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Chapter Eight

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Xu Ling, who had recovered his true face, immediately became the new prince charming of all the girls in the school, and replaced Xia Chuan as the new school beau of XX University. From stinky dog dung that nobody cared about, to a fragrant baboon that all the beautiful women competed for. Every day, dozens of girls expressed their love to Xu Ling and made Xu Ling’s ‘mother’ tiger angry.

“What is this?” Xia Chuan searched through a large number of beautiful envelopes from Xu Ling’s drawer and asked angrily, pointing to Xu Ling.

“Love letters!” Xu Ling, who was awakened by Xia Chuan during his nap, was impatient.

“Damn, such a shameless scoundrels who said she’d love for ten thousand years, bah! No shame…” Xia Chuan opened the envelope and looked at the love letter inside. The darker the face was, the more flaming his eyes were. “Hey, get up quickly, you haven’t explained it clearly yet. Sleep on your ass!” Xia Chuan dragged Xu Ling out of bed to stop him from sleeping.

“What do you want me to say? I don’t know them.” Xu Ling rolled him eyes. 

“I don’t know why you even accepted their love letters. Didn’t I tell you to ignore them?”

“I didn’t pay attention to them!”

“Fuck! Ignore them! Don’t receive their love letters, and cover them up!” Looking at those love letters, Xia Chuan was mad.

“Idiot!” Xu Ling was confused. These love letters were stuffed on him by the girls. He had never read them.

“Do you dare to scold me?! Do you say you like them and want to dump me for them?” Xia Chuan was so angry that he climbed into bed to fight hard with Xu Ling. He was like a jealous wife.

“Don’t make trouble. Why do you always like to make trouble so unreasonably these days? I’m tired of it!” Xu Ling roared. Since he came back, the pig had been arguing with him every day. He was always suspicious and was more and more like that person.

“Fine! I won’t bother you in the future. I don’t care who you’re with.” Xia Chuan choked and turned to get out of bed. In fact, he would not harm Xu Ling. After Xu Ling became handsome, the girls were around him all day long. One by one, they were anxious to jump into his bed. Didn’t he worry about it? The most abhorrent thing was that whenever Xia Chuan asked him whether he liked him or not, Xu Ling always changed the topic. He really had no confidence at all! He was really tired…

“Why are you crying again? You’re really more and more like a woman!” Xu Ling dragged Xia Chuan back, only to find that Xia Chuan was crying.

“Get away, don’t touch me! I’ll do my own thing. It’s not your issue son of a bitch.” Xia Chuan wept and pushed him away. He hated what he was like now, why did he shed tears just like a woman? He really was a bitch, like to common bitch. What good was being a playboy if he just turned into a crying bitch!

Seeing him cry more and more, Xu Ling frowned and laughed. “Don’t cry, you’ll get panda eyes!” 

“What?” After listening, Xia Chuan was shocked and quickly wiped away his tears to look in the mirror. If he had panda eye’s, how could he see people? The most important thing was that if he let others know that he was crying, it would spread all over the school and be laughed to death by everyone!

“Bastard, cheat me again, die…” But after looking in the mirror, Xia Chuan realized that he had been cheated again. He threw the mirror away angrily and smashed Xu Ling, but Xu Ling easily avoided it.

“Don’t be angry! I’ll buy you some ice cream!” Xu Ling, afraid of him crying again, came forward and hugged him.

“Who’s going to eat your shitty ice cream? Lao Tzu’s going to have a big meal!” Xia Chuan hated to think that he must eat with Xu Ling. See if he dared to bully him again!

“All right, whatever you want!” Xu Ling lay back in bed with Xia Chuan in his arms. It was December and the weather had turned cold. The two men hugged each other warmly.

Xia Chuan pillowed his head in Xu Ling’s bosom and whispered, “In a few days it will be Christmas.” 

“So fast! I have to rush to get a birthday present…” Xu Ling was surprised. The days with the pig were so fast that it already flew by in the twinkling of an eye.

“Do you know what you are going to give?” Xia Chuan’s voice was full of surprise and expectations, but Xu Ling unexpectedly knew that Christmas was his birthday. He was just going to tell him!

“Not yet. What do you think of a necklace?” Xu Ling asked.

“Okay!” Xia Chuan smiled and bent his eyes. He liked it as long as it was from Xu Ling. He had no idea that Xu Ling’s birthday gift was for his mother, not him!

“I have to work for a few days to earn money for the birthday present!” Xu Ling said.

“Why do you have to work? Don’t you have money?” Xia Chuan asked anxiously.

“I do but it makes more sense to buy gifts with the money you earn from your hands!” He couldn’t go home to celebrate his mother’s birthday and could only send her gifts that represented his heart. Especially when he snuck out to XX university with his mother behind his back, she must be very angry. He hoped to give her a birthday gift to dispel her anger!

“Xu Ling, I love you so much!” Xia Chuan touched him and kissed him several times on his handsome face. “Sorry, I misunderstood you before. You loved me so much!”

