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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Shi Yu felt that Jiang ChengLi had some problems. That night, after the evening study, they didn’t return to the dormitory. In that kind of small corner of the crowd, even serious discussion of mathematical problems couldn’t be had, not to mention the residue of omega pheromones here. Of course, it was more than one thing better than less.

But Jiang ChengLi pestered him. “Student Shi Yu, why are you weak?”

“Jiang ChengLi!” He saw that the light was getting closer and closer, so Shi Yu gritted his teeth, reached out to push his shoulder and pressed that person behind the grass.

The two of them hid behind a small bush, face to face. They got extremely close to each other.

Shi Yu felt he was in a trance. If he lowered his head just a little, he would be able to stick to the side of Jiang ChengLi’s neck.

The alpha was right next to him, and he was the one who kept Jiang ChengLi by his side.

The pheromones lingered in the distance like a persistent smoke, and melted out the enigmatic breath. Shi Yu’s heart was racing, he was almost holding his breath next to Jiang ChengLi. The alpha was to the side of him, but naughtily lowered his head and said with a soft smile, “When you pushed me down, my heart was beating so fast. Now also, I feel like I can smell your pheromones, very fragrant.”

His breath flowed into his ear, as if, in the next moment, Jiang ChengLi would kiss him on the side of his neck. This distance was ambiguous.

Shi Yu wanted to lift him off his body, but clenched his teeth and held back. “I know. Don’t speak.”

Jiang ChengLi said innocently, “The teacher is coming over. Do you think he’ll find us? What if he does? I want to admit it.”

Shi Yu’s nerves were in a state of extreme tension. Jiang ChengLi’s constant provocations made him a little angry. He turned around and stared at him, then broke the can and said, “Okay. If you’re found out, admit it. We’ll both go to the flag-raising platform tomorrow, confess our mistakes in front of the whole school, break up and read the review!”

“Why do you want to break up?”

“Who’s there!”

The blinding flashlight swept across them. Under the glare, Shi Yu instinctively squinted, and in an instant there was an illusion of recognition. The next second, the patrol chief’s voice was slightly surprised, “Shi Yu, why are you here alone?”


Shi Yu opened his eyes to find that Jiang ChengLi had somehow disappeared, and the chief was standing beside him, reaching out. “Did you fall?”

Shi Yu looked back around, then realized that his waist was a little itchy.

He looked down and saw a small tail was burrowing into the pocket of his school pants.

…No wonder Jiang ChengLi was so bold. But it was still a deliberate attempt to scare him.

Shi Yu let out a breath, and looked up at the patrol officer. “Sorry, I fell.”

The patrol chief’s flashlight went around in a circle, didn’t see the person who should be seen, then he frowned and whispered something wrong.

“Was there someone else here just now?” He could smell the residual pheromones.

Shi Yu asked rhetorically. “Who? I just came over, and didn’t see anyone.”

The patrol chief couldn’t find anyone, and had to give up as he cursed. “I don’t know who began the rumor that Jiang ChengLi was seen over here. They started a wave of students imitating  the ‘President dared to violate school rules’, those who are restless are running over to fall in love.”

Shi Yu dropped his eyes, and pretended not to hear.

“This rumor is really fake. Whoever the fuck it may be, there is no way it would be Jiang ChengLi.” The patrol chief looked back at Shi Yu. “Can you stand up? Did you twist your foot? Now, the time is late and the sports field is too dark. You can’t see the road, so it’s easy to fall. Quickly stand up. Teacher will send you back to the dormitory.”

Shi Yu raised his hand and stuffed the tail into his pocket, then stood up and patted the fallen leaves off his body. “Thank you, teacher.”

The patrol chief sent Shi Yu to the dormitory floor. The little ice dragon that was hiding in his pocket didn’t make any noise until he entered the door.

“What took you so long to come back? The hot water gets cut off at 11:30, go wash quickly.” Lian Jing, who had just taken a shower, was laundering clothes and urged him on without looking back.

Shi Yu oh’d, put down his things, turned over a change of clothes and then went to the bathroom. After he closed the door, he looked down at his pocket and pondered for a while. The little ice dragon’s dark blue eyes met his in the dark, like a silent conversation.

“Don’t even think about it. There’s no way I’m taking you in the shower with me.”


Shi Yu took him out of his pocket and held him in the palm of his hand. When he pushed open the door, he met Lian Jing who was washing there. “What’s wrong?”

Shi Yu reacted quickly, and hid Jiang ChengLi behind him as he shook his head. “I forgot to take something.” He tucked the little ice dragon into his own bed, and warned in a low voice. “Don’t come out. You’ll be ruined if Lian Jing finds you.”

