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Chapter 36: Dewitt Lied to Him!

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

In fact, Cassey was not entirely wrong.

Wen Jin’s speed had always been very fast and he was not affected by his recent weight gain. After all, he used to jump several miles high when he was a bigger fox. Now this weight was simply not worth mentioning. Only a judgmental human would see him and say that he was fat.

Four short legs were rolling like wheels in the air and the wind was moving at the speed of light. He was going the speed of light with all his strength! During the running process, Wen Jin seemed to have made a mask. His whole face was stretched out and his skin around his cheeks was blown to his neck.

He turned a corner with warm squinted eyes. He kicked hard with the hind legs, leaping out at a high speed and then stepping on the head of the brown fellow in front of him with his front paws! His hind paws followed closely. Four white-haired paws landed in the same place with great precision. They trampled a hole in the hair on the head of fellow.

In fact, from that point of view, the round tail that has been provoking him should be the best foothold. However, stepping on the tail, in the world of monsters and beasts, was very perverted and he was not such a fox.

He filtered out the choice of stepping on the tail directly without thinking about it.

After Wen Jin landed steadily on his opponent’s head, his hind legs slightly retreated and then he pressed his whole body down.

Using all of his weight to hold down the fellow was no joke. After three days a whole box of small dried meat had instantly shown on Wen Jin. He still denied being fat but he wasn’t the least bit light. The trampled man felt his brain snap, as if his head had been crushed. His thoughts went blank and he froze affected by Wen Jin’s strength. Under the pressure of this force, his chin almost hit the floor directly but he was able to suddenly stop. His eyes looked at Wen Jin, who had jumped on the floor in front of him without hesitation.

It was also at this time that Wen Jin could see the other clearly.

The fellow’s head was round, flat in front, narrow and wide. The hair on the body was mostly blackish brown, but the hair near the eyes was all black and as round as two eggs. The hair on the hop of the eyes was white around them and then black around that, which could be said to be very artistic.

There was also a small white bib hanging around the neck. In Assyria, the beasts would wear human costumes, which basically meant that there was a master. However, the beast seemed a little haggard, although the body seemed to be strong but the dull fur color and watery, slippery eyes was a considerable contrast. It looked as if it had been severely haggard.

“Chee!” Wen Jin gave a cursory glance and roared at the other side, wagging his big tail behind him, squinting at the beast in front of him.

It was normal that the fellow wanted to run run but it was ugly, which made him not want to chase for long. And… This fellow was really strong and Wen Jin’s weight was not the same. Using the human analogy, it should be as strong as Cassey.

Anyway, it looked like a human and it was provocatively shaking its tail. However, even if it was a woman, Wen Jin was not particularly interested in it. He caught up so suddenly and the temptation of hoarding circular things was an instinct ingrained from generation to generation.

It was the truth that Wen Jin liked to create ice even though he was afraid of the cold. And although he had only seen a flash of the beast through the laboratory doors, he had seen it roughly, Wen Jin was assured that the strong fellow’s tail in front of him had a very good curvature and was a perfect circle, which was very suitable for carrying.

“Ka…” The tanuki beast seemed stunned. At the moment of Wen Jin’s arrival, it felt the pressure from the opponent’s body and its eyes showed a trace of subconscious fear and yearning.

Wen Jin frowned as soon as he heard the voice. He wondered if he had misjudged that it was a woman. Why did this sound feel a little delicate?

Originally, he wanted to carry it back and shut it in as a pet and play with its tail. If it was a woman, he would not be interested. Playing with her tail sounded too lewd, which was not in line with his pure and snow-like appearance.

Wen Jin, who was disappointed, flicked his head and patted his buttocks and decided to leave.

“My name is Mary.” The tanuki saw Wen Jin leaving and immediately hurried forward two steps. The soft, waxy and delicate voice, which contrasted with the figure extremely, was heard. Her eyes were wide and round. Against the background of the black smoky makeup around her eyes, she looked very sad. “I shook my tail because I didn’t want to fight with you.”

Wen Jin didn’t want to fight with her either. She so big that even King Tiger was inferior. If he started fighting, he might even bleed from his seven orifices just from a gentle shake of her newly grown foot hair.