Xu Ling doubtfully raised eyebrow. What was the pig saying? How could he not understand?

“Let’s do it while the others are out skiing.” Before Xu Ling could ask clearly, Xia Chuan had taken off his pants, pulled down his underwear and grabbed out the sleeping dragon.

Xu Ling laughed and immediately cast aside his doubts, ready to enjoy his services, “You are getting more and more eager!” 

“It’s you who’s eager! Look at your little brother. Two strokes makes it stand up!” Xia Chuan responded with embarrassment, holding Xu Ling’s dragon skillfully. He knew Xu Ling’s dragon better than his own.

Xia Chuan played a few tricks on the huge and frightening murderer, which made Xu Ling a little embarrassed and angrily scold, “Don’t talk nonsense, go quickly!”

Xia Chuan just wanted to talk back, but thought that Xu Ling would work for him to buy birthday gifts for him. His heart was sweet. He opened his mouth and ate Xu Ling’s dragon in one bite. Because of Xu Ling’s training during this period, Xia Chuan’s oral skills had improved rapidly compared with the first time. He was now able to eat all the dragon that was bigger that a child’s arm in one stroke.

“Your mouth is so wet and tight that it’s as tight as the cave below you!” Xu Ling was deeply embedded in Xia Chuan’s warm and narrow mouth and moaned comfortably. The usually silent, indifferent and incomparable Xu Ling, as long as he was having sex with Xia Chuan, he would immediately become like a different person, becoming extremely evil and obscene, speaking a lot of words!

“Get out of here!” Xia Chuan looked up at him in dismay and scolded, grabbed his dragon and sucked it and served him diligently.

“Suck harder and move your tongue. Lick it quickly!” Xu Ling was comfortably panting, commanding the way with his toes high, with an look on his face.

Xia Chuan scolded two words in his heart. He squirmed shyly, licked and scraped the fierce dragon in his mouth. He also stabbed the dragon’s ‘little mouth’ with the tip of his tongue, which made Xu Ling’s horse’s eyes flow out of prostatic juice quickly and made his red and sexy lips white and pornographic.

“Where did you learn this trick, fucker? Amazing!” Xu Ling was so refreshed by Xia Chuan that he scolded excitedly. His handsome face was full of excitement. He grabbed Xia Chuan’s head and fiercely manipulated his attractive mouth.

“Ah… Hmm… Uh huh… Ah…” Xia Chuan’s mouth was hot and painful, but looking at Xu Ling’s desire-filled, refreshing expression, his heart could not say how satisfied he was. As he opened his mouth to allow Xu Ling to go deeper, he rubbed the two big meat bags under the dragon, adding oil on the fire. 

“Dead scoundrel, dare to seduce me, see how I teach you this scoundrel!” Xu Ling shouted excitedly and each time he went into Xia Chuan’s mouth and stuck in the deepest part of Xia Chuan’s throat, making him dizzy.

“Well… Uh huh… Ah…” Xia Chuan was eating the penis of his favorite person. Although his mouth was burned by the huge dragon, the feeling of being possessed by his beloved was so beautiful that he was willing to be baited.

“Dead cockroach, go!” Xia Chuan’s mouth was really wonderful, Xu Ling inserted a few more times, close to climax, as lot of semen flowed into Xia Chuan’s mouth.

“Mmn…” Xia Chuan immediately opened his mouth to meet his lover’s sperm, drank all his hunger and thirst and satisfactorily accepted Xu Ling’s irrigation.

Xu Ling’s semen was not only plentiful, but also tasted very heavy, bitter and astringent. But when he thought it was the love liquid of his lover, he couldn’t help but be excited and drink it all. The hot semen slipped into his stomach and burned his internal organs.

“You are so cheap!” Xu Ling was fascinated by the charming appearance of his lewd waves. With a roar of tigers, he was still ejaculating and thrusting Xia Chuan’s head into his penis.

“Well… Ah… Ah… Hmm… Lighten up… It hurts… Bastard, take it lighter… Ah… Uh huh…” Xia Chuan drank his semen while being thrusted by his penis, which was painful enough to stop his breathing.

Xu Ling ignored his wailing and pumped several times. After all the semen had been shot, he pulled out the soft penis. Looking down at the red handsome face, his mouth full of semen, eyes filled with spring, Xu Ling’s the lower abdomen became agitated again, even though he clearly just finished shooting…

Xu Ling whispered a curse in his heart. How could Xia Chuan be so charming as to let himself get out of control again and again?

Xia Chuan was so tired that he gasped for breath when he fell on the bed. He glared at Xu Ling with a delicate voice and scolded, “Dead boy, why are you always so rude? Can’t you be gentle? You almost killed me!”

Unlike anger, it was more like a coquettish act, which made Xu Ling more excited and scolded, “Fuck! Damn it, can’t you please stop seducing me?”