Jiang ChengLi hooked his tail around his finger as he drew his hand away and flirtatiously teased it. He looked innocently at Shi Yu with beady, watery blue eyes.

Shi Yu pursed his lips, bowed his head and went to the bathroom.

The dormitory was quiet, and the little ice dragon was slow getting out from under the blanket. The little ice dragon strutted over to Shi Yu’s pillow and took a long sniff of the deep sea fragrance he had been thinking about.

Shi Yu’s bed was covered with a small blanket. The pillows and bedding were folded crookedly. Jiang ChengLi sat in the middle and seemed to be able to see the morning-dazed omega wake up with his eyes still closed, fold the quilt and then gradually get out of bed.

Thinking of that was lovely.

The little ice dragon sat by the pillow for a while, then heard the sound of the bathroom door opening.

Shi Yu put the change of clothes into the bucket, haphazardly added laundry detergent to soak and then ran to the bed. Lian Jing, who was still lazily cleaning his socks, was surprised by him. “Is the water very hot? Why are you in such a hurry?”

Shi Yu was relieved to see that Jiang ChengLi wasn’t running around on the bed. “I’m…I’m sleepy. I’ll do the laundry tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Lian Jing also washed up. After cleaning up, he climbed into his bed like an old man, then covered up with the quilt and let out a sigh of relief. “Another day of hard work is over.”

Just as the two of them lay down, the power and the lights went out in the dormitory.

Shi Yu carefully put the little ice dragon behind himself and spread the quilt and pillow. Jiang ChengLi saw him lay down, so he slowly came up next to his neck and gently leaned on his collarbone.

Shi Yu was tickled by his little gesture. He wanted to pick him up and give him a good beating, but he couldn’t do it because he knew it was Jiang ChengLi.

It’s okay if it was a dragon, but what if it was a human?

Jiang ChengLi also seemed to notice his restraint as the stiffness in his arms intensified. There was a little flap of wings and a little wag of the tail, as if to say ‘now you don’t dare on me, right?’

The little ice dragon wasn’t heavy, but when it stepped on his chest, Shi Yu still felt a little itchy and it was difficult to keep control. He reached out to Jiang ChengLi and pinned him to his chest, silently suppressing his attempts at recklessness. But to his surprise, the little ice dragon found a gap and gently licked his fingertips.

Shi Yu sat up violently in the bed, and Jiang ChengLi rolled all the way from his chest to down between his coiled legs.

“What’s wrong?” Lian Jing also noticed and climbed up to rest on the guard rail. “Shi Yu, I noticed you’re not right tonight, huh? Is your rut approaching?”

Shi Yu poked the little ice dragon’s belly with one hand to keep him from rolling up while he looked at Lian Jing, “No, I drank that milk and can’t sleep a bit.”

The little ice dragon struggled slowly with his tail, as he tugged at his wrist and scratched his ankle at one moment, quite restless.

“Drinking milk and still can’t sleep?” Lian Jing was a bit startled. “Then your physique is also different from normal people. But, yes, the milk of love sent by Jiang ChengLi. Who can drink it without being moved?”

Shi Yu pressed the tail and the little ice dragon no longer struggled, but Shi Yu knew what he was listening to. He said, “What are you talking about? Go to sleep.”

“Shi Yu, ah, I’m actually really curious. You and Jiang ChengLi. In the end, what happened?” Lian Jing crawled onto the end of the bed. “I thought you were together before, and then I thought you were apart, but now I really don’t know. Can you just tell me?”

Shi Yu turned around to try to stall, but found the little thing that had been making trouble was now gently rubbing its tail against the back of his hand.

As if to say: I want to hear it too.

The dark dormitory quieted down. The wind outside the balcony gradually cleared. Just when Lian Jing thought Shi Yu was going to pass in silence, he heard him whisper, “I like it. I like him.”

The little ice dragon’s movements stopped.

“Then why don’t you two stay together?” Lian Jing asked, excited to get the answer he wanted.

Shi Yu’s hand was hanging lightly at his side then was gently arched up by the little ice dragon. The little one lay in his hand, its tail was playfully flicking along his fingers.

Shi Yu felt a little itchy, but didn’t avoid it, and didn’t move towards Lian Jing. “Exams are important.”

“Eh, you guys really act like the sky isn’t high and want to get first.” Lian Jing shook his head. “If Jiang ChengLi liked me, I would have flipped clouds with him…”

Shi Yu coughed.

Lian Jing immediately spoke, “Go over the mountains to study well, then get into college before getting legally licensed as a couple, right?”

Shi Yu hmmmed, “Good awareness.”

“That’s what I learned from you.” Lian Jing immediately showed a smile. “Shi Yu, by the time you go to college, what if there are more and more excellent alphas chasing you?”

