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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Shi Yu was lost in thought when there was a knock on the door of the ward. He turned around and first saw the head of the grade was standing in front of the door, then the woman who was standing behind him.

The head of the grade pushed open the door with permission. “Shi Yu, your mother is here to pick you up.”

When Shi Yu came out of the cubicle, he saw a woman with a soft smile. Because of good maintenance, he couldn’t tell her actual age, but the outline of the features was a kind of open and charming beauty. Her eyebrows and nose were very similar to Shi Yu’s.

Shi Lan took off her sunglasses, looked at Shi Yu and suddenly smiled. “I can’t believe you’ve grown so big,” she said and reached out to caress the side of his face. “The Lian family had such a big accident. Why didn’t you come to me?”

Shi Yu lowered his eyes. Only then he remembered that Lian Yucheng had given a phone number to him, but he was used to being alone and hadn’t dialed it.

Shi Lan also didn’t ask the reason, only sneered. “Lian Yucheng, that dog. Back then, he said he would take good care of my son. Now, he abused people like this and still lied to me that you had a good life. I also came back to hear from your classmates that you knew Lian ZiJin as a cousin? It’s all a lie! I’m legally divorced from Lian Yucheng and you’re his child.”

Shi Lan took a moment to explain the past to him.

After an omega divorced, they needed to get rid of the mark. Their body would be weak and it would be hard to remarry, let alone when there was a child. Shi Lan was still in the quarantine period of mark washing and Lian Yucheng’s vow to be good to Shi Yu was a lie. She was cheated.

“I wasn’t expecting you to live in the Lian family for more than ten years and be kept in the dark.”

If Shi Yu hadn’t changed his second gender, Shi Lan would still have thought that Shi Yu was ‘unwilling to see her.’

“Who told you that I changed my second gender?” Shi Yu asked.

“You call him President Jiang, right?” Shi Lan laughed. “His parents approached me and said they wanted you to go out with Jiang ChengLi on the condition that you get married.”


Shi Lan took Shi Yu to the Jiang’s villa.

“I’m working abroad now and have a new family with two stepchildren. There should be no plans to come back in the short term, but I made your identity clear to them and they will accept you.” Shi Lan was serious. “Now it’s my turn to ask you. Do you want to come with me, or stay?”

Shi Yu looked at the nails being gently tapped on her arm rest and understood the meaning of the cross-examination.

“The Jiang family is a high family with noble residence and both couples are shrewd people. If you are looking at money or power, I advise you to come with me.” Shi Lan put a clear price on everything Shi Yu could get as she stated the pros and cons.

“Once an omega is marked for life they are locked up for life. I just hope you are clear about that and don’t follow the same path as me.”

This was Shi Yu’s first encounter with ‘motherhood’ in his two lifetimes and he felt it was strange and unrealistic. He said, “I am 100% compatible with Jiang ChengLi’s pheromones. He has a reverse pheromone dependency on me.”

Shi Lan was stunned. Shi Yu said this without the weakness of an omega at all. She had thought that so many years of loneliness would make this child shatter at a touch, like a pretty glass.

“My words are a bit heavy, sorry.” She stood up and walked to Shi Yu’s side and took him into her arms. “It’s been hard.”

Shi Yu’s eyes were unexpectedly hot.

“I read your match report with Jiang ChengLi and you are indeed unique. I was worried that such a high fit would put you in harm’s way, but the boy seems to be very gentle towards you.”

Shi Lan momentarily had trouble describing Jiang ChengLi’s feelings; the boy’s emotions seemed to be more complex than straightforward liking. Not like the eyes of a teenager should have.

Shi Lan still wanted to say something, but Jiang ChengLi came back.

The Jiang family’s people were not able to wait for long and after passing the second level test, Jiang ChengLi was released. The demeanour of the teenager was cold. That moment he swept his gaze around and didn’t settle down until it landed on Shi Yu.

Shi Yu didn’t notice, but Shi Lan saw.

Jiang ChengLi walked behind Shi Yu and tenderly set his hand on the backrest of his chair, dropping his eyes. “Auntie, it’s fine.”

Shi Lan smiled. “Thank you for your trouble these days, Jiang ChengLi.”

Jiang ChengLi turned around and asked the housekeeper to prepare a room for Shi Lan, but Shi Lan raised her hand and refused. “My husband’s flight is tonight. I have to pick him up.” She smiled meaningfully. “I believe you. Xiao Yu will trouble you.”

There were only two people in the large living room now. Shi Yu sat across from Jiang ChengLi. He was slightly nervous. He looked at Jiang ChengLi apprehensively for a few moments. He wanted to say something, but didn’t know where to start.

Jiang ChengLi leaned idly on the sofa and looked at him. “Don’t you have something to ask me?”

“The day I…At school, I found a little ice dragon.” Shi Yu’s eyes couldn’t hide his joy. “Can I see your original form?”

Jiang ChengLi was silent for a long time. “You’ll be afraid.”

“I won’t.”

Jiang ChengLi stared into Shi Yu’s eyes and from his eyes he discovered a different kind of determination.

The cold rose out of thin air. The water vapor in the air seemed to gradually freeze; cold iron blowing across the eyes. Shi Yu automatically squinted his eyes. The large living room was instantly filled with frost and white mist.

The temperature plummeted. Shi Yu instinctively shielded his face with his arms and heard the sound of frost condensing.

Then he heard a roar.

