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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Nan Zhong’s forum.

#JiangShi Everywhere, the Sweetest First Love 2#

[112L: Here comes fresh candy, here comes candy, here comes candy! Today our little Shi is so cute in his maid outfit!] 

[135L: Today, the two CP’s faced each other! CL crushed the peach blossom essence, GG! How about the president’s eyes?! LZ, stand by, stand by!]

[146L: Today, the little tail of cat SY fell off. LZ and the President picked it up together. Shit, I saw the president’s eyes outside the door. It’s not a tail, it’s a ball made of strips of silk ! It’s the kitten’s ball of silk!!]

[156L: u1s1, this candy is a little hard…]

[176L: Hard candy? Ohhhh come, sister, this is what one calls the absolute greatest sugar!]

[180L: picture.jpg]

[185L: Damn? Look at this picture??!! The President actually princess-carried the kitty! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!]

[196L: Fuck, fuck, fuck? I’m fucking ticking and exploding! I was lucky to have a coffee from the A1 and omega class. The little cat is incomparable to a cool and beautiful woman. Except for the service, he hardly talked to the guests. But, he was a good cat in the President’s arms??!!]

[201L: The cosmos really gave us sugar! It’s Sweet! Too Sweet!]

[211L: So sweet that I made two big floors one by one, and carried bricks to set up the Civil Affairs Bureau for you two. Get married!]


Jiang ChengLi carelessly flipped through the new posts and smiled as he saved the pictures.

First he set it as a chat background, then sent it to Shi Yu.

[Kitten, so good.]

At midnight, the kitten wrote back to him.

[Fuck off.]


The turnover from the sophomore Omega Class’s cafe broke the school record. At the award ceremony on Monday, Xiang Wuzhu came off the stage with the banner, overjoyed.

Nan Zhong’s ‘Human Cat’ was like a rainstorm of adolescence that swept through most of the city’s colleges and universities. Even after half a month there were still students persistently asking for information about Shi Yu.

The cat was still high and cold. Anyone who dared to mention anything about the cafe would only get a murderous eye roll. The beauty of that day seemed to be framed with the photos and became the unspoken memories of the Omega Class.

At the end of autumn and the beginning of winter, the temperature was getting cooler and cooler. When the chemistry competition results came out, it was the eve of the sophomore mock exam.

“Fuck. I felt okay during the exam, and then this score came out…” The one who was lying on the table and complaining was Lian Jing. He was cursing harshly but was really depressed.

Xiang Wuzhu patted his shoulder in comfort. “I heard that the third school and the sixth school have arranged a special preparation class for this chemistry competition. We can’t help it if we run with them.”

The Omega Class had zero students who met the standard for these preliminaries.

He Huan tapped her phone. “It’s over. I looked at my ranking in the first half of the semester and I’m in danger.”

It was raining outside the window, and Shi Yu was watching it intently when he was surrounded by a group of students. He turned around and saw that four students, led by Lian Jing, were making pitiful faces in unison.

Shi Yu, “?”

Lian Jing spoke, “You know that our sophomore mock exam is coming up, right?”

Nan Zhong’s sophomore Alpha and Omega Class study schedule was different from the regular class. Each semester was divided into four big exams. If those four exams were ranked below the average line, then they had to attend tutoring classes during the holidays.

He Huan, “We’ve been criticized more than once or twice for being inattentive this semester.”

Xiang Wuzhu, “A while ago, we even put our energy into the school art activities.”

Xia ZhiNing, “And I heard that this exam is going to crush us to death in order to collect our hearts.”

Lian Jing, “I want to have a happy New Year’s Day celebration, and a happy winter break.”

The four of them spoke in unison, “Shi Yu, help.”

Shi Yu was inexorably dragged into the study group. Lian Jing, to show his sincerity, even went straight to the library at noon to claim a seat. The four people there were scratching their heads over the science problems.

While he was tidying up the bookcase, Shi Yu passed by and found the four of them stuck on a chemistry problem, tormented to the point of delirium. Lian Jing kowtowed to Shi Yu with his eyes three times. Finally he pulled back a chair and spent three minutes finishing the question then put it on the table.