There hadn’t even been a fight yet and ‘I don’t want to fight with you’ had been uttered? Wen Jin thought, shuffling his paws on the floor. This was a good thing that Mary did not really want to fight, or even have an encounter in this situation, it must be very boring.

It’s like when someone wants to have an arm wrestling contest. The man would bulge up his strong chest muscles, walk up to the opponent with a handsome smile on his face and just put out his paw. Then the other person would immediately become like a balloon that had lost its breath and they buckled down on the ground like a small paper nest.

It was so fruitless!

Wen Jin looked scornfully at the woman who claimed to be Mary and turned to ignore her and go back to Dewitt. However, Mary suddenly jumped forward two steps, then stopped in front of Wen Jin and touched the floor with her little black hands.

“Yes, that – I heard them say there was a very powerful fox demon. Although it is small, he is strong physical and his mental strength is superior… This is you, yes?” Mary asked, looking down at Wen Jin’s little belly, which was a little swollen and drooping, and she bravely expressed her doubts with her eyes. However, this was brave, but in Wen Jin’s seemingly aggressive little fat face stared back, Mary swallowed her saliva, “They say you are very strong, they heard that Marshal’s injury is cured also because you are intelligent. They say you are as strong as that adult, so can you tell me how to solve it? The Zerg poison?” Mary begged, her eyes were watery and she looked very pitiful.

Ever since Mary woke up, she has been trying to find information related to Zerg poisoning. Although Eve couldn’t communicate now, they had a contract with each other for many years and she could clearly know by contract that Eve was dying.

But without Eve awake, Mary couldn’t communicate with human beings, plus there were some things that Eve could not convey to certain people. Mary could not easily trust people in today’s research institute. So she thought of the colosseum that she had heard of before and thought she might find some help there. Mary wanted to take her chances to save Eve.

As a result, her luck was obviously very good. She didn’t have to go to the arena. When she went out, she heard the very excited chitters from the room full of different sized beasts, and then she found out why.

Marshal Dewitt had recovered! And he was also contracted to a very powerful beast!

Then that scene from the corner occured.

Wen Jin, whose fame had spread so fast, had nothing to do with it. He had no feeling of being a big star at all. This was not because he reacted slowly, but simply because Wen Jin has his own starry consciousness every day. By contrast, he felt that such a young woman who dared to ask for him was very courageous.

“What can you give me?” Courage was commendable and Wen Jin was a reasonable beast, but he was not generous because human beings were usually greedy by nature.

Mary looked very wronged, a pair of ears falling back and a look that said she would cry at any moment. “Please, I can repay you!”

“Oh.” Wen Jin did not seem interested. “But I don’t want your reward. You can’t give me what I want.”

“What do you want?” Mary asked boldly.

“Money, a lot of money, enough to repair the house!” Wen Jin did not shy away from saying this but also exaggerated to stretch out a small claw, in the air to draw a super large arc. He wanted it to be a lot, as high as a hill! And in order to show a visual shock, Wen Jin even tapped his back foot.

Sure enough, Mary was shocked when she heard it.

Wen Jin thought, ‘Look, it’s impossible to solve,’ so he put his head and was about to leave.

Mary stopped him. ”I can give it to you! As much as you want! Not only can you fix a house, but a new one can be given to you!!”

Wen Jin was stunned. Had he heard wrong? A new house?

“… What kind of apartment?” Wen Jin asked suspiciously. Was brown hair so rich?

“Something better than an apartment! I can even give you big villas!” It seemed that she had seen hope and Mary’s voice was so excited that it seemed particularly convincing.

But… Maybe it was not that brown hair was rich, but that its owner was rich?

Wen Jin, who was very good at transposition thinking, thought that it seemed logical as well. It was just like those emperors in Honghuang who were sick and would search all over the world to find famous doctors. If they were cured, they would wipe their necks like they were their ancestors, or if they were not cured, they would hang by their necks.

Then this brown hair should be a eunuch who had a small and shrill voice. Wen Jin thought, nodded his head very seriously, feeling that the metaphor was very vivid and the human setting was very consistent. However, he did not expect that one day, he would be forced by life to become a fox selling red medicine for the sake of gold.

In the past, when he was in Honghuang, he used medicine for food.

“Why were you so surprised just now?” sighed the chubby dumpling, sad for his spring and autumn.

