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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


There was a three-second silence in the cubicle.

Jiang ChengLi turned his face sideways, looked away from Shi Yu, like he was angry.

Shi Yu blinked, his eyes wandered for a long time, unable to find what to say, and slowly lowered his head.

He heard Jiang ChengLi whisper. “No.”

The fire that was easily suppressed was about to come up again. Jiang ChengLi’s palm tickled slightly, he lowered his eyes and watched Shi Yu gently put his tail into his hand. The teenager in front of him had his head down and seemed to be checking out his waist, the line at the back of his neck was very alluring.

White, smooth, omega glands right there.

And Jiang ChengLi had bitten them more than once.

“I have to go out and work…Can you help me tie my tail?” ShiYu muttered in a low voice. He hung his head, suddenly turned around and messily wrapped his tail around his waist. “Almost here? Is it crooked?”

Jiang ChengLi squinted at the thin waist in front of him, sighed, and took the ribbon from his hand.

The cats he had seemed to be particularly bold. The one at home was, and this one was as well.

In the narrow space, a not-so-normal posture, the two boys leaned extremely close.

Jiang ChengLi’s hand wrapped around the small of his back and tied the ribbon tightly at the back. At the moment of completion, he gathered the end of his tail with his palm and leaned over to Shi Yu’s ear and whispered, “It would be nice if you could get smaller.”

Shi Yu faced the door and mumbled suspiciously.

“Then I could carry you away in my pocket, too.” Jiang ChengLi nuzzled the back of his neck and sniffed. The pheromones relieved all his negative emotions as he pinched the tip of Shi Yu’s tail. “Take the kitten away and put it in a cage. Mine. No one is allowed to see it.”

Shi Yu confirmed once again that the tail was not loose, raised his hand and undid the lock of the cubicle and walked straight out of the bathroom.

He did it with no expression.

Nor did he let Jiang ChengLi see the tips of his reddened ears.


Shi Yu worked until four o’clock in the afternoon, when there was almost no rest. He also slightly sprained his ankle.

The girls in the class couldn’t let him continue, and even though he was the most popular, they made Shi Yu stop. The ‘cat maid’ had just left the back kitchen door when he saw President Jiang’s figure at the corner of the stairs.

His armband had been removed. The handsome tall boy was leaning against the wall, his thin eyelids drooped a little and he released a strong aura.

Xia ZhiNing unwillingly raised the corners of her lips and whispered, “Oh, so there is another special flower protector. Our flower protection team can retreat.”

Shi Yu hadn’t reacted yet. Several students around him didn’t have the heart to understand, just cheerfully greeted Jiang ChengLi and left. He stood still and instinctually clutched his school uniform jacket.

Jiang ChengLi’s penetrating stare made him uncomfortable, especially right now when he was still in women’s clothes.

“Finished with work?” Jiang ChengLi walked up to him leisurely, his eyes fell on the sleeves of his jacket.

He Huan thought Shi Yu was too visible in this outfit, helped him retrieve his jacket and draped it over his body. Shi Yu gave an uncomfortable hmm. “You don’t need to patrol?”

“There are others.” Jiang ChengLi suddenly reached out and tugged on his right sleeve.

Shi Yu felt it as the right collar of his jacket slid down a bit, then heard Jiang ChengLi whisper, “I’m waiting for you.”

A dominant alpha should have been strong and dangerous, but the person in front of him was a little subdued and sweet, and was lightly complaining of dissatisfaction.

For the first time, Shi Yu felt that the student President could also be described as cute.

However, this ‘cute’ illusion was shattered the moment Jiang ChengLi tried to tie Shi Yu’s sleeves together.

“President.” Shi Yu took two steps back and looked at Jiang ChengLi warily. “Are you trying to commit a crime?”

Jiang ChengLi laughed and took him by both sleeves until he was forced into a corner, then whispered, “If I say yes, what is the kitten going to do?”

“Then I’ll have to report you.”

The sudden interruption of a male voice broke the ambiguity of the moment. Shi Yu clearly saw Jiang ChengLi’s face darken by three points.

He turned around and looked at Lu Zhao who was carrying two bottles of lemonade and was standing at the stairway. His eyes easily detected rejection.

Just a single look had an oppressive power.

