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Chapter 33: Acting Dewitt

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“What’s the value? In the millions?” At the Capital Energy Monitoring Station, a man in a Major General’s uniform stood behind the screen and pushed up his glasses by their frame. “At least a level 5 ability?”

The technician in front of him looked at the data on the screen and swallowed, “Yes, yes, Sendao, but I couldn’t get through to Major General Cassey’s communicator.”

Another technician in the space said, “Major General, I’ve run a check and the Marshal’s residence is nearby. Is it possible that this is the Marshal?”

“He’s wearing a restraining ring and his ability frequency is recorded here.” Sendo tilted his head sideways. “Is there nobody else near there?”

“Yes, Mr. Cook and… Major General, we have received a communication from one of our staff members, right near the energy wave.” The researcher said, with a sudden look and a shout.

“Connect.” Sendo’s face was very serious. How terrible was it that, in Capital Star, a level five class A ability user was not equipped with a restraining ring? A mighty ability that had not yet been registered was enough to set off a huge wave on Capital Star and the energy station would surely be held responsible for it.

Besides, a level 5 ability… How many years had the Empire not had one?

The level of an ability was determined by nature. In other words, the moment a fetus was born, the Energy Monitoring Station would already record what level the baby’s innate talent was. If there was a good talent found, it would be recorded separately and the ability would be trained.

Apart from Dewitt, the Empire had no second S-level talent, but a level 5 was also an extremely terrible realm and must be recorded!


“Ten million?!” Cassey was also shocked by the news.

Mark was still evacuating the crowd outside and Xiao Chen, who was in contact with the station, reported to him the reaction at the station. After hanging up the phone, Cassey’s eyes were as big as a copper bell.

Ten millions on the recording device meant that the ability was at least level 5, A class and he only had a level 3 A class. It was very difficult for any level of ability to reach level 5, even for Marshal, he was only level 4.


Cassey’s eyes fell on Wen Jin. Was it from a contract beast?

Wasn’t Assyria always saying that a beast couldn’t have an energy core? They always say that today’s contract beasts are already different from the beasts thousands of years ago. But how different were they exactly? Enough to make a big ice lance that could pierce through a house?

He used to think that such a small white dumpling was so soft that he might be regarded as the soft rib of Marshal and then attacked, but now… Cassey looked up at the massive ice lance, then at the little white dumpling standing on Dewitt, with his tail up and the Marshal’s quarrelsome appearance and silently swallowed his saliva.

This soft rib was actually very hard.

“Did you get hurt?” Ignoring Wen Jin’s chittering, Dewitt directly pinched one of the little fox’s cold paws then put it in his hand, pinched it and passed a little heat to it.

“Chee!” No! Wen Jin pulled back his paws and was very angry. He felt that what had just happened was absolutely not his responsibility. Dewitt should be blamed for it. Why did he go to the room alone and watch some messy little movies in the evening?

Standing behind them, Cassey took a serious look at the pierced walls and the little fox stamping his feet. He thought that the Marshal was a very eccentric questioner.

“Marshal…” Although Cassey had been trying hard to become a tree in the background, in this situation, the idea was a bit too harsh, so he swallowed, “What, these ice ballasts…your home… Did your little fellow do it?”

Cassey’s phrase ‘your little fellow’ probably delighted Dewitt, who responded, “Well, it’s too small to learn how to control his ability.”

The voice was filled with a strong smell of ‘the children at home are too young to manage.’

Cassey: …

This was not a small problem at all. Could they control the force? The palm sized fox, no, now the little fox had gotten fat and was the size of two palms, had hit the house, piercing it with a deadly ice lance and still even had the strength to stand angrily on the Marshal’s hands! Could it be that the little thing still wasn’t tired?!

“Well, the big hammer exploded when he was challenged by the Internet celebrity…” It must be because… when fighting, Cassey always rushed to the front and killed the enemy wantonly and he felt that he would never be frightened by anything, but, with this sentence, he stuttered before asking.

“Well, I didn’t tell him to. It was because he wanted to see the special effects.”

Cassey: …

He suddenly felt a little bad for the other competitor in the hammer game.

“But your Zerg poisoning…”

“Archie said he thinks it might have been cured due to the contract.” Dewitt said seriously.

Archie was also very skeptical about this, although he said that it may be related to the contract, but that might not be all. After all, if the contract could let anyone resist Zerg poisoning, then his subordinates, Eve, who was at Casey’s level and was also an owner of a qi beast, should be cured. But Eve’s Zerg poison did not disappear from her body because of the contract.

