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Chapter 50: Visit

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Speaking of, after Jin Yu made it clear that he had nothing to do with that rich pervert and saw the meaningful looks the surrounding beasts were giving him, he wanted to roll up his sleeves and start beating up some beasts right there and then.

However, before boss Jin could start, the group of now sharp-eyed and keen beasts scattered instantly, not forgetting to act cute on the way out. Jin Yu didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.

As expected of beasts that grew up in his shop!

Meanwhile, when big boss Qi saw his partner’s gaze drifting, he wondered if should ask his subordinates how to calm someone’s internal fire; Jia Wu and Yi Wen were due in for a report these few days. It seems it wasn’t just him, even Jin Yu was getting antsy. This wasn’t a good sign… if only they had someone to vent their frustrations on.

While Jin Yu started to settle the Illusionary Song Crested Myn down and big boss Qi almost lost himself trying to figure out how to calm one’s internal fire, Er Hei’s strange wailing sounded from outside——

Rooaaar——Woof woof woof——Meow…

Hearing this, Jin Yu’s vein jumped. How come he didn’t know that that idiot knew several foreign languages?! And why did all these guys come looking for him together, did they have no life of their own?

To translate Er Hei’s wailing: “Boss! Boss! A bunch of people came to cause trouble!! Huh? They came to give money…? Boss is so weird!”

You’re the weird one, okay!!

Jin Yu held his forehead with one hand and placed the little Parrot that was trying to imitate the cacophony on Da Bai’s head, finding a place with sufficient sunlight and warmth for it to hang. Then he walked out with big boss Qi, who was already in Qilin form.

Considering that big boss Qi couldn’t stay in human form with him all the time, Qi Qinglin turned into his black Qilin form. However, because fierce, divine beasts like black Qilin were too infamous and terrifying, so under Jin Yu’s objections and suggestion at the cost of a sneak attack kiss from big boss Qi, he agreed to shrink down to palm-sized, then stayed lying on Jin Yu’s shoulder. Like this, big boss Qi could stay and protect Jin Yu without exposing his true identity——

Because, amongst support-type beasts, there was a kind of beast that you assume the forms of any other beast. However, they could only copy the beast’s appearance; they didn’t gain any of the beast’s power.

So boss Jin just had to tell everyone that the little divine black Qilin on his shoulder was that transforming beast. With that, Boss Qi could freely appear in the shop from now on.


Everything would be fine if his guy kept his damn hooves to himself!!

Jin Yu was currently pinching the little Qilin that had been trying to reach his hooves into the front of Jin Yu’s shirt. It was fine anyway, this guy had thick skin, and plus, it’d be idiotic to not take advantage of him in his current form. He looked just like a little Qilin made from black jade much cuter than his usual big form.

In the end, boss Jin and big boss Qi, both in rather good moods, ended up pinching each other as they watched all the followers holding up an umbrella big enough to cover their entire yard with the bosses gathered under the umbrella.

Could it be that these bosses felt lonely without him and his beasts’ trash collecting? If so, then they shouldn’t have rushed to have that guy with multiple personalities from the agency coordinate things for them.

“Do you bosses need anything?” Jin Yu’s smile was like a spring breeze.

Faced with Jin Yu’s smile, the group of bosses all felt like they might need some more clothes… Holy crap, they had only left here a few days ago and this guy had somehow picked up an A level Black-Horned Thunder Dog?! What the fuck! Even if he was just a guard dog, this was a little too much! They didn’t even dare take another step forward! So damn embarrassing!

XiaoBai, Xiao ShanLang, the Third Young Master, BaoZi and XiaoXue had their heads poked out from behind the door frame, watching as their boss managed to suppress a whole group of people, their eyes narrowed.

Hm, something weird managed to sneak in.

Xiao ShanLang raised his head, casting a discrete glance at his master who had come over to peek and couldn’t help but bury his face in his claws. How come he hadn’t known his master had such an embarrassing side to him before now?!

The Third Young Master, looked down on by his own beast, was currently looking at Jin Yu worshipfully!

