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Chapter 79: Difficulty.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When Wen Jin put on his clothes, his hands were still sore, but the whole fox was full of comfort after coming. While wearing clothes and recalling the pleasure of the release, he couldn’t help squinting his eyes, with a meaningful look.

Dewitt’s suspension car actually had a lot of space. In normal times, Wen Jin did feel that way too. However, with this experience, Wen Jin felt that… it was a little too small.

“I think you need to buy a bigger car.” Looking at Dewitt in his clothes, Wen Jin said very seriously, then his eyes fell on a row of toothprints and paw prints on the shoulder of his opponent, shrinking his legs.

The shirt covered Wen Jin, but there were two small strawberries visible on his neck. Dewitt turned around and looked at Wen Jin. “How big would you like it?”

Wen Jin thought about it for a while and was trying to reach out for a gesture, but suddenly remembered what this fellow had just grasped, closed his mouth and stared at Dewitt, as if he were absolutely improper.

Dewitt quickly went up and kissed him on the cheek with a low laugh. “Next time, I’ll take you to pick it up.”

Wen Jin answered, satisfied, “Where are you going now, the army?”

“Research Institute. Professor Lin came out with the news that the antidote has entered the last stage,” Dewitt said, restarting the suspension vehicle that had been parked by the roadside for a full hour. As Dewitt spoke, his fingers slid on the screen in front of him, as if reading the information and then his eyebrows twitched.

Wen Jin was yawning in his chair, feeling a little sleepy.

“Baby.” Just as Wen Jin was caught rubbing his eyes, Dewitt looked back at him and seemed to want to say something, but when his eyes fell on Wen Jin, the original words caught in his throat. He frowned and approached. “What’s wrong?”

“Tired.” Wen Jin frowned. “It’s a bit too late.”

Wen Jin finished that sentence and was embraced by Dewitt, whose voice was apparently tense. “Why tired?”

In the past, Wen Jin shouted to Dewitt to let him sleep, but at this moment, Wen Jin’s face was too ugly to be caused by simple sleepiness or tiredness.

Wen Jin’s head rested on Dewitt and his body was blown up. He rubbed Dewitt with his face like a little fox. He wanted him not to be so nervous. However, after the rubbing, Wen Jin’s body suddenly rose a strong desire to become the original shape.

And not long after this desire rose, Wen Jin really did not hold back, directly turning into a small fox. The moment he felt his body shrink, Wen Jin muddled and when he regained consciousness, his surroundings were covered by the clothes he had just worn.

After recovering from the mass of clothes, there was a fever on his face. He stretched out his claws and pressed the edges of the clothes around him in an attempt to cover himself more tightly. He felt a little humiliated. He had been a demon for thousands of years. Why couldn’t he keep his form? Had he spent too long as a human?

When Dewitt opened his clothes, he saw this scene, staring at the snow-white dumpling in his clothes for a moment. Dewitt frowned, reached for the little fox and grabbed the hair behind his neck, forcing Wen Jin to show his eyes.

“Chee.” Wen Jin, who felt his hair pulled, proficiently extended his paw and slapped him on the face.

The claws on his face were still strong and Dewitt was a little relieved. “Are you feeling bad?”

“… No pain, just a little sleepy.” Although it seemed a bit humiliating to be unable to maintain his human figure, he found that the face of the small tail did not show a bit of an anomaly. Knowing that the other party really did not care about their original things, Wen Jin was cured and dawdled over to Dewitt. In fact, he was still a little bit weak, but compared with the feeling that his mind was bloating, it was much better.

In this way, Wen Jin rested for a while on Dewitt, felt his body slowing down and then stretched out his claws to open the light screen and continued to pay attention to half of the gossip he had seen before. As soon as the light screen popped out, Wen Jin’s little paw popped out and paused. “Have you turned off the thermostat?”

“No?” Dewitt was stunned and confirmed to the control panel, “It’s still on.”

Since the story from the little fox, Dewitt had never forgotten to turn on the thermostat in any room.

“Did you just accidentally lower the temperature? It’s a little cold.” Wen Jin said and drilled again into Dewitt’s clothes. Wen Jin was a little careless when he said this. After all, there was a big heater behind him and the cold could not go anywhere.

However, the speaker did not intend to listen.

Dewitt opened his mouth and looked at the little fox in his arms. His eyes darkened and he did not speak for a while. The reason why the thermostat was because it automatically adjusted according to the surrounding temperature, there was no problem of it artificial lowering.

Dewitt took a deep look at the sign on the control panel and reached out to sense the movement of the machine. After confirming that the thermostat had not gone wrong, his heart sank a little. He did not speak. He reached out and changed the thermostat into a heater. He raised it several degrees then unfastened his clothes and laid the fox on his chest.

After two steps, Wen Jin finally felt comfortable. After a little more lying down for a while, his spirit looked better. He raised his eyes and looked at Dewitt. “What did you just want to say?”

Dewitt, who was staring solemnly at Wen Jin and wondering what he wanted to write, was stunned by such a sudden question and paused. “It’s all right. You have to rest first.”

“It’s clear that something is going on.” Wen Jin frowned and stretched his claws to pick the watch on Dewitt’s hand.

“… It’s Professor Lin.” There was no way to pick up Wen Jin. Dewitt grabbed Wen Jin’s cold claws with one hand and muffled his heat in silence. “He said that Dr. Chen’s recent situation is not good. I wanted to ask if I could take you with me and see him this time.”

“Chen Xiong?” Wen Jin was stunned and immediately responded, “Was that the day when he was injured in the Academy of Sciences?”

He remembered the scene that day, when he said that Chen Xiong could not use his spiritual energy in such a violent way that he would surely be rebuffed afterwards.

Dewitt did not speak. He reached out and touched Wen Jin’s back. Before, he always felt that such a little white dumpling was holding his hand in love. How comfortable it was to touch it, but now he felt too small to touch. It felt like he was going to disappear.

“Ok.” Wen Jin wagged his tail. “That fellow is quite talented.” He was really gifted to be able to cultivate spirituality in such a sparse place as Assyria. As long as he didn’t hurt his foundation, it shouldn’t be a big problem.

“Are you still suffering?” Dewitt did not answer any questions.

Wen Jin wagged his tail, felt it for a moment and said from his heart, “It’s not uncomfortable.” No dizziness, no sore feet, he was already a fox who could start gossip with a full spirit!

However, after he opened the screen with his paw, he unconsciously drilled into Dewitt again.

The latter looked at the already high temperature on the control panel not far from his eyes and felt that he was sweating outside. However, Wen Jin’s body was still cold and his brows were deep.

The author has something to say: 

Dewitt: What should I do when my wife suddenly feels weak, online, etc. It’s very urgent!

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November 23, 2019 5:01 pm

Oh yeah, so when was Wen Jin last time of using the toilet to poop?

November 23, 2019 10:05 pm

Between the previous chapter and this one there apparently was some smutty scene in the car, but we won’t get it as the author she is bad at writing smut, oh well, ehhhhh.
I just hope that the weakness Wen Jin experienced just now is nothing serious and it won’t affect him later.

Thank you for the chapter!

November 29, 2019 11:56 pm

Gently put your wife to bed, kiss all over her/his body but no “ahem”, turn off the lights and no computer or smartphone in sight. Need a good night rest.

December 14, 2019 9:10 pm

Whoa iz he preggers (jk)

July 22, 2020 5:08 am

Will I ever know what the smut scene was? *sIghs and then cries* I WANT TO KNOWWWW!!

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