Xia Chuan hadn’t responded yet when Xu Ling pounced on him again, opened his legs and inserted his penis into his body…

“Ah! Bastard, didn’t you just shoot? How come it’s so fast and so …” With a cry of pain, Xia Chuan looked at Xu Ling incredibly. Was Xu Ling really human? So fast again, he shot less than a minute ago! Even animals were not as strong as he was!

“Less nonsense! Who told you to seduce me? And don’t you want to be plugged by me, too? You’re wet behind you! Little cock sucker.” Xu Ling looked at him wickedly and laughed. The place where his penis was inserted was already as wet as a woman’s private place.

“I… How can I seduce you? It’s clear that you are a beast. You always like to have sex and blame me!” Xia Chuan blushed and dared not look into Xu Ling’s eyes. He turned his head and scolded. He had just helped Xu Ling to have oral sex and after looking at Xu Ling’s orgasming expression, he reacted below. No one can tell Xu Ling to do it with him frequently during this period and make his body lewd to death…

“I’m a beast. I love to have sex! And what about you? Were you born a woman that loves being fucked up by men? I haven’t seen anyone more lewd than you. You’re wet before I stick it in your ass. I wonder if I can really do it with a woman like you?” Xu Ling sneered, bowing his head and biting Xia Chuan’s chest. He had been tempting his nipples and moving his body in Xia Chuan.

“Ah… Uh huh… Ah… It’s swelling. You’re so big. It’s killing me. Ah ah…” Xia Chuan’s cave was already ripened by Xu Ling. Except for the pain when Xu Ling first entered, he could no longer feel any pain. The manipulation of his penis made him feel happier than he could say. He was really turned into a prostitute by Xu Ling!

“I can’t quite satisfy a prostitute like you and make you happy to death!” Xu Ling sang a vicious laugh, eyes full of pride, very satisfied when Xia Chuan said he was big.

The thick and long body quickly thrusted in the hot and humid cave. At the beginning, it thrust into the heart of the chrysanthemum. Xia Chuan liked that part to be hit. Every time it got hit, it made him crazy and he showed an unparalleled lustful appearance.

“Ah ah… I… I’m not a prostitute… I… Ah ah…, long time. You’ll be there in a minute. Oh, ah… Hmm… Um-huh… It’s so good… It’s itchy… Uh huh… thrust into me in again… Oh, ah… Ah ah ah…” Xia Chuan immediately screamed, trembling with his orgasm. Xu Ling’s big dragon was clamped by the small hole with excitement. The heart was rubbed by the round head of the turtle, which was refreshing and itchy, making Xia Chuan crisp all over…

“Stop pretending! I don’t care what you are.” Every time Xia Chuan cried out that it was good, he clamped down on Xu Ling’s penis, but he had to pretend to be a chaste martyr too! Xu Ling lifted Xia Chuan’s strong legs and put them on his shoulders. He separated himself and went deeper. He grinded hard against the heart of chrysanthemum and kept poking at that point.

“Ah ah ah! Don’t go there… It’s crazy… Ah ah ah… Damn, don’t hold on to it all the time… Oh, ah… I’m going to be worn out by you… Uh huh… Ah ah ah…” Xia Chuan was writhing violently, crying and screaming pitifully. Xu Ling rubbed his whole body with goosebumps. Countless pleasures spread from the small cave to his limbs and bones. Every cell was shaking with joy.

Xu Ling liked to watch Xia Chuan cry out when he was being made love to, which would make him feel indescribable achievement. He kissed Xia Chuan’s beautiful thin lips, moved Xia Chuan’s hand to touch and play with his uncomfortable nipples and body and thrusted into his ass and masturbating his front at the same time…

Xia Chuan did not refuse Xu Ling. Having himself being played with was indecent. He had become a lewd bitch who only knew how to pursue desire. He completely forgot his shame and his ass were splashed with pornographic liquid by Xu Ling.

Listening to the thump thump of each thrust, Xia Chuan became more active, playing hard with his nipples and playing with his penis, crying happily, “Ah, uh… It’s so good… Ah… Oh oh… It’s like going to heaven… The same… Fuck me to death… I don’t want to live… Ah ah… Quickly and cruelly kill me… I want you to put it in me… Ah, ah, ah…”

“Mn, I’ll kill you as you wish. See how you dare seduce me in the future!” Xu Ling was stimulated by his desire for immortality and death. Suddenly, in that position, still inserted in Xia Chuan’s body, he turned 180 degrees and thrusted into him from behind with Xia Chuna’s back to his chest.

“Ah, ah, ah… To die… Really dead by you… Oh oh oh oh oh… Don’t fuck there… Help! I don’t want to… You stop… Ah, ah, ah…”

For the first time, Xia Chuan was played by Xu Ling from behind and the opposite posture of the front made the operation angle of the penis completely deeper. A fierce big penis came to a mysterious corner that had never been touched before, rubbed the tender meat that had never been occupied and made Xia Chuan’s genuine desire for immortality to die. The small cave flower and branch trembled. The pornographic liquid ran out like a flood breaking the gate, like a direct current, wetting all their pubic hair, sticking together tightly, making both of them appear incredibly pornographic…

“Just now it was you who begged me to kill you. Now why did you stop me again?” Xu Ling ignored him, while continuing to thrust into the wet, slippery little pork, while patting his rounded sexy ass to enhance his pleasure.

