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Chapter 74: Bai HongHu
Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Being the overly protective parent he was, it was obvious that he would get angry when his baby beast was about to be stolen by someone else. And no matter how you look at it, from the perspective of money or power, Owner Jin was true to his name, tough and expensive. So with enough substance to back him up, his expression got an ultra boost of scariness. It didn’t shock the BOSS but at the very least it shocked the man that suddenly appeared, as well as the onlookers flocking around the big screen.

“Ehhh, boss, don’t be so scary. I know you really treasure DaBai but maybe this person got the wrong beast?” Shan BaiLu looked worriedly at JinYu. Mr. Jin looked almost as scary as the BOSS.

“Regardless if he got the wrong beast or not, it’s his fault for picking a fight!!!” The same excuse can’t be used twice and since the ‘got it wrong’ excuse got used up by Long ChangLi, this one who came late, wouldn’t get out unscathed! Also, just by looking at their expressions, they clearly not the type to admit that they’re wrong.

As he thought about it, JinYu let out a cold chuckle. Did they really believe that by being the previous owner he can take back his beast? What’s with that wishful thinking? He was just thinking how nobody came to find him even after he picked up a bunch of really strong beasts…so it was waiting for him here. Did they want to dirty his reputation in front of everyone by saying he stole their beast and then gain the sympathy of the onlookers? To have this kind of thought…how naive. And to those beasts who were abandoned to die slowly…how cruel.

JinYu’s expression was broadcasted for thousands of people to see. Even these ‘innocent’ bystanders were shivered at his expression. But even then, all they thought was that, no wonder he opened a beast shop, he really cared for his beasts…After all, with young master Long’s precedent and the women being very unreliable, everyone had a similar thought, that DaBai belonged to JinYu.

Just as everyone was waiting for this new man in black with grey hair, handsome but a bit cold person to say they were wrong or to talk about his beast’s unique features, the men gave a condescending smile of disdain and said to JinYu, “Stop pretending, this is BaiHu, there was no way I would get it wrong, I raised him for twenty years, how could I get it wrong?! Not only did you steal BaiHu when it was wounded, you’re now saying it’s yours? I would go as far to say you used some kind of a drug to make it see you as it’s owner! BaiHu is extremely loyal, what did you do to it?!”

He said it with such seriousness, like he was upholding justice, and even with deep pain and anguish. By his words, owner Jin was a villain beyond help, that needed to be hung immediately! Other than that, DaBai was a pitiful beast who got brainwashed and maybe even tortured!

Even if a normal person heard such a ‘calling white black’ statement they would be enraged, much less JinYu who took the beasts as his own child. To those who wished them harm, he treated them as if they were enemies against the people, that general. For the first time, owner Jin’s face wasn’t a smile after extreme anger, nor a hideous cold anger, but expressionless and calm. His eyelashes fluttered like butterflies as he glanced down while calmly asking, “Are you sure this beast belongs to you?”

It was so calm, as if just saying hello, but for some reason, to the man and those onlookers, it was terribly frightening.

“Of course! I raised it for twenty years! It has been with me since it was born, of course I’m sure it’s BaiHu.” Even though his heart still palpated with fear, the man wasn’t going to back down easily. He calmed his expression and said to JinYu, “Also, my surname’s Bai, and the name is HongHu. The name BaiHu came directly from my name.” 1

As Bai HongHu was speaking, he looked at DaBai with extreme gentleness, as if to say how much he missed it and how much he treasured him. At the same time, his gaze for JinYu had a tiny hint of condemnation in them. That tiny expression made some onlookers start to waver. For him to say such a thing with certain, could it be that BaiHu was really stolen by owner Jin? Umm, but maybe not? He doesn’t look like someone who would do that. Also, why did Bai HongHu sound so familiar? Feels like I heard it somewhere before?

Just as everyone was confused about who DaBai belonged to and Bai HongHu’s name, those on the podium, namely the fox headmaster and Mr. SiYang both changed expressions. Especially the latter, he looked at JinYu with a mix of bitter hatred and admiration. My god you’re picking a fight with Bai HongHu?! That kid’s got a background similar to young master Long! Just three days ago, this guy was on the news okay?!

But JinYu, someone who knew nothing of the big names in the Capital Star, didn’t care for who this Bai HongHu was. So, after hearing what he had to say, JinYu’s expression became even calmer. He lifted his head up and said to him, “Since you raised it for so many years, can you tell me where you have been together? Have you fought alongside each other before? Seeing how much you care for it, has it saved your life?”

Hearing that, Bai HongHu laughed. He knew it, there was no way JinYu was a threat. Asking that was to show that he had nothing to do with BaiHu, right? Well, he came fully prepared and those questions were coincidently things he knew the answer to.

“Of course I can tell you. Twelve years ago, when BaiHu just reached maturity, I took it to the South, to explore the WuJi Forest where it found a water source in the sand. That’s the first time it saved me. Eleven years ago, when we were going on a mission sent by our family, we stayed in the eastern glaciers for a whole month. We were both starving till we were only bones when it bit through the ice layer, for us to escape, even breaking it’s teeth. We were able to complete the mission and that was the second time it saved me. Ten years ago…”

As Bai HongHu brought up more and more experiences from the past, the more the onlookers began to exclaim over the owner and the beast’s beautiful friendship. Their bond and trust even made some young girls burst into tears. That was until suddenly a woman exclaimed while pointing at the screen, “Look!! BaiHu’s crying!”

That sentence ignited everyone’s emotions and for a moment, everyone leaned in favor of Bai HongHu.

