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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The seaside group returned on the fifth day of the holiday. After all, they went crazy for two days, and intended to properly get their thoughts back to make plans for the start of the school year.

Shi Yu returned home and slept in bed all afternoon, only to find that Jiang ChengLi had sent him a message asking if he was home, and made two phone calls.

Shi Yu rubbed his eyes tiredly and was just about to reply, when Lian Jing’s voice call came first. “Shi Yu, you finally picked up the phone. Why not report your arrival home?”

Shi Yu sat upright. “Sorry, I was a little motion sick, too sleepy. So, I slept for a while.”

Lian Jing sighed with relief. “That’s good, we thought…I thought something had happened to you.”

Shi Yu instantly understood who Lian Jing was calling for, so he hung up the phone and sent a message back to Jiang ChengLi: [I’m home. I was too sleepy and took a nap.]

Jiang ChengLi quickly returned: [I thought you wouldn’t talk to me.]

Shi Yu looked at the screen and smiled: [Not so much. Didn’t you say, I like dragons in my past life and present life?]

Soon, Jiang ChengLi sent him two pictures, both of the little ice dragon looking cute to the camera.

Shi Yu couldn’t help but laugh when he thought of how Jiang ChengLi had to put his phone up before taking a picture, slowly change back to his original form to find an angle, then pick the best one from the ten lined up and send it to him. The Kaolin Flower’s persona had definitely collapsed.

After Shi Yu saved the photos, he sent out two emojis. Shi Lan called his name from downstairs, and Shi Yu came down in response. Shi Lan was worried that Shi Yu wouldn’t be able to find the time to get to school, so she applied for a dormitory for him. A two-room dormitory with Lian Jing, who also applied for a dormitory in his senior year.

On the night he moved in, Lian Jing was eager to tell the whole Omega Class that he was in the same dormitory with Shi Yu, and that his senior year sprint was well underway.

The second week of the school year was the monthly exam. The Omega Class students were uncomfortable. Only Shi Yu was unmoved, like a mountain, and sat in the first spot.

Then Jiang ChengLi ‘liked’ it.

At the end of the evening study session, cartons of milk were placed at the entrance of the Omega Class, one for each person according to their school number. Except Shi Yu, who had a box of strawberry flavor in addition to the original flavor.

When He Huan put the milk on his desk, Shi Yu frowned. “Why do I have an extra carton?”

He Huan and Xia ZhiNing looked at each other. “You don’t know, ah? Jiang Gongzi paid for all the milk tonight!”

Shi Yu, “…”

On the way back to the dormitory, Shi Yu couldn’t resist and sent a message to Jiang ChengLi: [Why did you send milk to the Omega Class in the middle of the night?]

[The omegas are staying up late at night, so you all need to get more calcium.]

[What’s with the strawberry flavor?]

[Tomorrow’s breakfast milk.]

Shi Yu pursed his lips slightly: [Then why do I only have it?]

Just as he sent the message, a hand was suddenly placed in front of his forehead.

Shi Yu then realized that he was walking without looking at the road, and almost bumped into the street lamp in the school.

Jiang ChengLi stood in front of him and slowly pulled back his hand. “The student who came first in the Omega Class exam. Why didn’t he look at the road when he was walking?”

Shi Yu rubbed his forehead, then found that the back of Jiang ChengLi’s hand was red. He pursed his lips. “I was just sending a message…Does your hand hurt?”

This small injury was nothing to an alpha, but Jiang ChengLi raised his eyebrows slightly and lifted his hand. “A little pain. Just enough to give you a lesson.”

“There is no such lesson.” Shi Yu took the strawberry milk out of his school bag, and gently put it on the back of Jiang ChengLi’s hand. “Unfortunately, it’s not very cold, but you can just put it on for a while.”

Jiang ChengLi thought he was so cute, that he smiled and nudged Shi Yu’s wrist with his fingertips. “Like strawberry flavor?”

“No, it’s too sweet.” Shi Yu remembered something, and moved the strawberry milk away. “I forgot that you’re an ice dragon. Spit out a piece of ice for yourself.”

Jiang ChengLi didn’t hold back his laughter. “Well, I can also change back so you can roll my tail in your hands.”

Shi Yu couldn’t help but swallow a little when he spoke of tails. He hadn’t touched Jiang ChengLi in dragon form for a long time, and his palms itched. He looked at the time, “It’s almost 10:30, aren’t you going back?”

“I applied for the dormitory.” Jiang ChengLi walked alongside him. “After all, Elder Shi has taken a good lead.”

Shi Yu gently scratched his face. Because his grades had been stable since he was placed in the class, the head of the year had directly set him up as a role model for the freshman and sophomore classes. Now the whole school knew that there was a senior named Shi who was sitting at the top of the Omega Class, and in the top ten of his year.

Shi Yu was a little hot. He looked at the sports field, and suddenly said, “Want to go for a walk?”

Jiang ChengLi hadn’t expected Shi Yu to ask him out, and he gladly nodded. “Let’s go for a walk, I’ll take you back to your dorm later.”

In September, the evening breeze on the sports field was cool. When Shi Yu felt the wind blowing, there was a slight sense of relaxation, and he looked up to find that the stars were very bright this evening.

“That’s the wall we went over before.” When they got to the corner, Jiang ChengLi raised his hand and pointed to the wall behind the school building. It was already covered with new nets. “Now that we’re back, I don’t think we’ll have a chance to go out again.”

Shi Yu inclined his head. “You seemed to be the President at that time, right? Did you break the law?”

“Mn, because that day, especially, I wanted to take you out to play.” Jiang ChengLi laughed. “And then you found out about my drunken fit.”

Shi Yu wasn’t able to hold back his laughter, and he said on a whim. “So can I go over there now?”


Shi Yu swore he just wanted to see the wall that Jiang ChengLi had helped him over. He hadn’t expected to meet a couple there.

It was two boys, an alpha and omega. A very fresh little citrus scent was spreading over the small area, and the two were leaning against the wall as they made a temporary mark. Shi Yu instinctively turned his head not to look, and tugged the corner of Jiang ChengLi’s coat. He intended to let the people go.

But Jiang ChengLi stood still, and after a moment commented, “This pheromone doesn’t smell as good as yours.”

“What nonsense?!” Shi Yu suddenly blushed. He hadn’t expected Jiang ChengLi was so immodest at this time, that he could compare his own pheromones with others. “We’d better hurry up and go. Don’t bother others.”

Jiang ChengLi turned back and blocked Shi Yu’s possible view of that alpha. “I thought about giving you a temporary mark like this at that moment, but I figured you would be shy.”

Shi Yu, “…So can we go?”

Shi Yu was about to tug his hand, when a footstep suddenly came from behind him. A sense of foreboding suddenly arose, and he saw the light of a flashlight sweeping over.

“Who’s over there?” It was the voice of the patrol director.

Not only Shi Yu and Jiang ChengLi, but also the alpha and omega pair inside heard it, and tried to run out in a hurry.

Shi Yu turned around and reminded them. “You’re coming from this side, run towards the door!”

Shi Yu saw that the people avoided the director, then pivoted and dragged at Jiang ChengLi. “What are you still waiting for? Run, ah!”

Jiang ChengLi suddenly clasped his wrist and lowered his head close to his, “What is our relationship? Why do we need to hide?”


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So nice to have these 2 so relaxed together, enjoying themselves and each other’s company.
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Yes, here comes the question. I wonder what Shi Yu will say?

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