“Ah ah ah… Don’t fight… Uh huh… Please don’t hit it… I’ll cum… Ah ah… It’s so good… Ah ah… Why is it so good? Ah, ah, ah…” The loud and obscene slaps made Xia Chuan mad with shame. He was completely devoured by the pleasure of overwhelming mountains and seas and his ass was on fire.

“Mn, shoot it out. It’s bad for your health to keep holding it in all the time.” Xu Ling smiled very thoughtfully, intentionally stretching out his hand to rub his hard, iron bar-like body in front of him, but he did not expect the other to shoot when his hand touched his body.

“Ah! Cming!.” Xia Chuan could not resist shooting any more. A white light flashed before his eyes and he fainted with joy.

With Christmas approaching, many stores became very busy and were seriously understaffed. Xu Ling, with his excellent looks, soon found a job as a temporary waiter in a bar.

The bar was a complex place and Xu Ling’s handsome appearance was easily spotted by those wild bees and butterflies. Xia Chuan was very opposed to him going to work in the bar, but Xu Ling felt that the bar’s treatment was quite good and insisted on going. They had a big quarrel about it and finally Xia Chuan couldn’t beat Xu Ling and could only let him go!

But Xu Ling entered the bar and reported to the owner and Xia Chuan followed in. He gave full play to his playboy character and captivated the female guests. Xia Chuan also intentionally took some beautiful hot girls to open the room.

As a result, of course, Xia Chuan did not open a room, but was taken away by Xu Ling and taught him a hard lesson, so that Xia Chuan’s ass almost blossomed, but Xu Ling did not go to the bar to work as he wished. Finally, Xu Ling found hard work in a construction site. Although it was very hard, Xu Ling’s strong body could still eat. Xia Chuan accompanied him to and from work every day and sometimes helped him work.

After Xu Ling had worked hard for two weeks, Christmas finally arrived. Xia Chuan refused to help Luo Shuai celebrate his birthday. Instead, Xu Ling prepared for a romantic birthday in the world of two people.

Xia Chuan sat in bed waiting for Xu Ling to change his clothes. He was happy and expecting to think about what birthday gift Xu Ling would give him. Could it be the necklace he said last time? Xu Ling’s wages were very small. He couldn’t afford to buy anything good for him, but he wouldn’t mind!

“Let’s go!” Xu Ling cried to Xia Chuan after changing his clothes. Today was Christmas and Xia Chuan was going to play outside.

As Xu Ling walked out of school, Xia Chuan was not ashamed to ask, “Xu Ling, did you buy the birthday present?” 

“Yes!” Xu Ling nodded. He had sent it back to his Ma by express mail.

“What is it? Beautiful?” Xia Chuan was delighted.

“It’s a star necklace. It’s good!” Xu Ling did not understand why Xia Chuan cared so much about his birthday gift to his mother.

Xia Chuan smiled and bent his mouth. He was looking forward to Xu Ling’s birthday gift more and more. Because it was Christmas, the street was very busy, Xia Chuan pulled Xu Ling around, going where he wanted to play.

Xu Ling looked at the time, “Let’s go to dinner!” 

“Okay!” Xia Chuan smiled and nodded. Great. The official program starts. Generally, birthday gifts were given at dinner time.

Xu Ling and Xia Chuan casually went to an ordinary small restaurant. Looking at the clean but humble small restaurant, Xia Chuan felt it was a bit silly. Xu Ling brought him to this place for dinner on his birthday?

“What would you like to eat?” After sitting down, Xu Ling handed him the menu.

Xia Chuan opened the menu and frowned. What were these items? He had never heard of them. Could you even eat them?

Although very dissatisfied, Xia Chuan did not express his dissatisfaction, he was afraid of creating a stiff atmosphere, although this restaurant was really bad, but it was also Xu Ling’s heart!

“I don’t know what to order, but you do!” Xia Chuan squeezed out a smile and returned the menu to Xu Ling. He couldn’t order these dishes. Nothing suited his appetite!

Xu Ling ordered a few vegetarian dishes casually. He had a bad stomach these days. He just wanted to eat something light.

Looking at the dishes served by the waiter, Xia Chuan’s smile was dying. God! How can he eat it if he didn’t even have meat?

Xia Chuan told himself that Xu Ling was a little strange. Xu Ling might not have enough money to make him eat well. He should understand!

After all the dishes were served, Xia Chuan did not see anyone bring a birthday cake. Finally, he couldn’t help asking, “How come there is no cake?”

“Cake?” Xu Ling raised his eyebrows doubtfully. Did Xia Chuan want to eat cake?

Xia Chuan nodded, “Did you buy it?” 

“No! Would you like one?”