Lu Zhao forcibly ignored all the emotions imposed on him by Jiang ChengLi. He pursed his lips, walked quickly up the stairs and handed Shi Yu the lemonade.

At the moment the lemonade was held out, Lu Zhao felt strong pheromones pressed against his shoulder.

Lu Zhao forced himself to bear the oppressive force and put on a calm and self-possessed look. “I heard you were resting and brought you something to drink.”

Shi Yu smelled a subtle chill in the air, and because of their high degree of fit, he was one step ahead of anyone and noticed Jiang ChengLi’s change of mood. Nan Zhong’s notoriously gentle and polite President Jiang could actually display a gloomy and extremely oppressive and possessive power in an instant.

With a tug on Jiang ChengLi’s sleeve, Shi Yu instinctively requested and signaled him to be more restrained. The man ignored him and continued to confront Lu Zhao.

Lu Zhao’s strong peach fragrance was also released, but before it could gather, the bitter winter wind scattered it to the ground. The coldness then seeped into his skin and brought a burst of tingling. Lu Zhao knew that Jiang ChengLi wasn’t an ordinary alpha, but didn’t know that he would be suppressed like this.

Jiang ChengLi’s expression remained unchanged, but from the smallest details of his eyes, the same arrogance as his pheromones seeped out without a word.

This level was just a “hello” for him.

Shi Yu frowned. “Thank you, no. I’m not thirsty.”

He broke the confrontation between the two sides of the pheromones and untied the loose knot of his sleeves in front of him. He seemed to suddenly remember something and added, “Lu Zhao, your pheromones are leaking out. Go back and put on the blocker. Don’t affect the other students.”

After those words, the two alphas in front of him dropped their eyes at the same time.

Shi Yu sensed that Jiang ChengLi seemed to be in a worse mood now.

Lu Zhao recovered from the moment of being suppressed, but was still in a trance. “I…Have I caused you trouble?”

Shi Yu looked at him. “The school doesn’t really allow alphas and omegas to get too close.”

Jiang ChengLi stared at him. Quietly, he gathered a net of pheromones.

Lu Zhao whispered, “President Jiang is also an alpha.”

Shi Yu immediately recalled the question Jiang ChengLi asked in the bathroom.

‘Am I the same as him?’

Suddenly he had an answer.

It was not the same.

Shi Yu’s eyes drifted for a moment. He raised his hand and touched his earlobe, which seemed to tickle a little and made him frown. “He’s different.”

His voice was quiet. Only the two people in front of him could hear.

Lu Zhao’s remaining smile instantly stiffened, and he understood very quickly what this meant.

Shi Yu was a little uncomfortable and dropped his hand. “I’m his omega.”

Jiang ChengLi stared at the boy in front of him, dazed for a moment, then his expression turned into a smile. The residual pheromones in the air also became loving and calm.

Lu Zhao’s raised hand dropped, incredulous. “You’re his…”

Jiang ChengLi’s hand forcefully interposed between them and maximized the distance.

Shi Yu was blocked from his view. He could only see the curve of his neck, white and delicate. The movement of his Adam’s apple was especially obvious.

Jiang ChengLi widened his eyes. They were arrogant and mixed with a bit of ornamental mischief. He looked at Lu Zhao and said with a smile, “Classmate, please keep this a secret.”


Shi Yu was princess-carried back to the student union office by Jiang ChengLi.

It was only after Jiang ChengLi took the oath of sovereignty that Shi Yu realized that he had said something that was misleading, but the explanation was more like a cover-up, so he hastily dragged Jiang ChengLi with him and left.

But the Omega Class students were too kind and gave him a maid’s outfit that came in a set, even the shoes.

As he struggled to resist, Jiang ChengLi gently patted his buttocks. “Don’t squirm. I can only hold you like this in a dress, otherwise you’ll be naked.”

Shi Yu held his breath and as they entered the student union office and mocked, “President is really taking advantage of people.”

Jiang ChengLi placed him on his desk, smoothed out his folded apron, then leaned in and confined him between his arms.

Shi Yu realized that he was very close, almost nose-to-nose.

Jiang ChengLi’s eyes were cocked when he smiled. “Whatever you say. I’ve just been coaxed into a good mood.”

