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Chapter 59: Arrogant Mastiff

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

After resting for the night, JinYu – just like a certain boss – swept away his earlier fatigue and energetically went downstairs. It was currently sunset, with red reflected in the sky, the color very beautiful. Of course, just because the scenery outside was great, that didn’t mean it was also great inside. Logically speaking, it should be the same harmonious, friendly interior of the shop as before. Though it couldn’t be considered a complete mess right now, it was almost at that point. It was nowhere as tidy and beautiful as it should’ve been.

“!! SaoBa, TuoBa!! Get out here!!” JinYu roared with a dark expression when he saw the scene. Did those two brats want to get locked up in the little dark room?! After he yelled that, the scene that JinYu envisioned of them running frantically out didn’t occur. Instead, Big Boss Qi QingLin reached out and tugged on a certain person’s sleeve, before pointing outside.

“… they’re loving each other.”

JinYu was stunned. Loving each other? He rushed outside before he saw a certain fool currently being pressed firmly down underneath a certain golden-furred beast’s body, doing its best to scratch and bite.

“ErHei! WangWang!! What are you two doing?!” JinYu’s veins kept throbbing on his forehead as he shouted at the two.

After hearing his roar, ErHei’s body trembled, before it turned and viciously bit WangWang, who then glanced up at Big Boss Jin. It thought a bit before it reached out and firmly slapped ErHei before standing up. With a whoosh, it appeared in front of JinYu.


After stamping ferociously down on the ground with its forelimb, making the entire courtyard shake a few times, the golden-furred WangWang bared its teeth menacingly at JinYu, challenge in its eyes.

“… I say, as expected, that fool’s relatives are all not that smart, are they?” JinYu looked at the golden-furred mastiff, who was currently looking threatening and challengingly at JinYu. He lifted his eyebrows faintly and stayed silent for a bit before speaking. He had no doubt that it was this idiot who destroyed the shop, and didn’t remember how JinYu saved its life or ErHei’s concern about it. That’s why it needed a spanking.

Just when WangWang was getting ready to send JinYu flying out of anger since JinYu kept ignoring it, big boss Qi suddenly waved his hand casually. In the next moment, a certain arrogant mastiff found itself astonishingly flying in the air, before slamming viciously back onto the ground.

About a minute later, WangWang shook his head and stood up a little deliriously from the hole it had smashed in the ground after being thrown into the air. After standing, it assumed a relatively simple defensive position towards JinYu, especially that boss behind him!

Right now, WangWang couldn’t really comprehend why it had been moved to this place from its old territory after it fell asleep. And furthermore, how could the fool it stole the bone from three years before also be here? Where were its parents and siblings? Why was the nephew it saw suddenly so much bigger? Even though it had tested it out earlier and discovered no issues, it still had to be wary! What’s more, the two humans in front of it gave it a very dangerous feeling!

Roar—!! 【Hurry up and give me back my parents and siblings! Or else I’ll destroy your whole house! And also, don’t even think about injecting us with something!! I definitely won’t surrender!!

JinYu rolled his eyes. This new fool’s paranoia was quite severe… but after taking into consideration everything that had happened to it before, he wouldn’t bicker with it. In any case, after it thought it through, it would still have more to suffer.

JinYu looked at Qi QingLin, who sighed slightly. He lifted his right hand lightly and, with a flick of his finger, a black screen that looked almost exactly like a light screen appeared in front of WangWang. Just when WangWang was hastily putting up its guard, the screen revealed how WangWang had suddenly barged in two days earlier, enormous and delirious. Then after it heard ErHei’s voice, it left right away. After it regained its normal size but lost its strength, it ran back over to the shop.

WangWang looked at itself on the screen, who kept twitching, before it saw ErHei, who anxiously and worriedly begged JinYu to save it. WangWang remained frozen and in disbelief. How was this possible?! It should be with its parents, how did it run out on its own? And so enormous and delirious at that… delirious…


After looking at the screen silently for quite a while, WangWang’s body started to tremble ceaselessly. When ErHei saw it start to shake more and more, it stepped forward slightly, wanting to comfort WangWang, but was slapped to the ground.

Roar—!! 【Stay away from me! Away!! I was caught… they killed me parents and siblings!!

Aoooooo—!! 【I’m going to kill them all! Kill them all! I’m going to kill all of them!! They deserve to die! Deserve to die!

WangWang’s emotions became quite stirred up, obviously because of what it saw on the screen, which made it remember the suffering it had forgotten, perhaps on purpose, from before. But no matter what, the suffering from before was like air: perhaps it could be ignored, but it would never disappear, unless you were already dead and could no longer feel it ever again.

JinYu looked at WangWang, who was charging violently and crazily around the yard. He lifted his eyebrows before he walked towards the mastiff. When he was just one step away, JinYu lifted his hand and placed it on WangWang’s head.