“That…that was just accidental.” Mary whispered, “The Marshal is very rich. He has more money than my master. I thought you would have more demanding requests. I didn’t expect you to ask for money… Yes, is the Marshal mean to you?”

No. Big fool was very kind to him. Wen Jin subconsciously wanted to say that, but when his little head savored over Mary’s words carefully, he suddenly found the key point. Big fool was rich?

What was rich? Was he richer than someone who could deliver a house at will?

The little fox was shocked. Wen Jin raised his head. “The kind of money that can build a house?”

Mary’s face showed a trace of confusion. She felt a little strange about this but, at present, this very strong beast had a way to save her master, so she bit her lip and continued, “Not only can you build a house, Capital Star has several blocks under his name, there are hundreds of flats there. And he’s a marshal and even has two private mines. Although he doesn’t control the energy stones, all the energy stones are taken from the mines and the profits are immense…”

Wenjin was stiff. Hundreds of apartments? Private mines? Super profits? Well, how was this totally different from the big fool he knew!

Didn’t he cry bitterly in front of him at the thought of repairing the house before? At that time a pair of grieving eyes flooded with water… Even if he recalled it carefully now, all of them were… He was surprised to find out, what tears? They didn’t seem to fall down.

Did the big fool pretend at that time? Why did he pretend he had no money?

Wen Jin’s brain flickered through this problem for a moment and he felt his buttocks tighten sharply, as if expressing his grievances. Wen Jin’s eyes widened and then he reacted sensibly. He gained ten pounds on the spot in anger. Didn’t the big fool say that to touch his ass? Was he so perverted?

Just as Wen Jin saw a new world, several people in white coats suddenly appeared in the slightly empty corridor.

“Found it at last.” Cohen, who had checked Wen Jin on Liberec before, said, “I’ve been looking for you for a long time. Major General Archie has ordered me to take you for a physical.”

As soon as this group of people came over, Mary took a big step backward like a cat whose hair had been blown upwards. She alerted Wen Jin with a, “Chiii!” Run fast!

Ordinary beasts may not be sensitive, but Mary has been shuttling around on the battlefields for many years and was keenly aware of the abnormal aura from the other person. And Mary is so familiar with that aura, it was the Zergs! Although she did not know why a Zergs aura was being emitted from a human, the strength was far higher than a human.

Mary was well-built. When she noticed the threat of the Zerg, her muscles tightened immediately. Even through the appearance of her fur, one could see the orderly muscles below.

Wen Jin wanted to say something, but after noticing Mary’s actions, he could not help looking thoughtfully at the muscles on Mary’s four feet and stretched out paws thoughtfully. Her cylindrical paws caught his attention.

“The beast is real trouble.” Cohen seemed to see Mary’s resistance and said this with a cold, sarcastic expression, “Go, catch the white one alive.”

When Cohen’s voice fell, Mary bit her lower lip and thought, ‘Sure enough, this group of people came for the Marshal!’

Despite the intentional feeling that Wen Jin might be better than her, Mary was still a little afraid that there was a Zerg aura on these people. There were six Zergs that Eve could not beat. They were hidden within the human body and, this was unlike what they had seen before, it must have evolved!

Mary had a lot of combat experience in this area and as soon as the two people behind Cohen were ready to move forward, they suddenly decided to give up their attacking posture, turn their direction and give a fierce push to Wen Jin, “Chiii!” Run, run, go and find the Marshal!

Although she had heard the beasts in the laboratory say how powerful Wen Jin was, she did not believe it. But Wen Jin was still smaller than Mary. Although he was fat, he was still like a baby.

Plus, Wen Jin was Marshal’s beast and Mary was Eve’s beast. She pushed Wen Jin aside subconsciously.

Wen Jin was also shocked. Such a beast, who was not very much bigger than him, still like a little girl, pushed him two meters away at once until he was pushed to a sitting position on the floor. She was very powerful!

When Mary saw Wen Jin pushed aside or not moving, she stared at the floor and didn’t know what to look at. She was in a hurry. She rushed up and wanted to push a second time. Cohen burst out with a funny smile. In the next second, she rushed up and grabbed one of their white coats and suddenly a black thing came out of the sleeve. A Zerg!

The Zergs, though small in size, were extremely disgusting in appearance and taste. The most striking thing was its speed. After flying out of the man’s cuff, the Zerg sprang straight in Mary’s direction. Mary could even see a little saliva on its face as it thought of its upcoming food supply.