“If you don’t buy it, that’s fine!” Xia Chuan laughed, he was really silent toward Xu Ling, who did not buy a birthday cake for his birthday. Bastard! But he forgave him for his hard work in order to buy him a birthday present.

Looking at those cabbages and radishes, Xia Chuan had a bad appetite. He took a few bites at random and could not eat any more.

“Why don’t you eat? Are you full?” Xu Ling asked.

“My stomach is not very comfortable. I can’t eat it. You can eat it!” Xia Chuan could only act dumb and stare at the food.

“Wait till you get back and remember to take some stomach medicine!” Xu Ling finished and continued to eat.

Xia Chuan nodded, hoping Xu Ling would finish eating quickly and then take him away from this ghost place to find a romantic place to give a birthday gift on behalf of his love!

After Xu Ling finished eating, Xu Ling told Xia Chuan that it was cold and that he wanted to go back.

“You haven’t given me a present yet. Go back, your fart!” Xia Chuan couldn’t help getting angry anymore.

“What gift? Do you usually get Christmas gifts? I’m not ready, it’s just a Western holiday!”

“Damn, who told you it was a Christmas gift? I mean birthday gifts! Didn’t you buy me a necklace? Don’t take it out soon!” Xia Chuan was fainting. What was this guy talking about?

“What birthday present? When did I buy you a necklace?” Xu Ling listened in a fog.

“Don’t play with me, son of a bitch! Hurry up and take it out!” Xia Chuan thought he was embarrassed and decided to pretend.

“I’m not kidding you. What are you talking about? Speak clearly!” Xu Ling knew there must be some misunderstanding.

“Damn it, pack it again! Today is my birthday. Didn’t you go to work the other day to buy me a birthday present?” Xia Chuan rolled his eyes and laughed as he scolded.

“Today is your birthday?” Xu Ling shouted. God! A mistake!

“Nonsense, if you lie again, I’m really going to be angry!”

“Xia Chuan, I have something to tell you, you misunderstood! Actually, I didn’t know today was your birthday. The birthday gift I bought was for my mother. Yesterday was my mother’s birthday!” Xu Ling explained to him.

“What did you say?” Xia Chuan felt dizzy. Xu Ling didn’t know that today was his birthday? He looked like an idiot from beginning to end. Xia Chuan couldn’t help crying after he thought about it.

“Don’t ever let Lao Tzu see you again, son of a bitch!” Xia Chuan turned around and ran away sadly. He died from the disgrace. He had never been so depressed and sad as he was now. He really wanted to die.

“Xia Chuan, don’t run!” Xu Ling rushed after him.

Xia Chuan ran like hell, but he was so sad that he didn’t pay attention to the road ahead. He stepped on a banana peel and fell like a dog eating shit.

“Ah!” Xia Chuan hit his nose, bleeding out, sat up and looked at the blood on his hands, Xia Chuan was even more angry. Why was he so unlucky that God couldn’t get along with him?

Xu Ling came up and looked at Xia Chuan, who had a nosebleed and tears on his face. He couldn’t help laughing.

“Damn, dare to laugh, get out of here!” Xia Chuan took off his shoes and tried to hit him, but he threw them aside and into the grass beside him. Xia Chuan was going crazy. This bastard was his nemesis and he must have killed him in his previous life. Since he knew him, he had not had a good day. He was often half-dead with anger.

“Hey, don’t cry, be careful to be seen and laughed to death!” Xu Ling came to him and squatted down, pulled out his handkerchief and wiped his nose.

“Who dares to laugh at Lao Tzu? Lao Tzu will beat him to death!” Xia Chuan grabbed the handkerchief and wiped the blood away by himself. “Get out of here, don’t let me see you again, or I’ll kill you!” Xia Chuan scolded fiercely, but with his awkward appearance, there was really no threat.

Xu Ling sighed, forget it! Today was his birthday, don’t quarrel with him! Xu Ling turned around and said, “Come up, I’ll carry you. I don’t know where you threw your shoes!” 

“What do you care? Little cats cry and mice are merciful!” Xia Chuan pushed him away.

“Don’t be so angry. Come up quickly. I’ll take you to buy your birthday cake and your birthday gift.” Xu Ling forced him on his back.

“I don’t want it! I don’t want your pity…” Xia Chuan struggled and twisted on Xu Ling’s back.

“You really don’t want it? Alas! I was going to give you my virgin cave as a birthday present. Unfortunately…” Xu Ling sighed intentionally.

Xia Chuan immediately stopped struggling and asked eagerly, “Are you serious? Do you really want me to do you?” 

Xu Ling nodded and Xia Chuan shouted happily, “Long live! You promised! Do not deceive me like last time!”

“Good! Are you not angry?” Xu Ling nodded and laughed.

“Forgive you this time. Next time, if that happens again, I will really break up with you!” Xia Chuan didn’t know how many times he had said this to Xu Ling.

Xu Ling nodded again and Xia Chuan let Xu Ling carry him. Xia Chuan hugged Xu Ling’s neck tightly and leaned his face on his back. He smiled happily. Xu Ling’s back was so wide and warm that it made him feel safe!

