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Chapter 4: Two is infectious

Translated by Rook of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Although Lixiao and Jinyu’s actions were an assault to others and caused them to feel perplexed, they had already reached Lixiao’s home on Anjie.

Jinyu sat on the sofa with the soft beast pelt, assessing Lixiao’s house and in his heart, sighed gloomily. As expected, although hundreds and thousands of years had passed, had even humans aesthetic senses changed?! If this fucking thing was put on his cute earth, who would take this fucking thing and put it in his house, on every surface, from inside to outside, from top to bottom, so that everything was wrapped in all kinds of beast pelts that weren’t even of one size and color?! This whole house that looked like it was mended?!

At this moment, Jinyu, who had just entered Anjie, still didn’t know or didn’t have the energy to notice that if he took Lixiao’s house and compared it to every house on Anjie, then this place he was in that was wrapped in all sorts of mended beast pelts in a very ‘wild beast style’ was actually an extremely normal-looking house. At least, it was still a house where a human could live in. The other houses were no longer made for humans.

This reality was something that Jinyu, after joining Anjie for a year, deeply understood as he was dragged off to ‘fortune tellings’ of all sorts of beasts. Thus, Jinyu became aware of a saying that was related to Anjie — ‘houses that you can’t think of but the second-rates at Anjie could make’.

At this moment, Jinyu was expressionlessly sweeping a glance over Lixiao and his winged tiger’s house. He then retracted his gaze and focused on his feet. The various patterns of all the pelts made his head dizzy. Other than his military shoes, he really couldn’t find a single place to rest his eyes.

“Oh, just make do with the man-made coke. Recently, I’ve been on assignment for a month and couldn’t buy clean water.”

Jinyu looked at the drink that was the color of coffee and it had small bubbles popping up. This thing was really too familiar. He immediately lifted the cup to taste, and then silently put it back down. He had been too impulsive. One must know, if one was too impulsive, most of them time it would be devil, oh devil… this water really stopped thirst.

Lixiao saw his face and smiled and sat down opposite of him, “Other than amethyst and energy crystals, clean water sources are the next most precious thing. Although prices are not sky-high, but we need a lot every day.”

Thus, Jinyu continued staying silent. Of course this place had water shortages… but the people here surely saved a lot of water.

“How did you know my Xiaolu’s heart had changes? Although he is lethargic and his power in every aspect had fallen, but this could have been because of changes in the weather.”

Jinyu stayed silent and raised an eyebrow, “This is a battle beast, right? Although I still do not really understand the beasts here, but do you really think that this A-grade beast that has accompanied you into risky situations on various planets would be lethargic from suntanning too much? Why don’t you just say he’s in season?!”

Lixiao’s face darkened. If he was ‘in season’, he would be excited alright? He wasn’t that second-rate.

But in Jinyu’s eyes, Lixiao was a second-rate escaping reality. He just waved to the winged tiger who was lying at Lixiao’s feet. As it walked before him, Jinyu once again reached out and pushed Xiaolu’s body left and right to examine him.

He wanted to confirm again whether what he had seen unintentionally was real. After all, before coming to this world, he could use his mind to communicate and control beasts. However, both his eyes were still normal. That is to say, his eyes definitely didn’t shoot x-rays and see within a beast. But just now, when this cute and dumb big tiger licked him, he very clearly could see within the tiger and he could see the arteries that were shining softly with green light. And when the arteries reached its heart, it was being squeezed together, forcefully causing the light to dissipate.

“Oh… it’s actually true… Should I be grateful that I’m not seeing bloody organs, and just light and slightly glowing organs?” Seeing the glowing blood vessels and the darkened patch that was the tiger’s heart again, Jinyu was shocked. And then rather calmly accepted his new power.

Since he was born till his death, many abnormal things had happened. Being able to communicate with animals was in itself a rather impossible thing, right? But he was able to since he was born. And, his father, his grandfather and his grandfather’s grandfather were all able to. And after his death, he came to this place that was filled with abnormalities. All his surprise and lack of calm were offered to the two slaps on the first day.

Thus, what Jinyu was preoccupied with thinking about now wasn’t the problem of the beast’s arteries, but he was wildly thinking, how could he use this new ability to earn money.

Right now, he was a jobless vagabond, a tramp who needed money, really needed money.

“Hello? What are you staring at?”

“Ah! Sorry, I was thinking of solutions.” After being startled by Lixiao, Jinyu quickly revealed a smile, “After my repeated checks, the heart of your winged tiger has a problem. It is as though some part is dead, causing his mobility to be affected.”

At this, the huge winged tiger lying at Jinyu’s feet fiercely nodded its head and then pitifully shifted to its owner’s feet, lethargically groaned. He looked rather pitiful. But in Jinyu’s eyes, it was rather amusing. Just fucking pretend then, although your fucking heart has almost been clogged by the black thing, but it was only one-fifth of it! Are you really as pitiful as you look?!

But as one faced this sincere fellow and one’s own green winged tiger, Lixiao’s reaction was definitely most similar to one’s obedient grandson kowtowing to grandpa who just wanted to tear off one’s skin and offer it.

Immediately, Lixiao grabbed Jinyu’s hands and said with a face full of anxiousness and sincerity, “You are?”

“I am Jinyu.”

