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Chapter 37: Hero Saves the Fatty

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

In Wen Jin’s mind, Mary did not threaten him, but Cohen did threaten his qualifications.

The word threat was very disgusting for Wen Jin. Because, generally speaking, as long as someone did something one time, whether they were successful or not, there was a great possibility that there would be a second time, then another. And, one day, they would reach the point where they would become a pro and this possibility made the fox feel uncomfortable to think about.

So Wen Jin resolutely resisted the threat, as if someone had poked a dagger at him to find a softer piece of meat and then watched how to poke it in. Although the difficulty seemed to be like falling from Mount Everest to the Mariana Trench in an instant, it still needed to be rounded up. It was about the same.

Wen Jin would not let the man or beast who was hostile toward him have the chance to find his weakness.

The three ice lances hanging in the air were extremely fast and were surrounded by Wen Jin’s reiki. They could cut through the air and they cut a sharp hole through space, leaving a bitter coolness as they sped off in Cohen’s direction.

Cohen’s eyes widened. The three lances appeared so suddenly that he subconsciously tried to reach out to block them – but the lances were so fast, sharp and resolute, with an ability that he had never experienced before, as if they were cruel punishments from ancient gods. Cohen’s hand was only a centimeter raised and the three ice lances were already in front of his chest. The sense of tearing apart flesh and skin was instantly transmitted to his brain with a sharp sense of pain.


It was not until the three ice lances pierced into his heart and three bloody holes were inserted into his body that Cohen suddenly thought this word. His brain slowly became empty.

The pain swept through his body and Cohen could not even make a sound. He turned his head and looked incredibly in Wen Jin’s direction. How could a beast possibly have an ability that could be turned into projectitles? Was it because of the contract? Marshal Dewitt was known throughout the Empire for having a fire ability and this was an ice lance…

“Behind!” Mary apparently saw Wenjin’s three ice lances, her eyes full of surprise under the smoke makeup, but without asking, she jumped up from the ground and hit Cohen like a knife.

Mary was strong enough to knock Cohen off the wall half a metre away. Under the violent shaking, the ice lance penetrated deeper into the ground. Almost all three lances did not enter Cohen’s body.

At that moment, Cohen’s gaping eyes were filled with incredulity and disgust and he wanted to continue looking down at Mary as high as ever, the beast that had just reached his knees, but the pierced chest made him unable to stand up, stubbornly trying to raise his neck, but Mary was not looking at him at all. 

After confirming that the ice lance had completely penetrated Cohen’s heart, Mary immediately turned and ran in Wen Jin’s direction. And Wen Jin, who suddenly approached for the accuracy of the ice lance, also responded to Mary’s reminder.

Behind him, the white coat, which had remained human-like, suddenly lost its form. The skin burst open in an instant and one after another black Zergs gushed out of the body. They swallowed up the human-shaped skin and poured out from the white coat overwhelmingly.

“Chee!” This was the first time Wen Jin had seen such a scene. The beast was strongly impacted and a pair of black beans stared at his elder. Was this…normal? Did it break down like this all the time? This was too disgusting!

That dense swarm of black bugs surged forward and really gave the fox acute nausea. He simply didn’t know whether to praise the bugs or not. Wen Jin looked at them, itching even beneath his skin as if he could feel the bugs coming out of his own skin.  

As soon as he gritted his teeth, Wen Jin unconsciously made several steps forward. Each step was at least one meter and he released his speed and bounced with force that was completely opposite to his figure.

“Look for the mothers!” Mary yelled as she ran towards Wen Jin, slapping at some of the bugs chasing Wen Jin across the air. “This division is not poisonous. We need to find five of the middle mothers. We can get rid of them by avoiding the infected body and killing the mothers!”

When Wen Jin flew around and looked back to see Mary slapping a bug across the sky, his eyes were filled with shock and adoration. She was barefoot! Bare! Foot! How could Mary slap them like that?! Even giving it a super-crisp slap! This was an absolute strong representative of the world’s unusual women!

After that slap, liquid splashed out of the bug. Wen Jin once again strengthen his beliefs, he absolutely did not want to touch those Zergs. However, according to Mary’s description, combined with the reality, Wen Jin’s smart little melon head was able to distinguish between the so-called split body and the infected body. The infected body was larger than the split body and the speed was innumerable times faster and would have a clearer sense. So the goal was to focus on one. In terms of the individual bugs, they could spread toxins by simply touch. They were determined to put up various forms of carpet-like bugs to attack humans and beasts alike.

