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Chapter 70
Translated by Rikko of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

BaoZi, DaBai and WangWang reached out their paws, sticking out their middle fingers. Since they were all beasts, their middle fingers weren’t as long as a human’s, so they weren’t evident unless scrutinized.

However, judging from the look in the old principal’s eyes and the fox’s intelligence, it was crystal clear to them what those two-faced beasts, followers of the cunning JinYu, wanted to express. Nonetheless, as the esteemed principal of the Royal Hunting Academy, he was experienced in quite a lot of situations. The situation at hand was a piece of cake to him; he could even handle it with his eyes shut.

Thus, the old principal really did shut his eyes as he hollered out emotionally, “Everyone! Come and take a closer look! They are waving their hands to greet me! Look at how clever they are~!”

The soles of BaoZi and the rest of the beasts slipped at once as they twisted their bodies. Fuck! Can you get even more shameless than this, old geezer?

Noticing the disdainful and resenting looks on his beasts’ faces, the nearby JinYu let out a hollow laugh as he turned around. Previously, that pretentious old man cheated him out of a crystal tear. Even I got duped by this old fart, so don’t even think about winning an argument over him, you bunch of goofballs that only know how to monkey around.

Once JinYu thought about that, he stopped caring about his beasts. In any case, they won’t be plotted against under the watchful eyes of the public, nor would they be so stupid as to do anything that would tarnish their reputations. Besides, with the six of them helping their nephew to choose an owner, JinYu believed they would definitely pick out a great owner. After all, although those fools were usually a bit of a loafer, they still have a relatively good eye for people.

JinYu pulled Qi QingLin along as he strolled around. Just then, he teased a small golden-striped snake, pocketing a piece of its scales. Then, he exchanged a stone that was supposedly an energy crystal with a bag of snow rice and a chukar. Next, he approached a teenage killer crocodile, which had the size of an adult crocodile in Earth despite its young age, to exchange a bag of anti-parasite bath salts with a few crocodile tears…

As a certain goldfish kept exchanging while strolling, eventually, his hands were almost full. Beside him was Qi QingLin, who twitched the corner of his eyes when he realised that. In the end, he resigned himself to take over the stuff in JinYu’s hands. There’s no point asking him where he hid his food. After all, he was always the ultimate winner whenever he randomly played treasure hunt with the young beasts in his store.

Seeing the goods JinYu exchanged piling up more and more as he strolled, the audiences at their seats widened their eyes increasingly. Is this a magic trick?! It must be! That guy started his stroll from the 300 B-grade beasts at the back and has passed by a hundred more young beasts, yet he can still keep on exchanging or getting stuff from the majority of young beasts, succeeding thrice every five times! What in the world does this guy do for a living? Perhaps he is a psychologist for young beasts? And is an expert in his field?

As opposed to the confusion and amazement of the audiences, the few big shots and old men at the rostrum pulled a face. Among which was the big shot, Mr Si, whose face had a hint of jealousy and hatred on it.

“Heh, Xiao Si, quite jealous, aren’t you? See? I’ve told you to interact more with that whale. Even if that guy ranks fairly high on the danger scale, there’s no choice; he’s capable! Look! He snatched so many quality goods from the mouths of young beasts that aren’t familiar with him at all, not to mention the victim beasts’ temper are more stubborn than the next! Which beast tamer or breeder in that manor of yours can do that? Even though that youngster is devious and crafty, he is definitely the best in understanding and communicating with beasts; no one can ever top him on that!”

Upon hearing what Old Jin said, Big Shot SiYang and the rest of the people at the rostrum felt a chill running down their spines. Yet again, they shifted their gazes towards JinYu, gloom and uncertainty a bit more apparent in their eyes. On the other hand, Long ChangXiao, Jin Qian and Shan BaiLu had no reaction to that at all. The former two guys already predicted that while the latter still firmly believed in his boss’s unrivalled principle, even if a hundred years passed, it would never change.

Just as everyone focused their eyes on JinYu and Qi QingLin, with even a motion tracking spotlight following them, all of a sudden, everybody noticed that the expression of the charming judge in white Tang suit displayed on the screen changed from an elegantly collected smile to bewilderment. His jaw almost fell on the floor, and his eyes were glued to something.

No one would find it a surprise or even care if such an expression was on any random stranger, but when that expression was on Boss Jin, who was all smiles a mere second ago, it caused an immediate effect, piquing every single person’s interest. Everyone stared fixed at JinYu with their binoculars as an attempt to see anything abnormal in his line of sight.

Indeed, they found something unusual. However, as they saw how skinny it was as it curled up into a ball, ignoring anyone else, more than half of them lost their interest.

“Oh my! Judge Jin! What you are looking at is one of the ten peculiar beings of our academy. This beast is nowhere to be seen in the Great Dictionary of Beasts, so when it first appeared, it caused a commotion among the students in the academy. In the end, after our historians ploughed through mountains of ancient records, they think it is very similar to an ancient animal species, which is probably called a giant coon bear! Still, we don’t find it to be a giant at all.”

