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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Jiang ChengLi wasn’t able to stay at school for long because he took a leave of absence during his susceptible period. Shi Yu pondered for a long time over the words he said before he left. The little ice dragon turned out to be raised by Jiang ChengLi. No wonder he appeared in the school.

Shi Yu spent the afternoon in the classroom, during which he was named once by the chemistry teacher, so the whole Omega Class knew that he was distracted. At the end of class, Lian Jing hesitated for a long time. “Shi Yu, did what I said make you feel bad?”

Shi Yu slowly dropped his hand from his chin. “What?”

“What I said about the new president and Jiang ChengLi.” Lian Jing lowered his head and blamed himself. “That was just my guess, don’t take it to heart. I like to talk nonsense–“

“I wasn’t thinking about Jiang ChengLi.” Shi Yu replied. “You don’t have to worry too much.”

Lian Jing looked incredulous. “No way, Jiang ChengLi is also a scum?” Did you really have a BE?

Shi Yu frowned, and thought Jiang ChengLi couldn’t afford the title of scum. “No. He doesn’t deserve that title.” 

Lian Jing pursed his lips. He believed that Shi Yu was still speaking for Jiang ChengLi even after the BE. It was true, the more beautiful the alpha was, the more they could play with an omega.

Lian Jing still wanted to speak, but Shi Yu discovered his phone in the drawer was vibrating and he looked down to check. It was a message from Jiang ChengLi.

[Little ice dragon found. Do you want to see him?]

Then came a picture of a pure white dragon cub lying on the bed. He lazily squinted and wagged his tail, a look of being at the mercy of the king.

Shi Yu swallowed involuntarily, held back all the waves of emotions inside, and typed out a line: [Then take good care of him. Don’t let him get lost again.]

Jiang ChengLi asked again: [Want to come to my house to see him?]

Shi Yu quickly typed the words [No need.] But his fingertips hovered over the send button. He couldn’t send it anyway. He bit his lip and deleted one word at a time, driven by his inner desire. [Yes, I’ll go.]

Lian Jing watched as his expression to his cell phone changed from stoic to delighted, and cautiously asked, “Shi Yu, who are you talking to?”

“Jiang ChengLi.”

Lian Jing was surprised. “Huh? He’s not…Didn’t he BE with you? He’s still chatting with you?” Dreg male. After your differentiation, you didn’t forget to hang your predecessor, I used to treat you as a white moonlight!

Shi Yu frowned. “What BE? He asked me to go to his house so he could show me something.”

Lian Jing sneered. “What is it? A watch that glows under the covers?”

Shi Yu wasn’t able to find a suitable excuse for a while, so he nodded in response. “Mn, I’m going.”

“Eh, eh!” Lian Jing saw his head didn’t return, struggled to the end, and was only able to silently cross his heart. “Bless our simple and kind little Shi. Safe return.”

Shi Yu arrived at Jiang ChengLi’s house at 7:00 p.m. President Jiang himself was waiting at the door with a thin coat on, and the little white cat in his arms. It had waited with him for a little over half an hour, and now was wrapped around his neck to his shoulder and was pulling at his side.

When Shi Yu first arrived, the little white cat was practically running onto Jiang ChengLi’s head. But as Shi Yu came over, the cat instantly jumped from his arms and nuzzled around Shi Yu’s ankle.

“You still remember me.” Shi Yu first touched the cat’s head to greet it, then the cat ran into his arms.

Jiang ChengLi swept his eyes down to the cat and took a half step back. “Come in.”

This wasn’t Shi Yu’s first time at Jiang ChengLi’s house, but he could still feel the cold fog and frost in the air, like snow had fallen in the area.

Jiang ChengLi poured him a cup of hot milk. “You still seem to be in heat, so I won’t pour you any tea.”

Shi Yu whispered a thank you and asked, “Aren’t you also not feeling well?”

From the moment they met, Jiang ChengLi hadn’t seemed to be in a state of distress. He wasn’t at all like an alpha who was in a period of susceptibility. Jiang ChengLi paused and raised his hand to press his eyebrow. “I just had a suppressant injection. I heard you were coming so I went to pick you up.”

Shi Yu said sincerely, “Don’t worry about me. You go rest. I just came to see…the little one.”

Jiang ChengLi sat down on the sofa. Half a minute later, he reached out and pulled a pillow into his arms. His eyes partially squinted, he whispered, “Upstairs. You can go up and see.”

Shi Yu wasn’t sure how President Jiang abruptly became weak in the time it took to pour a cup of tea.

Now, he lay on the sofa and wasn’t moving. Shi Yu, how dare he go see the small ice dragon?

“Are you having a hard time?” Shi Yu held the cat close and went to the sofa. “Do you want to go to the hospital?”

Jiang ChengLi shook his head breathlessly, hugged his pillow and looked away. “I’ll just rest myself for a while.”

Shi Yu thought to himself. A dominant alpha in heat was a certain danger. So he wasn’t rashly going close.

Jiang ChengLI saw the omega wasn’t taking any action. So he curled his legs up on the couch, lay his head down on Shi Yu’s knees and used them like a pillow, “Today, auntie has taken the day off, so I went a day without eating. I was thinking only about finding that little ice dragon, so I got hungry. I’ll just find something to eat by myself.”

Shi Yu felt something was wrong, but he substituted a little. If he lost the dragon during the rut, he might even run out directly to find it, without regard to his body.

Jiang ChengLi was sorting through more innocent and pitiful language when Shi Yu suddenly came up to his side. “How about I help you out? Didn’t you say before that my pheromones can calm you down?”

Then, Jiang ChengLi smelled the fantastical deep sea fragrance as it wafted to him.

Shi Yu leaned his wrist against the side of his face. Perhaps because it was a special time recently, but his pheromones were stronger than usual as long as he hadn’t replenished his blocker.

Jiang ChengLi raised his eyes to look at him. The narrow tail of his eyes was slightly raised, mixed with sickness and also a cunning, hidden glow. “Can I?”

Shi Yu nodded. “If it’s just to appease, it should be fine.”

The next moment Jiang ChengLi put his face to his palm. The omega’s palm temperature was a little higher than his, and on the side of his face it was very comfortable. Jiang ChengLi pretended to be in his susceptible period, and with his hand over the back of Shi Yu’s hand, he lightly rubbed.

“You’re so nice.”

Shi Yu, “…You’re welcome.”

Jiang ChengLi then fell asleep on his lap. Shi Yu wasn’t quite sure, but when he realized that he was coming to see the dragon, Jiang ChengLi had gone to sleep. A big man of one meter eight or so was curled up on the single sofa. Shi Yu looked at him. His feelings were complicated.

President Jiang’s sleepy face was quite mild, not at all the kind of distant cold from school. Shi Yu lowered his eyes to look after a long time. He realized that Jiang ChengLi’s eyelids were very thin. Usually they were very deep, and when he looked at people, Shi Yu always felt a little thin cold.

But President Jiang, who seemed to be too hard to get close to, was quite dependent on his pheromones. Shi Yu involuntarily went to poke the side of his face. “If that other omega came over, would you also want his knee pillow?”

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