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Chapter 51: Negotiations

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Due to a certain bigshot’s excessive delusions and fantasies, the group of bigshots who had only ever stayed in eight-star hotels and eaten in nine-star restaurants ended up gathering outside a certain no-good boss’ room in the continuous unending rain as they began to discuss important business that definitely didn’t match their current surroundings. 

“Everyone, please sit where you want. We still have many chairs and stools in the shop. Watching the rain fall outside is also a rare sort of pleasure. If everyone’s mood is good, perhaps the discussions will have a greater chance of succeeding?” JinYu was currently sitting on a round stool that looked like a watermelon as he held a cup of green tea in his hand and watched the group of bigshots across from him very cheerfully.

However, what the bigshots were thinking was completely different from what a certain two-faced goldfish was thinking—

What damn cheerfulness! With their kind of physique, which could crush a person if they threw themselves on them, their bellies swaying with every step they took – if they could sit ‘very cheerfully’ in a two-meter wide corridor, then their brains might as well be crushed by the door!

Even though some bigshots didn’t have bellies that looked like pregnancies in their last month, the great majority of them were still martial artists before becoming bigshots, so their body size… was still enough to make someone concerned. But even if the bigshots were extremely discontented with the idea of discussing business in the corridor, reality was the exact same as their current predicament.

With that damn person under the roof, they had no choice but to lower their heads!! They just knew that as soon as this wretched, black-bellied goldfish came, nothing good would happen. However, today’s treatment still created a new bottom line of the bigshots’ understanding of that black-bellied goldfish.

The bigshots, who were all similarly distressed, shared a mournful look with each other before they finally helplessly sighed and decided to be flexible and to give in first this time.

“Hehe, Boss Jin is right! This weather is refreshing and nice, at least we won’t get too agitated when negotiating! En, this stool is also very unique, I like bananas the most, so this banana stool is really to my taste!” A bigshot quickly spoke to try and alleviate the tension and smooth things over.

“You’re too modest! But I too like these fruit stools quite a lot. Since you all like it so much, once we’re done discussing this matter, I’ll give all the chairs you’re sitting on to you. Next time if there’s any more business that requires you coming to sit and discuss it, you all can bring your chairs over~ We can sit in the yard next time.” JinYu’s words made them all collectively shudder, before a level ten tsunami-like wave of resentment surged towards the bigshot who just said that he liked the banana chair.

The bigshots gritted their teeth and raged silently, ‘Who told you to speak, who told you to kiss up to him!! So you like bananas? When I get back, I’m going to send a whole crate of unripe and rotten bananas to your door!! Fuck, why aren’t you sitting on a durian stool? If it was a durian stool, I’ll straight up airdrop durians onto you! Even if you aren’t crushed to death, you’ll still be killed by the stench!!’

Clearly, the bigshot who said he liked the banana stool also knew that he had incited everyone’s resentment, and he shuffled backwards, hard-pressed. He coughed dryly. “Uh, that, let’s still discuss official business now! This time, we came because we have something very important that we need Boss Jin’s help with. But even though we need your help, it’s still a very good thing for Boss Jin and all your beasts!”

JinYu lifted an eyebrow slightly. “Oh? You all actually have something good you want to give to me? I’m too grateful, but could you perhaps tell me exactly what it is?”

“Of course, of course! Weren’t we just about to say it!” The banana bigshot turned to look at the female boss sitting next to JinYu. It was obvious that these bigshots had already discussed beforehand and agreed to let this woman be their negotiator.

JinYu naturally also turned to look at her.

When she saw all their eyes fall on her, she immediately gave a fairly brave chuckle, before she directly reached out and drew JinYu in to her chest. When JinYu sucked in a breath of cold air, she said, “Boss Jin, we want to rent your beasts, is that okay? In any case, at home all they do is eat and get fat and take up space. Wouldn’t it be better to logically and effectively utilize the resources and let them create a second glorious beginning to the economy, paving a road of brilliant future prospects from now on!! Isn’t that right?”

JinYu almost couldn’t catch his breath after being hugged by this passionate female boss. Only now did he finally get to somewhat experience what it meant to use ‘breasts’ as a weapon!! He couldn’t really understand – wasn’t it a little difficult to walk with such a large size?

However, JinYu only gave those lethal weapons a few moments of consideration. He had no way of ignoring the fellow in his hand who was currently using his finger to teethe, and could bite down viciously at any moment. He imperceptibly pushed back the female boss a bit, before JinYu looked a bit speechless at the certain fellow in his hand who nodded, satisfied. He then looked at the bigshots. “Rent beasts? In other words, you want to rent out my beasts and make them work?”