Xu Ling and Xia Chuan aroused everyone’s attention. The intimate behavior of the two big boys was really weird and embarrassing, but Xia Chuan did not care. His anger was gone and he was completely immersed in happiness, compared with the mood of the previous few minutes, it’s really a hundred and eighty thousand miles better…

Xu Ling bought a cream cake that Xia Chuan liked best, then took him to a remote corner of the park to sit down, put candles on the cake, took out the violin he had just rented and played the Happy Birthday Song for Xia Chuan…

With Xu Ling’s beautiful music, Xia Chuan made a wish to stay with Xu Ling forever and then blew out the candle… Having a sweet cake, Xia Chuan smiled happily. Although his birthday this year was the simplest year for him, it was the happiest.

Xu Ling also smiled happily as he watched the cute appearance of Xia Chuan’s mouth covered with buttercream. Pigs were stupid, but they were really cute. He only had one advantage that could offset all his shortcomings…

Having eaten a piece of cake, Xia Chuan did not eat any more. Although he was still hungry, he still had more important things to do than to fill his stomach. That was to fight back and take Xu Ling’s virgin chrysanthemum!

Xia Chuan raised Xu Ling’s chin and laughed wickedly, “Baby, let’s get down to business! (1) Hurry up and present my birthday present!” 


  • TO DEFEAT THE HUNS!!! (Sorry, not sorry.)


“Take it yourself if you want it!” Xu Ling raised his lips and threw a glamorous look at him.

He had never seen Xu Ling do such a thing before. Xia Chuan was so excited that he immediately overwhelmed Xu Ling to take off his clothes. Anyway, it was very remote here and no one would see them at night. Unexpectedly, the first time Xu Ling was going to be on the bottom was outside. He was so excited. But he knew that the first time was very painful and he needed to be very careful.

Xia Chuan pressed down the desire for fire, gently touched and kissed Xu Ling, so that he could relax and give him a beautiful first night…

Xu Ling did not resist from beginning to end. He cooperated with Xia Chuan very well and made Xia Chuan smile. It seemed that Xu Ling really wanted to present himself as a birthday gift to him. He was so happy!

Xia Chuan had completely forgotten what kind of person Xu Ling was. How could such a cold and arrogant man like Xu Ling make others fall in love with him, even his favorite person was impossible!

Sure enough, when Xia Chuan woke up Xu Ling’s dragon and put it in his mouth, his owner immediately turned his face and refused to recognize anyone. Suddenly, Xu Ling overwhelmed him, then raised his legs and rushed into his soul-stirring chrysanthemum flower…

“Pain! Bitch! You don’t have to face… Hmm… You lied to me again…” The curse was mingled with feeble moans and unspeakable ambiguity and seduction.

“I didn’t lie to you. I just promised to give you my virgin acupoint as a birthday present, but I didn’t say it was for your birthday this year!” The deep, husky laughter was not bad.

“Big cheater, I’m going to kill… Uh-huh… oh, good… Ah… How full… You’re going to kill me… Animal…”

“Ah!” Suddenly a scream from a girl interrupted Xia Chuan’s curses.

Xu Ling and Xia Chuan turned their heads and suddenly became dumbstruck. “Lin YaTing..”

In the bright moonlight, there stood a very beautiful girl. The girl’s face was as white as paper. She opened her mouth and looked at the two naked boys hugging each other under the opposite tree. The most terrible thing was that their lower bodies were tightly connected.

Seeing Lin YaTing, Xia Chuan was so frightened that his mind was blank. Xu Ling was stunned but soon recovered his tranquility.

“What are you doing?” Lin YaTing screamed. She couldn’t believe what she saw. That day, Xia Chuan told her to reunite with Jiang Qianqian, but later she asked Jiang Qianqian before she knew she had been deceived. She began to investigate what Xia Chuan was doing secretly. But instead of seeing him and any girls, she found that he was inseparable from Xu Ling and it was not normal.

Tonight she happened to see Xu Ling in the street carrying Xia Chuan into the park. She secretly followed them in a moment of curiosity, but she never expected that they would do such a thing.

“Didn’t you see it already? Why ask knowingly?” Xu Ling pulled Xia Chuan’s body away and held him in his arms, with a sneer on his lips.

“God! You guys are gay!!! Xia Chuan tell me what the hell is going on? What is your relationship?” Looking at Xu Ling’s proud face, Lin YaTing was furious and asked, pointing to Xia Chuan, how could she not believe that Xia Chuan was a homosexual?

“I like Xu Ling, I love him!” Xia Chuan took a breath, greeted Lin YaTing’s eyes and bravely admitted. He knew what the consequences of his words would be, but he did not want to be a daredevil who dared not admit his love!

“What about you? Xu Ling, do you also love Xia Chuan?” Lin YaTing turned to look at Xu Ling. She couldn’t believe that a boy would fall in love with a boy. It was so perverted and disgusting.

