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Chapter 122: Dragon must not be touched.

“Bright things…” XiaXia said in a trance.

Leston couldn’t ask anything, so he went to Lydney and looked at the screen in his hand.

Lydney’s display screen was connected to Red Shield’s visual system, which could transmit the whole image. As XiaXia said, there were many white spots on the display screen, but Red Shield and Auguste were too far away to see anything.

“They should be back soon. Leston, tell Red Shield to come back.” These white spheres of light were wrapped around several people and were rising. It seemed that Auguste had found JianJian. Lydney sighed and turned to Leston.

“Wait!” XiaXia’s pupils shrank sharply as if he had seen something terrible. “Leston, get Red Shield out of there! Something’s coming!”

Leston did not catch what he had said, and asked again, “What did you say?”

XiaXia pulled Leston’s arm, opened the nanocomputer on his wrist, found Alia, and immediately shouted, “Alia, get out of there!”

But it was too late. After yelling out the words, the screen on Lydney’s hand was completely black only when it caught a pair of dark green vertical pupils – Red Shield had at least been attacked by that thing.

“What is that…” Lydney held the screen, staring.

Leston took the place of XiaXia and said to the nanocomputer, “Alia?! Red Shield?! Can you still hear me?”

There was a “click” sound coming from the nanocomputer, followed by the mechanical noise that Red Shield had distorted and blurred: “Alia is OK, the damage of the armor is more than 68%, the high alert mode has been turned on, and now it is out of the dangerous area.”

Red Shield’s external voice system and visual system were destroyed by the impact just now. Even if Red Shield popped up in a moment, the long unknown creature just hit at random, smashed into Red Shield, and caused large-scale damage to her machine armor. It sensed no life fluctuation on Red Shield. It thought that she was just a stone but curiously bumped into her. After a while, he did not pursue her relentlessly.

Alia had fainted. Before new instructions were issued, everything was to protect the driver’s life as the highest criterion, and Red Shield could only withdraw.

“What attacked you?”

“I haven’t found this kind of creature in the Star Biology Book. It’s probably a newly discovered species or –” continued Red Shield’s voice after a pause. “It’s found, but it’s not recorded.”

“It’s a dragon-eater.” Auguste’s voice suddenly came out. He was the captain, able to monitor the crew’s combat dialogue, and it was on the combat channel that Leston and Red Shield talked, “Red Shield, you take Alia back first.”

“Yes, but it’s moving towards you. I will now send the initial data just detected to your nanocomputer.’

“I see it.” Auguste’s voice was cold, and his hands were tight around Hai’an because he didn’t know how to deal with the dragon-eating beast. According to the data transmitted by Red Shield, the dragon-eating beast was still bigger than the one Carl had met and probably had grown up!

The Ayulons studied the dragon-eating beast floating on the surface of the deep sea. Its scales were as hard as an Ayulon’s. It was almost impossible to bite a lethal hole in it. The only weakness was in the head. According to Carl, when he was about to be eaten, a few people with swords suddenly appeared, triggered an explosion and blew up the maxilla of the dragon-eating beast. Carl survived.

But now there are no mysterious people with swords, nor did they have weapons that can cause massive explosions.

Hai’an noticed Auguste’s bad mood and looked up and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Dragon-eater appeared.” Auguste patted Hai’an on the back, swam a little forward and moved to Carl. “Carl, do you remember the monster you met as a child?”

Carl looked at Auguste with some doubts on his side. “Remember, what happened? Don’t tell me it’s back.”

Carl wondered why Auguste suddenly asked him this question. Have they met dragon-eating beasts again? Can he be so unlucky? The ancestors went deep into the sea many times, although sometimes they did encounter dragon-eating beasts, the frequency was not very high, often thousands of years will encounter once, not to mention that he not only met but also survived, which was not how it was possible to win the lottery.

Auguste ruthlessly broke Carl’s illusion: “Yes, Red Shield has just been attacked by it, and now it’s moving towards us.”

Carl: “…”

The dragon-eating monster cast an enormous shadow on Carl’s childhood. When Auguste said that, Carl was frightened to death.

“Fuck!” Carl shouted, threw himself on Auguste’s back, and grabbed his hair. “Don’t fucking scare me, Auguste. Where is it? Why haven’t I seen it?”

Jamie and Colin were shocked to see Carl’s terrified look: “Carl, aren’t you afraid that Auguste will break your leg?”

