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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Wen Jin gave Dewitt a furtive glance for the forty-second time this evening.

The man was half in bed at the moment, looking like he was sleeping, but he was actually delivering reiki to his body. This behavior was normal, what was abnormal was his clothes.

Wen Jin didn’t know what to think. Dewitt didn’t even wear any clothes when he came out of the shower. He just loosely wrapped a bath towel across his body.

Wen Jin’s eyes could not help looking at the two powerful Mermaid lines below his small tail’s abdomen. He wanted to rush up and hide his shame by sticking some fur on Dewitt’s body.

Wen Jin quickly open his tablet screen and clicked on the pet forum where he had originally found the spouse party meeting. Familiar with the beautiful and ancient style, Wen Jin, who was now familiar with the terminal, skillfully browsed the posts online.

Among them, the top one was Wen Jin’s posts from ten minutes ago, which he had no choice but to send out: <<What should I do if my pet doesn’t wear clothes after washing? It’s very urgent.>>

This was a very enthusiastic forum. As a new user, Wen Jin received a lot of comments in just 10 minutes.

[Kaka: ? Clothes? Qi beasts basically do not like to wear clothes. It is uncomfortable since it holds down fur. If they do not have a clothes addiction, it is normal not to wear it.]

Wen Jin pondered over the comment for a while and returned with a snap: [No, he usually wears short clothes.]

It’s lovely to wear and it’s always the kind that clings.

[Kaka: If a clothes addict suddenly does not wear clothes, maybe they are in a bad mood? Recently, I shaved my baby at home. Hint, shaving has a great impact on the baby’s mood. Maybe you should pay more attention to it.]

Wen Jin shivered wickedly by the word “baby” in this reply. He resolutely stopped replying to this user. He scrolled down and saw several new comments.

[Fruit Kernel: Qi beasts look good without clothes. Wow, how cute the furry beasts are. If they don’t want to wear it, don’t worry too much.]


Seeing this reply, Wen Jin’s eyes flashed a ray of calculating light. He looked at Dewitt calmly. He looked up and down at Dewitt with an expression of ‘I’m just trying to make sure that I’m as sure as this netizen said he’s absolutely not going to read my thoughts.’ He looked up and down for a long time and answered, [He’s not hairy.]

In his mind, he scratched the concave and convexes of those muscles gently. Wen Jin wagged his tail and added, [But lettuce is very good.]

This sentence just sent when Wen Jin received the prompt of the new message. [Lettuce? You mean body? Haha-ha-ha!  You are using all kinds of wrong characters since the original post. Are you just too young or have typos?]

What did he have to suffer? Wen Jin’s head shrank back and frowned at the comment.

Before he could understand the meaning of these words, the sound echoed for a new comment over his reply: [Wow, wow, I like beasts of good stature very much. I feel that the muscles look very sensible. I must calm down. Maybe it feels that its body is good enough to lure you to touch him.]

Wen Jin read the words and savored it carefully. He found this statement particularly reasonable. So he looked at his paws and at Dewitt in the distance. He squinted and cracked his eyes again for a long time.

He just sent out a reply and a new reply popped up, [Envy ah! I feel that your beast of the family is very clever. Which is unlike the one in my family, no love at all. You have treated it well and it must love you very much.~]

Wen Jin kneaded his paws once and his black eyes read through this reply several times, falling on the last row of words “love you very much”. These words made his whole body become warm and cheerful. He was a little happy and could not help but make several more replies. Although the wrong words were repeated, but it was still clear. 

For example, [the chest of my small tail is very touchable], [every night he will surely sleep with me in his arms] and [he prepares a variety of delicious snacks] and so on.

Reading from the beginning, netizens followed behind to shout good germination balls. They all began thinking that he keeps a big and simple beast, but from the last comment, the topic was more and more strange, more and more deviated.

After reading from the very beginning, a user finally broke through their shock as they responded, [Fuck me! Why does it sound like you’re raising a person? Is it a bipedal beast? We will also prepare snacks. This is not a post about a little beast, right?]

[Fruit Kernel:? My God, I thought that with the wrong typeface it might be a young one. Now thinking about it, it’s not really a beast, right? Aren’t these two days still crazy about the legend that there are contracts beasts that have become human beings? Is this really one?]

[Keda Duck: The contract beast that was posted is so cute! Think of a big hairy loyal dog contract beast X arrogant man ship! Soooooo cute! [Picture] x8!]

Wen Jin was looking at other people’s replies with relish. He read to the bottom of the thread and immediately opened the pictures. Then he saw a cartoon that broke his three views.