Soon after that, just as the Zerg rushed towards Mary at top speed, Mary felt as if her neck had been jerked by something. The next second, the Zerg, which was so fast in the air, was slapped on the floor by a claw across it’s face.

White furred claws did not leave the Zerg any way to live.

As she raised her head, she saw Wen Jin’s undisguised expression of disgust. “It’s disgusting.”

Mary was stunned. “That’s fast.”

Before he had finished his sentence, he had angered the white coat. This time, he simply emptied a sleeve and dozens of Zergs rushed towards Wen Jin. They were smaller than the one he had just killed but they were still very disgusting.

“Those are all Zerg’s! The first one should be the infected one!” Mary pointed to the white coat that the big bug had come out of, which had been slapped by the gentle Wen Jin, “Kill the leader and take out the mother zerg in the brain of that man. Otherwise, the Zerg’s will regenerate constantly! Mother Zerg’s who lose their infected bodies will become very vulnerable before their children are born and now is the best time to do so!”

Judging from what he had just done, Mary decided that Wen Jin should have no problem dealing with these Zergs. He was so fast that even Mary could not follow him.

However, this time, under the attack of dozens of Zergs, Wen Jin silently stepped back. “No, disgusting.”

He wouldn’t touch them directly with his paws. They were so disgusting that he couldn’t even think about eating, sleeping or getting fat.

There were too many Zerg’s and he did not have enough reiki. The reiki of a Lingshi could only let him create three to five ice lances at most and his present situation, he could not necessarily guarantee the accuracy of the ice lance.

Mary was stunned.

“Run.” Wen Jin concisely summarized the current situation in his mind and then turned around and ran, completely without the demeanor of a great demon.

However, Wen Jin ran out a few steps and heard a sharp voice behind him. “You won’t look back, you just keep running?” The voice was not amused and cold, but made Wen Jin look back.

Wen Jin saw Mary who was still behind him and he didn’t know when she was caught by Cohen! Judging from the position, it was at most after Wen Jin ran out two steps!

It seemed that Mary was silent. Cohen stared at Wen Jin with contempt. “If you go one step further, I’ll kill it. This is the Academy of Sciences. I don’t want to make too much noise. I advise you not to run out around that corner.”

As a member of the veterinary team, Cohen, even with the cooperation of the behind-the-scenes ambassadors, could only temporarily break the monitoring of such a place. Once Wen Jin was exposed to the monitoring, it would certainly attract the reinforcement of the guards in the scientific research institute.

That would make things louder and he would never allow them to be noticed.

After all, the risk of taking this life in the research institute was already very high. Cohen had been observing in the monitoring room since Dewitt arrived. He almost went crazy when Archie said he was going to cancel the exam. If it weren’t for Mary, he would never have found such a perfect entry opportunity.

In order not to attract attention and gain conversation time, Mary subconsciously turned into the corner, which just fitted Cohen’s mind.

Are you kidding? Wen Jin sneered at Cohen behind him, thinking that he had only known the beast for a few minutes. Do you think you can threaten me with such a move? It’s fantastic!

Wen Jin did not stop and continued to run forward, without hesitation at all. The butt jigged with each step.

Cohen’s mouth had fallen slightly and his hands tightened sharply, but at that moment his mood was interrupted, Mary seized the opportunity and turned her head sharply. She took a bite of his hand and could almost hear the sound of flesh being torn!

Holding on to Mary’s body, Cohen’s big hand suddenly loosened and she jumped out.

At the same time, Wen Jin, who had already reached the end of the corridor, turned around at a terrible speed. Like a small artillery shell, he rushed through several white coats beside Cohen at a speed that could not be caught by the naked eye and rushed to him. Cohen subconsciously stepped back as if it were not Wen Jin running towards him but a giant.

In the next second, reiki condensed in the air and turned into three sharp ice lances, piercing fiercely in the direction of Cohen’s heart.


The author has something to say: Originally I wanted to write the Marshal being the hero to save the fatty and then be seen as a special existence with the little cold eyes, to settle old accounts. However, I did not write it, so the plot can only be left to the next chapter.

I know that you like to see the interactive displays between the Meng Fox and the Marshal, but the plot still has to go on.

Don’t dislike me! QAQ

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