Shi Yu felt the little ice dragon wrap itself around his ring finger. He lowered his head, touched his tail soothingly and said in resignation, “I only like Jiang ChengLi.”

The tail that was coiled around his ring finger slowly loosened up then curled a little, and told Shi Yu in a practical way that he was happy with that answer.

“Wow.” Lian Jing marveled. “Then when you really get together, remember to tell me first.”

Shi Yu’s face was a little hot as he lay down again. “I know. Go to sleep. Good night.”

A little later, Shi Yu heard Lian Jing’s steady breaths and slowly gave a sigh of relief. The little ice dragon on the pillow also silently curled up into a ball and didn’t move again. He seemed to be quietly asleep.

Shi Yu made a small sound to test him, to make sure he didn’t react, before he slowly got up and kissed the little dragon horn. Satisfied, he lay down on the bed, covered himself with the quilt and closed his eyes to prepare for sleep.

When the omega was asleep and the fog dissipated, Jiang ChengLi sat next to Shi Yu. His estimate was a bit wrong, so he had to lean against the wall as he observed his omega’s sleeping face in the dark.

Jiang ChengLi bent his head and kissed the corner of Shi Yu’s eye, his lips curled in a smile, “Even now, good night.”


When Shi Yu woke up the next day, the little ice dragon was lying on his pillow in a regular manner, and he woke up when Shi Yu moved. Shi Yu yawned slowly and raised his hand to see the time, 6:30. He got up with the little ice dragon in his hand, washed and changed quickly, and then took Jiang ChengLi out of the dormitory door.

He went to the dining hall to buy three breakfast meals, then walked to the back wall from yesterday and put the little ice dragon in the grass. “You hurry back to your own dormitory to wash up. Don’t delay the class.”

The sleepy-eyed little ice dragon was pinched on the tail in retaliation before he could make a sound. He grunted uncontrollably, and looked up just to see Shi Yu put the breakfast next to him. “I’m going back to class. You can go yourself.”

Shi Yu said that, then walked away with his head down. The morning breeze brushed his face. He didn’t look to see how Jiang ChengLi transformed back, and quickly ran to the classroom.

The next time, they couldn’t casually go to the sports field. After all, it was impossible to say whether they would always be able to take the small ice dragon back to the dormitory. Also he was scared to sleep with him in the same bed.

Shi Yu rubbed his fingertips, which still felt that touch, and blushed a little. The tail of Jiang ChengLi was still very good, though.

Next time, he wouldn’t let Jiang ChengLi get away with it.

The time of senior year was very tight. After the weekly test was the monthly test. No one dared to slacken the slightest. October came quietly.

Lian Jing was caught on the spot by He Huan and Xia ZhiNing. “Lian Jing, you have no heart. You ask Shi Yu questions every day, but you don’t know that it’s his birthday soon.”

Lian Jing was moved to remember, and slapped his forehead. “I almost forgot. This time I’ve been led by Shi Yu in the sea of learning, so I almost think of myself as a schoolmaster.”

He Huan pinched his face. “So, think about how to help him celebrate.”

Lian Jing let out a thoughtful laugh. “We’re celebrating for him? What about the one in A1?”

“That’s up to Jiang ChengLi. If he forgets, the gods can’t save him.” Xia ZhiNing copied his hand. “Shi Yu’s birthday is on Saturday. You can stay with him on Friday after the evening study, and we’ll bring the cake over.”

“Okay.” Lian Jing took the exercise book and patted his chest. “I’ll take care of it.”

Shi Yu knew nothing about the Omega Class’s plan. He continued to study and rest at his own pace until Friday, when Lian Jing insisted on taking out an additional problem and then asked him to solve it.

Shi Yu patiently listed out the logic and steps in detail, then organized the knowledge points clearly, but Lian Jing still said that he couldn’t read and write. Shi Yu put down the pen. “You’re not here to ask me questions.”

Lian Jing looked slightly stiff. He raised his hand to awkwardly scratch his head. “You said this formula, but I don’t think I wrote it right. Strange, it shouldn’t be wrong, ah…”

“Lian Jing, you can’t act. Come on, what else is going on at this late hour?”

Lian Jing glanced at the door. He saw when He Huan threw a small balloon out as a signal, and sighed in relief. “Shi Yu, do you know what day tomorrow is?”

Shi Yu glanced at him. “Is it the day you drop ten places on your weekly math test?”

“…” Lian Jing jumped up. “Tomorrow is your birthday. Everyone is giving you a birthday party tonight! Can you stop pushing the knife into your brother’s heart?!”