He saw a healthy man pressing a young man with a fluffy tail and pointed ears down on a table,…

Wen Jin’s eyes were wide open, looking at the place covered with thick mosaics, only feeling incredible.

“Chee!” What were these things? Why did people here like to draw such filthy pictures?

One claw clapped the screen off and Wen Jin stared at Dewitt on the bed. It didn’t matter if he didn’t stare, Dewitt’s figure was already easy to imagine. Now, when he looked at it again, Wen Jin could connect Dewitt with the person in the picture, the one standing with the mosaic.

The one on the table…

Wen Jin slipped into the sheets and curled up into a ball. He felt that he must be in a chaotic state. How could he imagine his little tail in such a silly picture of doing such a thing? No way! He must delete these pictures from his head!

He couldn’t sleep in bed tonight!


The next morning, Dewitt pulled an overweight fox from his neck, pressed a slightly sore acupoint, turned his head and looked at the red energy stone beside him. His eyes were deep.

Since his recovery, he hadn’t done anything except for that one physical examination, but recently, he always felt that there was something not right with his body.

It was not the same feeling as Zerg poisoning.

Dewitt stared at his hand for a moment, as if he could see the spiritual power flowing in it from last night. After his mobile terminal rang, he retracted his hand, paused, set it to answer in one ear and clicked on the connection. It was Cassey, “Marshal.”

“Yes?” Dewitt looked at the fox, who was sleeping on all fours and had a round belly and answered in a low voice. The voice was somewhat sober and mute.

“Will you come to the Army this morning?”

“I’m going to the scientific research institute in the morning.” Dewitt responded. He originally was only going to see Chen Xiong, but now he has one more thing he wanted to do. He had to ask Professor Lin something. “What’s wrong?”

“Ah.” Cassey’s face was grave. “Although the zerg did not wake up last night, the one caught in the alley that day had some articles… I think it would be better for you to come as soon as possible. Tomorrow the people from Uttar will arrive.”

These two sentences sound unrelated, but according to their previous suspicions, the moment has become a myriad of strands. Dewitt’s eyes darkened and he felt that the time was a bit wrong. “Wasn’t it the day after tomorrow?”

After landing, a dinner was held the day after tomorrow and then the Uttar would return after three days in Assyria. For larger things like this, the time for return and landing was set early.

“They temporarily changed the time, saying that the emperor over there wanted to come to Assyria to see something in advance. Anyway, it’s become very strange and the other side of the House had agreed.”

“When was this decided?” Asked Dewitt.

“Yesterday morning?” Cassey thought for a moment.

Yesterday morning. Dewitt’s eyes were deep. Yesterday morning, two things were exposed that shocked all of Assyria. The scientific research institute was bombed and a beast changed into a human being. Immediately after, Uttar proposed to change their arrival time.

Dewitt closed his eyes and thought for a moment. “Find a time and ask Chen Xiong who sold the original plans.”

Cassey heard Dewitt  and suddenly thought of something. “Ah, speaking of this, Professor Lin just dragged me to tell you earlier that Chen Xiong asked him to remind you to pay more attention to the underground arena. The evacuees they had contacted before seemed to be the ones from the arena on King Tiger’s side and the buried thread is still deep, Chen Xiong said, they did not use ordinary hexagrams. As for why not ordinary… He didn’t explain.”

Dewitt’s eyes flashed, “I’ll go to the scientific research institute in half an hour. You can hold down the number of people coming from the House of Representatives. People can’t leave, if they really can’t stay… Go to Shen En. Anyway, before I go back, people can’t leave.”


After hanging up the communication, Dewitt pinched the space between his eyebrows. He felt confused. He turned his head and stared at the energy stones beside the bed. He felt his energy core rising again. He frowned.

It wasn’t until this feeling faded that he opened the terminal and began to look through all the documents that came out yesterday while he was asleep. While dealing with these routine official documents, he thought of all of the successive events that had happened during this period of time.

Assyria’s internal problems had been fixed. Who were the remaining problems? Dewitt felt that the prime minister could explain everything clearly, but the prime minister could also blur everything. He never believed that Melson would be an ambitious black politician who tried to destroy Assyria. In fact, before this happened today, Dewitt always thought Melson was a good prime minister.

Even though he and Melson were quite different in many ways, it still did not change Dewitt’s view of Melson. He knew that in a place like politics, hot blood and integrity were not there to stir up things, so many of Melson’s actions, though he did not like them, were effective for Assyria.

But this thing… it was too big to gamble, as he said that day.

