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Chapter 123: Great Sword!

The tighter the dragon-eating beast’s body became, the souls’ light rising speed became slower. Jamie frowned, touched the barrier of the soul’s light, pinched a scale, and pulled it down fiercely.

Brilliant red blood flowed out of the wound and disappeared in the sea in the twinkling of an eye, revealing the pink tender meat under the scales. Jamie pulled out one piece, which was not enough. Then he went to pull out the second piece. After a few clashes, he lifted a large scale. Jamie also grabbed the tender meat with his claws, splitting the tender meat apart to let the blood flow more.

Carl sucked in a cold breath as he watched Jamie’s brutal actions. The scaly animals knew how painful it was to pull out a scale, let alone how hard Jamie was still working on the tender meat. Now Carl felt that all his goosebumps had exploded.

Jamie looked back and saw everyone staring at him. He raised his eyebrows. “Why are you stunned and not pulling scales out with me? Don’t you want to go back?”

Colin and Corson stayed still for a few seconds, then scattered around the barrier of the light sphere of the soul, pulled the scales together with Jamie, which was not enough, and slid the scales on the pink tender meat to cut a small deep wound.

The dragon-eater felt the pain coming from his waist, stiffened for a moment, and then rolled violently, stirring the surrounding waters. Hai’an and everyone were thrown up and rolled in the barrier by the waves. Fortunately, the soul barrier was very soft and did not harm them.

“Awoo –” In the water came the dull howling of the dragon-eating beast, and the waist around the soul barrier began to loosen. Carl breathed a sigh of relief, but the dragon-eating beast still did not die. He hit the barrier with his head and roared with his mouth full of sharp teeth.

“Help me.” A man jumped near the soul barrier and waved at Auguste. It was Kai who didn’t know where he was going, and he stared at it in horror. But his hair, which was like weeds, was softening in the water and drifting like silk.

But Hai’an was powerless. He put an air shield on Kai, but he could not let him enter the soul barrier because the soul barrier was not under his control at all.

The dragon-eating beast, on the other side, seemed to sense Kai’s breath, went around the other side of the soul barrier, narrowed its green-shaded eyes slightly, opened its mouth, and bit down near Kai.

In that breathtaking moment, a man with a long sword came down from the sky, dressed in a crimson gown, drew a sword light in the water, and pushed back the dragon-eating beast.

“Sin Barrier! Finally, let this one catch you!” The man put his hand behind him and said with a cold face. Then he touched his beard with some heartache and whispered, “my beard was pulled by someone, and it hurts me to death…”

Listening to the voice, that person seems to be a woman???

But she was totally unlike one, with sharp eyebrows, a tall nose, a healthy body, and a flat chest. She was a little strange as she had a black and bushy beard around her lips. She noticed that Hai’an was looking at her. She turned her head and stared at them, but was stunned when she looked at the Colin brothers and felt her thick beard subconsciously.

The dragon-eating beast was scratched by the sword light, angrier, roaring at the woman in red. The woman in red stepped back, took a yellow charm from her wide sleeve, threw it into the beak of the dragon-eating beast, and then wielded several sword lights with her sword. She followed the sword light and rode forward on the dragon-eating beast’s head, inserting the sword into the dragon-eating beast’s head.

The dragon-eating beast suffered terrible pain and rolled over desperately. The woman in red slipped and almost fell. She quickly took out several green square stones from her arms and threw them on her head. In a flash, the blue and green square stones turned into several transparent long swords.

The woman in red loosened her hand, holding the handle of her sword, and her fingers were like lotus flowers. She made various gestures and shouted, “Battle! Sword out!”

The transparent sword seemed to be ordered to spread out in an instant and wove like lightning on the dragon-eating beast. The red-dressed woman grasped the handle of the sword again and made a cut in the dragon-eating beast’s head.

The dragon-eating beast closed its green pupils and finally gave a low roar.

The woman in red stretched forward two fingers, then bent back and said, “Get up!”

After the woman shouted this, a golden round stone appeared in the brain of the dragon-eating beast, emitting intense golden light.

“Such a big Jindan, I don’t know how many monks it will feed.” The red-dressed woman raised her eyebrows, pulled a small golden cloth bag from her waist, opened the red ribbon rope, and the golden Dan was collected by the red-dressed woman into the cloth bag.

The dragon-eating beast had stopped entirely struggling, and the transparent purple sword was still in and out of his body, piercing the original intact body into tatters. At this time, the woman in red seemed to have reacted to something, staring and shouting, “It’s over! My blue-eyed Python hides are shredded by the swords of the Master. Can they still be used?”

The woman in red stood upright on the head of the dragon-eating beast. She made several gestures and shouted, “Stop the sword!”

The purple transparent swords flew in the direction of the red-dressed woman, seemingly with boundless power, but they dispersed when they were about to pierce the red-dressed woman, turned into green square stones, and finally broke into powder and disappeared in the sea.

