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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Jiang ChengLi stood quietly in the same place and said nothing. Even though he had no expression, Shi Yu still wasn’t able to help but avoid his gaze.

Li Chen’s sharp eyes watched as Jiang ChengLi came to greet the new people at the table and saw Qiao Yi and Shi Yu were sitting together. His smile instantly disappeared.

Lian Jing, who was seated on the other side of Shi Yu, immediately smelled something was wrong and hastily ran next to Xia ZhiNing with his own dishes. “Jiang ChengLi, where are you sitting? I just took your seat!”

The words had just fallen, but even if the people present tried to whitewash the situation, the newcomers knew that Shi Yu and Jiang ChengLi’s relationship wasn’t right.

Qiao Yi smiled awkwardly. “Did I take his seat?”

Zhang Yi also realized it, and hastily rounded up as he patted the seat next to him. “Alas, I have to ask you to come over. You’ll have to talk to the children, what a day. Ah, really…”

Qiao Yi wanted to move, but Jiang ChengLi just walked to the empty seat next to Li Chen. “I hadn’t saved a seat. You guys stay.”

The two boys who sat across from each other glanced at each other, then looked at Shi Yu with an expression of understanding.

Shi Yu, in the center of the storm, just lightly sipped his orange juice. “Feel free to sit down.”

Lian Jing watched as the just-heated field gradually quieted down. He was trembling with the dishes, ran back to Shi Yu, and quietly asked, “Are you really okay?”

Shi Yu smiled and shook his head. After all, this was the last holiday before senior year, he didn’t want to let a little thing ruin everyone’s mood.

Qiao Yi saw that Jiang ChengLi hadn’t shown any displeasure or anger when he followed up, and soon she didn’t care as she smiled and chatted with He Huan and Xia ZhiNing.

He Huan and Xia ZhiNing’s target university was the University of C. They both treated Qiao Yi as a prospective sister and eagerly inquired about the situation in the school.

“The snow scene last semester was simply amazing. There is a forest on the east side, and a layer of silver on the top. The snow can reach the ankle.”

He Huan and Xia ZhiNing each showed an expression of delighted longing.

“Eh, do any of you want to take the D University exam? You can ask me too.” Qiao Yu knocked his cup. “D University is even more beautiful than C University.”

Xiang Wuzhu wanted to go to D University, and within two sentences was simply calling him senior. This made Qiao Yu laugh.

Shi Yu silently listened as he sat next to his small assistant Lian Jing. He was only thinking about dinner. Lian Jing was still busy at the charcoal fire, and was grilling meat with his hands and feet when Jiang ChengLi walked up to him. “You can’t just feed him meat.”

“Huh?” Before Lian Jing was able to respond, Jiang ChengLi took the tongs and gave Shi Yu some vegetables. “I’ll help him roast. You can bring it over.”

Lian Jing saw Jiang ChengLi’s blank face, and thought he didn’t like the noise at the table, so he gave him the chef’s seat. “Thanks for your hard work.”

The corner of Jiang ChengLi’s lips lifted slightly and he gave no reply.

The table ate for more than an hour, then sat still for seven or eight minutes before Jiang Ming fished out a set of board games from a bag.

“King game?”

“Come on, come on!” He Huan liked this game the most and cheerfully exhorted everyone to do well. “Draw cards.”

Qiao Yi wanted to ask Jiang ChengLi if he was coming, but received a slightly apologetic look from Li Chen. She understood and didn’t ask the tall alpha who was concentrating on cooking.

The king’s orders were only to drink a beer and tell a secret. Shi Yu was hit once with the ace of hearts, and the king was Zhang Yi.

“So how about the Ace of Hearts with the Seven of Hearts?”

“That’s not cheap for you guys!” Lian Jing was the first to defend his son, and proudly said, “Our little Shi is a good-looking boy.”

Qiao Yu sipped his orange juice, and his eyes followed Shi Yu’s silhouette, as he smiled profoundly. “Indeed.” He raised his hand and turned over the card he was holding. The seven of hearts.

“Little student Shi, you don’t move, I’ll come to take pictures with you.” Qiao Yu didn’t touch his phone, and smiled apologetically as he approached. “Can I use yours?”

Shi Yu nodded and handed the phone to Qiao Yi. He had thought that it would be enough for two people to appear in the same picture. He hadn’t expected that when the picture was taken Qiao Yu deliberately bent down, close to the side of his face, and smiled with a peace sign.

“Little student Shi, don’t be so stiff, why don’t you give a peace sign too?”

Shi Yu shook his head and said blandly. “Take it.”

