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Chapter 5: No Sukhavati can have a pet store (1)

Translated by Rook of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Under the expectations of a group of busybodies, Jinyu began to thoroughly check and heal the winged tiger named Xiaolu that had yet to undergo any changes since it was nicknamed Xiaoer.

After gravely checking Xiaolu from head to tail, Jinyu could confirm that the arteries and veins faintly glowing green were in fact it’s blood vessels. And the source of the light should have been Xiaolu’s blood itself.

But what was strange to Jinyu was this. If it was the blood, then every blood vessel should be glimmering. Yet, within the winged tiger Xiaolu’s body, the blood vessels glowing lightly green took up only 70% of its body. Even considering its organs, there were two or three organs that were entirely gray and dull. It was as though from the beginning, it couldn’t receive any green and glowing blood.

“Tsk, as expected, being a newcomer is just trouble… I don’t even have a general idea or anything to compare against.” Jinyu looked at the winged tiger’s expression. It looked rather resentful and gloomy. As his first experiment, could this cute and stupid Xiaoer give him more experiment materials?

But in the instant when the winged tiger Xiaolu’s jade green eyes met Jinyu’s eyes, that tiger that was trash but still not stupid immediately shivered hard and then started sobbing and crying as he hugged Jinyu’s leg, pitifully howling and moaning— “In future, I will be your slave, your dog! I will fight for you, carry your things, scare others, earn money for you!! So boss, please please don’t use me as an experiment… I have an owner and a partner, I don’t want to die so early!!”

A sliver of a crazy smile appeared on Jinyu’s face, “You think being an experiment for me means you’ll die?”

Xiaolu gave a full-body shiver. Even if he didn’t die, he might lose his skin… although the man before him looked even more fragile and weak compared to his owner’s weakest and most fragile woman, he had a kind of aura that attracted beasts. But when that aura and that strange expression and smile combined together, beasts felt like they were facing a monster! A big monster! One that couldn’t be beaten and had to be obeyed!!

But although Xiaolu felt like this in his heart, on the surface, he shook his head energetically. He wasn’t that bad off yet! “I didn’t mean that, I, I mean, boss, don’t you want a research partner? At night, beside the huge pile of trash in Anjie, there are lots and lots and lots of abandoned beasts who don’t have an arm or a leg… When that happens, you can research to your heart’s content, boss!! Really!!”

Hearing this, Jinyu’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. This idiot had a, “you die, I’m not dying” attitude to others. But that wasn’t accurate. What it said just now wasn’t a lie. Although he was still unfamiliar with this world, but this hunter society, this chaotic world where rich nobles still lived, the filth and cruelty of every era should be present here as well. And the darkness that usually couldn’t be found in a normal era would likely be found in abundance here.

Although until now, he still hadn’t seen any truly upsetting things in this extremely chaotic and dark place, just because he hadn’t seen it didn’t mean it didn’t exist. After all, the more something was against human nature, the more it avoided the light.

“At night, there are really abandoned and dying beasts gathered at the rubbish pile?” Jinyu’s eyes were cold. Maybe it was a problem inherited from the last generation. Since he was young, he had grown up with all kinds of animal companions, and after surviving in the darkness that was society, he cherished animal companions even more.

Animals had straightforward feelings. If they liked someone, they liked someone. If they didn’t like someone, you could beat them into submission or use treats to make them like that person. If they liked another animal, unless they were really desperate, they wouldn’t go up to bite it. If they didn’t like another animal, they would turn their backside on them or bare their teeth. They wouldn’t dig a hole to trap them.

Even if Jinyu called his beloved Dahuang a wolf and trained its physique, when it came back pitifully, Dahuang only fiercely bit him on the behind. On the second day, it was back to eagerly following him.

But humans weren’t like that. The natural selfishness made humans easily harbor darkness in their hearts. Slowly, this darkness became larger and larger, and became a kind of betrayal that one couldn’t return from.

Of course, Jinyu didn’t think all humans were black-hearted. It was just that no man was perfect. Humans could use communication and mutual support to trust each other. Humans could accomplish moving feats. Humans could be so warm and beautiful you couldn’t help but want to go close to them, except that the conditions for encountering and reaching animals was a little higher. Thus, Jinyu would rather lower oneself by a grade and happily become one with the second-rate trash animals. This point was deeply felt after going through the end of the world and the calamities and the insanity humans were capable of.

So once Jinyu knew that there was such a place, using the most cruel methods to torture those abandoned animals on a pitch-black, ice-cold, dirty and dark night, theAaura around him became cold and forbidding. One couldn’t go near him.