“Well, bad luck! I didn’t get anything, and it cost me seven Dusheng sword charms! ” The Red woman shook her head, wrapped up the dragon-eating beast’s body with the golden sack, stood outside the soul barrier, looked at Colin, Corson, Auguste, Carl and Hai’an’s faces.

Finally, with a sneer, she said, “Gee, they look ugly.”

After saying this, the woman in red threw her sword at her feet. The sword became bigger in an instant and carried the woman in red to the bottom of the deep sea. And the voice of the woman in red gradually faded along with her figure: “Next time, you will be killed, this one will not come to the sea of arrogance…”

“I think…” Carl swallowed. “There may be another world under the deep sea.”

Hai’an does not think so: “Maybe not another world, but a space gap.”

Below a cliff deep in the Elune Forest, there was a space gap, which was known to the people of the whole continent of Nore. History recorded that the gods created the continent and ten races, leaving a space gap when they left the continent.

Legend had it that one could reach another world only by crossing the space crack, but no one had never succeeded, because if one wanted to cross the space crack successfully, he must have a seal scroll shield made by the blood of seven of the ten races, or he will be torn apart by the wind around the crack before he was close to the space crack.

Hai’an had now been able to confirm that Uncle Ye and Palatine were absolutely like him, and were also people of the Nore continent. They all arrived in the world through space cracks. These new souls were the best proof of the existence of the space cracks.

“That woman said I was ugly?!” Colin looked back, incredulously at Corson. “Do you think I’m ugly?” Corson opened his mouth to answer Colin’s question, but Colin turned his head in disgust, “It’s no use asking you, you look like me, but I think I’m still a little more handsome than you.”

Corson: “…” I want to kill my brother.

Kai was outside the soul barrier, too lazy to swim on his own, grabbing the soul barrier and rising with everyone: “She seemed to be speaking to all of us.”

“I think she’s ugly.” Carl said discontentedly, “Her – it’s face was so flat, and it’s not a man or a woman. She’s ugly to death.”

“Can you come down from my back?” Auguste’s voice was so cold that Carl couldn’t help shivering.

“Hey, hey, hey… You’d better, Daddy. I wish you and Daddy a happy life.” Carl flatteringly touched Auguste’s back, then swam quickly to Jamie’s side, pulled his arm, and tried to minimize his sense of existence.

Lydney was already in a hurry onshore. They were even more anxious after seeing the pitted scars on Red Shield. If their contact with Auguste hadn’t been interrupted, Leston would have tried to launch the ship into the deep sea to save them.

“Why haven’t they come up yet?” Lydney walked up and down the deep seashore.

Leston looked into the deep sea and reassured Lydney, “Rest assured, communications are not interrupted.”

“Look at it, it’s moving!” XiaXia suddenly shouted, pointing to the trembling grass pot on the shore.

When Lydney and Leston looked at XiaXia, they found that the bottom of the pot, which had been well planted with trembling grass, had cracked, and the cracks were widening. The trembling grass began to sprout its branches rapidly and spread to the sky, and soon grew into a giant tree higher than the other trees on the main star at the junction of the shallow sea and the deep sea.

The tree crown was green, and there were blue flowers in full bloom. Flowers fell with the breeze and floated on the water. At this time, the water surface also fluctuated violently, as if something was going to be ejected from the bottom.

Lydney and XiaXia saw the white light gradually appear in the deep sea. XiaXia dug one of his eyes out and threw it into the water. Lydney grabbed his arm, nervously: “What do you see?”

“Auguste, they came up…” Before the sentence was finished, the glowing soul ball rushed out of the water and flew into the air.

“Po-” into the sea a few people also surfaced, spit out a mouthful of water, wiped their wet hair.

Lydney saw Carl’s bright red hair at a glance and waved excitedly: “Carl -“

Carl shook his hair, wiped the water on his face, showed a big white tooth to Lydney, and slid his arm towards Lydney.

Hai’an directly used ice magic to freeze a boat under Auguste and his feet, lifting the two of them out of the water, and coagulating the ship for others. Lydney learned from Hai’an and magically created an iceboat and paddled toward Carl.


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August 26, 2019 8:53 pm

A space gap. So Hai’an’s world and Auguste’s world were not one planet but two different dimensions (?) connected by this gap? And Hai’an Shaking Grass grew to be the new moonflowers tree. Will he be the new King of elves?

Thank you for the chapter!

August 26, 2019 9:00 pm

The trembling grass grew so fast!! Now they can get the flower!

Thanks for the chapter!

August 31, 2019 5:12 pm

Ah, so awesome! I love this!

September 26, 2021 7:00 am

More than one dimension via this space crack then? I wonder from where Palatine & Uncle Ye were from.
So relieved they’re all ok. Hope Red Shield will be fixed too, or Alia would be devastated.
Thank you for translating.

May 22, 2023 10:31 am

Their planet is amazing OwO space gaps~~~ So Carl’s story when he was a kid was real. It was too funny that someone that looked like from the cultivation world easily took care of the dragon eating beast 😆😆😆 the world is too large. Congrats to them for surviving~~ Will mc settle down in this planet with the others owo bring back life. They’re in the dragon area part though 🤔

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