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Chapter 94
Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Although, at the moment, boss Jin was surrounded by his underlings due to his unconventional way of dropping down. His arrival caused his underlings to all report back in a frenzy of excitement.

But, as the main character, he was completely oblivious. The consequence of his arrival from the sky was to see a bunch of dumbfounded beady little eyes. The beasts that were laying down before, jumped up in surprise and stared at him. but it didn’t take long before they started shouting and leaping, one after another, onto the boss.

Roar, roar, roar~ [Boss, boss~ I missed you~]

Chirp, chirp, chirp [Master, master, why are you back so late?]

Squeak, Meow, Tweet…

In a second, boss Jin was completely buried under them. Jin Qian, Li Xiao and the others who came to see what was going on, couldn’t help but want to laugh at the scene. They knew how much the beasts loved him, but seeing it made them sigh emotionally.

Okay, maybe sometimes it wasn’t great to be too popular, really. Even though these beasts looked rather enthusiastic…wasn’t it a bit too enthusiastic? And why were there a few medium sized beasts backing away, with their heads in the carpet and showing off their butts? As if they had done something wrong?

The few A level beasts and Qi QingLin took the reactions of those beasts to mind and shared a glance with each other. XiaoBai, being the smallest and the least conspicuous, ran straight towards the kitchen. For one, he missed his moe and straightforward XiaoWei. With his personality, maybe he really would’ve been involved in whatever mischief those beasts got into. Also, he was clearly the most straight laced and honest beast in all of 138 beast store, even if a bit tsundere. Thus, if he knew what happened, asking him about it would be the best choice.

But, that was under normal circumstances.

Under abnormal circumstances, XiaoBai’s thoughts were useless.

Seeing the beast that looked as if it was going to burrow its head underground, without an ounce of tsundere-ness left, XiaoBai’s first instinct was to think someone bullied his partner while he was away. Are they out of their mind?!

With a swift motion, he jumped over to where the Taste-lore beast was and patted him.

Meow! [Who dared to bully you?! I’ll strip them naked and throw them in front of their nemesis!]

Hearing his voice, the golden tabby cat instantly lifted his head. In that amber eyes was all sort of feeling of being wronged and guilt. His gaze got XiaoBai even more confused.

[Ahh! Just say it!]

The Taste-lore beast felt much better seeing XiaoBai there. So scratching his head, he sighed and said, […when you guys left, my relatives came.]

XiaoBai just lifted his blue cat eye. What’s wrong with that, all beasts had relatives, especially their clan.

Seeing his expression, the Taste-Lore beast just continued sighing, [The point is, my relative was getting married and his wife was a foodie with a big stomach so I went to help. Oh right, my relative is part of the Coffee-cat clan, their specialty is all sorts of coffee beverages. I even brought back a bag for the boss…wait, that’s not the point! The point is! I f-ing made enough food for five days okay?! I even told Eagle grandpa to look after them and make sure it doesn’t get eaten in one sitting! But when I came back today, these bastards came pouncing over like someone starving ghosts!]

XiaoBai paused for a moment, his intuition was telling him it’s not going well. Waving his paws, he said, [Focus, focus]

[Oh…the main point is that they said they were too hungry and went to the Anjie to eat…the dine and dash kind.]

XiaoBai nodded, [Oh, just a dine and dash, why are you so surprised…wait, what did you say? Shit! They went as a group?! And for five days?!]

The Taste-Lore beast looked at XiaoBai who almost fell onto the floor and nodded, feeling sorry for himself.

[Not only did they do a dine and dash at Anjie, they also deceived DaDaBai. Oh, that White Bear from the Long family a month of it’s food money. Supposedly after DaDaBai found out, before he left, he stared at our sign for a whole hour before pointing the middle finger at it. That’s not the worse though.]

At this point, there was nothing to hold back, so the Taste-Lore beast continued under the dumbfounded gaze of XiaoBai, [They also got the rest of XiaoLu and the Big-Tailed Wolf’s family’s food reserve. Currently the two is still fine at home, but tomorrow, I think they will definitely come back.]