Xia Chuan looked at Xu Ling nervously. Lin YaTing asked what he had always wanted to know, but Xu Ling let him down.

“I have no obligation to tell you. Please don’t stand in our way here!” Xu Ling returned coldly.

Looking at Xu Ling’s phoenix eyes, besides disappointment, Xia Chuan felt his heart was bitter and painful and his nose was sour.

Lin YaTing stared fiercely at Xu Ling, who had robbed her of her boyfriend, looked at Xia Chuan again and finally turned away angrily.

Xia Chuan pressed down the bitterness in his heart and asked anxiously, “What should I do?” 

“She shouldn’t shake us out for the time being. Don’t worry for the time being!” Xu Ling was very determined. This woman’s mind is too heavy, she would only use this to threaten them and would not foolishly do something harmful to others and not to herself!

Because of the appearance of Lin YaTing, they had no interest to finish at all. They put on their clothes and went back to school directly. Along the way, both of them were silent and had their own thoughts.

Xia Chuan’s heart was mixed and confused. He had been wondering why Xu Ling did not answer Lin YaTing’s question head-on just now. Did this represent his attitude towards their feelings? He dared not admit it because of the secular situation, or did he say that… He doesn’t love him at all? If the latter was his own love for him, what was his own pay for him?

Xia Chuan felt an unprecedented fear. It had been hiding in his heart of the uneasiness and finally at this moment it all erupted…

What worried him most was that Lin YaTing now knew about them. If she really publicized their affairs, they would be over! The school would expel them, the old man would strip his skin, the most frightening thing was that he and Xu Ling would be forcibly separated!

Only at this moment did he really understand what the word ‘homosexuality’ represented and what he would face and Xia Chuan’s mood became heavier and heavier…

Back in the dormitory, Luo Shuai and his colleagues went out for Christmas and did not return. Xia Chuan could no longer suppress his fear and asked questions that had been entangled in his heart. “Xu Ling, do you like me? Do you love me?” Xia Chuan looked at him, eyes full of many things, the most was pleading, Xia Chuan hoped Xu Ling would say he liked him.

“Why do you ask such silly questions like that woman Lin YaTing?” Xu Ling frowned and was impatient. This pig, he does not like him to associate with him!

Suddenly, Xia Chuan had an impulse to cry. Xu Ling even said that it was silly. He used to describe such an important thing as silly. The original position of himself in his heart was so ridiculous – silly!

“Yes! It’s really silly!” Xia Chuan bowed his head and smiled. Xu Ling did not see the self-mockery on his face and the bitterness in his eyes. 

Xu Ling took off his clothes and went to the bathroom to take a bath. “I don’t want to be idle all day. I’m going to take a bath first!” 

The moment the bathroom door closed, the tears that had been forced down flowed out of Xia Chuan’s eyes and he silently slid on the ground. He was so tired! He was really tired being with Xu Ling! Xu Ling often let him go to heaven one second and then to hell the next! He now really suspected that this relationship was his wishful thinking from beginning to end. Xu Ling never liked him. He just played him, otherwise how could he do this to him?

Suddenly, Xu Ling’s cell phone rang. The sad Xia Chuan didn’t want to pay attention to it, but the cell phone rang incessantly. He had to get up and pick it up from Xu Ling’s coat.

“Be careful! All of us are thinking of you!” A female voice on the phone was so delicate that it crisped people’s bones.

“Who are you looking for?” Xia Chuan had never heard such a coquettish voice.

“It’s not my baby!” The delicate voice was full of disappointment. “I’m looking for Xu Er Mao, please help me call him!”

“Who is Xu Er Mao?” Xia Chuan frowned, Er Mao? Wasn’t that the name on the teddy bear?

“I’m looking for Xu Ling. Who answered, please.”

“I’m his roommate!” Xia Chuan’s heart was full of doubts. Who was this woman to Xu Ling?

“It turned out to be Er Mao’s roommate! Hello, Er Mao’s friend!” Like a Golden Oriole out of the valley, the sweet laughter made Xia Chuan instantly change his face.

“Are you Xu Ling’s girl?” Xia Chuan heard the sound of the collapse of the world.

“Mn! We have a close relationship! We grew up together, ate together and lived together. I’ve known Er Mao since long ago. Er Mao was so bad that he left his family alone, but he’s happy outside.” The other side complained super dissatisfied.

Xia Chuan was reaching his limit. He was really cheated by Xu Ling. Xu Ling already had a girlfriend and they had a close relationship!

“Ah! Crap! Little brother, my sister has to use the phone. Can I trouble you to tell Er Mao, I will go to X City at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning. Tell him to pick me up at the airport! Byebye…” What happened to the other party? She said it in a hurry and hung up the phone.

Looking at the cell phone in his hand, Xia Chuan suddenly wanted to laugh. He didn’t expect that his lover had a day squeeze. It seemed that there was such a thing as retribution in the world. He used to play with other people’s feelings and now it was his turn to be played. It was really fair!

But Xu Ling was really too strong. It was easy to play with someone in the palm of your hand. Without saying a word of love, his heart had already sank for him.