The oddly shaped guns found in front of the cave that morning must have been unrecognizable to ordinary people, but the frontier fighters could recognize them. They belonged to the Uttar scouts. The Uttars were very spiritual. They carried a hypnotic device that Assyrian scientists couldn’t understand up to now. They could easily seduce the enemy. What made Assyria incredible was that they had fought with the Uttar for so many years. In terms of equipment, the Uttar hadn’t left a single horse’s feet behind.

In other words, up to now, Assyria had no idea what the Uttar actually used to achieve hypnosis. Even with Assyrian technology, they simply couldn’t achieve the same lifelike and effective hypnosis as Uttarians.

During Dewitt’s father’s time, there had been five cases of the Uttar collaborating to create illusions. And while that kind of gun, which was carried by every Uttar Scout, had nothing to do with hypnosis, but it was the characteristic of an Uttar scout.

The Uttarians were no match for Assyria in terms of force, but until Assyria defeated Uttar, they were not able to surpass the Uttar in terms of spy work, especially under the unstoppable hypnosis. So the logic of an Uttar undercover spy getting into the top of Assyria was very plausible. Even if it were Uttar, the project might have started many years ago.

But whatever happened before, the fact that the group was caught and the guns were seen yesterday morning means that the story had been exposed. This exposure could cause wars between the two countries, but the Uttar chose to go on to Assyria… It could only be said that the Uttar knew that Assyria would not wage war because of this.

To be sure of this means that they had spoken to those at the top of Assyrian power. Either long ago or after it was discovered.

It was not Dewitt, so maybe it had been Melson.

At this point, it should be clear in theory that this was an enemy star’s plan to invade Assyria and the plan had been completed very smoothly. Under such threats, Assyria could be said to be in jeopardy. Because of recent developments in Assyria, the Prime Minister had to choose a certain degree of compromise even after he discovered it. But, as Dewitt said, it became clearer because of Melson and blurred because of Melson.

Why was it clear? Because Melson must have known all this long ago before he agreed to form an alliance between Uttar and Assyria? It may even include the connection between the Zerg and the Uttar. After all, invading at this point could only be done by the Uttar. With a Zerg’s wisdom, they could only enter Assyria if they had a connection with Uttar. So everything he knew, from Melson to the Zerg, it was enough to get the answer.

The reason for this was that Melson’s ambiguity was always there. Melson’s position would never give Dewitt a sense of adventure.

If it was just an undercover scout, it meant that they had been planning for a really long time. If it was a mutual agreement, then as early as he woke up, Melson would send him a message, which was Dewitt’s judgment and trust in his colleague of many years.

But Melson didn’t do it. The only possibility why he didn’t do it was because he wasn’t sure if Dewitt would trust him after he said everything. That is to say, he himself was involved in the matter. And this reminded Dewitt of the poisoning outbreak of the Qi beasts, which was closely related to the Uttars.

Chen Xiong’s actions were normal at any time. This was a contradiction deeply rooted in Assyria. But why did the Uttar people, who went deep into Assyria, want to blow up contract beasts in the mountains at the risk of exposure? Why was Professor Lin the only scientist injured that night in the scientific research institute? Why did the poisoning in Gourmet street have a better effect on Assyrians, but the black hand behind the scenes chose to throw it on the contract beast?

This kind of experimental attitude reminded Dewitt that decades ago, the Uttar people seized the people of the Assyrian frontier to do experiments and eventually triggered war. Did they really know all about that experiment?

A series of questions flashed through Dewitt’s mind. His eyes stopped, closed and he calmed down.


It took half an hour to process through all the documents he had received from the army.

Dewitt’s arm moved, but it suddenly was swept by something. He couldn’t help looking down at Wen Jin, who was still sleeping soundly in his arms. The little fox’s sleeping position was so ingrained that it hadn’t improved at all. It was not this that attracted Dewitt’s attention, but…the terminal on Wen Jin’s paw had begun been flashing.

Each flash was equal to unread news. It flashed once, then flashed so many times…

Dewitt frowned and reached for the terminal screen. He just wanted to suspend the messages, but he didn’t realize that this stroke carelessly turned on the screen directly.

After opening, the intense picture on the screen cleared Dewitt’s brain but caused an earthquake. He stared at the picture for a long time and even rotated it left, right and then left again.

Finally, it was back to the original picture, Dewitt’s face was a little dark and his eyes fell on a clean white fur with four legs.

He remembered that he had given this terminal to Wen Jin to let him learn.

Looking at the picture on the screen again, Dewitt eyes deepened. 



