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Chapter 52: Damned Cock

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

In the end, JinYu saw the neighbors but did not bury the big shots alive. In a sour mood, he let Er Hei take the thirty some big shots out one by one from Da Bai’s quicksand pile. Afterwards, he patted the dust off the bigshots himself, then said as if he were sincere, “You guys don’t look great. It must not have been a great day to go out.”

All the big shots nodded.

“Let me guess, you guys are all law-abiding citizens. The desires of the little, normal guys are surely something that you big shots can’t imagine. Someone must have fucked with you guys, am I right?”

The big shots cried profusely and nodded vigorously.

“That’s fine. It would really be a mistake to blame you guys. We’re all neighbors, if one of us were to think of a way to pick apart one of our own people’s solutions, that person has unpredictable ulterior motives. They must reflect on their teachings! So, who have you guys been ignored by? Being fooled with is not small matter, if you aren’t careful you could even lose your life!”

Saying this, JinYu still smiled brightly, he looked at how the big shots were all roused. Even though this damned whale’s stomach was a bit black and its teeth a bit sharp but he still treated them well. Either way, he’d never fuck with them directly! Thinking of this the big shots broke out in cold sweat. Even though they possessed enormous amounts of power and were extremely ambitious and ruthless, but their fucking bodies only possessed the strength of a seventh-level hunter. This was something people still dared to rile up and daunt. However, fucking Anjie was filled with sixth level hunters and there was only a handful of seventh-level hunters.

And this kind of power at Cute Beast Store 138 wasn’t enough for the A ranked beasts! Their bodies had never taken on a beasts. If JinYu ever felt sinister, then they’d just stay planted here!!

Thinking of this, the big shots who had conveniently fainted suddenly burst out with a fiery anger. Fuck, they used Anjie’s common language but their identities were still valuable! They were fooled into being a shield, sold by others and almost helping them count money, if they could fucking hold in their anger they might as well jump into the river one by one and commit suicide!! They fucked around for this many years!!

At that moment, the thirty big shots all looked at the men who fooled them. The look they gave was the “I want to chop your entirely family to pieces.” Even more, the number of big shots that were being stared at was no more than four people. After receiving such a look, these people couldn’t help but slip away. Xiao Da Bai and the whole room of beasts continued to stare at them. In actuality this made the big shots dare not move.

Glancing at the nervous expressions of those four big shots, JinYu laughed coldly. He didn’t have to do anything himself. Even more, he smirked at the nervous big shots and said, “You guys were all shocked today which was impressive on its own. However, if there was suddenly a person who wanted to fight my beasts. It’s understandable to not be excited. In fact, what I want to say is that we are all are all neighbors. If an individual can’t solve or do something, he only needs to find his underlings and bring the matter to me to see if I’ve experienced it. As long as me or my beasts can help, we are very willing. So that thing about the lease agreement? Forget it. When I’m free tomorrow I’ll let Da Bai go to Central Plaza, the Beast Hunter Academy, and then the hunter and explorer association’s to see how much they’re paid for their assignments. Then, I’ll put a list on the door and you guys can put the tasks on there. This way in the end it’ll be up to us whether or not we take on a task. I’ll be happier with this than compared with someone that leases beasts directly and gives tasks directly. In reality, keeping the beasts at home isn’t good. In the long run their wild spirit and strength will decrease.”

JinYu’s speech touched the big shots’ hearts deeply. In reality the big shots getting “fucked with” was just Da Bai, Baozi, and a few other A level beasts carrying them over. There were not many tamed A level beasts on the planet. Most of them were still in the hands of the families in the south. The families owned almost five hundred A level beasts. Seriously, the total number of tamed A level beasts was only about two thousand.

Don’t think that this number is a lot. The whole planet had about four billion demi-humans and about five billion beasts. So, putting it in perspective, the number of tamed A level beasts was really quite pitiful. In this way, it was difficult to conquer the wasteland planets due to the high-risk areas with numerous beasts. So, the big shots thought that JinYu’s five A level beasts were here to help.

Since JinYu said this, the idealistic big shots smiled happily. One by one they said goodbye to JinYu-ge then took their fruit stools and younger brothers away.