This was what you called a powerful demeanor! A dominating aura! So cool, something he dreamed of being!!! This was a perfect example right here! He wanted to be like Jin Yu, just standing there and suppressing his eldest and second eldest brother, his cousins and all his scum friends like Jin Yu did to these bosses!! However, after so much effort, it was always him being suppressed, and never him suppressing others.

Thus, in that moment, the Third Young Master of the ShanLang family, originally reluctant, wanted nothing more than to stay in that legendary pet shop. And it was because of this decision that this once useless Third Young Master finally stepped on that prideful yet painful road of glory that was his future! —— from “Disaster Creates Heroes Ranking” number one hundred, Lang Wang Mountain Book of BaiLu.

Okay, time to get back to reality.

No matter how full of pain or glorious the Third Young Master’s future was, at the moment, he was reveling in these people’s misery with the other cute beasts in the shop, watching the bosses that didn’t dare step further. Meanwhile, these bosses felt only pain, but considering the missions they had piled up from above, they had to advance even if they were facing mountains of knives or seas of fire!

Speaking of, when it came to it, male bosses tended to wither, while the women took the lead!

A famous lady boss from Anjie threw an alluring yet disdainful look at the other bosses and pushed out her chest, stepping forward as Jin Yu’s eyes almost fell out of their sockets and speaking, “Boss Jin, we have something we want to discuss with you, if you don’t mind?”

Eyes on the white expanse of flesh in front of him, Jin Yu nodded without a second thought. “Of course, I don’t mind! Ah!!” He looked down at the little black Qilin that had harshly bit his finger, his mouth twitching. Then he rubbed his face with his hands and gave a calm smile. “If you could come inside, lady boss. XiaoHei hasn’t drank his milk yet today, so he’s hungry.”

Thus, Jin Yu’s bitten hand was once again given a harsh chomp. Boss XiaoHei sat on Jin Yu’s palm, gritting his teeth. Not only did he dare look at someone else like that in front of him, but he even said he was still an infant on milk without any regret for his previous actions!!

Good, very good, it seems like he’s been too concerned about his lover’s body recently, to the point where a certain someone seemed to have forgotten something important!! Since you say I’m still on milk, then tonight, you should be ready to offer up your own nipples. He didn’t mind sucking on them at all!!

Boss Jin suddenly felt a chill while he was walking and glanced down at the big boss staring intensely at a certain area. He swallowed thickly. It seemed that, perhaps, just maybe, he had said something he really shouldn’t have… No matter what, he had to stay away from his guy tonight! Far, far away!!

Damnit, looks like he was sleeping in the guest bedroom with the door locked tonight!!

Seeing Jin Yu go inside with the beautiful lady boss, the bosses outside couldn’t stand there any longer. This wouldn’t do!! They had all come together, so shouldn’t they at least all go in together! They couldn’t let that lady hog everything! Plus, whats-their-face, haven’t you heard that boss Jin found a powerful lover!? Why hadn’t they appeared at all? Such plain adultery! This wouldn’t do at all! They had to think of something, pronto!!

The bosses all motioned for their followers to speak up or think of something. The tortured followers cursed in their heads as they took deep breathes.

“Boss Jin——!! Our boss has something to discuss with you!!”

In the end, they were followers! When vowed to themselves that when they managed to become bosses themselves, they would torment their own followers!!

Thus was the origin of these poor abused followers. Now, Jin Yu could no longer play deaf with the combined yelling of all these followers. He waved a hand in acceptance. In reality, he really didn’t want so many people coming into his house.

“Look at how beautiful this rainbow is, everyone. My humble house really is too small, so let’s discuss this all outside, yes? Don’t worry, with my beasts here, there is absolutely no risk of anyone listening in on our conversation!”

Jin Yu’s expression was sincere and enthusiastic as he talked. However, to these Anjie bosses that had long since started viewing him as a black-bellied individual, his current tone was translated in their ears as: “What the everloving fuck are you doing coming here in the goddamn rain? Do you have nothing better to do with your miserable lives? There’s no way I’m welcoming you assholes into my house! If you want to speak, we can speak in the corridor! If you dare disagree, I’ll have all my beasts, kill you and devour the evidence! Tch!!”

Thus, these bosses, thinking that they were being threatened, cried to themselves in their hearts and forced themselves to start this extremely important discussion in the hallway. orz

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