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Chapter 49: Third Young Master

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

JinYu’s eyes twinkled slightly as he saw Shan BaiLu’s movements.

It seemed that this fellow in front of them had not reached the point of hopelessness. Although he was incomparably disgusting, brainless, weak, ugly and so on, at least he was not beyond redemption. Therefore, there was the possibility of rehabilitation since he had a little self-knowledge.

However, he did not have the idle intentions to rehabilitate anything. He took in disabled beasts every day, rehabilitated their psychological shadow, and even had to rehabilitate XiaoBai and DaBai’s increasingly black characters. He was already completely overwhelmed. How would he have time to care about others and this other was also someone that he disliked?

“I knew you were an idiot just by looking at your appearance. You’re already so old yet you’ve never held a beast? Out of one hundred thousand people, I guess that you’re the only one who would turn the beast over and hold it like a baby. The Third Young Master of the Mountain Wolf Clan? You are really awesome.” As JinYu said this, he stepped forward and snatched the juvenile Mountain Wolf that had stiffened upon being carried by Shan BaiLu. Then he carried it and walked to the sofa before putting it down.

Shan BaiLu saw the dramatic change in aura and his brain could not keep up with the changes. The JinYu who had looked so weak and gentle had completely changed into a thoroughly different JinYu. Was this really the same person?

However, JinYu did not even acknowledge Shan BaiLu’s thoughts at all. He raised his chin at BaoZi and the latter threw itself forward in an instant with shining eyes. Then it stretched out a claw towards Shan BaiLu who was trembling at little.

Howl!! [Fees for the accommodation, care and medication of your beast! ]

“… This, this. Can anyone tell me what this Flame Leopard wants?” Shan BaiLu looked at the claw and instinctively felt that he should put something on it. But he was also afraid of putting the wrong thing.

“Oh, BaoZi is asking you to pay for the cost of accommodation, food, for attentively caring for the Mountain Wolf, as well as the mental damage compensation for disturbing everyone. It’s not very expensive either. En, it’s about thirty purple gold coins.” Boss Jin calmly translated, thinking that he would have raised the price by three times if it weren’t for this fella having a little manners.

It was reasonable to say that thirty purple gold coins was supposed to be a non-issue for the Young Master of one of the Ten Hidden Clans in the South. But this also depended on the degree of favor and the Young Master’s own ability. For Shan BaiLu, this pampered son of a wealthy family who was neither favored nor capable, he really could not afford the price of thirty purple gold coins.

In fact, the main reason was because he went to see his beast early this morning and found that the little wolf was missing. Then, he directly ignored everything else and hurriedly ran over here with two jackals following the scent trail while in a fit of anger. Therefore, he, the Third Young Master Shan, did not bring any money.

A certain prehistoric whale could tolerate a person’s foolishness or stupidity, cockiness or arrogance, but he could never tolerate a person who cockily came to look for trouble and had no money to pay!!! Fuck, what are you being so cocky for if you don’t have money?! Aren’t you afraid of being drowned in the Nile River?! Furthermore, this person was even acting as such inside his shop!

In an instant, Shan BaiLu felt the ferocious glare of a beast that was more frightening than the one he received when holding the shoddy little wolf. He felt that he was suffering an injustice! No matter how poor he was, he was able to pay out the price of thirty purple gold coins, okay?!!

“Er, I promise that I’ll have my subordinates send Boss Jin the purple gold coins when I get back.” Shan BaiLu guaranteed as he broke out in cold sweat.

“… You still think you can go back?!” JinYu was utterly surprised, “Are you stupid or am I stupid? How about this? You can sell the little wolf to me. Not only will I waive off your expenses, I’ll also pay you a hundred purple gold coins.”

“Absolutely not!” Shan BaiLu refused without even thinking about it. Er, although the shoddy little wolf was a little bit small, a little dumb, and was not strong enough, but this fellow was protective of its master. Just now it did not abandon him, so he could never abandon it. There must be a code of brotherhood among men! Even if he was a slag sometimes!

“Oh. Then you can stay here and work for me. Here! Receive the guests at the reception desk. You can leave in thirty days.” Jin Yu looked at Shan BaiLu with a gentle smile, but this smile looked totally fishy to Shan BaiLu.

“I am the Third Young Master of the Mountain Wolf Clan!” Shan BaiLu straightened his back and raised his head as he howled.

JinYu rolled his eyes upon hearing this. He looked at the nest of Illusionary Song Crested Mynas that XiaoXue had carried in on its wings. He accepted the loudly squawking mynas with resignation and placated them while saying to Shan BaiLu, “Third Young Master, can’t you say anything other than this sentence? Were you the one who brought glory to the Mountain Wolf Clan or something? Regardless of doing good or bad things, it’s the job of your dad and the two brothers above you, isn’t it? What does it have to do with you? Is there anything to be cocky about?”

“Moreover, you’ve already muddled your way up to this point. Do you think we’ll be afraid if you just mention the Mountain Wolf Clan? Che, we are not idiots.” With JinYu’s ‘che’, all the beasts in the pet shop instantly gave a ‘che’ using all kinds of pitches. The collective disdaining actions and gazes made the spectating Jin Qian’s mouth twitch. The beasts in this house have definitely been changed by a certain person in some strange ways! Beasts can collectively despise human beings?! It was more ridiculous than a certain ancient novel website called jj when speaking aloud of it.