Once they left, the sunshine and drizzle that was previously covered by the umbrella finally reappeared over the courtyard. The assistant beasts who planted things in the courtyard rushed out one by one to rescue their fields. Their beasts started to train and shout. Only four of the big guys were watched by Da Bai felt awkward in the courtyard.

And JinYu rubbed the small black boss in the palm of his hand, preparing to return to the house. He completely ignored the four big shots’ meaning.

“Boss Jin! Even though you have five A level beasts but just know that it’s impossible for you to compete with the top ten! If you don’t want to get stuck on this planet in the future, you’re still, uh, ah—!”

Since JinYu ignored them, certain angry men in suits started shouting threats. In the next moment, their faces were scratched by Xiao Bai’s claws and then their hair was burnt by Baozi. While the big shot was waiting for JinYu’s answer, he had also been watching the pitiful wolf pup. The pup had no place of it’s own, leaping out of the room, then looked at the big shot with hateful eyes:

“Mr. Lu! How are you becoming dumber and dumber every day?! Before I heard father say that you had ability but when I turn around you’re now stuck in the door? Are you my eldest brother or my enemy’s younger brother or a weaker foe? And yet you dare talk about the dangers of those who can’t even rise up? Do you even feel shame? What do you mean by “not able to compete with the top ten families? The wolf clan’s number of A level beasts is only twice the amount of my eldest brother but their fighting ability isn’t is so bad that two of them can’t compete with Da Bai!! You can’t even grasp the concept of this strength and yet you want to threaten my eldest brother! Mr. Lu ah, is it not enough to be a normal, cute, suffering, every day big shot on Anjie? You just had to listen to second brother’s words and get in the middle of this mess. If you aren’t afraid for the rest of your life then will you continue on being this stupid for the rest of your life?!”

After saying this, Shan Bailu gradually felt better. In the end, he straightened his waist and waved at Mr. Lu, “Sorry to trouble you but please tell second brother if there isn’t any issue to not go poke at it! The old man and big brother hasn’t died yet, so there’s nothing for him to worry about if something happens!! In addition, you told him now I’m working in a big shop whereas before he took care of me. When this third brother has completed his studies, I’ll take the wolves back for him to take care of!!”

This time Shan Bailu’s speech stunned Mr. Lu. Mr. Lu looked at Shan Bailu like it was the first time seeing him. His entire face was in shock, this was inconceivable—since when was the most lacking third brother able to say stuff like this? Even more, the whole atmosphere around him and his attitude had completely changed!!

Just as Mr. Lu was making a bunch of guesses as to what happened to Shan Bailu, JinYu jumped out from the corridor where he was watching. His lips twitched, this little guy still had eyes and wasn’t dumb. “Fine, if you’re done speaking then hurry up and sweep and clean and tidy the place, don’t forget you still work here!”

Hearing this Shan Bailu lost his momentum. A dog trotted past him and then he happily grabbed a broom and started to sweep and mop and shovel. However, this young man had never worked before. When he was leaning, he almost let the broom and mop bite his butt! In the end the third junior was somewhat embarrassed to go to the counter and serve as the door god.

At that moment, JinYu faced the four big shots in the courtyard and said, “I want to add onto what Little Third just said. I don’t care what ideas you guys all have or why you guys want to fight my beasts. If I may offer a piece of advice, you guys should each go back to your master and put an end to these thoughts. Absolutely do not say that each one of my beasts are my treasured possessions. If anyone wants to fight their ideas I really don’t mind bringing a world-shaking mess to them directly! In addition, I’ll tell you guys a secret.” JinYu said this as if he were laughing happily. “I have a supporter. Many, many supporters. And in the future, my supporters will only grow. If you guys want to agonize over this, you guys might as well start earlier!!”

Woof woof roar roar bow wow chirp meow meow –! [We’re the support! Our boss who has a psychopath doctor and shrew relatives that dominate the wasteland planets! You’ll be killed by a mob!!]

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October 11, 2019 10:15 pm

Yes, it is important to have good relationship with neighbours. Good work JinYu! As for the four idiot bosses, go and reflecton on what you did and how you were used, becuase this little gold fish is not that weak.

Thank you for the chapter!

October 11, 2019 10:22 pm

Not to mention the little big Boss gnawing on his fingers. 😉
Thank you

February 16, 2020 1:22 am

hahahahaha A psychopath doctor, pff~ Very fitting!!!
Thank you for the translation!

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