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Chapter 6: Man cannot be unseen

Translated by Alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When Jinyu finally opened his eyes, it was to the sight of that huge, alligator-like head shaped ceiling lamp.

The reason he said it was like a ceiling lamp was because the alligator head’s mouth, eyes, and ears were emitting beams of light. But even if Jinyu stared at the alligator head all day, carefully analyzing every aspect, he still would not be able to conclude whether or not it was a real thing or just an emulation.

“Oh! That’s just the first B+ level Tidal Alligator. Isn’t it pretty cool? What do you think about it?”

At that moment Jinyu’s right side turned towards Lixiao’s excited and cocky chatter, however after Lixiao finished speaking, Jinyu silently turned his body towards the left and used his zebra-striped hand to cover his face, only allowing a small crack to peak out.

Really, how would anyone else feel if they woke up first thing to the gaping jaws of an alligator head?! Even if he did have any thoughts, wouldn’t it only be to jump out the window?!

“Haha! Look at you! I said early on that the alligator lamp had to be switched. Who knows how scared witless little brother Jinyu is! Who knew this little kid’s interests were so weird.”

At that moment, Jinyu just discovered that there was another person on his right side all along, with the same orange-colored fur as that porcupine. This caused the corner of his mouth to twitch, flipping over to the side and closing his eyes so he wouldn’t see it.

“Hmmmph, my interests are weird? I’m definitely much better than a big guy who paints his whole room orange, the outside looking like a tangerine, and has all the furniture and everything inside the house orange! Does the old man think you were an orange in your previous life? This reincarnation you’re an adult, this really is fucking[1] mistreating you!” In comparison to the beast-loving fanatic Lixiao’s verbal assaults, the orange porcupine’s took much more glee in bullying him.

Jinyu received the sudden urge to take off his shoe and throw it at someone’s face when he overheard their conversation. You guys are so incompetent[2], what right do you have to be judging others?!

To stop the two rascals from continuing their savage conversation that only made it hard for others to listen to, Jinyu let out a sigh, jumping out of bed, voice ringing out like an ominous, wandering spirit, “What about dumbass[3] Xiaolu?”

Even though Lixiao didn’t know what dumbass meant, but it didn’t prevent him from understanding that this was a modifier for Xiaolu. Lixiao stopped his banter with the orange porcupine, smiling wide before answering, “He should be watching television downstairs.”

Jinyu twitched his lips and nodded before tossing his bed covers to the side.

At the same time, he should still be thankful that even in this chaotic world, although the outer appearance of these beasts and things were a bit strange, it wasn’t something completely incomprehensible. Of course, maglev cars, animals that carried people, ancient carts, and spaceships were all inevitable results of a chaotic world. As long as Jinyu understood the general trend, that would be fine.

“Thank god I wasn’t thrown into a ditch full of crawling insects. .”

Silently drawing the word for “ten” on his chest, Jinyu took the stairs down one by one. Currently, the sky outside was dark but underneath the white light of the porcupine lamp, Xiaolu lounged comfortably on the animal-skin rug, eyes glued to the laser screen, watching with rapt attention.

“…” Seeing the female rabbit on the screen, injured and shivering with fright, Jinyu felt uncomfortable. “Don’t watch it anymore. Men-beasts are too violent, you guys are good for nothings.” After coldly saying this, Jinyu wanted to continue being shameless and wanted to sit on the animal-skin couch uninvited, then point with his finger and say, “Come over here and let me see if your heart has healed.”

A moment ago Xiaolu was still drooping his head because of Jinyu’s acidic words but as soon as he heard Jinyu’s new command, he obediently scurried to Jinyu’s feet, behaving himself and allowing Jinyu to inspect him.

Xiaolu’s obedient behavior caused the orange porcupine to gape as if it just swallowed a large orange. Even though he already heard from Lixiao that the boy had a knack for controlling animals, the porcupine still said, “That kind of technique is difficult even for high-level beast trainers! Also, are you sure that that beast is even your family’s? Last time the old man laughed because its tail was a bit short and so it chased the old man halfway down the street. And, afterwards it still managed to chew up my orange tree?!”

Even though Lixiao’s words were a bit short, he still asked sincerely, “This is why I said Xiaolu really is quite something. Xiaolu’s temper may not be great, up until now he’s been an A-class beast that sometimes roaring and throws fits at me, but in front of you, Little Jin, he’s like a large, docile cat. En, according to Xiaolu and from my observations, you’re a huge force that can suppress the beast inside him just with a point of the finger.”

“Haha?! That little boy is a formidable beast? He looks like he can barely live and now we’re talking about his fighting abilities…Haha, you really can’t judge a book by its cover. In the end you’re just a guy who can’t do anything and fills people’s teeth with gold instead, causing them to drop out.” [4] The orange porcupine stuck out his tongue as he mocked Jinyu.