Even the preeminent two-faced, cunning and outstanding Young Master Jin could not help his mouth twitching as he looked at these beasts. Naturally the Shan BaiLu who could never compare with Jin Qian in all aspects could not stand the contempt from the beasts. Isn’t it just working!! He didn’t believe that he can’t even receive guests!! Anyway, he did not have any beasts he could use to fight with his brothers and other people even if he went back. He might as well stay here and let the shoddy little wolf and the two evil dogs recuperate here.

“It’s just working! Humph, this Young Master can do everything!!”

JinYu looked at Shan BaiLu’s expression that did not have the slightest hint of worry. He really didn’t know whether it should be said that this fella was stupid or stupid. Forget it, he might as well drag Shan BaiLu in further since he was already implicated in this. Besides, it was free labor and not using it would be a waste.

“Doctor Jin, thank you for treating this little mountain wolf this time. If you have spare time, could you also treat the two dying evil dogs outside? As for the cost…” JinYu turned and looked at the lifeless Shan BaiLu and said, “What are you prepared to pawn off?”

The latter did not expect to pay for the medical fee at all and stared blankly at this moment.

“Hehe, forget it, forget it.” Jin Qian looked at the Third Young Master’s sudden lifeless appearance and laughed happily twice before waving at JinYu, “I really did not make a trip in vain today to be able to meet such an interesting person as you, brother. If I wasn’t sure that my grandpa and old man never had the courage to have extramarital affairs, I would certainly doubt if you were my long lost brother or something~ But even if you aren’t my brother, I still appreciate Brother Jin very much. If Brother Jin has any severely injured beasts in your store, you could let that Snow Eagle go to the hospital directly to look for me. I will be available at any time… Hahahaha, Brother Jin’s shop is much more interesting than that deadly serious hospital~”

“As for Third Young Master~” Jin Qian pushed up his glasses. This led to Shan BaiLu vigilantly retreating. “Sire’s attitude towards beasts is quite unsatisfactory to this one, but considering that Third Young Master presently has no money, I have decided not to charge you for the medical treatment of your beasts as a kind-hearted and generous doctor.”

“Really?!” Shan BaiLu’s expression was full of joy in an instant.

“But I hope that Third Young Master can come to the hospital to be my assistant after his work in the shop is finished in the evening. How should I put it? A talented and excellent veterinarian like me is too busy, so I still need an assistant. How about three hours from 21 o’clock to 24 o’clock? Anyway, you only rest at 26 o’clock. The period, of course, is also a month.”

Jin Qian’s words made the Third Young Master’s expression turn ugly. He was an elegant and fine young master. Don’t even mention that he had fallen to the point of working for others, Jin Qian actually wanted him to be a shift assistant?! It was absolutely unreasonable!! This was a problem which could be resolved if he just returned home. Why did it result in such an ending that made people speechlessly claw the walls?! Yet, when Shan BaiLu looked at this fellow whose smile was more sly and treacherous than a black-bellied fox, he immediately and gutlessly nodded his head.

Fuck, just take it as this Young Master coming to experience a commoner’s life!! An-Anyway, there’s so many people and animals here, it should be more stimulating than the empty villa at home where one could hear the echoes.

The Third Young Master straightened his back and harrumphed at the thought of this. Then he went straight to the reception desk and stood before it. He did not think that this place more lively than his home! He was only accepting a compromise because of his own beasts! He was really worthy of admiration!!

Looking at how Shan BaiLu consented to Jin Qian’s request, JinYu couldn’t help clicking his tongue twice as he lamented, “Don’t torture people to death. He’s really soft-skinned and tender… Though he’s a bit ugly, but he has never suffered any hardship.” He would never believe that Jin Qian would treat this Third Young Master well. One must know that he would not toss this guy around in the shop because of his relation with the little wolf. But this fellow, Jin Qian, was absolutely more ruthless than himself, be it in the circumstances or his character.

Although they were very similar, there was a fundamental difference between them. JinYu looked rather steadfast and fierce, but in actual fact, it was easy for him to become softhearted. Although he did not try to be on good terms with everyone, he was not completely merciless. Yet, even if this Jin Qian looked good on the surface, this fellow’s heart and soul was definitely so hard that an iceberg could not even chip it.

In addition, JinYu had always believed that all surgeons in every single world had all sorts of abnormal and perverted mentalities. So looking at Jin Qian laughing with great pleasure at this moment, he absolutely believed that Third Young Master, this baby will suffer all kinds of abuse, and it would be both physical and psychological…

“Hey, Hey~ Little brother, that’s not right. Big Brother, has never tortured people. I will definitely treat the Third Young Master extremely ‘well’ and let him understand some things that he should understand. Tch, tch, if all those second generation ancestors/wealthy second generations could come to me for treatment, our Capital Star’s GDP would probably increase by several folds!” Then, Jin Qian waved to JinYu and disappeared in the rain rather handsomely.

JinYu was left speechless as he watched Jin Qian leave. Qi QingLin’s gaze also looked a little strange as he watched on beside JinYu, “Fortunately, you have no blood relationship with him.”


“Although that person is not very strong, the degree of danger is… a first class pervert.”


“You’re the one who has a relation with that pervert!! Your whole family has a relation!!”

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Thank you for the chapter! Yes!

Let this third young master learn, how much of an idiot he had been! It’ll be much better than beating him to pulp, psychological damage points and all.

Also, this “Brother Jin” that Jin Qian called JinYu, would that be “Jin xiong” or “Jin didi” (since he is younger)?

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Thank you for the update!

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