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Chapter 48: Shan BaiLu

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The atmosphere was on the verge of exploding.

Jinyu hmphed coldly, turning his head to look at Baozi and Da Bai. The two beasts instantly understood their master’s intention. At once they started roaring, each roar louder than the last before they stormed out the front gate.

In the next second, the screams of two jackals outside the store joined in. They followed an angry man, practically trembling with rage, “You, you-you-you guys! Don’t come over here! You beasts should just die!! Young master I’m the third youngest of the West Mountain!! Do you want your whole clan to be annihilated?! If you guys any closer I’ll kill you–!!”

When his screams became hoarse, Jinyu patted Xiao Bai’s shoulders. Xiao Bai reluctantly jumped down to stop Da Bai and Baozi. Jinyu laughed coldly at the site. The West Mountain’s second youngest? 1 Was he that powerful? And he even wanted to kill Jinyu’s whole family…what guts.

At the moment Jin Qian had finished the fundamental steps of healing the little wolf. When he heard the third junior’s words, he sneered at him, “So it’s the brainless second generation rich kid. At the clan you couldn’t be rescued, now you’ve come out only to go looking for death. Nevertheless, I can’t imagine how badly the clan want to be exterminated when they have blood yet still harm their most beloved beast like this.”

Jinyu’s mouth twitched. He was about to speak when he saw the pitiful wolf whimpering as it looked at him. It raised its head ever so slightly, continuing to bow for Jinyu. It kept sobbing. It wanted to release itself from its owner. The image of the small wolf filled Jinyu with rage, his resentment towards the third junior of the wolf clan doubled. What was this! Just what did its crummy master do for this little guy to come begging someone else for help.

Even if Jinyu was in a bad mood, he still wouldn’t able to see a juvenile mountain wolf beg like this. Taking a deep breath, he took a step towards the wolf and said, “What do you think about me helping you leave your master and dissolving his spiritual contract?”

The juvenile mountain wolf was stunned when it heard Jinyu’s words. It thought carefully for three minutes before giving a hesitate shake of its heads. The more it shook its head the more firm it was. Sob sob……[He’s my master…since I, I was born he was my master. He fed me…I can’t be sorry for my master.]

Hearing its words Jinyu almost dropped his favorite cup on the tea table. Fuck, was there anything more irritating than this!! He wanted to slaughter the bastard, he had to kill the bastard!!

Eventually, Jinyu watched tears flow from the juvenile mountain wolf’s green eyes, grinding its teeth viciously, nodding with great difficulty.

“You relax…I’ll make sure to let him know that he has a great beast!!” Saying this, Jinyu turned around and walked out of the house. When he walked out and he saw the two jackals twitching outside with the third juvenile mountain wolf’s family with half-burned, half-buried hair.

A deep breath.

In a flash Jinyu changed his smiling face into one with a pleasant expression. Then with a few apologies and nervous looks, several beasts ran up to the front. He gave Da Bai and Baozi a slap. “What are you two beasts doing! Not all those charging in come smash everything about! Excited my ass! You guys look, look! You guys seriously made people suffer like this? Go lock yourselves in a dark room! No food for three months!!”

Jinyu’s current actions and behavior seemed to be at ease to Shan Bailu. Even though he wasn’t letting out enough anger but he was still communicating, even if it was a bit late. However, Shan Bailu decided that after he had found the store, the man would still be kind enough to let him go.

However…if this guy wouldn’t step on his hand when he reprimanded beasts that’d be great! How come every time Jinyu opened his mouth he couldn’t hear?! Did you want to be so devoted to reprimanding beasts?

Just when Shan Bailu decided that if Jinyu continued stepping on his hand, he would get people to chop of Jinyu’s legs, he finished reprimanding the beasts. Jinyu seemed to suddenly realize his mistake, retreating a few steps in shock, and then hurriedly bowed to apologize, “Sorry sorry! I did not mean to step on this sir’s hands. Are you alright? I will find medicine for you!”

Hearing this, the rage in Shan Bailu’s heart decreased. What he just wanted to say was that he wanted to see that extraordinary young man that just ran inside the house……and then, and then he didn’t come for a whole hour.