Hearing his words, Lixiao sneered, “Chengliang, didn’t you say you can’t judge a book by its cover. Why is someone of your level telling another to practice the ancient language?”

“…” That made Chengliang shut up.

During their conversation, Jinyu already finished examining Xiaolu’s condition. The situation was really working in his favor. The small black spot in Xiaolu’s heart had already completely disappeared and even though that spot now glowed a fainter green than the rest of his heart, Jinyu was certain that as long as the second-rate Xiaolu ate and slept well for the next few days, he would return to normal.

Feeling content, Jinyu happily patted Xiaolu’s head, announcing in the expectant eyes of the latter, “Congratulations, you’re heart disease is gone.” His first attempt at making money was still successful despite his lack of understanding about some things.


Xiaolu’s roar reverberated throughout Lixiao’s house all the way through the front of Anjie. Lixiao face immediately turned red; he grabbed Jinyu’s hands and shook them violently, “Thank you brother! Jinyu! Mr. Jin! From now on you’ll be my closest(??) friend!!”

Jinyu’s mouth twitched as he exhausted all his strength to try and pull away his hand. If he used any more strength he’s break the old one’s claws! Seeing how vigorously Lixiao shook Jinyu’s hands, Chengliang, the porcupine’s, eyes gleamed with danger. In a flash he suddenly went forth and grabbed Lixiao’s hand, laughing, “Xiao-ah, Jinyu is a demi-human. Are you trying to hurt him?”

As a result, Lixiao immediately dropped his hand and apologized. However, seeing Chengliang’s actions, Jinyu’s eyebrows rose ever so slightly. He slowly raised the corner of his mouth and let out a small laugh. This small laugh made the fur of the self-proclaimed lord Chengliang stick up all over his body.

“Since Xiaolu’s problem has been solved, it would be bad if I overstayed my time at Li-dage’s place. Does Anjie have any hotels? It would be great if they were cheap ones too.”

Hearing Jinyu’s words, both Lixiao and Chengliang’s faces turned pale white. Unable to hold it in, Lixiao shook his head before saying, “Anjie doesn’t have any hotels. The only hotels that exist here are hotels where you can buy information or live in exchange for work. Those without any actual power can’t even open their front doors.”

Jinyu rolled his eyes. Fine, if fighting, physical strength, and magical abilities counted as powers, then Jinyu was only a bit weaker with just his spirituality.

“Then lend me a blanket.”

“Fighting spirits in Anjie is more dangerous than hunting A-level beasts.” The porcupine told him gleefully. Seeing the pleasure the porcupine took in Jinyu’s discomfort, Lixiao stared him down.

“Tsk, Jinyu, just treat me as a brother! Since you saved my Xiaolu’s life, I really can’t let you go off into dangerous like this! Even if it were an only man fighting spirits outside, he still wouldn’t let you do this! How fortunate that there happens to be an extra room in my house. Don’t worry, as long as you don’t treat my animals poorly, you can live at my home for as long as you like!”

As Lixiao spoke, Xiaolu vigorously nodded his head in agreement. Turning towards a hesitant Jinyu, Lixiao laughed, “Even more, if you’re here I can know about Xiaolu’s condition at any time. It’s a great bargain for me.”

Hearing Lixiao’s words, Jinyu felt as if there was no point in avoiding it anymore. Since he already spent so much effort healing Xiaolu, but his real objective was to get Lixiao’s help. Either way, he didn’t have any money to live on Anjie right now so he might as well stay here first.

But Jinyu’s plan to open a store, make money, and buy a house was embedded in his mind early on. Thinking about this, Jinyu peered at the totally black sky before turning to Lixiao and saying, “If this is the case, then I’ll need to trouble Li-dage a bit.”

“No worries, it wasn’t any trouble. If there’s anything else troubling you, let me know. As long as it’s feasible, I’ll be sure to help you in any way possible.”

Hearing this Jinyu cocked his head. Suddenly, a quiet sliver of laughter escaped him. “…Then…Can I trouble Li-dage to bring me to Anjie’s biggest dumpster and take a walk with me?”

In a twinkle of an eye, Lixiao and Chengliang’s faces changed ever so slightly. Lixiao’s eyes focused on Jinyu who didn’t flinch from Lixiao’s gaze. Looking at winged tiger of his house, Lixiao could not hold his breath any longer and said, “Even if it were Jinyu who wanted to go, I could not take you. Moreover…even if you didn’t have the nerve and capacity like you did just now, you still should not go. Those places are the cruelest things to exist in Anjie.”

[1] Author used TMD in original version
[2] 半斤八两 – lit six of one and half a dozen of the other (in other words only half competent)
[3] The author used 二货小绿 here. 二货can mean dumbass/idiot/etc.
[4] A pun of sorts. The orange porcupine compares him to the gold used to fill in people’s teeth. The first character for Jinyu’s name is 金 or gold.


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