With Lian Jing’s defensive shout, He Huan went around the front door to the power switch and turned off all the lights in the classroom. Xiang Wuzhu walked in with a candle-lit cake. The back of the room echoed with the uneven birthday songs of the students.

One of the top ten scenes of human execution was a birthday. Shi Yu cried and laughed at the cake in front of him and at the students who surrounded the candles.

“Quick, make a wish and blow out the candles. Never mind the embarrassment!” Xia ZhiNing said in a rush, “This is the surprise we prepared for you as a class!”

Shi Yu closed his eyes in anticipation, made the simple wish, “I hope everyone gets into the ideal college,” opened his eyes and blew out the candles. The students around him cheered. “Congratulations, you’ve come of age!”

Shi Yu looked at the number eighteen on the candle that had almost melted to the ground and laughed in a low voice. “Thank you.”

It was a bit uncomfortable to be stared at by his classmates. Shi Yu gave everyone a piece of the cake but only ate the small piece of the first cut himself.

Lian Jing several times provoked He Huan to play cream battle and was ignored because the time was so late. Classmates, one after another, said happy birthday and also left, only the study group still remained.

“Shi Yu, this is the gift we prepared for you. It’s not expensive, just a little token of appreciation.” Xiang Wuzhu put a box in front of him. “You can go back to the dormitory and look at it. Happy birthday.”

“Thank you.” Shi Yu hugged the box and looked at the classmates gathered in front of him. “Really. Thanks. It’s a great surprise.”

A few people scratched their heads in embarrassment, apparently unused to the melodramatic atmosphere, and said happy birthday again before they rushed off. Shi Yu and Lian Jing cleaned up the classroom, and locked the door before they returned to the dormitory.

Lian Jing was still thinking about the chestnut cake, but before they entered the omega dormitory, he suddenly saw something. He raised his hand and nudged Shi Yu. “Look. Is that Jiang ChengLi standing downstairs?”

Shi Yu froze in place. He didn’t know how to react. Jiang ChengLi was standing under the tree in front of the dormitory building as he looked down at his phone. The weak light fell on his profile, and outlined his features extraordinarily deeply.

Shi Yu didn’t move. Lian Jing helped him carry the gift. “Then I won’t be a little light bulb. I’ll take the things up first, and you guys have a good chat.”

Before Shi Yu could reply, Lian Jing had already left with the gift in his arms. He passed by Jiang ChengLi with a deliberate greeting and a smile.

Jiang ChengLi also smiled and nodded at him, then gazed at Shi Yu who was slowly walking towards him before he could compose his expression.

“Why don’t you go back at this late hour?”

Jiang ChengLi looked at him with a smile. “Isn’t it your birthday tomorrow? I wanted to be the first one to celebrate your birthday, but I didn’t make it.” The Omega Class’ surprise was prepared earlier than his, so he could only wait here for Shi Yu to return. He looked down carefully, “You’re not angry with me, are you?”

Shi Yu grunted. “I’m not the same as you. I’m not stingy.”

Jiang ChengLi knew he was alluding to his last sulking incident and laughed. “Mn, I’m stingy, and you hold grudges. Just the right pair.”

Shi Yu then realized that his words sounded really vindictive, so he turned his face and rubbed the tip of his nose. “It’s late. If you have nothing to do, go back to rest first.”

Jiang ChengLi raised his hand, touched the side of his face with his fingertips and whispered, “Something is wrong. The person I like is eighteen years old, so I came to fight to see if I can get an identity.”

The temperature of Shi Yu’s face was a little lower than his hand, but his cheeks were a little hotter. “What…identity?”

“The kind of identity where you need to run away when you meet a patrol chief.” Jiang ChengLi took out the present from behind him and offered it to Shi Yu. “Open the gift first.”

Shi Yu whispered a thank you, and opened the rectangular black gift box. Inside lay a single ice rose.

The flower was spread with Jiang ChengLi’s pheromones.  It had a hint of blood red between the stamen and the petals were the same color as the pupils of the little ice dragon’s eyes. Pure and clear, not like they were carved out of ice, but as if they were made of pieces of broken ice.

“The rose is infused with my blood. The breath of the ice dragon will always be there. So as long as I’m still alive, it won’t melt.” Jiang ChengLi looked at the delight at the end of Shi Yu’s eyes, and asked knowingly, “Do you like it?”

Shi Yu hugged the box and slowly raised his gaze. The moonlight fell on his pupils and looked pure and bright. “I like it very much. Thank you.”

Jiang ChengLi loved his frank and sincere eyes. He lowered his head to patiently entice. “There’s a small gift inside, not too valuable. Open it to see?”

Shi Yu raised his eyebrows slightly, the end of his eyes tinged with curiosity. “What is it?”

Jiang ChengLi watched in silence as he opened the gift.

