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Chapter 34: Pinched

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Stunned, the little fox was trying to turn his head to check his buttocks, when suddenly heard a voice coming from behind his head, “But -“

So Wen Jin’s attention was pulled back in an instant.

Dewitt took a deep breath and said earnestly, “I will work hard.”

“Chee, chee…” Wen Jin listened to Dewitt’s heavy voice. Once again, he was deeply aware of his tremendous mistake in stabbing the house. Guilt was pouring into his heart. The fox’s paws shifted uneasily on Dewitt’s thigh.

When Wen Jin’s small head was full of thoughts such as ‘what  do I do’, ‘the big fool was bullied and I made him cry’, ‘stabbed by my ice lance’ and so on. As he was deeply troubled by these thoughts, he suddenly felt as if his butt had been pinched by something?!

“Chee!” Wen Jin suddenly shouted and suddenly stood up. As soon as he turned his head, he saw Dewitt’s hand. After staring at the big hand for a long time, Wen Jin reacted sensibly. He just felt strange. Should it be because he accidentally sat on Dewitt’s hand?

But the other side’s hands were stretched out, it seemed that there was no trace of movement. Then, was it his illusion that he was pinched?

Wen Jing was stunned. He raised his head again and looked into Dewitt’s eyes, which looked very sad. Dewitt having a pair of bright eyes, Wen Jing thought silently, should be his illusion.

Although the fox’s buttock and tail were sensitive areas, when he was a child, his mother told him that place must not be touched and bitten by other foxes. Then he was innocent, now he was somewhat sad. Wen Jin thought and simply changed places to sit.

After sitting down, he stepped on the perimeter of his seat with his paws and pushed the pleats of Dewitt’s trousers until he carefully smoothed out a small piece around him, which relieved him and he sat down again.

When he succeeded, he found that Dewitt still seemed sad, so he reached out and pushed on his stomach, “Don’t be sad, I will help you fix the house.”

The little fox’s promise, though it sounded milky, was inexplicably weighty.

Dewitt looked down, his gaze falling on Wen Jin, who was lowering his head. He asked him seriously, “Really?”

Wen Jin took a deep breath and raised his head sharply. “Hmm!” Who made you my little tail?

Dark pupils collided with Dewitt’s eyes in the air and the latter paused as if accepting such a seemingly illogical promise. Then he reached out and hugged Wen Jin in his arms. One hand wrapped around Wen Jin’s back and hugged him around his waist. The other hand held his little butt.

Wenjin: !!!

Why was he touching his butt?

Was… was this the way human beings embraced? Why did he always feel that it was weird?

But the big fool was sad now, maybe he really needed someone to hold, plus that hand was still, there was no chaos, so Wen Jin let Dewitt hold him.

The very guilty Wen Jin did not resist for the first time and lay gently on Dewitt. During this period, the big fox also stored a lot of Dewitt’s movements of touching and holding on to his butt in the back of his mind.

Forget it. Big fool is sad. Wen Jin comforted himself.

What Wen Jin did not know was that Dewitt, holding him in his arms, had a wolf’s ambition. While he touched his butt with both hands, his blue eyes were about to glow green.

That soft ass felt too good… That kind of loose meat was never found on Dewitt’s body and his skin was always tight against his muscles. While the warm meat was soft and squishy, but also very flexible and rubbing it would make people feel happy.

Dewitt endured, but ultimately did not push too far. When he put Wen Jin down, he pretended like it had been a mistake, reached out and pinched Wen Jin’s little butt carefully.

“… Chee!” It was so obvious that Wen Jin blushed completely. His butt was so sensitive that he jumped off Dewitt’s body and landed half a metre away. “Don’t touch it!”

Dewitt looked innocently stunned. “What? I was afraid you’d fall.”

Did this big fool really care about him that much?

Wen Jin bit his teeth and said, “I know. Just don’t touch me anymore. I don’t like people touching me!”

Dewitt paused and nodded very seriously, looking as if he could get on the honor roll at any time. “Okay, I’ll pay attention to it later.”

Wen Jin stopped and suddenly found that the seat he jumped over seemed to be illuminated by sunshine, especially warm… Although not as warm as a big fool, he liked the sunshine.

After thinking for a moment, Wen Jin decided not to go back to the minefield on Dewitt and sleep. He just curled up in a small ball on that seat. His chin and claws were on his big fluffy tail. From below, one could see his four meaty paw pads.

After comfortably lying down, Wen Jin began to think about his owner, thinking about how to build a house for the silly big man.

Looking at the fox who chose not to sleep on him, Dewitt felt very uncomfortable with the emptiness in his arms.

Just as Wen Jin was counting a gold coin, two gold coins to sleep, a basket of money in his dream was already running towards him, Dewitt suddenly asked, “Can you change into human form?”

