accept it.

Okay, in big boss Jin’s heart, even if beast doctors weren’t that gentle and cultured or benevolent and upstanding sort, they still at least had to be honest and earnest. Of course, Old Jin – that sly old fox – was considered an outlier, but the young man before him right now was even, even more not like a beast doctor compared to Old Jin…

Was it possible that Xiao Xue got the right person? Or found some half-baked beast hospital along the road and picked some half-baked beast doctor from it? In any case, no matter how he looked at the young man before him, he appeared to be sinister and rascally, as well as very frivolous. This kind of person could never, ever, ever become a doctor. En, unless this guy was also a bizarre weirdo.

Perhaps because the expression on JinYu’s face was too obvious and strange, the playboy-type man leaning next to the door finally couldn’t really take it any longer. He remembered how his grandfather told him that no matter what, he had to show off his skill so that this brat wouldn’t be able to look down on him as a doctor. He stopped playing around and polished off the rest of his fries before he directly entered the shop.

“Might you be Boss Xiao Jin? Hehe, what a coincidence, our surnames are the same.” Jin Qian had an amiable smile on his face as he walked closer, and he stopped just at the point where Qi Qinglin allowed outsiders to get close to.

JinYu stared at the man who looked like a fox that had stolen a chicken standing in front of him. He heard what he said and fiercely rolled his eyes. What in the world was Old Man Jin thinking, actually telling this guy to come? Didn’t he say he was still floating around on some rogue star? How did he come back so fast? It seemed like his name was Jin Qian,1 right? Tsk tsk, how much did this guy love money?!

“…Did you find the three A-level beasts Old Man Jin wanted?” Staring at the fox-like smiling face, a certain goldfish directly asked very ungenerously.

Just as big boss Jin anticipated, after he said that, the elegant man wearing gold-rimmed glasses and a long white traditional-style coat felt his smile freeze.

Jin Qian looked at JinYu, who was suddenly smiling serenely. In that instant, he ascertained that the guy before him had a black belly. But he would’ve never expected that – the moment he appeared in the doorway – he had already been judged to be even blacker, even more unreliable, and shameless on top of that by this black-bellied boss.

En, it had to be said that, from a certain point of view, neither of these two men surnamed Jin had white bellies. And what’s more, in certain respects, some of their personality traits were fairly, astonishingly similar.

So, at that moment, they mutually repelled each other.

“Cough cough, it’s not that easy to get A-level beasts. In any case, when I left, grandpa only told me to bring one back with me. The other two were tacked on later, so I don’t consider them.” Jin Qian and JinYu stared at each other for a moment before they looked away. Typically, he would be very willing to have a staring contest with this interesting fellow, but this clearly wasn’t the right time—besides the big boss standing next to that fish who was staring at Jin Qian like a tiger, there was still a patient present. The most inherited trait of the Jin family was that whenever they saw an injured beast, they couldn’t help but go up and try to cure it.

“You should still first let me take a look at the small mountain wolf. We can talk about the formalities and dinner invites later.”

JinYu smiled insincerely and nodded. “Of course you should go see the small mountain wolf. But as for the formalities and dinner invites, even though you extended the invitation, I’m not free at all today.”

Jin Qian choked again before he quickly hooked up the corners of his lips. He walked right over to the mountain wolf before he suddenly pulled open his own traditional white coat!

Instantly, a certain fish’s pupils contracted, before his face contorted.

Fuck! After that white coat was opened, it was like a surgery bag, full of pockets stuck with all sorts of surgical knives, pliers, and scissors! Can you be any weirder?! Hah?!

When Jin Qian saw JinYu’s contorted expression, he immediately smiled like he had won. He just knew that would happen, and he chuckled delightedly to himself. Ever since he hung knives all over him, countless people had been astounded by his imposing manner. Even those women who had pestered him for over ten years and threw themselves at him the moment they saw him had been all taken care of because of that. That was something that was truly too beautiful.

If these knives could make this black-bellied fellow’s face twitch, then Jin Qian felt even more strongly that the knives hung all over his body were the result of an extremely wise decision.

After rapidly dispatching JinYu, the half-baked doctor started to seriously treat the little mountain wolf. He only glanced once at it before he confirmed that the injuries on the wolf came from a bite and claw wounds from the corrosive jackal. But with just that one glance, Jin Qian’s good mood was completely destroyed.

JinYu and Qi Qinglin looked at Jin Qian, who had become extremely solemn and profession in one second, with some astonishment. Slowly, approval flashed across their eyes.

“… it has sixty-one injuries in total on its body, as well as thirty internal injuries, and thirty old injuries… in total, it has 121 wounds, hehe… if your special ability wasn’t allowing it to hang on, it would’ve died at three in the morning. Even if it hasn’t died yet, and managed to meet me, this naturally talented doctor, it’ll still at least be three months before it will be completely healed.”

JinYu’s face was just as gloomy as Jin Qian’s when he heard that. “I brought it back after it collapsed in front of our shop.”

“What do you mean?” Jin Qian looked at him as a sharp light flashed across his gold-rimmed glasses.

“I mean, I don’t have the right to take in and take care of this mountain wolf. In addition, its original extremely disgraceful slag of an owner might come looking for it at any time and take it back.” JinYu crossed his arms, his voice quite downcast. Jin Qian clicked his tongue lightly when he heard that too before he pierced the couch JinYu was sitting on to vent his anger and continued to grit his teeth as he treated the little mountain wolf.

But just when the atmosphere had become tense to a certain degree, Qi Qinglin suddenly straightened slightly and said, “Something’s coming.”

“What’s coming?” JinYu looked at Qi Qinglin, but before he could explain, ErHei’s resounding, wary, and angry roar came from outside the door. The sound of two jackal dogs’ barking also rose at the same time, but even combined they weren’t as loud and clear as ErHei’s voice.

“Who’s in charge of this place?! Get out here!!”

When that voice spoke, JinYu’s eyes instantly grew extremely chilly. Along with that change, the eyes of all the beasts in the shop also grew dark and grim.


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Translator Notes:

  1. His name is 金谦 (the character for modest) but jinyu thinks its 金钱 – aka gold.


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October 6, 2019 4:09 pm

I bet it is the owner 😠 . Anyway JY and hubby need to slap his face hard for the wolf!!!

October 6, 2019 9:15 pm

Beat him up so that he can’t even crawl!

October 6, 2019 10:16 pm

Ah, yes, the mountain wolf’s owner came to receive his punishment. Boss, give him 121 wounds, let’s see if he can recover. Also the Jin grandson is an interesting fellow, using knives as women repellant.

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