It was a small, solid black box with a ring inside.

Shi Yu froze in place. The gift was unexpected indeed.

It was a very ordinary silver ring with Jiang ChengLi’s initials engraved on the inside, but just the right size for his right ring finger.

“I’ll customize a more beautiful one for you when I formally propose. This first one is to show that you have a boyfriend.” Jiang ChengLi lowered his head to his ear. “Actually, I’m the other gift. Will you accept it?”

Shi Yu dropped his eyes and stared at the ring inside the box. He hesitated for a long time and tilted his head. “Jiang ChengLi, I am eighteen years old.”

Jiang ChengLi hadn’t expected his answer to be neither yes nor no, but this. He gave a slightly puzzled hmmm.

Shi Yu lowered his head, quickly sorted out what he wanted to say, then spoke seriously and slowly, “Before I turned eighteen, I had a lot of immature decisions and ideas. I made you wait for me for a long time because it took me a long while to be sure of my feelings. I like you, and at eighteen my only wish is to get Jiang ChengLi. Can I?”

Jiang ChengLi listened to his voice in a daze. His hot eyes looked at the tips of Shi Yu’s ears which burned. He smiled, and hugged him tightly in his arms. “You can have me whenever.”

The omega was just the right height. Jiang ChengLi easily embraced him completely and the deep sea and winter pheromones slowly mingled.

Shi Yu leaned on his shoulder with a bit of unreasonable caprice. “What’s wrong with me?”

“Obviously I am confessing, but you cut me off first. Not fair, you are too cunning.”

Shi Yu thought about it and laughed along. “Then do you promise?”

“Yes. You can touch the dragon horns and dragon wings, you can run my tail, and I give you leave to caress my belly. This dragon is all yours.” Jiang ChengLi took the ring out of the box and put it on Shi Yu’s ring finger. “Just right.”

Shi Yu stretched out his hand and made a fist. Indeed, there wasn’t a gap. It fit his ring finger without the slightest discomfort. “How did you know?”

“When I was in your pocket, I wrapped my tail around your hand every day. How could I not know the size?” Jiang ChengLi laughed low and extended his right hand. He also had one on his ring finger.

“This is mine, with your name engraved inside.” Jiang ChengLi held his right hand. “When you get into the school you want to go to, make sure you take it with you. I want everyone to know that you are mine.”

“… Okay, I’m yours.”

Shi Yu’s face was still red when he got back to his dorm. Shi Lan called him. His family told him happy birthday, and Alice clamored for him to come home for the weekend to eat cake.

Shi Yu agreed, then hung up the phone and pushed open the dormitory door. Lian Jing, just out of the shower, issued a series of “yo, yo, yos” that sounded close.

“Your little face is red. Nine out of ten things were done, right?”

Shi Yu answered vaguely and went to his seat to look at the gifts Lian Jing had put on the table.

Lian Jing, eager to know what was going on, asked excitedly, “What did Jiang ChengLi give you? Did he betroth himself to you or something? Why is your face so red?”

Shi Yu knew he was going to ask that question tonight, so he just threw his hand up.

“Crap! Jiang ChengLi gave you a ring? Not bad for a high-class alpha, ah! I’ll be damned, it’s sincere.” Lian Jing looked at Shi Yu’s hand like it was a treasure, and stared at it for a long time. “Tsk, now you can’t get away with it.”

Shi Yu lowered his head and hesitated for a moment, before admitting, “I confessed my love.”

“Huh?” Lian Jing’s eyes rounded. “Damn. You finally got the hang of it at eighteen?”

Shi Yu was very dissatisfied with his statement, and frowned. “Are you doing less math? I’ll fine you two additional questions tonight.”

“No, no, no. I mean, Shi Yu, man, ah, actually had his first confession!” Lian Jing patted his chest and gave him a thumbs up. “I’m proud of you for chasing after such an awesome alpha!”

Shi Yu grunted and was shepherded to the table by Lian Jing. “Our gift. Open it and take a look. I think it’s quite thoughtful,” he said and touched the tip of his nose. “I’m embarrassed to see you open it. I’ll go wash my clothes first. You take your time.”

Shi Yu watched him run away like a fugitive. He raised his hand to open the gift on the desk, and found that the inside was a photo album. Every page inside recorded Shi Yu’s memories after he transferred to Omega Class. It was more complete than Jiang ChengLi’s cell phone album, and inside there were different people accompanying Shi Yu.

The school sports meet, monthly exam review, school art festival, New Year’s Day celebration, New Year’s Eve at the playground, and the last beach vacation. Shi Yu’s hand gently pressed against each photo, and the smiles on everyone’s faces warmed his palm.