But the mother bug, he did not see it.

Anyway, both the Zerg and infectious body were so disgusting and the mother certainly could not suddenly become a peacock, but compared with the floor, the number of Zerga was large. If possible, Wen Jin still wanted to get rid of the mother.

Although escape was the best strategy, but the opportunistic infected body would not make it easy for them to escape.

“How many?” Wen Jin huddled behind Mary without success, firmly standing on the tanuki’s shoulder with his claws, looking at the white coats that could hardly keep their human shape. He decided to find their mother.

The one that had completely disintegrated was definitely not the main one and there were four other humans left. Most of their sleeves were empty and they were almost ready to move. They were all racking their brains, trying to move in the direction of Wen Jin and Mary.

But Wen Jin don’t know what was wrong. These white coats seemed to be a little incongruous in their movements, which was quite different from the way they were trying to grab them at the beginning.

“Three!” Mary, who was fighting over there, gave the answer quickly.

“I’ll try to find it. I don’t want to fight. I should quit.” Wen Jin whispered and retreated step by step under the attack of the white coat. Meanwhile, his eyes began to focus rapidly.

Of the remaining four, three were mothers? No way, it should just be one, but that still felt wrong…

Wen Jin was also a demon. He had seen many others in the community and usually, such things as mothers of the Zergs should stand at the end. But in front of him, the four people were chasing him more and more urgently.

It was too straightforward.

As he started to retreat again, a white coat brushed the side of Wen Jin’s face, that white light flashed, and Wen Jin suddenly stared into his eyes, because he suddenly found that these white coats seemed to be just clipping by him. But in fact, through the action of clipping, he was forced to go in a certain direction!

“Wait! Mary, where was the doctor just now?” Feeling Mary’s breath behind him, Wen Jin subconsciously remembered the incongruity of these “people” should have begun after his ice lance pierced Cohen’s heart!

“That’s–!” Mary’s comment broke halfway through and didn’t finish. Wen Jin reacted violently. Mary was in front of him, not behind him. The one behind him…

Almost immediately after realizing this, Wen Jin jumped into the sleeve of one of the white coats with great force. Using his claws, he jumped on another wall at the moment when the Zerg quickly blocked his white furred claws.

His trajectory formed an angle and the fox jumped up and down. After landing, one of his forepaws, because he did not estimate his weight, accidentally slipped. Wen Jin frowned and forced his paws to stand straight through the pain.

It was at that moment that a figure suddenly came around the corner. Wen Jin and Mary looked at the figure instantly. Both beast eyes were shining. Was someone coming to help them solve these disgusting Zergs?

However, it was just a passing researcher and in the moment he saw the scene inside, he was very weak before he shrieked and fainted.

Wen Jin, who wanted to wave his claws:…

Okay, I can only hope that his scream will attract attention.

Looking back half way behind where he had just stood was Cohen. Wen Jin’s face was a little cold.

In Cohen’s body, the aura that belonged to him had long disappeared. Instead, he could sense Mary’s. But the real her was so far away from and not beside him, Wen Jin could now tell the difference. But if it wasn’t for the position of Mary’s voice alerting him, he was afraid he would not have doubted the smell.

He had made a mistake

Wen Jin thought he didn’t know that mothers could change their aura and smell.

Something on Cohen’s neck, like a response to Wen Jin’s guess, squirmed unnaturally. A pustule bulged across the whitened skin. At the same time, Cohen’s eyes also showed unnatural stiffness. Blood was still flowing down from the hole in his chest, but from the depth created from the ice lance, it could not be a living person.

Wen Jin looked at the bulge that was about to burst out of Cohen’s neck and subconsciously retreated. When his big tail swept into the wall, he stopped his retreating steps, raised his tail and leaned against the cold wall with his butt in an attempt to calm himself down with the low temperature.

He had no spirit and he could see the blood on his paws. Assyrians were afraid of Zerg’s but he was not afraid. Except..he just found them really disgusting… This bulge looked at least as big as dozens of those little Zerg bodies. How much body fluid would splash out when that bulge burst open?

His paws were placed on the ground and Wen Jin’s small hairy face was wrinkled together. Before he moved, his stomach began to turn over like raging waves in the sea.