WangWang abruptly looked over, staring viciously at JinYu, as if it could eat him up at any moment.

“You still have to protect and take care of your family. For example, ErHei and your owner, mate, or cubs you’ll have one day. Follow me. I can ensure that in the future, I will absolutely bring you to a place where you can flatten that inhuman research institute. This can be your second home. Turn and look, they can all be your siblings.”

The mastiff stared straight at JinYu with its dark eyes, listening. When facing those gray eyes, it saw an unreserved trust and sincere concern.

Roar… It slowly lowered its head, sniffing JinYu’s scent gently, remembering it perfectly in its heart. Then its paws crept forward, showing that it had complied and was recognizing its master.

When JinYu sighed and petted its head, WangWang howled deeply a few times again.

【I have to flatten them! Right?

“Relax. Even if you weren’t here, I would definitely completely oppose those research institutes. So, WangWang, you can relax! Don’t think too much about things that aren’t happy or are messy. Accompany ErHei, it cares about you a lot, you can’t steal its bones anymore. Also, you have to communicate and learn from XiaoBai, DaBai and the rest. Only when you have outstanding companions will you have more chances to win, isn’t that right?” JinYu firmly rubbed WangWang’s head, saying something that made it speechless.

Even though WangWang felt like his master before him – the one who was sometimes serious and sometimes carefree – was a bit strange, to tell the truth, it thought that the shop was already very good from the moment it first saw it. When it woke up again and saw all sorts of beasts, WangWang thought that perhaps, it had already started to like this place that let it feel warmth from the bottom of its heart.

Just as new member WangWang was thinking that, and the old members were looking doubtfully at this new A+-level beast, JinYu shouted something loudly, “TuoBa, SaoBa!! Until when do you want to ignore that wrecked room?! If it isn’t clean before dinner then you don’t have to eat!! And DaBai, XiaoBai, BaoZi, XiaoXue, you four!! In order to watch the show, you dropped everything else, is that so?! Go sit facing the wall and reflect for one hour! Who did you learn this from ah? When something happens, you don’t know how to go up and stop it, yet you just watch it all burn while secretly adding fuel to the fire? Do you think I won’t sort all of you out?”

As a result, SaoBa and TuoBa went to tidy up the room as fast as they could. After all gnashing their teeth at ErHei and BaoZi, the four beasts – with DaBai as the head – walked listlessly over to the corridor’s wall – WangWang was the main offender, of course. But as for why DaBai, XiaoBai, and XiaoXue glared at BaoZi… naturally that was because BaoZi was the ringleader and the one who suggested watching it all burn…

Looking at the yard which regained its orderliness, Boss Jin rubbed his forehead before returning to the shop satisfied. At that time, JinYu started to think back on yesterday and the somewhat strange thing that happened early in the morning today.

First it was how he was inexplicably sucked into an expanse of water, before he abruptly saw earth when he opened his eyes!! If it weren’t for Big Boss Qi, who was traveling with him and served as guaranteed evidence, JinYu would’ve thought he was dreaming. But that wasn’t the case. As he looked at the lost-and-found earth, his heart was filled with happiness and he thought everything would be reborn. But to his shock, he discovered that the entire earth was just like an enormous, enormous ghost town. There wasn’t a single trace of something living, nor were there any humans.

Just when he had decided to carefully investigate the Earth and really see if there wasn’t anything alive anymore, he had suddenly returned. After that, according to Shan Bailu, the shop had been enveloped by warm blue water, and that warm water had washed away a large portion of the irremovable drug network in WangWang’s body, saving it.

Simultaneously, as he was also saving WangWang, he suddenly realized that his own energy had swelled. What’s more, he was suddenly able to use it to attack others.

Reasonably speaking, at that stage he should’ve started making mischief. Except, after saving WangWang, no matter how much he wanted to see the earth again, he wasn’t able to succeed. It made him despair, and even a little hopeless…

Thinking that, JinYu suddenly slapped himself hard before he looked at that reddened palm with clenched teeth. No matter what circumstances and hardships he encountered, he shouldn’t be so disheartened or in despair. What’s more, what he saw this time was Earth! Even if his brain was destroyed by thinking, or his body collapsed, even if he had to do anything, he still had to go to Earth again! To confirm whether there was still vitality there – or, bring new ‘vitality’ there that had already been lost for a long time.

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October 18, 2019 9:51 pm

Thank you for the chapter! JinYu’s powers grew and now he matches Boss Qi even more. With the addition of the A+ Mastiff and a certain fish’s new powers the Cute Beast Store is even more of a powerhouse then before.

October 19, 2019 9:24 am

what vitality is on the Earth, I winder, even though I am here on Earth.. thanks for this chapter!

October 19, 2019 11:34 am

Thank you for the update!
Is it the season of spring in current story time? I see that everyone is looking for mate.

October 4, 2021 4:47 am

Keep all other humans away from earth. They’re the problem.
Thanks for translating.

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