The vague Wen Jin answered subconsciously, “Hmm…” Yes, he looked good too.

The images of the contract beast that Wen Jin saw on the hologram when he smashed the house was actually a popular documentary about the contract beasts that Dewitt watched when he could not sleep with Wen Jin. 

In that documentary, it was said that the ancient law of intermarriage with beasts still existed in Assyria. At that time, beasts could transform into human beings. They had two forms: beast and humanoid and were able to transform freely. After the passage of so many years, fewer and fewer beasts had such abilities. Up to now, there were no beasts that could accomplish this transformation at all.

It was the stronger the beasts that could possess the human form and they were said to astonishingly graceful and beautiful, as if they were the darlings of heaven and earth, carefully carved by God.

“Yes?” Dewitt hesitated for a moment before asking him to repeat, but Wen Jin had fallen asleep at that time.

Looking at the sleeping face of the little fox in the sunshine, Dewitt touched his straight nose and showed a trace of self-mockery in his eyes.

After getting on the bus, he set up a sound isolation between the front and back rows, so at the moment, Casey and Mark couldn’t hear them. Xiao Chen was sent to contact the monitoring station and only he and Wen Jin were in the back row.

Otherwise, Dewitt was afraid that anyone who heard his words would feel extremely weird.

Even if Wen Jin was different from other beasts, did that mean that he could become human? In Assyria, most people rejected contract beasts. Many of them may even have the blood of the ancient contract beasts in their veins. That was the most advantageous proof that the Assyrians once lived and bred with contract beasts.

But many Assyrians do not want to admit it. They think that the beasts were fierce, selfish and full of deterrence toward human beings.

Dewitt looked at Wen Jin with one hand on his head. In the past, he agreed with and approved of such remarks, but now, he somewhat denied them.

Those who said these words must not have seen a contract beast really open its heart to people. People… they were much more complicated than Qi beasts.

As his life came to an end, only the little fox accompanied him. He did not feel regretful, on the contrary, he was deeply grateful. For him, apart from the Zerg poisoning, the most important thing he wanted to do was to find out if the contract could be broken. The people he asked were already in action these last two days and maybe soon he would get the answer.

He reached out and touched Wen Jin’s head. The little fellow was very sensitive, when he noticed something going towards him, he immediately raised his sharp ears. However, when he realized that it was Dewitt, his ears drooped again. It was a state of complete relaxation without a trace of vigilance.


As soon as Wen Jin woke up, he was carried into the scientific research institute by Dewitt. It was Archie who walked in their direction. Archie seemed to have spent all this time in the research institute. He also dressed in the clothes of the research institute very neatly. He seemed to be very familiar with the work there.

However, the first words that he was going to say with a happy face were swallowed by him.

Archies face was full of joy, but the expression was cut off by himself. His raised mouth was pulled down and his eyes were staring at Wen Jin. Archie looked at Wen Jin and Dewitt incredibly. “Oh my God, Dewitt, how did he get so fat?”

Wen Jin, who just woke up: “…” His claws itched.

Doubtful Dewitt: ??

“My God, how old is he?” Archie opened his eyes wide and stepped forward. “The last time I saw him was three days ago. Did you know that a beast has to control its weight when it’s young? Feeding it so much will make it fat. If he doesn’t do anything else, it will affect your health.”

Hearing the six words ‘affecting health’, Dewitt had a stiff back. “Very serious?”

“Did you give him unlimited dried meat?” Archie glared at Dewitt. “How about control? Normally, just eat one or two a day. How much do you give him in a day?”

Dewitt: “…” Several cans of… Wait…the box he bought before was empty.

Listening to Archie’s complaints about Dewitt, Wen Jin shook his head indifferently. Then he grieved and chewed on his paw. Big silly needed money to repair the house. He may never have dried meat again.

Wen Jin always wanted to be considered gentle and tender, thinking about being fat caused him to be distressed. Why did he always have to be so unlucky. The big hammer broke when he just wanted to play with it and he demolished Dewitt’s house after wanted to check whether the big fool was hiding things about the re-eyed monster. 

“Ah, I have to give him a physical examination.” Archie frowned and looked worried about Wen Jin’s future. “Old Chen is not here, but the last veterinary team in the research institute can help.”


The author has something to say: 

The just woken up Wen Jin who was called fat: You shallow human! It’s not fat, it’s solid, it’s plump!


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October 9, 2019 2:06 pm

Most of the all, you’re adorably thicc my dear. Buttocks especially.
Should I mind that ML sexually assaults an animal…?

October 9, 2019 2:21 pm

So your telling me, Dewitt’s fake crying from the last episode was all for the sake of him getting a chance to touch Wen Jin’s butt, hahahaha

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Thanks for the chapter 😊

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So Wen Jin going jump/slide /roll around the vet room dodging their examination tools next chapter?

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Thank you for the update!
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