They all nodded. What’s more, they all had expressions that read ‘isn’t this such a great thing if you aren’t an idiot you should nod and agree now’. Simultaneously, there was also the suggestive expressions saying ‘if you miss this opportunity there won’t be a second one! If you agree now all the bigshots will also give you a great gift! Such a rare, once-in-a-lifetime good thing, you have to agree no matter what ah, we’re doing this for you!!’

When JinYu looked at these bigshots’ excited expressions, for a split second he felt as if he was looking at an abnormal existence that had already long since vanished in the cosmos. As-seen-on-TV sellers or whatever – they never died out!!

“Er. What kind of work do you all want to make my beasts do? You are all acquainted with me, and you know that my beasts have all more or less been injured or sick before. Even if they’re better now, they still can’t do too much. I have to first see if the task is very dangerous or not. And in addition, how are you renting them? And how are you going to distribute the reward from the mission? I have to consider all of that carefully.” When JinYu said that, he simultaneously carefully examined the bigshots’ expressions.

They didn’t look all that displeased when they heard that. Instead, they nodded in agreement, praising JinYu for thinking of his beasts. Then the banana bigshot fished out a crystal card from his pockets and slid it across the watch on his wrist.

A light screen appeared outside the corridor, in the yard. A line of attention-grabbing text was written across the screen:

How to Collaboratively Rent the Beasts from Cute Beast Store #138.

Number one: Must acquire the four A-level fighting beasts.

Number two: Guarantee that the A-level beasts will be utilized in turns.

Number three: It’s best if they can all be rented together…

JinYu roughly glanced over the renting method detailed on the light screen before he smiled insincerely as he looked at the bigshots, “Why don’t you all just say: How to Rent My Shop’s Four A-Level and B-Level Fighting Beasts? From beginning to end it’s all just A and B, but C and those below C don’t even have a chance to appear on the stage. You all truly think much too highly of the quality of beasts in my shop.”

“Eh…” As a result, all the bigshots started to cough awkwardly. In reality, they came just because of JinYu’s four A-level fighting beasts—en, and now adding on that A-level black-horned thunder dog who was currently growing horns. Even the B-level beasts were a bit of an add-on, much less C-level and below C-level beasts.

“What’s the mission?” JinYu’s voice cooled slightly, but those who weren’t listening closely couldn’t tell. Clearly, the bigshots weren’t listening very closely. But the A-level beasts like BaoZi advanced slightly, while the rest that were below A retreated a little.

“Oh oh! The mission is very simple, it’s just to go to a few abandoned stars and open up a path, protect the territory so we can do some gathering and research and whatnot. Very simple!” A curly-haired bigshot spoke very cheerily, and JinYu was also very delighted when he heard that.

“Open up a path and guard territory on an abandoned star? Hehehehehe, is it so simple it’s an S-rank mission?!” JinYu viciously slammed his foot on the ground, so hard that his own leg hurt. “Do you all really think I’m some homebody idiot who can be fooled as you wish! Pah! A win-win situation? What a fucking joke!! You want my beasts to go open up a frontier for you on abandoned stars, looking for resources and making big money, have your brains and the brains of your superiors short-circuited?! If I was really that ruthless and idle I would be better off going to do it myself! Why would I let you take the prize, and hurt my beasts too?!”

The moment JinYu finished roaring angrily, BaoZi, DaBai, XiaoXue, XiaoBei, and ErHei all rushed into the corridor. Because of certain reasons concerning their bodies and fighting skill, the bigshots all ended up being chased and bitten on their butts before they could react, becoming victims to all sorts of lightning flashes, quicksand, flames, and more.

Big Boss Jin only finally stood up slowly from the watermelon stool once almost all the bigshots were half-buried in the courtyard, dazed and bleeding from their behinds. He clenched his teeth and walked over to them. “Fuck, coming up with a plan to use my beasts, I should bite you all to death!!”

All the bigshots silently lamented and cursed in their heads. They just knew that the final result would be this okay ahhh!! Clearly their daily horoscope said that it was inadvisable for them to journey out today and cause trouble! Yet if they still came out and sought trouble, was it because their heads had been squeezed by doors?!

If they knew sooner, they should’ve listened to big beard’s words and not come out. Let those four bigshots who tricked them come themselves! How had they been tricked by them?!

Nowadays, they had to be anti-fire, anti-theft, anti-bigshot, and especially on guard against being conned by calculating black-bellied bosses.

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