The old principal’s explanation almost made JinYu yelled at him in rage. ‘Giant coon bear, my ass! Although in his world, some foreigners did name it that, to a pure black haired Asian with black eyes, this was their fucking national treasure! Its name is ‘giant panda’! Giant panda, alright?!

Feeling as though he had finally met a friend from his hometown, the bright-eyed Boss Jin dashed towards the side of the unsociable, slightly skinny ball. Just as he reached out his hands to pet it, the little fellow turned over at once and raised its small, skinny paws to scratch him.

The voice of the old principal rang out again, a hint of schadenfreude in his tone, “Judge Jin, even though you are great with beasts, let me warn you, this little fella definitely won’t fall for your charm. It has been ten years since he has been with the academy and never has it grown in all these years. Besides, during the ten years, although it seems to possess an enormous amount of strength internally, not a single student can bond with it. It is the proudest, most obstinate and antisocial beast. I don’t think I will ever see it acknowledge someone as its master in my remaining years- What the fuck?!”

Before the old principal could finish dissing, his eyes went as wide as saucers when he noticed the little panda stopped its paws from landing. Then, for the very first time, it cautiously and earnestly sat up in its den, wobbling as it crawled towards JinYu and finally, it poked its head out to take a sniff, seemingly as an attempt to confirm something.

The panda’s actions prompted JinYu to take a step forward and set his hand on its nose, letting it take a generous whiff at it. About ten minutes later, the little guy raised its head abruptly and shifted its body back slightly. In the next moment, it pounced at JinYu from its den with a ‘woosh’, targeting at a certain fish’s familiar and warm embrace~ However, it was intercepted by the big boss.

“What the hell are you doing?!” JinYu was hopping mad when he realised his boss carelessly carried the young national treasure by the scruff of its neck. Instantly, he snatched over the baby panda, holding it in his arms before sighing as he stroked its fur.

“My little baby~ I never would have thought I could meet you here! This is just too exhilarating!!”

The surrounding young beasts felt uncomfortable once they heard JinYu’s exceptionally wistful tone. As for the football-sized panda, it trembled all over and continued sniffing in JinYu’s arms, seemingly trying to find something.

Reason finally started to slip back into Boss Jin’s head as he detected the national treasure was rather restless in his embrace. The moment that idiot bit hard on his nipple, he was riled up at once, whereas Boss Qi face turned ink black!

After grabbing the baby panda’s nape and tossed it back into its den, Boss Qi threatened it with a murderous glare, “Piss off! That’s mine!”

JinYu was still in pain, but when he heard that, his expression shifted right away, “You should be the one pissing off! It is mine! When the hell did it become yours?!”

Boss Qi relaxed once he saw his enraged partner, patting him on the back to smooth his ruffled feathers, “Don’t worry. What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours. You won’t lose out.”

JinYu’s face was comparable to that of a constipated victim. Gritting his teeth, he hollered word by word, “Get the fuck off! I rather have no ties with you!”

Qi QingLin’s expression darkened when he heard the reply. Just as he was about to tell his partner to stop with his nonsense, a babyish voice of a little boy, a mixture of exasperation, contempt and annoyance in its tone, interrupted him, “Don’t flirt in front of a child! And you liar! You have no bamboo with you at all!!”

JinYu and Qi QingLin froze at once, together with the rest of the people in the arena, who enjoyed the flirting by the sidelines. At the next moment, JinYu’s eyes went wide as he turned to the baby panda. He uttered out in disbelief, “You-you-you can speak human?!”

Fuck! Even if it’s a national treasure, the fact that it could speak was still horrifying!! Wasn’t the national treasure a genius being that always act like a spoiled child, look cutesy and feign a blank look? How did it manage to talk…? Although he could understand all beasts’ language, how could a panda accomplish that?!

The little panda that was laying inside its den curled itself up and yelled out a little scornfully and indignantly, “Duh! Won’t you know how to speak human after listening to it for ten years? I’m not an idiotic pig, ok?!”

“But the pandas that I know still can’t speak human after hearing it for more than ten years.” JinYu explained seriously, just to get an eye roll as a reply from the black and white stuffed-bun-like ball.

“As you know, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. This is not our homeland anymore… Besides, I’m not pure breed either, this trait is passed down to me after quite a few generations of ancestors.”

Immediately, Boss Jin felt his HP level lowered to the negatives. What the fuck?! How many generations must there be to turn it into such a trait?!

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Haha,a talking panda.And even make JinYu speechless no less.

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Thank you for the chapter! This panda is talking so now you know why noone could bond with it. No bamboo means you’re out!

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C’est ca qui vous choque !!! Le fait qu’il parle alors qu’il a essayé de tete le sein ???

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