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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Jiang ChengLi listened to all of Shi Yu’s comments, word for word, while he continued to pretend to sleep. He wanted to find out about Shi Yu’s heart. To know what Shi Yu’s classmates really thought of him now. Shi Yu looked at his sleeping face, considered it, and gave an answer that Jiang ChengLi had never thought of. “I guess you’ll sleep, you alpha guys are like that.”

Jiang ChengLi, “…” So angry.

Shi Yu suddenly remembered why he came to the Jiang residence in the first place. He looked left and right until the little white cat wrapped itself around his hand. Shi Yu raised his hand to let the cat rub his fingertips, and whispered, “Have you ever seen the little dragon cub that lives in the Jiang house?”

The cat looked at him curiously with a pair of beautiful eyes.

Shi Yu glanced at the time. He was hesitating over going back for dinner, when Jiang ChengLi’s phone rang. Since he was enjoying a lap pillow and was pretending to sleep, Jiang ChengLi could only frown and turn to wake. He whispered, “Sorry. I’ll take the call.”

Shi Yu’s legs were slightly numb. He nodded with little expression, and finally spoke, “By the way, can I go see the little ice dragon?”

Jiang ChengLi thought for a moment. “It’s in my bedroom on the third floor. You go first.”

Shi Yu got permission and was forced to suppress his heart’s joy as he quickly went upstairs. Jiang ChengLi looked at the teenager’s back, and his eyes drooped. His parents had called him.

“What do you want to eat tonight?” There were some murmurs on Mrs. Jiang’s side, supposedly from the supermarket. “I met your classmate on the way, and said I was going to visit you. Is it convenient?”

Jiang ChengLi thought it was Li Chen, so he said, “Just buy something. Shi Yu is here.”

Mrs. Jiang said with surprise, “He remembered you?”

“Thanks to your blessing, no.”

Mrs. Jiang laughed. “Then you put in more effort. Stop pretending to be in your susceptible period to show weakness. Sell misery. Maybe Shi Yu will be moved.”

Jiang ChengLi unceremoniously hung up the phone, and while Shi Yu was still upstairs he changed form. 

The little ice dragon flew up from a window. Shi Yu had just opened the door when he saw the little dragon cub lying by the window sill. Seeing Shi Yu, the little ice dragon flapped its wings and slowly flew down to his shoulder. He rubbed his neck affectionately and enthusiastically.

Shi Yu was so flattered by the little dragon cub’s gesture that he wasn’t able to resist the itch on his neck and rubbed his little dragon horn tenderly. “Where did you go today, baby?”

The little ice dragon paused for a moment, then stroked his earlobe more intensively, as if he was very pleased with the sound of the word baby.

Shi Yu touched the dragon and forgot the rest. He was so dazzled by the little ice dragon, that he only found out that it was seven o’clock when the door downstairs opened. He froze. When he went downstairs to clean up he met Mrs. Jiang.

“Xiao Yu is here.” Mrs. Jiang said with surprise. “Are you coming to our house for dinner? I just bought more food.”

Shi Yu warmly called out aunt and said hello. Mrs. Jiang’s kindness was hard to resist, so he could only hurriedly send a message to Shi Lan that he wouldn’t be back for dinner tonight.

Mrs. Jiang brought him to the living room.

She saw that the little ice dragon was peeking from upstairs. She knew what her own son was doing earlier, so she casually gave him a look and took Shi Yu downstairs.

“I just met a classmate in the supermarket. If you don’t mind, you guys can sit together for a while. Jiang ChengLi went to help me buy sauce. He will be right back.”

Shi Yu went into the living room and realized that a junior, the new Student President, was sitting by the sofa.

The junior looked a bit stunned when he saw Shi Yu, but he quickly calmed down and put on a decent smile. “Hello, are you here to see President Jiang too?”

Shi Yu simply greeted him. Originally, he thought his relationship with him should be quite awkward. He hadn’t expected the younger brother to act quite familiar as he looked for topics to chat about, and while he constantly mentioned Jiang ChengLi.

“After I was elected, President Jiang really took care of me. I didn’t mean to come to see him this time. I was just worried about his health…” The younger student droned on and on for a round before he brought the topic back to Shi Yu. “What about Senior Shi? Is he also concerned about the President?”

Mr. Jiang quite doted on his wife, and hadn’t wanted her to work alone in the kitchen, so he took care of all the food himself. When Mrs. Jiang got to the time to come out, she heard these words from the other omega and answered for Shi Yu with a smile. “Xiao Yu has a good relationship with our ChengLi. Since he is not feeling well, he came over to visit. He has a good heart.”