Wen Jin woke up around 10 o’clock. At that time, Dewitt was sitting on the bed and looking at the official documents. Wen Jin stretched out comfortably and collapsed four meaty paws. He didn’t feel like he had broken his word. He rolled back and forth on Dewitt’s abdomen.

His hair was a mess.

“Awake?” He pinched one of the meat claws and Dewitt turned off the screen. “Just right, it’s time to get up.”

“Mmn.” Wen Jin answered vaguely.

“Your terminal was flashing this morning and I shut down the messages for you.” As Dewitt spoke, he laid the lazy fox on his pillow, got out of bed and began to dress himself.

Wen Jin responded carelessly.

Dewitt glanced down at him and went straight into the bathroom.

Why did his terminal flash?

When the bathroom door closed, Wen Jin confusedly thought this, then vaguely remembered the problem. Then, his skull was struck with a thunderbolt and he was instantly awake, pressing open his terminal.

Soon after, Dewitt, who was washing in the bathroom, heard the screech of the little fox in the room and facing the mirror, his thin lips warped in an arc. Ten minutes later, after washing, Dewitt opened the bathroom door and his eyes fell precisely on the little dumpling on the bed.

“When you go out in fifteen minutes, take whatever you want.” Dewitt casually took off the clothes on the hanger and reminded him.

In normal times, Wen Jin, who heard this sentence, would immediately fill the room to find what he wanted to eat and pile up hills on the tea table for Dewitt to take with him. But where did he have this idea now?

For a long time, Dewitt, who had just put on his trousers, heard a muffled voice coming from the small dumpling behind him. “You, did you see it?”

Dewitt wanted to say no, but he looked through the mirror and saw the warm, hesitant look behind him. He suddenly got a little ill-intentioned and tied his necktie quickly. “Yes, what’s wrong?”

Sure enough, he saw it! With a whine, Wen Jin buried his head in the bedsheets. He wanted to find a hole to drill down directly into. He wondered how the little tail looked at other people’s things.

Wen Jin’s voice was still laced with a bit of embarrassment and anger.

The hand that Dewitt used to put on his coat was bit by Wen Jin. He turned back and looked at Wen Jin with some curiosity. “What’s the big deal?”

Of course! This… How can such shameless pictures be seen at random?

However, before Wen Jin roared out, he reacted violently. He stared at Dewitt’s magnanimous face for a long time. What did he react to? He rubbed his paws repeatedly on the bed. “You, you don’t think of this…” The latter words were a bit difficult to say.

In fact, it was very difficult to bring this topic up in Honghuang. Normal people couldn’t say it freely at all. The same was true for beasts. So Wen Jin was a little surprised by Dewitt’s attitude.

After being shocked, an idea came to his mind, which made Wen Jin feel a little blocked. “Are you, do you often do this kind of thing?”

Dewitt could not help laughing when he was asked this. “Give me time and I will.” Not to mention now, he was too busy serving his little ancestor.

“In time? With others?” Wen Jin’s claws clapped heavily on the bed and he retorted without thinking.

After a claw was slapped, Wen Jin felt as if he had just overreacted and his face became more uncomfortable. He knew that he should show a little indifference in this matter, but with the content of that picture on Dewitt and others, Wen Jin felt uncomfortable all over.

Dewitt licked his lips and walked a little bit away. He prepared Wen Jin’s usual favorite foods and put it in his pouch.

“You…you and who else…?” Wen Jin looked at Dewitt’s movements and felt a little softened. He could think of the conversation between the two men before and then forced himself to stand up. When he saw Dewitt not speaking, he could not help asking more questions.

Dewitt, who had just returned to his room with his things, heard this, stopped and looked at Wen Jin with interest. The eyes were deep and stared straight at Wen Jin, making the latter almost want to take back the words he had just said, before he stepped closer to the direction of the bed.

Every step closer, Wen Jin felt his heart was beating heavier, but he could not lose momentum by losing anything, so even if he had wanted to huddle in his heart, Wen Jin still stared at Dewitt without shrinking his neck back.

Walking up to Wen Jin, Dewitt looked down at him for a moment, then suddenly stepped back and stooped down, stretching out a hand…

Just when Wen Jin thought he wanted to touch him, Dewitt shook his hand in front of him with a piece of jerky.

This motion seemed to have captured the momentary dumbstruck Wen Jin. Dewitt’s eyes were full of teasing, even the corners of his lips were hooked up.

Seeing the other side still silent, only reaching out his powerful hand in front of Wen Jin, shaking it seven or eight times, Wen Jin’s face and neck are not blocked and he slowly and leisurely tried to retrieve the jerky.

“And you.”

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