He turned around and looked at Mary, who was still struggling in the split body group, but her speed and movements were beginning to slow. Wen Jin took a deep breath and ran faster.

He had to go back and have Dewitt wash his feet!

With that in mind, Wen Jin leaped into the air, tugged Cohen’s clothes his entire way up and swept out in a flash of light. Even if the world changed, the nature of living things would not. The remaining four white coats rushed towards him like mad.

The Zerg that put Mary under great pressure also backed up like a tide and then returned to follow Wen Jin. Tens of millions of Zerg came into contact with the army. Wen Jin, a magnificent demon, felt goose bumps all over. Now he was incomparably irritable. Why did he have to have no reiki! He wanted to freeze all these disgusting things into ice and break them into pieces!

Wen Jin quickly rushed onto Cohen’s shoulder. Although the mother Zerg was in Cohen’s body, it seemed to feel Wen Jin’s aura. She was running in another direction in Cohen’s body! Wen Jin clenched his teeth and put more effort into his claws. Nevertheless, it was better not to use force. With too much force on his hurt leg, Wen Jin’s claws missed Cohen’s shoulder. He couldn’t stand on that shoulder!

At that moment, a dagger pierced Cohen’s shoulder horizontally. Mother Zerg was stabbed yet she still fiercely struggled. The sharp dagger stabbed down without mercy, the handle of the knife was hard and the sharp dagger directly pierced the mother Zerg.

The mother did not struggle for two seconds and then died under Cohen’s skin. At the moment of the mother’s death, the split bodies suddenly stopped in place and did not move. Wen Jin was also dragged into the air, grabbed by the scruff of his neck.

“Chiiii!” Mary immediately gave a loud cry when she turned her head and saw Dewitt. Her eyes flashed with light when she saw Wen Jin, who was carried by Dewitt by his neck. She was relieved and she felt a sense of accomplishment. Then Mary moved and carefully hid a small pill that Wen Jin had given her before turning around.

Looking at the mess in the corridor and the dense Zergs on the floor, Dewitt must have thought more than Wen Jin and Mary did. His face was frosty and his eyes fell on Cohen’s face. His eyes flashed fiercely, like the light from the sharpest point of a knife.

It was not because Cohen threatened Win Jin but because the Zergs had appeared in the heart of the empire, or at least among the researchers guarded by the military. Such behavior threatened Dewitt’s duty as the marshal and this time they took such a big risk to try to grab the small fox.

If he hadn’t arrived, the infected body decomposed by the mothers would have attacked Wen Jin and then he would have…

Emotions, one after another, poured into Dewitt’s mind and he was shocked by the instability of his energy core, which was almost immediately emotionally immersed in spiritual dissociation. Hearing the researchers and the alarms coming from all corners, Dewitt closed his eyes. After two seconds, he lowered his head and looked at Wen Jin, who was still in his arms. He was trying to comfort him, but he found that Wen Jin’s face seemed wrong.

His eyes were looking straight, eyelids half open, lips tight and sharp ears straight. His face was frozen, as cold as deep winter’s frost.


Wen Jin’s claws ached, his butt was cold and he was nauseated by the Zergs. It was only 3 or 4 p.m., but he felt that he could not eat anything until late evening. He didn’t care if he gained weight by not eating three staple meals and only small jerky!

Even if the storm had stopped and the bedbugs were all dead, Wen Jin still felt nauseous, which repeatedly affected his appetite until the next morning. He wasn’t able to eat a total of seven meals! There’s no difference from that and losing seven billion dollars! 

Dewitt was still angry. The big fool had even dragged him by his scruff in the air.

That was where only his mother could pick him up! His father had never even touched him there before. Every time he dared to touch him, he would unsheathe invincible claws. Dewitt not only grabbed him by the scruff of his neck, but he also hung him in the air again. This kind of action was too bold!

Looking back at Mary not far away, Wen Jin remembered what Mary had said before. He thought about how poor Dewitt said he was and Wen Jin was even more angry. He was tired and disgusted by Zergs, so now he did not want to even touch people with his paws. He decided to freeze Dewitt with his eyes in a more cruel way. As Wen Jin squatted in Dewitt’s arms and secretly huddled a paw to practice his cold and frosty ways, more and more researchers and idle people were attracted by the noise and crowd.

Most people were nauseous when they saw the scene inside. Some even looked at it and rushed out before vomiting on the spot. Only a few people with strong mental prowess could cover their noses and stand in the depths of the corridor.