He bowed his head slightly and said in a hoarse voice, “Thank you.”

The last page of the album was a handwritten greeting card with different fonts.

“Happy 18th birthday, Shi Yu.”


It was winter and getting cold. During the last winter break of senior year, there was a rare snowfall in the southern city.

Shi Yu woke up in a daze after he received a phone call from Lian Jing early in the morning. He listened as he excitedly yelled about the snow on the other end of the line. He slowly got up to look out the window, but a pair of hands around his waist pressed him into the blanket, and wouldn’t easily allow him to leave. “It’s so cold outside, sleep a little longer.”

Jiang ChengLi was against his back, sullenly reluctant to part with him. “I feel cold in this weather. It’s not worth getting up to see the snow.”

Shi Yu looked at the bed for a while, and then remembered what was going on.

Shi Yu was charmed by Jiang ChengLi’s dragon’s tail and agreed to take him home. When he came back to his senses,  that was how the morning happened.

Shi Yu had no temper for a small ice dragon last night, but this morning he wasn’t responding. He only patted the back of his hand. “This side rarely snows. I want to go see.”

“It’s all ice. If you want to see it, I can make it in your room. Don’t catch a cold, and go to sleep.” Jiang ChengLi childishly dragged Shi Yu into his arms, saw that he wasn’t moved, then slowly came out of the quilt and used his tail to wrap around his ankle.

“My tail is very warm. Do you want to let it be blown by the cold wind?”

Shi Yu, “…” Shi Yu really couldn’t let go.

Jiang ChengLi saw that he finally gave up on the idea of seeing the snow, smiled and closed his eyes. “While there is no one home today, sleep is the best choice.”

Shi Yu helped him to pull up the corner of the quilt a little bit, and smoothly rubbed a handful of his hair. “A single bed is too crowded. It must be too small.”

Jiang ChengLi opened his eyes to look at him. “When you touched my stomach last night, didn’t I also say a minute at most?”

“…” Shi Yu pretended to be deaf and rolled over as he mumbled, “Hurry up and sleep for another half hour. I have to get up later to brush up on my work and get in good spirits.”

Jiang ChengLi raised his eyebrows. He deliberately resisted teasing his ankles with his tail, but found that student Shi really seemed to have only the sea of questions, not half-hearted thoughts about him.

Here in the early morning, first with the snow, and then with the math problems. A dragon grunted angrily and left the nest. Shi Yu felt an empty space behind him and didn’t hold back his curiosity. He turned around and saw the little ice dragon was sitting between the mattresses looking at him coyly.

Shi Yu was silent for three seconds. “Jiang ChengLi, the beauty dragon scheme is not working!”

Jiang ChengLi slowly lowered his body and wagged his tail.

Shi Yu took a deep breath. “Jiang ChengLi, I advise you to be kind.”

Jiang ChengLi, “Howl.”

Shi Yu, “…” I admit defeat.


The senior party was on the same day as the 100-day pledge, and Nan Zhong’s custom every year was to climb the three peaks. On the day the countdown started, Nan Zhong seniors gathered at the basketball court. After the principal’s pep talk, the school flag was given to the A1 student representative, Jiang ChengLi, then they got on the bus and left.

After an hour drive to Xian Yan Forest Park, Shi Yu was a little dizzy when he got off the bus.

Lian Jing held him and whispered, “Can you do it later? We have to climb three more mountains after the 100-day pledge meeting today.” 

Shi Yu was still a bit dizzy.

The school’s leadership was worried about the pressure on the students in the second semester of the senior year, so they made it a tradition to climb the mountains after the 100-day pledge. They held that the three peaks were named “undergraduate”, “key” and “first-class.” To climb them, even if you gave up, meant the remaining 99 days could be more energetic.

But most of the students were screaming. After all, studying was hard enough. Who had the energy to climb a mountain?

Xiang Wuzhu listened from the front then turned around. “The leaders are worried that we can’t keep up physically. We have A1 in the front and A2 in the back. If you fall down with hypoglycemia and so on, maybe two pretty boys will come over to assist you immediately.”

Lian Jing immediately held a hand to his forehead. “Ah, dizzy, dizzy. Quickly, come to a small gege and help me a little…”

He Huan pushed him a hand behind. “Acting too pompous, gege.”

Shi Yu also patted Lian Jing’s shoulder. “To the assembly point. Pledge it first.”

The senior study representative, Jiang ChengLi, who sat firmly at the top of the grade, stood on the platform. After the concise representative speech was the pledge. Jiang ChengLi stood straight under the sun, and the young man in the light seriously led a thousand people to take the oath.

Even when such commonplace chicken soup as “the courage to break the laurels, the ambition to reach the summit” came out of his mouth, it was extraordinarily bloodthirsty. Shi Yu stood at the end of the class and watched Jiang ChengLi on the stage from a hundred meters away.