The other three people watched the answer once and followed with their eyes.

Lian Jing took advantage of the fact that there was no one in the library. He was about to catch Shi Yu and continue the questioning, when a senior chemistry book fell on the table.

Li Chen smiled and whispered, “Classmate, can we share a table?”

Shi Yu looked up and saw Jiang ChengLi was standing behind him.

President Jiang appeared to have been watching him. The end of his eyes raised a little when he met his gaze. The rich eyelashes on the end of the snow-white skin caught at his heart.

If Shi Yu was the bright light for the Omega Class exam, Jiang ChengLi was literally the morning light of salvation. The four people hastily gave up their seats and respectfully made a motion to invite Jiang ChengLi and Li Chen to sit in the middle. Rather thoughtfully, they let Shi Yu face President Jiang.

Shi Yu frowned a little, but the four next to him were like, ‘We just want to learn. We don’t have any other thoughts.’ He nodded the tip of his pen and continued to write the solution to the next problem for Lian Jing.

Shi Yu had never been a person with an unbelievable IQ. All of his grades were made by practicing one problem at a time, so he directed 100% of his attention on a problem when he worked on it.

When Jiang ChengLi finished answering the question, he looked up and stared at the teenager who was sitting across from him.

Shi Yu held his chin with one hand and wrote a formula on his draft paper with the other. His eyes were downcast and focused, his thin red lips opened and closed slightly; he seemed to be picking out the key words in the question.

Jiang ChengLi lowered his eyes and continued to listen to Xiang Wuzhu’s question. Under the table, his long legs suddenly lifted.

Lian Jing noticed that Shi Yu’s pen on the draft suddenly drew a line. He froze, looked up blankly and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Shi Yu blinked, subtly adjusted his sitting position and looked down again.

Jiang ChengLi’s foot curled around his calf.

Shi Yu shook his head and haphazardly crossed out the formulas on his draft paper. He changed the angle of his chin-supporting hand slightly so it hid his mounting panic. The President sat quietly and calmly across the table. He was speaking and solving problems with meticulous seriousness and rigor.

No one knew that under the table, he was on the verge of taking off the opposite omega’s shoes.

Shi Yu’s school pants were lifted, and revealed the boy’s thin white ankle. Jiang ChengLi’s body temperature was a little lower and on Shi Yu’s skin it was like a small piece of ice. Shi Yu’s toes rose carefully and kicked Jiang ChengLi’s restless feet.

Repression, resistance, concession, struggle.

Everything was ineffective.

Shi Yu simmered and tried to work out the answer to the last big question, then suddenly he stood up from the table.

The movement was a little loud and startled the four people at the table.

Shi Yu whispered an apology, and left his seat without looking back.

The remaining few people looked at each other, except Jiang ChengLi. He lazily supported the side of his face, his gaze remained on the back of his omega.

The cuff of his pants hadn’t been moved down, and his skin was so white that it caught the eye.


With the addition of Li Chen and Jiang ChengLi, the efficiency of the five-person study group increased by more than a little. Shi Yu was slightly concerned about their attitude in the library and almost always answered Lian Jing and He Huan’s questions.

The exam came as promised. The day the results were released coincided with the winter solstice, so everyone received their report cards while they were eating soup dumplings.

The study group had avoided the danger line. Shi Yu still sat firmly in the Omega Class’s first seat.

Lian Jing gleefully sent a message to the study group, shouted thank you to Li Chen for his dad, to Shi Yu for his grandpa, and to Jiang ChengLi for his ancestor.

[Lian’s Big Trump Card: Ancestral virtue. Thank you to the three big brothers for allowing me to have a happy New Year’s Day celebration.]

[Li Chen: ? This is still two generations ahead of me?]

[Lian’s Big Trump Card: Chen, you are painlessly a father, or a father of four children, enough.]

[Five Sheep: We Omega Class always have the grace to repay, A1. When the two dads are free, we pool our money to buy you dinner.]