As if spread from the depths of a snowy valley, the murmur fell on Shi Yu’s ears through the frost and inexplicably caused him to shiver.


The blue glowing wings opened up. If you looked closely at the ice patterns on the wing membrane, it was like some kind of mysterious incantation. The wings flapped with cold wind and frost. The slender dragon tail was on the sofa. Back spines like frost wound along the spine, they scattered a blinding and biting light. The dragon’s horns were rounded and they hung beside the ears. A pair of blue eyes like deep sea gems; pupils gathered cold, sacred and inviolable.

The ice dragon was the master of winter. In just a moment, he could freeze a thousand miles.

In order not to scare Shi Yu, Jiang ChengLi used his juvenile form. He waved his wings. They slowly fell to the table in front of Shi Yu. White mist was on all sides, so it was difficult to distinguish whether this was reality or a dream.

Shi Yu looked for a long time and didn’t make a sound because of the dragon that was in front of him and the one he picked up the other day. Except for the inconsistency in size, it was exactly the same.

Shi Yu swallowed and asked cautiously, “Can I…can I touch your horn?”

Jiang ChengLi blinked his eyes to indicate permission.

Shi Yu reached out and lightly touched the tip of the white dragon’s horn with his fingertips. It was cold and eerie. He could feel the subtle lines on it. He instantly became obsessed. His palm fell on the horn and because he liked it so much, he stroked it without missing an inch.

Jiang ChengLi thought he was just curious, but he didn’t expect he would touch it for a full three minutes without any intention of stopping.

“Can I touch your wings?”

Finally he spoke with an even more expectant look.

Jiang ChengLi, “…”

He blinked again.

Shi Yu stood up from his chair. This time he got his hands on it quickly, not as restrained as when he had just touched the dragon’s horns.

“Can I touch your claws?”

Jiang ChengLi blinked.

“Can I touch your tail?”

Jiang ChengLi blinked again.

“Can I touch your belly…”

“Roar.” This one doesn’t work.

The ice dragon spoke up!

The delight on Shi Yu’s face was even greater. Perhaps because of the juvenilization, just now that sound was not as shocking as expected, but instead…There was a little bit of softness.

He hadn’t even made a sound before.



“I want to…”


“Just for a second…”

Jiang ChengLi noticed that the man in front of him seemed to just want to hear him roar and sulked without responding. But Shi Yu was so aggressive that he acquiesced. He quickly reached around his wings and buried them directly in the small of his back with a slight fold.

Jiang ChengLi, “!!!” How!?

It was soft and warm.

The back spine was covered with a layer of pure white thin scales, with the head of the heavy armor a little lighter and more delicate. A fine touch was comparable to some kind of silk, soft and adorably warm.

Jiang ChengLi was caught off guard. Shi Yu was buried in the most sensitive part of his belly. He stumbled twice and was instantly overwhelmed.

The situation became a man on a dragon and he was inexplicably anxious.

Jiang ChengLi wanted to flap his wings to maintain his balance, but he was afraid that the sharp ice spines would hurt the young man in front of him, so he gave up after two slight tremors and didn’t move again. At the same time, his two front paws were held by Shi Yu. His tail could do nothing but hang on the edge of the table and before the teenager, the picture looked quite dangerous…

The good little dragon had met a lustful thug.

If he was in human form, Jiang ChengLi’s ears and neck would have been red, but he was now a dragon.

The young dragon was held hard.

Shi Yu leaned his face on Jiang ChengLi’s soft stomach where the temperature was a little warmer than his. It was very comfortable.

Almost pasted onto him, he’d then flip to the other side of his face and stay there. His image in front of anyone else was gone. Dragons came first. 

Jiang ChengLi struggled not to move. He would have liked to claw the person in front of him, but his icy blue eyes slightly condensed. His line of sight fell on the loose collar when the teenager leaned over.

Shi Yu’s school uniform was half open and there was light along his collarbone that flowed into his chest. When surrounded by snow, his pale skin almost blended in with it. This unintentional sweet spot instantly burned into Jiang ChengLi’s vision, like a feather scratched into his heart. His limbs tingled.

Jiang ChengLi swallowed a mouthful of spittle and tilted his head in resignation.

Holding it in, it was uncertain who would take advantage of whom.

Shi Yu looked up contentedly as the clock in the living room had passed ten o’clock. He saw that beneath him the young dragon was shaking slightly as he rose up, exhausted as if he had been abused several times. Shi Yu then realized that he had lost his temper and hastily pulled away to set him free.

But when he raised his right hand, he touched the tail of the dragon…

It was harder than the belly and a bit colder.

He couldn’t make his hand let go again.

Jiang ChengLi snapped his tail, and his ice blue eyes took on some momentum as he stared at Shi Yu.

Meaning: Enough. It’s time to restrain yourself.

Shi Yu rubbed his face hard, took a deep breath and silently recited three times ‘lust is void’ 1before he reopened his eyes.

Ah, no. I still like him so much, I want him so badly.

Jiang ChengLi was just about to pull away when he was hugged by Shi Yu’s arms again. Seeing that he was going to be unruly again, he could only exhale ice mist.

In an instant, the dragon cub in Shi Yu’s arms turned into a one-meter-eight Jiang ChengLi. Because of the speed of the transformation, Shi Yu was unable to stand still and stumbled backwards. Jiang ChengLi was quick to protect the back of his head and landed on the ground with him.

Now the situation was that Jiang ChengLi was kneeling and Shi Yu was lying down, still anxious.


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Sue R
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