“What are you laughing at? Laughing so sickly!” As soon as Xu Ling came out of the bathroom, he saw Xia Chuan sitting in bed giggling.

“Nothing, just a joke suddenly came to mind…” Xia Chuan looked up at him and laughed brilliantly.

“What kind of joke is so funny, let me hear it too.” Xu Ling sat down beside him and took the towel beside him to wipe his hair.

“You won’t be interested. You’ll be bored!” Xia Chuan said, “A woman called you just now, as if she were a friend of your hometown. She said she would go to X city at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning and ask you to meet her at the airport…”

Xia Chuan stared closely at Xu Ling and observed his expression. He found that Xu Ling’s eyes were very complicated after listening. He seemed very distressed.

Xia Chuan laughed in his heart. Xu Ling must be racking his brains now to fool the idiots who were deceived by him. He didn’t want him to find out that he stepped on two boats. Unfortunately, Xu Ling didn’t know that his mirror had been torn down by him.

He would never forgive Xu Ling for playing with his feelings. He would retaliate fiercely. Tomorrow he would make Xu Ling’s death ugly.

Xu Ling got up very early. Today he was very handsome. Everything on his body was new, even his socks.

See, Xia Chuan hated him even more, Xu Ling really loved that woman, in order to see her, even unexpectedly, he had dressed up so elaborately…

When Xia Chuan watched Xu Ling put on the coat he bought for him, his heart ached to death. Damn it, he went to see his girlfriend wearing what he bought. He was a real bully! Abhorrent…

Xia Chuan really wanted to rush up and make Xu Ling take off his clothes, but he didn’t. He had to endure for his plan.

“I’ll go out for a while. If I don’t come back by noon, eat with Luo Shuai and them.” Xu Ling said to Xia Chuan after dressing neatly.

“Good! Have fun with your friend!” Xia Chuan nodded and smiled.

Xu Ling, full of his own thoughts, did not notice Xia Chuan’s weirdness. He looked at the time and left.

As soon as Xu Ling left, Xia Chuan immediately picked up Xu Ling’s only gift, the worn Teddy bear and followed him out, hailing a taxi behind Xu Ling’s car.

Xia Chuan’s mood was very complicated. He knew that after today, he and Xu Ling would have nothing to do with each other and Xu Ling would hate him to death, but he would not regret it. Xu Ling would be sorry for everything he had done wrong.

The airport was crowded with people and Xia Chuan was mingling with the dense crowd, secretly tracking Xu Ling. He soon saw a hot, sexy woman rushing out to Xu Ling with her arms wide and kissing him warmly several times on Xu Ling’s face.

Looking at the woman, Xia Chuan smiled. She was more beautiful than Lin YaTing. Beautiful as peaches and plums, a demon like poppy, an absolute beauty that could fascinate any man. If he hadn’t liked Xu Ling, he would have fallen under her pomegranate skirt and given cattle and horses to her. Imagining Xu Ling’s beautiful girlfriend beside him, he was mad. How could he fall in love with this big, thick-skinned man?

Taking a deep breath, Xia Chuan stepped forward and deliberately hugged Xu Ling’s neck, laughing and exaggerating, “Wow! What a beautiful lady! Xu Ling, introduce us quickly!”

“Why are you here?” Xu Ling immediately changed face and stared hard at Xia Chuan.

Xia Chuan ignored him and introduced himself to the beautiful woman in front of him with a smile, “Hello, I am Xu Ling’s ‘boy’ ‘friend!’” He intentionally accentuated the volume of his boy friend!

“I know your voice. You were the one who answered my phone last night!” The woman raised her eyebrows.

“Xia Chuan!” Xu Ling roared angrily. What does the pig want to do? Is he crazy? Did he know the consequences of letting Da Mao know about them? This was the end!

“Xu Ling, what are you shouting for fear that I will tear down your scandal?” Xia Chuan raised his lips ironically and continued to laugh at the woman. “Miss, I think you don’t know what good things your boyfriend has done behind your back. I tell you, in fact, he’s a homosexual. He’s hooking up with me behind your back and messing with me! He also told me that he didn’t like you at all. He was tired of playing with you, he…”

“Enough!” A slap flew to Xia Chuan’s face.

“Don’t be angry, I just can’t bear to let her be cheated by you again…” Touching his hot cheek, Xia Chuan was not angry and his smile deepened. “Xu Ling, now I solemnly tell you that you have been dumped by Lao Tzu… This teddy bear is returned to you. From now on, we will break up completely and have nothing to do with each other.” Xia Chuan regarded it as a treasure. The old teddy bear Xu Ling gave him was smashed by Xu Ling as he turned around and left.

“Xia Chuan!” Xu Ling, holding the teddy bear in a daze, wanted to chase Xia Chuan, but was stopped by the woman.

“Xu Er Mao, don’t you have something to explain to me?”

Xu Ling gave a low curse. Damn it. He was so dead now! How did he explain it to Da Mao?

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