“Break your ass, we’re all going to be eaten!” Carl looked at them with a hateful look. “There’s a monster out there.”

“Why haven’t I seen it?” Colin raised his eyebrows and looked around. There was nothing but the light balls wrapped around them and the air shield that Hai’an propped upon their heads. Even though they had just gone to the sea, they did meet some strange-looking fish and bugs, but they didn’t know where to run after they met them. There was no monster Carl talked about.

Colin felt something poking him on the back. Colin was tickled by him. He thought that Corson was teasing him, so he patted it fiercely. But after a while, Colin felt he was poked again. He was a little angry, and he said, “What are you doing?”

“What did I do?” Corson was innocent too. He did nothing.

“Aren’t you poking at me?”

“Isn’t my hand on your waist?”


Colin didn’t respond this time. No, Corson’s hand was always around his waist. So what was it that was poking him?

Colin turned around to look behind him, and he found a long beard. Colin stretched out his hand and pulled at it. “Hey? It’s soft.”

“Really? I’ll touch it, too.” Corson also followed Colin to touch the root and pulled it hard.

“Ommmmm!” A muffled hum came from the sea, which frightened everyone.

“What’s calling?” Colin quickly let go of his beard. “Is that you, Carl?”

“I haven’t changed again! How could I make such a noise! ” Carl poked his head out from behind Auguste, then lowered his head, and said to Hai’an with some embarrassment: “Sorry, JianJian, I’m holding your dad, I’m terrified…”

Hai’an didn’t know how to answer Carl, but Auguste sneered, “I’ll break your leg when I get up.”

“Go up before you say it!” Carl was dying of anxiety and didn’t know what Colin pulled if he touched the tail fin of the dragon… Ahhh, help!

After that, muffled hum came, the beard disappeared, and the water around it fluctuated. Suddenly, a pair of green vertical pupils appeared, which made Carl’s eyes shift.


“What the fuckkkk!” Colin was scared enough to pee and quickly clasped his neck. These vertical pupils were not what good creatures could possess at first sight. What’s more, the eyeball looked as big as Auguste’s original form. It would only take a second to kill them.

Green vertical pupils were getting closer and closer to them. After approaching the light source, they could see what it looked like – its body was as slender as a snake, its head was like a tiger, its forehead was like a deer’s antler, its huge vertical pupils were green, and its big mouth with sharp teeth was opened to gnaw at them.

“Ah!” Carl screamed, closed his eyes, and thought he was going to die. The big mouth of his childhood trauma reappeared in his mind, and the hand around Auguste’s neck grew stronger.

At last, Auguste could not bear it. He shouted, “I’m going to go deaf. What are you screaming about before you die?”

“Huh? I’m not dead yet?” When Carl heard Auguste’s words, he opened his eyes and looked at the dragon-eating beast. He saw that the dragon-eating beast did have a big mouth, but the light bulb seemed to open an invisible barrier to protect them and keep the dragon-eating beast from closing its mouth.

“He has 81 teeth, dozens more than me.” Jamie looked at it and counted several teeth of the dragon-eating beast.

Colin rolled his eyes. “You’re bored.”

“It can’t bite us.” The dragon-eating beast’s upper jaw moved again and found that it could not bite the radiant barrier. It became angry. The cold light in the green eyes was even colder. It stopped biting, closed its mouth, and left.

Carl craned his neck and looked in the direction the dragon-eating beast was leaving. “Has it given up?”

Colin was still outraged, hugging his brother to death: “No way, he’s not you.”

Colin just finished this sentence, the dragon-eating beast came again!

But this time, instead of biting them, he wrapped them up in circles like snakes, and the fine scales were clearly visible in the light of the globe, with a cold silver light.

Carl asked Auguste in a trembling voice, “Are we going to die?”

“We’re alright.” Hai’an consoled Carl with a soft voice, “Nothing can break the barrier of the light sphere of the soul -“

As soon as Colin heard this, he let go of Corson and spread out his hands. “Oh, you said so, you almost scared me to death.”

“- But he wrapped us up like this, and we can’t go out.” Hai’an innocently went on speaking.

After a few seconds, Colin hugged him again: “Brother, let’s die together and cry…”

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I can’t predict the mood in this story… One moment good one moment bad…

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This story always keep me at the edge of the seat (~^3^)~

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Ah another cliffhanger!!! This story is a real emotional rollercoaster. Why attack something you can’t even bite? Give up, you monster!!!

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