Qiao Yi focused, and just pressed, in the moment of shooting a hand with food suddenly entered the frame and Shi Yu and Qiao Yu’s faces were blocked.

“Oops…” Qiao Yi said in surprise. He looked at the photo that wasn’t taken with some regret.

Jiang ChengLi, blank-faced, put something in front of Shi Yu and met his eyes, his voice a little cold. “Just cooked, eat.”

Lian Jing witnessed the whole process, and turned back to He Huan and Xia ZhiNing for help, but found the two girls had excited faces, as if they had seen a great scene. Xiang Wuzhu had long been with Li Chen, and ran to the barbecue next. The rest of the seniors also had different expressions. So, Lian Jing only held his breath, quietly carried orange juice and didn’t talk.

Qiao Yu wanted to say that they were just doing a punishment task, then he met Jiang ChengLi’s eyes across from Shi Yu.

The alpha’s eyes were deep and dark, like a beast that was restraining its emotions to the extreme, and with a sharp light of paranoid aggression that warned him. For a moment, it made his heart shudder. But the next second he lowered his gaze to Shi Yu, and all the negative emotions were like fog, clear and scattered. There was only endless tenderness and indulgence, but also quite deliberately with a kind of loss and sadness.

Qiao Yu drew a breath, the corners of his mouth weren’t able to help but twitch two times. This alpha really hadn’t hidden his feelings in the slightest, but after the fierce face, he pretended to be good and coquettish in front of the one he liked.

Qiao Yu thought about that, smiled again and looked at Shi Yu’s eyes a little deeper.

Shi Yu expected Jiang ChengLi to spoil the atmosphere. So he first took his phone back from Qiao Yi and then apologized to him.

Qiao Yu waved indifferently and looked at Jiang ChengLi. “Student does not seem to be very involved with us? Now that the atmosphere is lightening up, do you want to play two rounds together?”

“Yes, yes, almost everyone has eaten now. Let’s play two rounds together!” He Huan hurriedly gave Lian Jing a look. Lian Jing hurried to her side and left the seat next to Shi Yu vacant.

Jiang ChengLi sat next to Shi Yu with his eyes downcast, then helped him fill up the orange juice. “Eat. It’s just cooked. Still hot.”

Then he looked up at Qiao Yi. “How do you play?”

After a brief clarification of the rules, Shi Yu drew a new round of kings. Under everyone’s expectant gaze, Shi Yu hesitated for a moment and whispered, “Number two and number three. Let’s also take a picture together.”

His proposal wasn’t the least bit creative, but it turned out that the number two of hearts was Jiang ChengLi, and the number three of hearts was Qiao Yu, who had just taken a picture with him.

Qiao Yu put down the card and looked provocatively at Jiang ChengLi. “Sure. It’s just a photo. Come on.”

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September 18, 2021 6:41 pm

Only ten chapters or so left. When are they going to be together? The last page? I’m tired of them seeming angry for no reason. Is Shi Yu waiting for JCL to find someone else or what? This novel used to be so good 😞

Sue R
Sue R
September 18, 2021 7:28 pm

😮😮 why does Shi Yu look for trouble???

September 18, 2021 11:18 pm

Thank you for the chapter!!! Right now I’m just waiting for them to get back together, and all those distractions and obstacles are purely annoying.

September 19, 2021 3:21 am

What’s up with shi yu! He’s purposely messing with jcl,

September 19, 2021 4:24 am

Oof, it’s like the author kind of give up with the romance plot halfway… The start was so good too, such a shame… With just over 10 chapters left, how are we supposed to see their relationship even developing..

September 19, 2021 5:24 am

JCL’s in love & jealous (as Alphas are) but SY is so indecisive. His character has become kind of weak; where’s feisty SY gone?! I wish he’d make his mind up & the story would progress. It feels kind of stuck in a loop of jealousy & “I will… oh, no I won’t” right now, after an interesting start.
Thanks for translating & editing.

September 19, 2021 7:11 am

SY revenge style to JCL is so cute🤣🤣🤣

January 28, 2022 5:24 pm

Tbh, it is indeed quite frustrating to see the JiangShi started all over again, after all the two are really not “fall in love at first sight material”. So it takes time. But what I like is the two are very immature in the aspect of love, very realistic of 17 years old and author stick through with Shi Yu’s personality; even if there is attraction, he won’t jump into relationship without being sure.

Fluffy Wing
September 6, 2022 9:32 pm

I’m slowly losing interest in this story, I’ve been pondering on dropping this multiple times but I’m reading on purely because I’ve read this far and would be a waste to give up now lmao

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