He said, “I will carry everything and run for the future I want.”

Shi Yu turned his head. He followed Jiang ChengLi and a thousand different voices and said, “I will carry everything and run to a future with you.”


After the oath was taken, there were groups of five people who pulled a rope. Each group was given a pager.

“There isn’t always a signal on the mountain, so use this to find the teacher if you can’t get through on your cell phone.” The class teacher reminded them, as they went from group to group. “Although the names of the three peaks have meanings, we, the Omega Class, might not have the physical condition, so don’t force yourself. If you feel uncomfortable, immediately stop. A1 and A2 will take care of us, understand?”

Several group leaders nodded their heads.

Shi Yu had just given water to each of his classmates when he heard a ruckus. He turned around and saw Jiang ChengLi. He came over and picked up his school bag. Shi Yu frowned and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I forgot to bring my backpack. There’s no place to put the water, so I’m borrowing your bag.” Jiang ChengLi naturally put chocolate, bread, and sports drink into Shi Yu’s bag then slung it on his back. “Ask me for it if you’re hungry.”

Shi Yu wanted to say no. Although he was an omega, his physical fitness wasn’t weak to that extent. But as soon as he opened his mouth, Jiang ChengLi nodded and whispered. “Climb hard to the top of the mountain, and I’ll take you to our future.”

Shi Yu’s ear tips were slightly hot. He muttered, “So many people are watching. You can hear what they’re saying.”

“Watching you.” Jiang ChengLi waved his hand. “Wait for you at the top of the mountain.”

After he left, Shi Yu was instantly surrounded by Omega Class students.

“Damn. Shi Yu’s boyfriend is so fucking strong. I want an alpha to carry my water too!”

“I don’t believe that alpha climbers need to eat chocolate and bread and drink sports drinks. Shi Yu, it’s all for you, right?” Lian Jing coaxed and nudged Shi Yu. “Tsk, he really likes you.”

Shi Yu tilted his head. “Okay, then you give me your water. I’ll carry it for you.”

Lian Jing made a move to take off his backpack, but another alpha from A1 caught it and said with a smile, “Give us anything you don’t want to carry. The head of the year has asked our class to watch you.”

Omega Class, “…” This was a good thing!

“Form up. Line up in groups and get ready to go!” The lead PE teacher blew the assembly whistle, and urged the students to get ready to go.

Xia ZhiNing and He Huan weren’t tired of complaining and kept taking pictures along the way. They caught almost every student in the Omega Class and took them all over.

“Shi Yu, want to take a picture with us? Maybe we’ll never have the chance to take a picture in school uniform again!” Xia ZhiNing waved excitedly.

The team wasn’t moving fast, so Shi Yu nodded in agreement. Xia ZhiNing said she wanted to find an angle and gave He Huan a look.

He Huan jumped up to A1 class. “Jiang ChengLi! Shi Yu asked if you want to take a group photo, come on!”

The A1 people looked back and followed suit. “Why don’t you go? We’ll take this team for you!”

Jiang ChengLi smiled, thanked them, walked to the Omega Class and casually stood beside Shi Yu. “Add me to the group photo.”

Shi Yu looked back at the two girls who were acting as if nothing was wrong. Then he understood what she meant. He let out a small sigh, “Hurry up, don’t delay the trip.”

He Huan and Xia ZhiNing smiled and came to the two of them to take a photo together.

“Hey, ten or twenty years from now, I’ll be looking at my younger photos and I’ll still be lamenting what a beautiful love I had back then.”

Jiang ChengLi wasn’t in a hurry to go, and stayed at Shi Yu’s side to walk with him. Shi Yu was surrounded by all kinds of eyes, and being stared at was a little uncomfortable. “Don’t you need to go to the lead? Aren’t you the student representative?”

“There’s only one way to the top, so A1 won’t get lost.” Jiang ChengLi peeled a candy and passed it to Shi Yu’s lips. “Grapefruit flavor. Want to try it?”

Shi Yu was interested in the taste and reached out to take it, but Jiang ChengLi put the candy to his lips. “Open your mouth.”

Shi Yu heard the sounds of coaxing from behind him.

Jiang ChengLi wasn’t moved, just pretended to pity the head down. “I feed you, but you won’t eat?”

“… Eat.”

The grapefruit taste was sweeter than expected. The tip of Shi Yu’s tongue tasted a sour and sweet flavor. Afterwards, he walked with Jiang ChengLi in silence for a while. Suddenly the person beside him lowered his head and whispered in his ear, “Shi Yu, when can I kiss you?”