After listening to the Taste-lore beast’s story, XiaoBai stood there for a long, long, Long time. Then he patted his future partner’s head and said with a heavy heart, [The problem doesn’t lie with you, make sure to stay away tomorrow.]


The Taste-lore beast lifted his head with confusion. Seeing that, XiaoBai finally said with severity and deep pain, [What comes around goes around!]

[I just don’t know how much the master will ask them to pay….a large interest…I can already see their pitiful future.]

The Taste-lore beast just stared at him dumbfounded and then finally realized he was just going to be a bystander. Wasn’t that a bit too mean? Aren’t they under the same roof? …But, it really got nothing to do with them, so the boss’s punishment and evil smile, sinister smile, heartless smile, lets leave that to those who deserved it to enjoy.

He was just a chef. Just a chef!!

Thus, in reality, in many situations, leaving others to die, was very normal. After all, it wasn’t really death, just worse than death.

At the present, boss Jin, who finally freed himself, sat down on his familiar sofa. With a smile, he asked his beasts, “When I was gone, you were all very obedient and didn’t cause any trouble, right?”

Boss Jin was really giving off a kind and soft smile, but half of the beasts who heard his words, froze. Then as a group, they violently nodded and then shook their heads.

The nod was to say they didn’t cause any trouble and the shook was to express the same sentiment.

Thus, boss Jin who understood what they meant, was very satisfied. He smiled brightly and turned towards Li Xiao and Cheng Liang.

“Hehe, that’s it for today. It’s already dark, you guys should go back first and leave everything else for tomorrow. As for the half-baked doctor, you should take the guest room with BaiLu.”

Shan BaiLu almost jumped hearing that, but as he was about to protest, he felt a little dizzy and then he was within a certain doctor’s arms. The latter smiled at JinYu as he asked, “Where’s the guest room?”

Hearing that, JinYu looked at his shoulder to see XiaoHei who was very excited to see so many beasts and a corner of his mouth twitched. The Lost Butterfly Beast isn’t meant to be used as a drug okay? But he still pointed towards the room on the left.

On one hand, JinQian carried Shan BaiLu away, on the other, Cheng Liang and Li Xiao bid their farewell with twitching mouths. Overall, they were happy with their little adventure and they haven’t seen their beasts in quite some time. Yep, they missed them. Don’t know if they got thinner or not? No matter what, they should have enough food stored.

Once everyone left, JinYu’s face finally showed a hint of tiredness. Although he had left of the old man for the teleportation, as the medium (median), it was still taxing on his body.

Seeing JinYu like this, Qi QingLin glanced over at the group of beasts still huddled around at the side. The latter felt a shiver and then instantly back off towards their nests. When they saw the BOSS carry their boss up the stairs, they finally exploded and gathered together.

Sadly, all they saw in each other’s eyes was ‘we are dead’, those three words.

Thus, they now looked pitifully at DaBai, BaoZi, WangWang, and ErHei. But at this point, they had already heard the news from XiaoBai, so without raising an eyebrow, they went back to their nests to sleep.

After a while, a long while, long enough for the beasts to feel despair, did DaBai open his mouth, [Check how much allowance you guys still have and hand them all tomorrow.]


Instantly a sea of whining sounds occurred.

XiaoBai said coldly, [Although the boss liked to take advantage of things, it must be justified. Doing a dine and dash without a reason…are you guys stupid?! Don’t you know to at least pay the cost price?!]

Thus, the embarrassment and shame, the beasts all lowered their heads. Okay, in the beginning it was meant as a joke, so they went the next day to hand over the money, but they got taken as wanting to do a dine and dash again…so…it was intentional…Tomorrow, tomorrow, what if tomorrow never comes! Or better yet, disappear!

…But, proven time and time again, for tomorrow to not exist, you either kill yourself or get yourself killed, otherwise, it wouldn’t change for anyone, man or beast. The evidence? The rising sun.

And also the fact that 138 beast store got 360 degrees surrounded for the first time ever.

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Leaving children,ahem,beasts unsupervised for a long period of will always result in a disaster 🙂

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They went and done it. Jin Yu will be furious. Oh I can’t wait to read it!
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