Cassey looked at him vaguely, wondering if he was going to try to catch a contract beast for Allen’s sake. But the little fox was a level 5 grade A, this was crazy!

At the same time, a group of housekeeping robots called by Cassey surrounded the apartment. The holographic screen wall created by them formed a huge black barrier, isolating the whole single villa. From the outside, the inside situation was almost invisible, while several other machines were cutting into the ice outside.

Mark’s evacuation work was very good and the area where Dewitt lived was rather special, not located in the same place as the ordinary Assyrian residential area. So when he came out, there was only… Cook.

He was proud that he could stay through a ten million reading. However, Cook obviously had some unwillingness and inadequate strength. His face was white and his eyes were still stubbornly looking in the direction of Dewitt, but he was obviously speechless.

Seeing that, Dewitt ignored him directly, Cook asked Mark to call the center for help, got in the suspension car and went in the direction of the scientific research institute.

Wen Jin was still thinking with his head down when the car drove away.

After he had thought about it the whole morning, he deflated like a fox who couldn’t steal chickens.

He thought that he had used his little remaining reiki to destroy the silly program and the house and created a huge hole. But the silly one was very poor, so the hole might be a little troublesome to fix.

No, it should be very troublesome.

Since Wen Jin’s body had not healed, ten small lingshi had only let him recover just barely. He did not know exactly how many he would need to heal fully. Now that the big fool had to build a house, the day his new stone arrived in his paws was even more dim.

To sum it up roughly and simply, there was a serious shortage of Reiki and his demon Dan had not been restored, but now he was a fox with a lot of debt.

The fat meaty fox lying in Dewitt’s arms sighed heavily in a way that saw through the fog.

The sigh was so amazing that Dewitt was shocked. Imagine a meat dumpling who used to only know how to eat, drink and play with his hands sigh dejectedly. What kind of feeling was this?

“What’s wrong?” Asked Dewitt.

“Chee…” Wen Jin drooped his ears and went motionless.

“Yes?” Dewitt moved his arm and shook a pool of meat in his hand.

“Chee!” Wen Jin became impatient and gave Dewitt a sharp tail-twitch on his arm.

Dewitt thought for a while and suddenly thought of something. The weird feeling in his heart rolled up again. He reached out and adjusted Wen Jin’s position; his belly was turned to the sky and his four paws were bent. “The house is not a serious issue. Don’t worry too much.”

“Chee?” Wen Jin’s confused eyes looked up as if to say, ‘Really?’

“Yes.” Dewitt’s eyes flashed with a glimmer of humor, but soon disappeared as if he was an emperor. “I’ll find a way.”

Big, big silly was saying this for his sake? Wen Jin blinked his eyes. Was he afraid that he was worried, so he said that?

Wen Jin’s face was tight and he thought very seriously for a while. Finally, he decided that he couldn’t be a big brother who gave his small tail a difficult time.

With this in mind, Wen Jin did not do anything immediately, but turned over in Dewitt’s arms, thinking that the big fox should bear the burden of the big fox’s mistakes. The hole he made, he must repair it! So he raised his chin to Dewitt and said with his head held high and his chest pushed out, “Don’t think about it, it’s on me! I’m sure I’ll get you money to repair your house!”

Wen Jin’s voice was naturally milky, coupled with the appearance of his small chest, it looked so lovely that a smile almost cracked Dewitt’s paralyzed face.

In order to keep the play going, Dewitt had to turn his eyes and look out of the window.

Wen Jin was a little suspicious of his sudden movements, tilted his head and moved his face in the direction of Dewitt’s attention. He was very puzzled.

“It’s going to be a little difficult.” Dewitt’s eyes fell on the scenery of the broken house outside the window, his eyelashes long and thick. A pair of blue eyes were beaten by the sunshine and looked a little watery.

Wen Jin stared at it for a long time, shocked! The next moment, the whole fox was a little overwhelmed.

Was this big fool crying?! Weren’t people concerned about men who dropped tears easily? Why was this big fool crying? Wen Jin knew that houses were very important to human beings, but he never thought that this big fool would cry because of a house!

Wen Jin was so panicked that he didn’t know where to put his four paws when the suspension car suddenly hit a bump. Wen Jin failed to stand on his hind legs. Subconsciously, he bent his legs and sat down with his butt on Dewitt’s leg.

Originally it was nothing, but Wen Jin felt like he was sitting on something else…


The author has something to say: 

Dewitt: It’s really hard to touch the buttocks of my little fox…

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