Having been rained until he felt faint and his vision was blurred, Shan Bailu felt that he was about to die. He opened his mouth, about to shout— But at that moment, he had already drunk a cup of hot coffee (啡啡??). Jinyu already grabbed a handful of laxatives, waiting for him to open his mouth.


Jinyu ran out of the house as fast as he could. A small beast “accidentally” extended its hooves and tripped Jinyu. Jinyu staggered a few steps before finally throwing the deadly laxative into Shan Bailu’s mouth. Shan Bailu was extremely shocked and swallowed the pill.

“You-you-you! What did you give me to eat! Are you trying to kill me for money?! Do you want to be murdered by the Mountain Wolf clan?!” Shan Bailu’s entire face was white, like he was frightened from death, after he accidentally swallowed the pill. If he died, he wouldn’t be able to enjoy all the beautiful girls and rights he deserved!

Jinyu’s mouth twitched imperceptibly, surprised. His face was the picture of innocence. “What did you say? Little Third (三少), that was the medicine I found for you! That’s the last bottle of medicine in my whole shop, and yet you think I’m just trying to get your money? Doesn’t your body feel much better now?”

At first Shan Bailu didn’t quite believe Jinyu’s words so he shut his eyes. In the end, he felt that his body didn’t feel as cold and as in pain as before. Even more, right now a green shadow ran out from the store with a limp. The green shadow ran towards Shan Bailu’s side and then started to urgently roar and how. In the end, it dug itself into the damn quicksand.

“Little garbage wolf?” Shan Bailu couldn’t believe his eyes. Its body was unexpectedly wrapped in bandages but it was very content with the way it blocked the ran and dug the sand.

Only Shan Bailu here was not satisfied and Jinyu was doing his utmost to not step on this dumbass. What kind of shitty name did he give to his beast!! Even more, this piece of trash didn’t even treat the wounds of his beast.

Jinyu couldn’t help but dip his head and think of something to do. However, when he saw the juvenile mountain wolf was already in a defensive position in front of Shan Bailu with its eyes trained on Jinyu. Its eyes were steadfast, intent on protecting.

After a long stretch of silence Jinyu slowly stretched and stood up, naturally smiling with a pleasant expression. However, his eyes looked coldly at Shan Bailu.

“Is this your beast? Last night he came to our store and on the verge of dying. I asked a doctor to save him…that doctor said that its body had over a hundred of open wounds. What I don’t understand is that it clearly wasn’t an adult. What do you think, just what kind of heartless person would throw a juvenile beast away like this? That person should just kill themselves.”

Shan Bailu heard Jinyu’s words and was stunned. He looked at the small injured beast at his side. He didn’t know why but his heart suddenly felt uncomfortable. When he looked up to see Jinyu’s expression, he stammered a bit but said nothing.

“Haha, however I know it obviously couldn’t be you. You look like a person with morals. How could you possible toss away a beast with the potential to be a B+ beast? It must have had to be a one-on-one beast fight. Hehe, rabid jackals always fight in groups. They have a lot of confidence but still need to be trained.” Jinyu watched Shan Bailu’s expression and cheered on the inside. At least this guy wasn’t the craziest person to exist. However, even if he didn’t care for the beast, he was just a selfish second-generation wealthy kid, unexperienced and ignorant in the ways of the world.

Shan Bailu heard Jinyu’s secret insults towards him and felt a bit better. He still hurriedly shook his head, “En, I should…make sure to punish them…Then…how should Little Trash, eh, Little wolf’s wounds be treated?”

Jinyu smirked, “He needs treatment for three months.”

“Three months?! How could that be, eh, that’s quite troublesome…” Even though he was the third young master of the Mountain Wolf clan but his father regarded his eldest brother the most highly and liked his second brother the best. He, the youngest, was always insulted and reprimanded by his father. Surrounded with disreputable friends he even participated in beast fights. If Little Wolf needed to be treated, and the two jackals had to be treated for at least a month, what would he do?