Shi Yu didn’t face him. Outside the window, it was dusk. The sunset spread on the side of his face and reflected on his slightly red ear tips. His omega charm was amazingly potent.

Jiang ChengLi smiled, drew away and took a glass out of a cupboard.

Shi Yu sat on the desk, head down and reflected on what he just said. He didn’t know why he was like this. He only thought that Jiang ChengLi hadn’t seemed in a good mood today, so he needed to say something to comfort him.

Shi Yu had taken his temporary mark. Jiang ChengLi had reverse pheromone dependence.

The phrase ‘I’m his omega’ wasn’t a problem at all.

Jiang ChengLi brought a cup of coffee and gently stirred it with a silver spoon. He held it in the palm of his hand to cool it and when he felt that the temperature was right, he handed it to him.


Shi Yu accepted it. It was just the right temperature. He pressed the cup to his lips and took a sip.

Jiang ChengLi’s hand wandered down the side of his skirt and then grasped his calf.

Shi Yu’s right hand braced and pressed down on his leg. “What are you doing?”

Jiang ChengLi’s left hand snuck under the edge of his white socks and touched the cat ears on the opening of the socks. His right hand held the heel of his foot and removed the lady’s leather shoe.

“Does it hurt?”

Jiang ChengLi slowly helped him take off his socks.

Shi Yu, however, felt that his backbone instantly exploded with numbness, his arms and legs stiffened and a faint, yet shameful, sensation climbed to the top of his head.

“No.” Shi Yu panicked. He put down the coffee with hands that shook. The coffee spilled on the back of his hand but he didn’t care.

Jiang ChengLi slowly and methodically pulled down the cat socks and held the teenager’s thin ankle, fingertips pressed on the ankle bone.

His hand was like ice. It pressed on the sprain and gently stroked. The effect was better than ice.

Shi Yu’s face reddened completely. He thought to himself, “It’s normal behavior, a favor among classmates.” But he was uncomfortable and shy.

Jiang ChengLi took in his expressions and changes, lowered his eyes and gently massaged him. “You’ve had a hard day.”

Shi Yu didn’t want to answer, so he said nothing.

Jiang ChengLi continued, “I’ll reward you. You can rub my belly tonight.”

Shi Yu pursed his lips. “President Jiang is too petty.”

“Then what do you want?”

“At least two days of touching.”

“Then wear this outfit for two weeks.”



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August 17, 2021 3:42 pm

Ah! President has picked up his kitten and is nursing them. They’re so so cute!

August 17, 2021 4:50 pm

So he likes dress-up 😏 2 days of touching JCL’s erogenous zone to 2 weeks wearing the Kitten outfit, both of which thrill JCL… someone is getting more out of this than the other, plainly! Will Shi Yu agree?
Being such a strong Alpha, he’s certainly not easy to deal with, even though he can be sweet.
Thanks for translating and editing.

August 17, 2021 5:41 pm

Ahhhh, so satisfying!! But I am suspicious of LZ; I think maybe he will try to trap or kidnap Kitty…then JCL will transform into a colossal, mighty dragon and fly after him…! 😂😂 Just having so much fun with this novel—thanks to writer, translator, and editor! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🥳

Sue R
Sue R
August 17, 2021 7:13 pm

Ah…the president …

August 17, 2021 9:34 pm

Is SY playing a dense innocent bystander role now whenever the Prez is near😂😂😂😂

August 17, 2021 10:04 pm

It’s like this so, Lu Zhao, you don’t stand a chance and don’t try to get what is not and will never be yours.

The chemistry between JCL and SY… it’s so good.🤭😳

Touching the little dragon’s belly is very pricey, two days of touching for two weeks of the cat maid uniform… well, Shi Yu, will you exchange it?

Thank you for the chapter!!!

August 18, 2021 7:21 am

Tehehehe 🥰🥰🥰 lovely chapter

January 27, 2022 4:02 am

I really like the dynamic of Shi Yu and ChengLi. You can really feel the “new taste of love at 17” with the two. Like their awkwardness, shyness, testing the line also cluelessness at times. Can’t wait to see how Shi Yu will behave once he realised he loved Prez Jiang just like his dragon form.

December 13, 2022 4:08 pm

2 Days vs 2 Weeks 😂

Official LMW release!

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