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Chapter 35: Maybe He’s Eager to find a Woman

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Since Archie said Wen Jin was fat, Wen Jin didn’t want to talk to him very much. He kept his head on the other side of Dewitt’s arms. It seemed that he was more interested in the scenery there, but in fact, he was just trying to keep his pride.

Archie tried to tease the little beast on the way in, but before he reached out, Wen Jin’s head would move to DeWitt”s other side. He even stood up and lie down in another direction, facing Archie with his fat little butt. The small butt was full of curves but displayed unhappiness.

However, in the middle of this change of direction, there was still a slight mistake. Wen Jin thought that it was because Dewitt held him the wrong way today, or that the man’s uniform was too slippery. But he slipped traction with his paws several times in the middle of the change and almost turned over directly, which scared the fox to death.

But later, when Wen Jin had a little more experience, he would grasp his two claws against Dewitt’s chest with great force, the kind of force with which he would leave two little prints on Dewitt’s straight uniform. With this effort, Wen Jin tried moving for the second time and was able to stabilize his body and his tail did not shake much. This was better!

Archie touched the bridge of his nose and said sensibly, “It’s angry with me.” 

Dewitt felt the weight on his arm coming from the fox and he wanted to laugh a little but he didn’t deny it.

However, he did not prevent Archie from continuing to “connect” with Wen Jin, which seemed rare, but watching how much Wen Jin avoided Archie and escaped to Dewitt, the Marshall felt that the little fox was being childish.

“Major General Archie.” Cassey was a rough man. He normally ate whenever he wanted and looking at the little fox getting fatter and fatter, he thought, ‘how happy does he look?’ On the contrary, he himself was eating less nowadays and wondered if he was too thin. So instead of focusing on what they said about health checkups, he was more worried about his colleagues. ‘What happened to Eve and Allen?’

Although Archie ranked as Major General, the frontier fighters always showed a little more respect in the face of military doctors.

As soon as Cassey uttered his words, the corridor became silent.

Eve and Allen were both the early victims of Zerg poisoning. The reason why they had survived to this day is basically because of their powerful abilities. Except for Dewitt’s special injuries, which were caused directly by the King of Zergs, all other people would fight the toxins with the ability in their bodies until the ability was destroyed and disappeared. Zerg poison would then wantonly enter their hearts.

That was why, when Archie contracted Dewitt, he envisioned that Dewitt’s energy core would be impacted by the contract. He thought that this might increase the originally ability and thus repelling the Zerg poison. But the two’s energy cores were getting weaker by the day and these two people’s recent situation was getting worse and worse.

Sure enough, after Cassey asked, Archie shook his head and sighed, “Mary seems to have woken up a little within these last two days, but Eve’s vital signs have not improved… Her parents have been at the Research Institute for two days.”

Eve’s parents were both well-known wealthy people in the empire and were beyond rich. Since Eve’s poisoning, the two elders had been running around all the time. Many scientific research institutes used precious medicines to try to relieve the Zerg poison. Eve’s parents provided the Institute with not only medicine but also huge financial support. Both of them had been travelling around but now they had been with their daughter for the last two days, which was enough to see the seriousness of the situation.

Mary was Eve’s contractual beast.

Wen Jin heard his words, snorted coldly and thought they would never get things done the way they were doing it. These fools had not looked past their grief and sorrow. In this way, they dare to say that he ate too much, that he was fat and that he had to have an examination!

That was just not true!

Thinking about it again, he felt angry. He had been looking at the big fool in the face, plus he got the news of his Lingshi. After that, he believed that all of these adults had the face of a villain. This time, they wanted to use those metal sticks to poke at him again!

Even if he had just pierced Dewitt’s house, he would never allow Dewitt to retaliate against him in this way! With that in mind, the little fox opened one eye, glancing at Dewitt as he said, “Hey.”

Dewitt always paid more attention to Wen Jin’s actions. When the little fellow turned his head, he felt it and immediately looked down.

When his deep glance fell down, normally it would be full of pressure, but since he was looking at Wen Jin, that pressure disappeared without a trace.