Consequently, Shan Bailu was extremely apprehensive and worried. Jinyu saw his pained expression. Jinyu’s eyes were cold as he laughed and said, “Look at you, just look at you. I forgot that I should first pull you out of the quicksand. Er Hei come here! Pull the third young master out and then go wash yourself off and warm yourself up.”

Er Hei immediately pounced towards Shan Bailu. The latter shivered but when Er Hei was about to step on Shan Bailu, the half-grown Mountain Wolf quickly blocked Shan Bailu’s face, forcing Er Hei to stop.

Howl……howl…. [You brainless thing!! You should thank the boss for being so kind! What good is your master?]

Woof……woof woof! [I…I know that the boss treated me well……but, but the Third Junior is my master and now, now that I’ve been abandoned but because it was only because of the Third Junior Master that I could live!]

The two types of beasts confronted each other liked this. Shan Bailu saw how the green wolf blocked his face twice. Without knowing why, Shan Bailu thought that the white colored bandages became dazzling.

ROAR! [Get out of the way, I’m to going to drag your rubbish owner into the house!]

Er Hei regretfully grabbed the juvenile mountain wolf and smacked it down. Afterwards, Er Hei grabbed Shan Bailu’s collar and dragged him. At the very least, Shan Bailu didn’t have the misfortune of being buried. Afterwards Er Hei pulled him in front of the hose in the courtyard. Xiao Bai was ready from the start, it pressed the button with its paw.

In the next moment, Shan Bailu was completely soaked.

Fuck…Shan Bailu was already hosed down by water and had no strength to say any more dangerous words. It appeared that all the beasts in this courtyard were giving him the stink eye! Even though he wasn’t as shrewd as his eldest brother, or as persuasive as his second brother, but he was still the Third Junior who had face and money! Even though he occasionally did some bad stuff but he never murdered or committed arson. At most he was just a bit arrogant…were the beasts going to kill him like this?!

At this time, Shan Bailu suddenly felt that his own family’s Little Scrap Wolf was pretty great, at least it protected him! Before when he heard his second brother’s advice to train beasts from young, he thought that was a bit too much, wasn’t it? Even though second brother’s beasts were trained well and were very powerful…… but from today onwards, Shan Bailu suddenly felt that if beasts weren’t grown up wouldn’t it be better to raise them until they were grown up and then make them fight?

Shan Bailu suddenly realized that the way he treated beasts was extremely abnormal. Even after Shan Bailu was washed clean and picked up by Er Hei and Xiao Bai, Jinyu looked at him with a doubtful look. He raised his eyebrows then suddenly said, “Have you ever seen anyone raise A rank beasts like this?”

This sentence struck him like a thunderbolt. Immediately Shan Bailu’s whole body shook. He suddenly thought how even though his second brother raised B ranked beasts but he supplied his A rank beast with rich food and didn’t permit it to fight!

Shan Bailu was not an idiot. This sentence made him aware of the most critical points. He took a deep breath and his whole body sweated profusely. Originally he had no A ranked beasts at home and only had three B ranked beasts in the stadium. If these three beasts started fighting to death and one or two of them died, then he would have to be extra cautious! Thinking of this, Shan Bailu laughed bitterly, he really was too loud and arrogant. Was he so disgusting that his second brother wanted to kill him too?

Unconsciously picking up the cup of coffee, Shan Bailu drank a sip. PFFT. He immediately spat it out onto the table. Appalled, he looked at the cup of warm liquid that could kill a person. The entire room was full of beasts, their eyes cold and full of disgust looking at him.

At a loss, Shan Bailu put down the cup. He really wanted to run out the door. He was surprised to find that he was so despised by the beasts. What surprised him even more was that his two B rank jackals looked at him no differently than the eyes of the other beasts!

Woof woof?

Suddenly, a small light sound sounded in Shan Bailu’s ears. Shan Bailu was as shocked as a frightened rabbit. He saw the limping and trembling juvenile mountain wolf, its eyes focused on Shan Bailu. Shan Bailu was stunned. Slowly, he reached out and held the green colored pup he had detested and ignored for nearly five years.

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Translator Notes:

  1. (Note: Previously it said third youngest/三少 and now here it says second youngest…)


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