[Lotus: Let go of the food, not enough to feed Lian Jing. We’d have to wash dishes to pay!]

[Xia ZhiNing: If you don’t have enough, you can add one more item without any harm.]

Shi Yu watched them discuss selling Lian Jing by the pound and sent three periods.

[Jiang ChengLi: Come to my house for dinner on New Year’s Day holiday.]

[Lian’s Big Trump Card:?]

[Five Sheep:?]

[Lotus: ????]

[Xia ZhiNing: Thankful heart, thankful ancestors. The little one will be there!]

The group immediately exploded.

Shi Yu froze for a moment. He hesitated for a long time, then sent a message to Jiang ChengLi.


Soon, there was a reply.

It was the exact same one.


Shi Yu tapped the screen: [Do you need me?]

Zhong Tan had moved to a single apartment a few days before, and he was the only one living in Jiang ChengLi’s house now. If Jiang ChengLi wanted to set up something, he must find out.

He hadn’t expected that Jiang ChengLi’s response would be just as short: [You’re not spending New Year’s Day with me?]

[…You want to let them know I’m staying at your house temporarily?]

[This student. What are you being faint-hearted about?]

The communication was unproductive. Shi Yu locked the screen and threw the phone into the drawer.


Nan Zhong scheduled activities during major holidays to liven up students’ minds and bodies. In order not to delay the students’ New Year’s Day holiday, the New Year’s Day celebration was set on December 25, the same day as Christmas in the West.

The New Year’s Day celebration had a special program for the senior students. Exploring the back of the mountain.

The Nan Zhong campus was located in a scenic area of the old town. There was a small mountain at the back of the school grounds that was supposed to be planned for development, but construction had been delayed.

Every school had some campus legends, and Nan Zhong was no exception. Over time, the back of the mountain had become a feature. In past years, many curious students had gone exploring and stayed out at night. Teachers had caught and punished them, but with little effect.

Then a genius master came up with an idea. Why not go along with it? Since everyone wants to see it, let’s backpack up the back of the mountain and add it to the activity day as a special project of Nan Zhong.

The teachers would set the route, connect the old town to the back of the mountain and the student council would be responsible for special arrangements.

The ‘Back Mountain Adventure’ had become a ‘test project’ every New Year’s Day. The teachers led the team and the students pretended to be ghosts to impress the freshmen who knew nothing about it.

This year, the sophomore student council was in charge of the ghost play.

“I want to see it, I want to see it very much.” Lian Jing moved a chair and sat next to Shi Yu, not wanting to admit that he was in charge of the bonfire this year. “Mr. Shi, think of a way.”

Shi Yu, “…”

“Is there a shortage of people in the student union? I can pretend to be a ghost. I was scared enough at last year’s audition, and I have experience, so I can definitely help this year. Mr. Shi, really think of a way.”


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August 18, 2021 6:25 pm

I’m confused: why is SY always so aloof and angry with JCL? Yes JCLtakes teasing too far sometimes, but he’s always saying their relationship is temporary and just about pheromones. He actually tells him to fuck off? 🤭😝 Oh well! Thanks for translating!

August 18, 2021 10:22 pm

Shi Yu is very mindful of their surroundings. I think he’s right not to garner ‘unwanted’ attention. (JCL, manage yourself, what’s private should stay in private). And this back-of-the-mointain project, I hope no a-hope tries anything again.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

August 18, 2021 10:51 pm

Prez Jiang is getting bolder🙈🙈🙈

August 19, 2021 2:07 am

JCL takes it too far, when he knows SY is touchy in front of others.
Why SY thinks him being at JCL’s for NY will make them think he lives there, when he’s been invited as part of the group, is odd. He knows JCL needs him around. He can just invite Zhong Tan too. Would he have left JCL alone otherwise?
Thanks for translating and editing.

August 19, 2021 2:14 pm

It’s so hard for SY to keep acting like everything is fine when JCL keeps teasing him. SY comes across as a very modest person who likes to keep his private life private, while JCL being his alpha self can’t wait to show everyone SY belongs to him only. Hopefully he can start to respect SY space.

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