“I’ve saved your life, so you can live in a house.” Wen Jin said, feeling that he was particularly reasonable, “I will help you repair the house, one yard at a time. This check…I do not want to do it. I do not like it.” Wen Jin thought of when they were on the bus again and when Dewitt’s eyes were wet. He shook his tail impatiently. “Besides, don’t cry anymore. I said I’ll fix it for you. You’re not a baby. You can cry when something happens.”

Dewitt was his little tail and if he cried at will, how disgraceful would this be?

Wen Jin had not seen many others crying, but when he saw others crying, especially when he saw Dewitt crying, he was conflicted with two different feelings. No one other than Dewitt would have the honor of being his small tail.

Despite his cute appearance, in fact, he could easily remember Hongyan and rage that he felt hundreds of years ago.

He couldn’t even remember what that beautiful girl looked like, but the food made by that beautiful girl was very delicious. Wen Jin tried to forget that flavor for hundreds of years, but he couldn’t forget it. Wen Jin always felt that that experience was amazing. It was only after he learned how others could cheat people into eating and drinking. Memories that he had buried suddenly poured into his head.

Wen Jin fell deeply in love with the girl. From then on, he felt that his little fox life had a rather novel experience. 

At that time, in anger, Wen Jin hung the man who had bullied Hongyan and forced him to do Hongyan’s clothes in a small corner of the ghost forest for a full month. The man was so frightened that he cried every day. Hongyan thanked him very much. Wen Jin did not remember the happy look, but after, he received double the snacks!

The little fox was happy, but also every day that small stone like person was crying, that person cries when he bowed beneath the fox’s eyes. The other side’s tears fell invisibly falling onto Wen Jin’s delicious pastries, completely not blocked!

So Wen Jin did not want this big fool to be sad or cry at all. Wen Jin was a reasonable demon and would never purposely cause trouble for his small tail.

Dewitt touched Wen Jin’s head. If he had it his way, he would kiss Wen Jin more or rub and embrace him until he was satisfied before he let go. But today was not a day he could fulfill that wish. He could tell what Eve’s condition was based on Archie’s exaggerated expression. Dewitt’s mood became heavy, but even so, he whispered to Wen Jin, “Okay.”

Master Wen Jin felt neglected. His tongue snaked out as he licked his claws. Then he closed his eyes and chittered noncommittally. He could not remember Hongyan’s face, so he was worried he would forget his Master too. This was when he realised that he had face blindness. 

In fact, his master had said that the heroic Wen Jin resolutely deleted faces from his memory.

But face blindness…

He couldn’t remember Hongyan’s face, his mother’s face had been blurred for a thousand years, but he could clearly remember the smell of her body and the feel of her fur against his face. He could not remember his Master’s face but he could remember that he wanted to fight every day… Wen Jin, who closed his eyes, drew up a new face in his mind and when that face took shape in his mind, Wen Jin opened his eyes humming and chittering.

Could he actually not be facially blind? Didn’t he remember this big, silly face? His master was a quack!

When Wen Jin was thinking alone, Archie took them to an observation room.

The observation room was full of glass. Looking from the outside, there were many transparent capsules in it. Beds?

Wen Jin blinked and could not understand the structure, but he probably understand what the room was for, because the people lying in the capsules smelled of bed bugs.

But… these people were really rich.

Wen Jin squatted on Dewitt and licked his front paws, but his tender tongue was still sticking out, scraping the soft little feet curling up his fur. He remembered that every time he slept, Dewitt would turn off the lights. After Wen Jin opened his mouth, he asked him curiously and Dewitt told him a lot about what electricity was and what kind of organization was there.

As Wen Jin fell asleep, he remembered that he had to pay for it.

In fact, Wen Jin couldn’t remember what exactly Dewitt had said but he could feel the pressure of being in debt, which made him sit up and think of it.

Looking in this observation room in front of him where so many people were sleeping in the pods and at the lights that never turned off, Wen Jin looked at the big silly man close to him. 

Wen Jin thought in his heart that these people must be very rich.

“Their heart beats are lower than usual, body temperature is decreasing and the disorder value of energy nucleus is reaching its peak…” Archie said that this about half a month ago, these were the symptoms that appeared on Dewitt.

If Wen Jin did not appear, Dewitt would likely have been killed by the toxin as it made its way to his heart. Most of the people with Zerg poisoning did not have much time.