Shi Yu smiled and nodded. Earlier, he felt that Mrs. Jiang was being polite, but when he met her eyes, he felt that something wasn’t quite right.

The younger student’s face stiffened. He had been knocking around the Jiang family for the past few days, but never found the opportunity to visit. Today he was lucky to meet Mrs. Jiang in the supermarket, so he gathered the courage to say hello and get the opportunity to enter the Jiang family in the name of the student council. He always found it difficult to get close to Jiang ChengLi, and Shi Yu kept slapping him in the face.

Mrs. Jiang smiled as she sat across from the two of them. The white cat jumped up to her side. She smiled warmly as she talked to Shi Yu about his parents, the Shi’s house and school. The younger student listened with feigned interest and was unable to interrupt the whole time.

“By the way, next month is ChengLi’s 18th birthday. If you are free, come over.” Mrs. Jiang took the liberty of deciding on the adult banquet for her son, and extended an invitation to her future son-in-law.

Before Shi Yu was able to answer, the younger brother responded first, “Can I come to the President’s birthday party too?”

Mrs. Jiang nodded readily. “Of course, you are welcome.”

Jiang ChengLi, who had returned from the garage with a bottle of soy sauce, pushed open the door. “Welcome to what?”

“The party your family wants to give you,” Mrs. Jiang smiled and said. “What’s your opinion?”

Jiang ChengLi had no trust in his mother’s sudden gesture of goodwill, and put the spices in the kitchen without expression.

At dinner, the younger brother carefully chose the seat next to Jiang ChengLi. Shi Yu had no desire to steal it from him, so he sat across from Jiang ChengLi first. Jiang ChengLi spent an unpleasant dinner in the midst of his parents’ laughter and the obvious shyness of this younger brother.

The younger brother, who wasn’t very good at reading faces, took Jiang ChengLi’s coldness towards him at the table as the President’s own high spirits and ended the dinner with a happy face.

Mr. Jiang took care of the two omegas. He offered to send them home then asked Jiang ChengLi if he wanted to go along. He wanted to nod, then suddenly thought of something and went upstairs to rest under the pretext of not feeling well.

Shi Yu swept a glance at his room on the way out. He wondered if Jiang ChengLi, who wasn’t feeling well, could take care of the little ice dragon.

Mr. Jiang drove the car. The younger brother was excited to sit in it first. Before Shi Yu got into the car, his vision shifted slightly. He looked down and found that the little ice dragon was at his feet as he quietly grabbed his pants’ leg.

Shi Yu’s heartbeat was going fast. He bent down and pretended to tie his shoelaces as the small ice dragon jumped into his coat pocket.

After getting into the car, he realized that Jiang ChengLi had sent him a message five minutes earlier.

[I’m not feeling well, can you take care of the little one for a few days?]

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September 9, 2021 4:51 pm

Aargh! So awkward!! Why can’t they chase out this unwanted third party? 😭

Sue R
Sue R
September 9, 2021 4:52 pm

Awesome 💖💖💖💖Shi Yu will be with the ice dragon for few days. Hooray****

September 9, 2021 6:57 pm

Competition that has a lot of front, but doesn’t stand a chance.
JCL being very crafty and a mum who sees Shi Yu as her son-in-law… he just needs to catch up now 😊
Thanks for translating and editing.

September 9, 2021 9:09 pm

Mom Jiang is excellent in selling ideas…selling misery to gaines cookies point😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

September 9, 2021 9:52 pm

This little bro omega doesn’t stand a chance but is still totally oblivious. Poor silly guy.
I think only the shock from seeing Jiang ChengLi turn from dragon to human form would make Shi Yu remember their pre-memory errasure relationship. I wonder when it finally happens. For now let’s enjoy Shi Yu’s ‘dragon-sitting’.
Thank you for the chapter!

September 10, 2021 2:10 am

And I just remembered that i was pissed of about his novel..huh
The mom acting like the matchmaker when at the first place Shi yu and her selfishly decide erase the memories without entioning it to JCL..Soooo were back again at the whole effort of this relationshipmis with JCL.Much better if they both had their memories erased.

September 10, 2021 6:26 am

What an annoyingly persistent competitor!! Pity he has zero chance!!
Shi Yu is adorable and ChiangLi is crafty.

September 10, 2021 8:14 am

Student Jiang:
Study ❌
Be with Shi Yu 24/7 ✔

September 12, 2021 6:25 pm

😂😂 president Jiang knows very well how to grab Shi Yu

January 8, 2022 11:50 pm

I think Shi Yu’s stalker and JCL’s stalker should meet, they definitely have a better chance with each other 😒

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