Shi Yu, “…”

From the day they agreed to him at the age of eighteen, the two seemed to have developed that kind of relationship by default, though they tacitly kept their distance. When Jiang ChengLi saw that Shi Yu didn’t say anything, he leaned on him again. “If I didn’t make a fool of myself, then I would be your boyfriend now? Just now when you were eating candy, I accidentally touched your lips. They felt very soft. Want to kiss them.”


If it were the old days, Shi Yu would have told him to shut up at this point.

Jiang ChengLi hadn’t expected much. He just wanted to confirm his ‘boyfriend’ status at the right time, so he wasn’t anticipating that Shi Yu would deny it. He was just reflecting on whether such words were too frivolous for the omega, when he heard the person next to him whisper, “…When we get back.”


Shi Yu tilted his head. “I said, after we go back.”

Jiang ChengLi was slightly stunned for a moment, then surprised. “You promise?”

“… After all, I’m your boyfriend too.”

Jiang ChengLi didn’t hold back his laughter. Shi Yu pursed his lips and pulled away to next door, but was then glued to the person beside him. “Be true to your word.”

“I know, I know.”

It took almost an hour for A1 to climb the three peaks to the top of the mountain.

The location at the top of the mountain was narrow. Only one small group could go up at a time. Most of the people in the front of A1 had taken pictures, but there were still five or six left to enter. The gym teacher thought for a moment, and greeted them with one hand, “Come on. The rest of A1 take a picture with Omega Class. Anyway, the number of people is similar!”

The Omega Class students were up in arms after hearing this, and were shouting Jiang ChengLi’s name. The PE teacher shook his head and looked at Jiang ChengLi with a smile. “You’re really popular with them.”

Jiang ChengLi nodded, grinned and walked up next to Shi Yu while his classmates were pulling the banner.

“Classmate, do you have someone here? Shi Yu’s boyfriend wants to stand there.”

Shi Yu, “…You can’t talk without this title, can you?”

Jiang ChengLi reached out and held the corner of the banner for him. “Well, I think Shi Yu’s boyfriend sounds better than Jiang ChengLi.”

“Can we stand next to you?!” Li Chen and Lian Jing shouted very deliberately, as if they were afraid to hear the intimate whispers of the two.

Shi Yu swept a glance back, and the two people cheekily came to his side. “Wow, just up here we didn’t feel the view. Now it looks good, ah.”

Shi Yu tilted his head. The view of Xiangyan wasn’t as exaggerated as the mountains, but when standing at the top of the mountain, the view was open and bright. The dusk gave the mountain a golden edge, and the sky burned red. The view that was so far away when you came, became so small in front of you.

Lian Jing held his breath, then shouted, “I’ll get into the university I want to go to!”

He started it first, followed by Xiang Wuzhu, followed by a large group of ghostly cries.

Shi Yu dropped his eyes and said nothing, but he felt the person next him behind the banner, as he quietly held his hand.

“See you at college.”



After the 100-day pledge, the Omega Class students were all in high spirits as they came down from the mountain, eager to go back to work overnight on another dozen sets of questions. Unfortunately, they almost couldn’t get up the next morning because they were overworked.

Shi Yu also had trouble getting up the next day, he was much more sleepy than before the climb. The alarm clock rang three times before he lazily got out of bed. Lian Jing even cried out that he couldn’t move his hands or lift his legs.

Shi Yu took him to the classroom, and laughed when he saw that Lian Jing still looked half dead.

“Wilt? I can’t possibly!” Lian Jing was so excited that he immediately went to his seat, and flipped out a set of physics papers, “I’ll give you a look at the set of questions now!”

Shi Yu laughed and returned to his seat. He looked at the milk on the table with a note pinned to it.

[To make up for the calcium. Promise me that you owe me first. Will find you to ask after the test.]

It was Jiang Cheng Li’s handwriting. Shi Yu put the note into the drawer without expression, turned over the English paper and started to look over the questions.

The last 100 days counted down quickly. The night before the college entrance exams while he was packing the desk, Shi Yu realized that he had brushed almost two boxes of papers in half a semester.

Nan Zhong hadn’t a tradition of tearing up books, so the students piled up the discarded books in the waste paper room, then went back to their dormitories to rest and sleep.

The next day, the college entrance exams began. The two days passed in a blink of an eye.

Shi Yu called Shi Lan after leaving the examination hall to tell her that everything had gone well. After that, he went back to the study room to take his own east□□□ and walked to the music classroom.

The air was filled with the gentle cold fragrance of winter frost, the subtle smell of Jiang ChengLi’s pheromones.

Shi Yu pushed open the door and saw the teenager sitting in front of the piano.

“I came over with my IOU to cancel the debt, boyfriend.”


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