This situation was exactly what Bai HongHu predicted and wanted. Slowly, a smile creeped up on Bai HongHu’s face as he said like he won, “Three months ago, we went to the Barren Star to capture a Venomous Vine Dragon, but because I underestimated the amount of Venomous Vine Dragons, we were surrounded by a hundred of these B+ beasts. To save me, BaiHu unleashed its ultimate skill, ‘Sandstorm,’ while its limbs were broken and body poisoned. In the end, I was saved while it was near death and almost incurable. Just as I used everything to bring him back home and prepared to take care of it for nights without sleep, it suddenly disappeared! It’s been three months since then and I have been searching for it day and night…”

“To kill it once you find it?” Just as Bai HongHu was getting very emotional from talking, JinYu suddenly opened his mouth. With a single sentence, Bai HongHu’s expression changed and scared everyone looking.

“What are you saying, how could I do something like that?!”

“When I found it, it was in the garage dumps of Anjie. It wasn’t the fierce and loyal BaiHu you made out to be, instead, all of its limbs were broken and it was shaking from head to toe. It stared coldly, full of animosity, and would bite down on anyone who went close. Even then, it still looked pitiful, like a sewage rat, nothing threatening about it.”

“That’s because you-”

“Other than DaBai, in that garbage dump I also found XiaoBai, BaoZi, XiaoXue, all of them hurt and each worse than the other. To say they were street rats was being generous.” JinYu continued without a hint of emotion, “As for myself, my family is about breeding and taming beasts, so when I found them in the garbage dumps, I felt anger. That is because I could tell with one look that they had all been abandoned by their masters. And the reason being that they were no longer of any use to them.” JinYu looked up at Bai HongHu, “You say you went with DaBai to the Barren Star for hunting three months ago, then there should be satellites that captured you two together. I think the video of you throwing away your beast has been deleted, but if we check the immigration record of the Capital Star, we can tell if you returned with your beast.”

“M-My BaiHu was holding such injuries, there was no way I could transport him directly to the Capital! It would be asking for his death! Of course I left him to rest in the Barren Star but he was then stolen by you!!!” Bai HongHu felt his heart race violently, but his expression didn’t change. He was starting to regret the fact that he talked about the last three months as well. Now his lies were coming through.

“Oh, but you just said you ‘used everything’ to bring it back home. Or did I hear you wrong? How did you remember everything up until twelve years ago perfectly but forget something that happened three months ago?” JinYu left out a cold chuckle, “You memorized it beforehand didn’t you?”

“That’s a bloody lie you slanderer!!” Suddenly Bai HongHu’s face turned ferocious. Only after a long time did he continue with a stern expression, “It was a traumatic experience for me so I couldn’t recall it correctly, but you! You stole an A+ beast! I promise you I’ll send you to glacier prison!!”

JinYu mouth twitched while he remained expressionless. Looking at Bai HongHu as if he just saw an idiot he said. “Are you stupid? You, the owner, left your beast, who saved you more than ten times, at that Barren Star, with atrocious medical equipment and staff, because of it’s ‘terrible wounds’. Why would I, unless I was fucked up, go from the Capital Star to the Barren Star to steal a beast who is ‘resting’? Even if it’s A+ ranked, it had all its limbs broken and was even deserted by you. Why would I steal it?”

Even though JinYu was saying that, he was muttering something else in his head. If it was him now, maybe he would’ve tried to steal it, after all it was an A+ rank beast without an owner. If he took it back, maybe he could even get it to recover. Of course, three months ago he was still fighting death on Earth, there was no time for him to steal a beast he didn’t even know existed!

“And you say you searched for it for three months, but there is a spiritual contract between beasts and their owners. The owner can easily find the beast and call upon it with that. I’m sure everyone with a beast knows that. So then tell me, this ‘previous’ owner of BaiHu, how would I be able to sever that spiritual contract so you can’t find it’s whereabouts? Or rather, if you had the spiritual contract, even if BaiHu was stolen, how did it take you three months to find its location?!”

Without a moment’s notice JinYu’s eyes showed an absolute rage and his expression changed from nothing to pure anger, “You dared to throw it away three months ago because it was broken and incurably poisoned! How dare you come back three months later when it’s finally away from death door?! Even if it lived off you for twenty years, even you said it saved your useless life at least ten times!! You say it’s loyal, but such a loyal beast was thrown away because it couldn’t fight anymore?! You even sent people to kill it so as your wrongdoings wouldn’t be noticed! To escape, it had to live scavenging in the garbage dumps of Anjie!! You monster——!!!”

JinYu was in a frenzy of rage. From every fibre of his being showed a fierceness that was unrivalled. The slight gust of wind made his black hair and white shirt flow in the wind. He looked as if he was a god, up in the sky, angered, condemning mankind.

It was this appearance, one that made everyone fearful and shocked, that suddenly became pleasing in everyone’s eyes. Maybe it was because the man up there shouting in rage said what they wanted to say. A person like that was truly worse than any monster.

“You!!!” You bastard!! In that moment, Bai HongHu’s rage and fierce expression was even scarier than JinYu’s. It wasn’t until then did everything he hoped for become bubbles and disappeared. The tables had turned without a single chance of reversing it again. He miscalculated!!!

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Translator Notes:

  1. (t/n the specie name for DaBai is White Sand Tiger, Da Bai is Big White, while BaiHu is literally white tiger. The man’s last name is Bai ie white and his first name has Hu, the character for tiger. So DaBai’s modern equivalent should be a white tiger, in appearance at least)


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