“Oh, Mr Ginyou, Xiaolu is like a brother to me, you have to save him! I won’t choose any beast other than him!!”

And when the winged tiger that was lying on the ground saw how anxious its owner was because of it, it was extremely moved and it used its two huge paws to grab Jinyu’s leg directly, howling and whimpering. That extremely emotion-filled howl echoed through the entire Anjie, causing many who were loitering outside Lixiao’s house to clutch their heads and stuff their ears, urgently wanting to know what had happened.

“Heh, maybe the beast is jealous that its owner has a lover and forgot about him!” Someone stroked his chin and speculated.

“Shut your mouth, what can you see from here?” The orange porcupine-head slapped the speaker, “Now, Lixiao that bastard and that brat are still in the living room! Just clutching each other’s hands!!”

“…Tch, isn’t that saying that the beast is jealous when its owner holds someone else’s hand… is it a human… and gay too, mm, although gay couples are very common, this is a bit too much, isn’t it?!”

“…..” Dead silence all around.

“Eh! Come and look, come and look! That brat shook off Lixiao’s hand!!” In an instant, everyone’s gazes gathered on the room filled with pelts.

Jinyu used all his strength and pushed Lixiao’s hand away, and then twitched his gaze to look at his hand that was now red and swollen, feeling once again how fragile he, the ancestor of the human race, was.

As he kept shaking his hands, Jinyu looked at the two who were wrapped around each other in a ball of hurt, and rolled his eyes: “I’m not a vet.”

“!! Then, then is my Xiaolu beyond hope?!” Lixiao’s voice was rather pitiful, and when the winged tiger heard this, it let out an equally pitiful howl.


“Find a vet, you bastard!!” Jinyu finally couldn’t stand it and shouted. Can you two get a grip? And, when faced with this scene, he finally understood why that winged tiger was like that, tsk, it was influenced by its owner!?

“But yesterday, after I finished work, I brought Xiaolu to a vet for a checkup!! Those bunch of stupid bastards said Xiaolu was healthy and could rape three winged tigers!” As Lixiao spoke, tears started streaming down his face. That winged tiger stopped howling and slumped on the floor, pretending to be dead.

“…..” Jinyu’s mouth twisted. These two bastards, these two self-influencing bastards! Fuck, could they be better suited to each other?!

But although Jinyu was filled with immense ridicule at the sight before him, he was still a little moved by the bond between the two idiots. He could really truly feel the winged tiger’s very deep trust and dependence on its owner. Although that black part was small, if it continued expanding, it was possible that not long later, the winged tiger’s longevity or abilities would disappear completely.

Jinyu had just arrived in this chaotic world and didn’t fully understand beast’s biology and abilities. But depending on his instincts, he could tell that the black part on the tiger’s heart needed to be gotten rid of as early as possible. And if other beast doctors couldn’t detect this and only he could, then maybe he could try? Try seeing if he had the ability to get rid of that black part?

As Jinyu’s train of thought continued, Lixiao bawled something else. In that instant, all of Jinyu’s worries were thrown into the clouds. “Mr Jinyu, if you can save Xiaolu, even if you asked me to sell all my possessions, I’m willing!!”

Jinyu immediately righted his expression and looked at Lixiao seriously, “Do I look like the type of person who robs the house when it’s on fire?! I’ll try my best to cure Xiaolu, but if I can’t cure him, don’t blame me. After all, I’m not a beast doctor.”

“Good good good! I, Lixiao, agree to this. If little brother Jin does his best to cure Xiaolu, no matter whether it succeeds or not, you are the brother of I, Lixiao!! I swear this, no one in Anjie will dare to bother you!!”

A genuine smile showed on Jinyu’s face. One of the two huge rocks that were suspended above his heart since he entered Anjie finally dropped down. “That’s fine then, big brother Li, find a place that’s quiet and won’t be disturbed, and I’ll try to cure Xiaolu.”

Lixiao looked like he was in a slightly difficult position. “How about here? I’ll close the windows and doors, pull the curtains shut, and wait by the door so no one will come in. We don’t have a basement.”

Jinyu’s face twitched. Did most of the houses on Anjie have strange things like basements? But in the next instant, he nodded, “Alright, so long as no one disturbs us.”

“Okay, little brother, don’t worry, I’ll prepare everything!”

Thus, all the bystanders outside Lixiao’s house, waiting for drama and listening at the walls saw Lixiao letting go of that brat and then grabbing his tiger, bawling, and were busily creating explanations, suddenly saw Lixiao begin to close the windows and doors!

As they were all excitedly thinking the main dish was about to be served, they froze and saw Lixiao carrying a long green knife rushing out from the room that was sealed off. He rushed to the door like a door guardian and shouted, “All of you, stay the fuck away!! I’ll chop whoever comes within a meter of my house!!”

In a second, the entire area surrounding his house was empty. After a long voice, a voice muttered, “So, it isn’t that the beast was jealous of its owner having a lover, but the beast had feelings for its owner’s lover, and successfully snatched him for its own?”

“Pah! You idiot! This is obviously the owner generously giving his lover to its beast with his blessings! Tsk… this is really too moving!!”

“…..Hey, don’t you all think that the human-like beast is too much?”

The sounds of three slaps to three heads sounded and orange porcupine-head’s face was full of disdain, “Can you think of some normal things? All of you, shut up and wait to see what happens!”


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