“Didn’t Cook want to establish a truce with the Zerg? How could the scientific research institute have Zerg…”

“That’s disgusting. Why did the alarms not work? Fortunately Marshal Dewitt was there. If not, what disaster would they have caused?”

“No, it wasn’t Marshal Dewitt. Marshal just ran here with me. When he came here, it was already like that from the white beast and Mary… Hey, did you feel any energy fluctuations when you came over?”

“Yes, I came here because the experimental vessel I placed next door was shattered. The energy fluctuation was too strong. It couldn’t have been a Zerg. Now, besides self-healing, the Zerg have evolved an energy core?”

“Impossible, but the Zerg was determined by Old Lin himself that there were no energy cores and the evolution speed is not so fast either.”

“Then who did you say that beast was? Wasn’t it also the scientific research institute that said that there couldn’t be an energy core in a beast?”

“I heard someone in the machinery department saw it, otherwise…”


“Marshal.” Dewitt’s face was obscured and Cassey, at the other end of the hall, after arranging his hands, separated the crowd around him and returned to Dewitt. “Sendo is here saying he wants to see you.”

Dewitt looked away from Wen Jin and looked at Cassey.

Major General and Marshal were different by four ranks, although the number four seemed not very large, but in the military, it was as different from the ground to the sky.

“He’s in charge of the Capital Star Energy Station. He invited Count Fitt and Marshal Shen.” Cassey leaned up to Dewitt and whispered and paused heavily on the last two names. Unlike Cassey, Shen was equally qualified in his ability with Dewitt, but his position depended on his clever brain and good relations with the House of Representatives. It was well known that he did not agree with Dewitt.

If Dewitt had not taken over the Zerg battlefield and succeeded in resisting with one stroke, it would have been Shen. Shen was twenty five years older than Dewitt and had been elected as Marshal by the House of Representatives.

“It should be because of the damage the kid did to your house.” Cassey said, pointedly pointing at the warm, round and cold Wen Jin.

He didn’t say it was okay to tell anyone he did it. As soon as Cassey said it, Wen Jin became even more angry. The chillness from the back of his head slowly rose. Why didn’t he pull down the house again?

“I see.” 

Count Fitt, the prime minister’s brother-in-law, symbolized the high rank of the House of Representatives. He was irascible and usually outspoken. Shen En was a high-level military officer, meticulous and not compatible with Dewitt, Sendo moved two mountains, enough to prove that he was bound to meet this time.

Dewitt had never heard of Sendo’s name, but he knew of Shen En. He detects the wave frequencies in his home. Then, associating with the championships of the previous two days, Shen En will definitely be able to figure out the connection between them. So what to talk about in this meeting seems very obvious.

“Go in an hour without notice.” Dewitt did not seem to be very concerned, as if he had not been surprised by the arrival of this conversation.

Cassey nodded and looked around. “I tried to isolate the crowd, but… Repairing this area of surveillance could expose the energy of the kid, which we can’t stop and people around us can see and I don’t think it’s good to avoid the crowd completely at this time.”

“I see.” Dewitt said, nodding, agreeing with Cassey’s plan. After that, he reached out and gently touched the head of the little fox, who was busy practicing being cold. He heard the latter grunt and felt the tension in his heart which began with the disappearance of his normal gentleness and it made it not easy for him to relax.

Dewitt looked down at Wen Jin. Wen Jin thought he would only touch him and murmur about wanting to continue to crush his little face, but who knew that his restrained thoughts were apparent to Dewitt.

Dewitt touched him for a moment, as if he couldn’t stop himself. He felt all over Wen Jin’s ears and head, even went down his back. Wen Jin felt that if he hadn’t been sitting now, Dewitt’s big hand would have been wandering uneasily towards his butt!

This idea, instantly awakened Wen Jin and he thought of Dewitt fake crying in the suspension car. “Chee!” The mentality of practicing being cold was blown up by the grooming. Wen Jin shrank his back, squeezed out a perfect double jump in the air and then angrily bit Dewitt’s hand.

Super fierce, super hard!

He even stretched out his unhurt paw and grabbed a golden button on Dewitt’s wrist, which was very valuable at first sight.

After that, he gave Dewitt an imposing look.

This was for crying!


The author has something to say: 

The last set of Dewitt’s military uniforms that Wenjin spoiled: QAQ Little fox has a special love for military uniforms.

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