As though affected by Jinyu’s aura, Xiaolu who had been willing to throw others under the bus to save its own hide, silently lay on the floor. After a long while, it said, “Boss, you don’t know how lucky I am. Among the beasts, it was I who actually managed to meet an owner who loves and even protects us. This is too rare. There are many types of beasts, with more types than there are humans. So most beasts who are captured are not valued by their owners. Some owners even have up to ten beasts. Also, beasts are split according to their rank. The lower the rank, the more likely a beast would be abused and abandoned… Even if the beast was injured to protect its owner, it would be abandoned because it had become a beast that had no battle ability and was only wasting money. Those who didn’t abandon beasts and kept us no matter what are really too rare. Too rare… ”

Xiaolu’s words hurt to hear and pricked at Jinyu’s heart. Only after standing there expressionlessly for a while did Jinyu suck in a breath and show a hint of self-derision. How could he have the power to change an entire world?

But even if he couldn’t change anything, he could still try his best to create the beast haven in his heart.

“Ah… Ghost in heaven, that is at best a retirement home, huh.” Jinyu sniggered, “En, a retirement home where you can enter but can’t leave. Surely there’s a job vacancy there. En, or maybe a pet shop!” Thinking of this, Jinyu suddenly felt very moved. He had found his new goal in this world. Indeed, compared to listlessly enjoying onsen and surviving each day without purpose, this feeling was much better. “Come, come, come, while I’m in good spirits, I’ll take a look at your condition. En, while we are on this topic, if you are abandoned by your owner in future, remember to come to the pet shop!”

Xiaolu, whose tail was in Jinyu’s grasp, exploded when it heard this news. It lowered its head and let out a piercing wheeze. Just now, I was sad with you and you actually curse me?! I don’t want to go to a pet shop, go to a pet shop yourself, your whole family can go to the pet shop!!

Jinyu didn’t even blink at Xiaolu’s demonstrations. He actually started laughing uncontrollably. He was reminded of Dahua from earth. When Dahua was angry, it behaved in the exact same way.

“Alright, stop, I can’t even reach your heart. And I don’t know how to deal with it, so I will see if I can use a thought transfer.” Upon speaking, Jinyu couldn’t resist twisting his mouth. No matter how he thought about it, he sounded like a scoundrel.

But thoughts were just thoughts. Things still needed to be done. Other than focusing his mental energy, Jinyu really didn’t know what else he could do right now. In the past, he used his mental energy to attack and domesticate beasts. Thus, all that he could come up with now was to use his mental energy to attack the black spot in Xiaolu’s heart.

Lightly letting out a breath, Jinyu put his hands on the winged tiger’s heart, staring unwaveringly at the black spot. At the same time, his mental energy shifted from between his brows to the black spot, entering the winged tiger’s skin and bones, closely circling its heart.

Ten minutes later.

“Tsk, do you still want your dignity?!”

Even though Jinyu’s head was becoming muddled, that black portion in the winged tiger’s heart was not shrinking at all, let alone dissipating.

“…..” Winged tiger Xiaolu stared at Jinyu while looking pitiful.

“….. Tsk! I don’t believe it!” Just as Jinyu placed his hands on Xiaolu again and was about to send a burst of mental energy, the sea-blue-turned-jade-stone hanging around Jinyu’s neck flashed. The mental energy Jinyu was sending to Xiaolu was bolstered, as though by Popeye’s spinach, explosively and powerfully dissipating the black clot in the winged tiger’s heart. But because Jinyu used all his mental energy, Xiaolu was tormented and let out a long pitiful wail, and just as Jinyu fell to the ground, Xiaolu’s eyes rolled back, and it fainted too.

“Xiaolu!!!” Outside the door, Lixiao heard his beast’s cry. His heart shivered and he broke down his own door to rush in. And all the busybodies rushed in.

But the sight within the room left them speechless.

“How come they’re both passed out?”

“That’s not the point, the point is, why is that brat still wearing clothes?!”

“En… Could it be that it was an unsuccessful ravishment? Tsk–! Who knew that brat had such power and could knock out a winged tiger?!”

“I say… Don’t you think that human-beast couples are electrifying?”

….. Dead silence.

“You’re very bored watching this drama, huh.” After a moment of silence, Lixiao turned around slowly with an ominous expression. Other than orange porcupine-head, everyone speedily took a few steps back. “I’m in a bad mood right now. So if you don’t want to die, scram–!!”

Every member of Anjie, human or beast, scammed. Only orange porcupine-head was left.

“You want to die?”

“Hehe, it is only passed out. Look at how worked up you are.” Porcupine-head shrugged, “To prevent you from going crazily, like in the past, I will stay here no matter what.”

Lixiao’s cold face loosened slightly. He looked at porcupine-head for a long time before he moved aside: “Come in and don’t talk so much. There’s no dinner.

“Don’t worry, I never beg for free meals.” A smile blossomed on orange porcupine-head’s face when he saw Lixiao moving aside. He entered Lixiao’s room that was decorated with various pelts in big steps, causing Lixiao, who was still at the door, to sigh.


Sukhavati is a Buddhist concept. It refers to a Pure Land (a paradise for those who invoke the name of Buddha Amitabha with sincere devotion, and where one can attain final Enlightenment). It means a place that is clean, unpolluted and uncontaminated.

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