“Didn’t Professor Lin’s antidote come out?” Before Archie’s words were finished, Cassey was the most agitated one. He listened to the same words several times a day and his patience was long gone. “Can’t you try it?”

“In theory, the initial drugs cannot be tested on living humans…”

“When is the time to test them to see if it will work?” Cassey was annoyed. “If you don’t try, it’s a dead end. If you use it, maybe there’s still a chance…”

Cassey said more and more manic, Dewitt frowned, wanting to interrupt and suddenly found that the glass room seemed to flash with a dark shadow.

The speed of the shadow was so fast that Cassey, who was arguing with Archie, didn’t notice. But Dewitt was facing the glass partition. The disorder of the energy core could disturb his ability, but it could not affect his five senses. Dewitt’s eyebrows rose.

“What’s wrong?” Archie looked in Dewitt’s direction.

“Is someone inside?”

“No.” Archie shook his head. “It’s not a routine check-up time now… What’s up? What do you see?”

When Archie said the last word, his eyes immediately became serious. There were hundreds of patients on the other side. If something was really mixed in and they didn’t know it, any disturbance in the life support systems were likely to affect everyone’s lives.

Dewitt obviously thought of this entire floor, but this room, as Wen Jin complained, was filled with glass and there was hardly any hidden space. A person who stayed in it would surely be seen.

As they talked, Wen Jin sat on Dewitt’s arm, wagging his tail and gazing with interest at the bottom of one of the pillars, which revealed a small pinch of round brown hair, a small slippery tail.

While Wen Jin was staring at the small beast, the other party seemed to feel his eyes. The round tail shook suddenly and then turned up very pretentiously.

The movement was very small, but it couldn’t be hidden from Wen Jin’s eyes.

Why, was this little beast provoking him by hooking its tail? Didn’t hooking up one’s tail mean mating? Was this beast using the wrong direction to provoke him? Even if this was not clear, it still dared to provoke him?! Warm squinting eyes burst out with a dangerous light, pointed ears were erected making him look very fierce.

He wanted to tell Dewitt to let people in for inspection when he heard a familiar voice coming over his head.

“I don’t think someone can hide in this room,” it’s Dewitt, “but for safety’s sake, it’s better to search it.”

No one questioned Dewitt’s five senses, so as soon as he said that, Archie immediately began contacting people and Wen Jin showed a good look.

In the corridor, only Cassey was still in his irritable mood.

After Archie had gone away, Dewitt looked at Cassey and clapped him on the shoulder.

“Marshal…” Cassey turned around, he was a bigger man than Dewitt, but his eyes were red.

“Yes.” said Dewitt.

Looking deeply at Dewitt, Casey took a deep breath, squeezed his fist, resisted the impulse to hit the wall and stood behind Dewitt.

“Here we are.” It was ten minutes later that Archie came back with a group of inspectors dressed in protective clothes. “We will be standing at the door and let them go in for inspection. It shouldn’t be a problem.”

Dewitt took the lead.

“I just contacted the veterinary team and they’ll be ready there,” Archie said to Dewitt, looking again at the glass room, looking a little worried. “Will there really be anyone in it? The security measures in the observation room are very strict and people watch and monitor it 24 hours, so that people can get rid of those inside.. They’re more dangerous, I’m afraid.”

Dewitt paused, remembering that Wen Jin had said he didn’t want to have an examination and was about to refuse, but then the glass door slowly opened in front of them and several doctors in protective clothes entered in turn. Soon after, in that instant, a dark shadow skillfully grasped the gap between the door and the wall, almost turned into a brown flash and rushed out of it.

And this time, besides Wen Jin, nobody saw it!

The dark shadow that nobody saw was obvious in Wen Jin’s eyes. He even caught it very clearly. After the ball rushed out, it shook its tail in Wen Jin’s direction violently again.

It was so bold!

Wen Jin thought about it and stood up in a huff. When Dewitt did not respond, he turned into a white light and rushed out.

Cassey, who had bowed his head, was shocked to see such a white light. He looked up and saw Dewitt’s empty hands. Then he reacted violently to what had just happened.

“That’s… Little fellow?” Cassey said in a stunned voice.

