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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


When they arrived at the hotel it was already afternoon. Lian Jing carefully handed Shi Yu the door keys. “To save my life, you can choose randomly from this pile of keys. Otherwise it looks like I deliberately arranged it.”

Shi Yu hummed, smiled and took a silver key from him. The door was A0703.

Lian Jing’s eyes rounded when he saw the number. He looked at Shi Yu blankly for a long time. “You picked it yourself. It has nothing to do with me.” 

“What, does Jiang ChengLi live across the street from me?” Shi Yu said absently.

“Mn, yeah. The sixth floor was full, so I booked two rooms on the seventh floor.”


“Then I’ll go up first.” Shi Yu pursed his lips and dragged his suitcase upstairs.

The more people try to avoid it, the more they can’t. Jiang ChengLi happened to be waiting in front of the elevator door. When Shi Yu saw him, his eyes flickered, and inexplicably he felt a bit vain.

Jiang ChengLi took a step towards the next door, and the light hit Shu Yu’s right hand on the suitcase. The omega’s hand had distinct bones, slender and white. It was a beautiful hand.

The elevator door opened. Because Lian Jing and other people who were still in the room hadn’t followed, there were only two people in the elevator. The atmosphere was very delicate.

Shi Yu watched as the numbers bounced on the stairs. Then Jiang ChengLi’s voice was in his ear. “Still want to listen to music?”

Shi Yu’s ears were hot. He was the one who offered to share a headset with Jiang ChengLi on the high speed train. Then he slept on his shoulder until the end of the station because he was dizzy. He wanted to keep his distance from Jiang ChengLi, but now that he had borrowed someone’s shoulder, Shi Yu felt embarrassed enough to hit his face.

Jiang ChengLi saw that he hadn’t responded. He hung his eyes and smiled. “If you want to listen to a song at any time, find me.”

The elevator door opened. Shi Yu said vaguely that he didn’t listen, dragged the suitcase out, lightly swiped his room card and refused to look behind him to see what expression Jiang ChengLi had.

Lian Jing put his things away, and sent a message to the group to gather for dinner.

Shi Yu saw that he had used the group of the previous study group, and thought that this person had really broken down. He went directly to the group where Jiang ChengLi was sending messages.

Shi Yu secretly opened the door to make sure that Jiang ChengLi, across the hall, hadn’t gone out yet. In the end, he still felt that his heart and mouth were too hypocritical and was embarrassed to meet Jiang ChengLi.

Dusk on Nanchuan Island was very beautiful. The sunset was like pouring oil paint into the sea, which swayed with a dazzling layer of golden light. The sea breeze had a slightly salty taste, and it was very comfortable as it blew across his face. Shi Yu zipped his jacket to block the cool breeze.

Lian Jing saw that he was in a good mood and quietly walked up behind him. “Ge, you’re not angry anymore? I really didn’t mean to hide it from you.” Lian Jing apologized very sincerely, “At first it really was just people in our class planning. Li Chen happened to come and ask. Xiang Wuzhu, that person, you know, is slow enough to die. Li Chen asked what we were doing and the result was that Li CHen found out about Nanchuan Island. He then came to ask me…”

Lian Jing kowtowed to the CP and felt that JiangShi was a thief for that sweetness. He even later suspected that there was a breakup and stood firmly on Shi Yu’s side.

But Li Chen said he would help him once, and by graduation he would make up to the king.

This was really tempting for a bronze level who wanted to be platinum, even though he felt handicapped. The benefits he listed were too heartwarming. Shi Yu listened to his messy explanation and gave a slow, oh-so-slow sound.

Lian Jing scratched his head in distress. “Oh? What does that mean? You can be angry at me. I was really wrong.”

Shi Yu put his hand into his pocket and gave him a candy. “Let’s have a barbecue tonight. You’re responsible for helping me with the meat, ah.”

Lian Jing was confused for two seconds before he realized that Shi Yu meant to forgive him. So he happily followed behind him. “Then I will definitely give you a taste of my work. I am the little prince of Nan Zhong barbecue!”

The place for dinner was set by He Huan; an open-air grill. Li Chen put his luggage away and came to the reserved place to burn charcoal and prepare the ingredients, also with the posture of a guilty plea. “Sit down. I’ll cover all the barbecue tonight!”

He Huan and Xia ZhiNing looked at each other and laughed. “Did you know we were going on a diet and said that?”

Li Chen smiled. “Girls look best when they’re happy, and eating good food makes them happy, so I’m in charge of making you guys eat well and get full!”

Xiang Wuzhu shook his head with a grin and led them to the long table. Lian Jing swept around and asked in a low voice, “Where is Jiang ChengLi?”

Xiang Wuzhu, “It seems he’s still on his way here.”

Lian Jing nodded. “Okay, then sit down first and wait for him to come.”

Shi Yu brought over the missing cutlery, asked the girls what they wanted to drink, then opened the fridge and brought a bottle of orange juice and a bottle of soda.

“Hey, can you get another soda?” A girl with short hair asked with a smile.

Shi Yu looked up. The girl was about his age, and her eyes pleaded with a gentle smile. “I think it’s quite heavy.”

Shi Yu handed the soda in his hand to her. “Is there anything else?”

“Well, not for now.” The girl smiled, thanked him and left with the soda in her arms.

Shi Yu brought the drinks to the table. Just as he sat down, the girl came over with three companions, and was still holding the bottle of soda in her arms. “That…we seem to have made a reservation at the wrong time. It’s not our time to eat.”

But now it was mealtime. The next table was full, and it was too late to change seats.

He Huan stood up. “Huh? Which table did you reserve?”

The girl touched her nose awkwardly. “Your table…”

Now no one said anything. Even He Huan couldn’t help.

“Eh, you’re here so early?” The shopkeeper came out, looked at the two youngsters and understood what was happening. “Eh, we still have an empty table here. If you don’t mind, just share a table and squeeze in?”

Xia ZhiNing discussed it with He Huan. Shi Yu and Lian Jing had no opinion, and finally asked Xiang Wuzhu to ask Li Chen. Li Chen came back with food and looked at the four people standing around the table. “Ah, it’s okay. We’re all here to play, so help each other out.”

With permission, the four people said thanks and helped to move the table. With two long wooden tables put together, it immediately became the most lively place in the store.

“Hello, my name is Qiao Yi and they are all my classmates. We’re freshmen at the University of C. Are you high school students?” Qiao Yi wasn’t introverted by nature, and enthusiastically greeted Shi Yu, “This is my sister Zhang Yi. The two men over there are also our friends, my gege Qiao Yu and Jiang Ming.”

“Hi, my name is Shi Yu,” Shi Yu responded with equal politeness. “Prospective senior.”

“Oh? You came out to relax before your senior year, right? You guys are exactly the same as we were at the beginning.” Qiao Yi smiled as she put her cup next to Shi Yu’s. “By the way, can I sit with you?”

Just as the words left her mouth, Shi Yu saw Jiang ChengLi was standing in the doorway.

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