Archie and Mark’s eyes also looked at it. As soon as Dewitt’s eyes darkened, he immediately stepped forward to chase after him. Starting from his contract with Wen Jin, the little fellow had never rushed out without a word.

Dewitt felt that this was not quite right, but as soon as he took that step, he was suddenly stopped by a voice.

“Marshal Dewitt?” It was a deep, old voice.

Dewitt paused. It was Eve’s father and mother.

As soon as Eve’s parents heard movement near their daughter’s room, the two of them had rushed over. They were both ragged and unruly due to long-term worry and fatigue. Dewitt felt as if the two had aged decades since the last time he had seen them. 

“You really recovered.” This time it was Eve’s mother who spoke.

The etiquette education he received as a child made Dewitt take that step back. He licked his lips and said to Eve’s parents, “Hello, long time no see, but I’m very sorry, I’m going to excuse myself for a while.”

Eve’s mother was stunned and seemed to want to keep Dewitt. “We heard that your Zerg poisoning has…”

“Yes, my Zerg poisoning has indeed been solved. Although the cause has not been ascertained, I will cooperate with the scientific research institute.” Dewitt said every word with great clarity, “Excuse me.”

After Dewitt had finished, he made an apologetic gesture to the wife, bowed slightly, turned around and rushed out.

Behind him, Eve’s mother was stiff and looked in the direction of Dewitt’s departure with a trace of concern in her eyes. Cassey followed without saying a word. In the corridor, Eve’s parents looked at each other, while Archie’s eyes were still in the glass room, but if one looked carefully, they would find that his eyes were hollow.

There seemed to be a different smell in the air and Mark frowned.

However, Dewitt apparently underestimated Wen Jin’s speed. Although he had finished a conversation in the shortest possible way, he failed to find Wen Jin when he rushed across a corner.

Cassey followed Dewitt and said, somewhat helplessly, “This little fellow is still running so fast for the first time.” 

Dewitt’s face was very cold. It was his carelessness, he knew that Wen Jin had such a powerful ability. In addition, the five senses of a beast were better than that of human beings. At that moment, he might not have caught it, but Wen Jin must have seen something, so he chased after it.

If there was any danger…

Dewitt’s eyes darkened and he said in a cold voice, “Let’s look for him separately.”

His little fox was indeed not weak. If the ratio of fairness, he thought that Cassey would not be Wen Jin’s opponent, but the premise was fairness.

This little thing left him and he could not understand anything. His understanding of Assyria was almost zero. He usually looked fierce. In fact, his mind was very weak in calculating and guarding against calculating.

If one met someone who had a deviant mind and was ready to use it, they may easily fool that little fellow into going to eat food without a single soldier knowing. If the shadow was just bait, the other party didn’t really want to do anything in the observation room and if the other party’s purpose was to Wen Jin from the beginning… When he returned to the Capital Star, Wen Jin’s sense of existence grew stronger and stronger day by day, though he wanted to protect it intentionally.

Within a few minutes, a worse hypothesis emerged in Dewitt’s mind, which kept hovering in his mind, along with the horrors of the contracts he had seen in the gladiatorial arena in the past two days.The bloody pictures were all replaced by Wen Jin in his mind. Suddenly, Dewitt felt his heart stopped beating.

“Marshal, I can’t find him.” Ten minutes later, Cassey stood in front of Dewitt, looking at Dewitt’s heavy face, somewhat stunned, “You too…”

“No.” Dewitt’s voice was like an extremely sharp cold sword. It was as if blood could be seen at a touch and the pressure around him was visible to the naked eye.

Cassey was stunned. His intuition was not right, but he consoled subconsciously. “Did you find him? But anyway, he’d be in the research institute, right? There are researchers, doctors and so on and there are plenty of defensive measures. The kid is so fierce that he’s sure to be okay. What’s more,” Cassey said with solace and a cold joke. “This little hairy dumpling is not a baby. Recently, there are many beasts in the scientific research institute. Maybe it smells a female beast and wants to bring a girl home.”

Don’t worry too much!

The latter half of Cassey’s remarks were strangled by his strong sense of survival after he was looked at by Dewitt’s frozen eyes.


The author has something to say: 

Cassey: I’m not, I don’t, I, I, I want to live…

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