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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


After they went to college, the Jiang family paid a formal visit. They proposed that the two children were dating for the purpose of marriage, and hoped to live together for four years during college.

Shi Yu and Jiang ChengLi had finalized their life events during the exchange between the elders of the two families. They very smoothly found a place to live together near the university, an apartment building half an hour away from the school.

Today, on their seventh day of living together, Jiang ChengLi was ready, on a whim, to celebrate the one-week anniversary of cohabitation. Also, he planned to take advantage of the opportunity to sweeten his delicious omega and make a mark, but he hadn’t expected the Shi Yu from last night wasn’t quite right.

Yesterday, after dinner, he was only looking at his phone and the evening shower was twice as long as usual. This morning, he hadn’t even eaten breakfast before he went out.

Jiang ChengLi’s intuition told him that Shi Yu wasn’t right.

Jiang ChengLi was making lunch. He dropped his eyes. The ingredients on the board went slowly into the bowl. He washed the knife. His eyes gradually became gloomy, not like a family alpha, but like a cold and ruthless killer.

Shi Yu went to T University, while Jiang ChengLi went to M University. They went to two universities in the same city because Jiang ChengLi wanted to easily see his omega. The only thing was that Shi Yu hadn’t given him a chance since the beginning of the school year. Today he had the perfect excuse to deliver lunch and see what was going on with Shi Yu.

He had to find out if he was being pestered by another alpha, or if he had moved on.

Jiang ChengLi knew which school building Shi Yu was in, but paused to ask two students and got directions.

“I don’t think you’re from our school, are you here to see Shi Yu?” The girl who gave the directions said with a smile. “No wonder. On the first day of school, Shi Yu was on the top of our school’s official website. The whole school knows there is a freshman who is particularly good-looking. A very fragrant omega.”

Jiang ChengLi raised his eyebrows carelessly. He pretended to be interested and asked, “No. 1 in the hot reviews?”

“Yes. I heard that many people are looking for his contact information. Many students from other schools, like you, are also looking for him. It’s true that a single and sweet omega can cause a sensation everywhere.”

“Single?” Jiang ChengLi’s tongue was against his palate. “When I look at the photo, I see that he seems to be wearing a ring?”

“Huh? So what if he’s wearing a ring? You don’t think wearing a ring has symbolic meaning, do you?” The girl laughed. “Well, the guitarist of our school band is wearing five rings, but he is still chasing Shi Yu–“

The other girl beside her was still smiling but wanted her companion to shut up. To her surprise she kept on chattering, “But you’re handsome too. Which school are you from?”

Jiang ChengLi’s light smile disappeared and left a blank slate. He hadn’t looked away from their eyes. “Thank you.” He turned around and walked towards the school building.

“Eh, at least tell me which school…ah. Why is he walking so fast?” The girl wondered.

“You don’t know him? Are you serious?” The companion beside her was surprised. “M University’s new schoolboy.  At M University there are a lot of girls who are crazy about him. The first day of school they were on the microblogging hot thread!”

The girl’s eyes slowly widened. “It’s him? He’s even better looking than in his picture!”


Shi Yu’s class was on the seventh floor. Jiang ChengLi took his time going upstairs, he just arrived when the bell rang. After the teacher dismissed the class, some students sporadically left the classroom.

Shi Yu was still reading a question in his book when a hand wearing five rings knocked on his desk.

“Shi Yu, are you sure you don’t want to go out for dinner with me?”

Shi Yu turned around. A cool mint smell laced the wind. It wafted over from the alpha in front of him. He frowned and closed his book. “Didn’t I say no? Also, if you’re not here for the class, don’t come to sit in on it. It will affect the other students.”

The alpha froze, then took two tickets out of his pocket. “So are you going to this one? Our band is playing a night show here tonight. I’ll be on stage.”

“No, I have a date.” Shi Yu was just about to leave when there was a clatter at the door. He looked toward the sound, and saw Jiang ChengLi was standing before the crowd.

The tall alpha’s eyes circled around and landed on him. He slowly pulled out a smile, and waved at Shi Yu like a parent picking up their child from kindergarten. “Shi Yu, come here for a minute.”

Shi Yu heard all sorts of ebb and flow around him. Even the alpha beside him, who was inviting him, wasn’t able to help but wonder. “Is that an alpha?”

Shi Yu walked to the door with his bag in his arms, and asked curiously, “Jiang ChengLi, what are you doing here?”

Jiang ChengLi smiled at him and then, in full view of everyone, lowered his head and kissed Shi Yu’s cheek. “Baby, you left in such a hurry this morning, you didn’t even take your lunch. So I brought it to you myself.”

This kiss was so unexpected that Shi Yu’s heart raced for a moment, then he heard the continuous whispers behind him. He instinctively raised his hand to touch the side of his face and looked at Jiang ChengLi with a slightly stunned gaze.

Jiang ChengLi, with a smile on his face, raised his hand to hold his wrist and took him away. He gave a deep look to the alpha who had been sitting next to Shi Yu trying to make conversation.

Shi Yu looked at the wrist held by him for a long time. It wasn’t until after the school building, that Jiang ChengLi slowed down his pace and silently locked eyes with Shi Yu.

“Jiang ChengLi, why didn’t you send me a message first when you came over?” Shi Yu slid the side of his satchel off his shoulder and looked at the bag he was carrying. “Is that lunch?”

Jiang ChengLi stared at him for a long time and suddenly laughed, “Shi Yu, if I don’t come, will you go on a date with that guitarist? Do you know what day it is?”

“The guitarist?” Shi Yu thought back for a moment and then confirmed who Jiang ChengLi was talking about. “What date? Didn’t I say I was going home for dinner tonight?”

Jiang ChengLi held his wrist and raised his hand, “Shi Yu, see what this is?”

“My engagement ring with you, ah.” Shi Yu pursed his lips.

Jiang ChengLi eyes were stained with sorrow, as he whispered, “You also know, ah?”

Shi Yu still looked at him in confusion for a long time. Then Jiang ChengLi sighed. “If I had known you were so popular, I would have gone to the same school as you.”

The person in front of him looked more and more unhappy. Shi Yu then thought of something. The students who passed by them gave them a more or less probing gaze. He lowered his head and looked for a long time.

Jiang ChengLi stood and reflected for a moment, then slowly realized that any further conflict should happen at home. He just wanted to turn back and apologize, when an omega’s slender hand suddenly wrapped around his fingers.

“Jiang ChengLi, bow your head.”

The alpha instinctively obeyed his words and dropped his head. The omega suddenly leaned up and kissed his lips.

Shi Yu reached out and rubbed Jiang ChengLi’s hair after the kiss. “Still angry?”

The cold and ruthless killer turned back into a tender boyfriend.

Jiang ChengLi froze in place for a long time, slowly felt the tips of his ears burn a little, and gave a vague muffled mmn.

Shi Yu took him by the hand and walked fearlessly through the crowd of eyes. “I don’t have class this afternoon. Let’s go home.”

Shi Yu knew there were some rumors about him when he enrolled in school, but he didn’t care about the gossip. After all, he only had one, Jiang ChengLi, in his heart. Now it seemed like someone cared more about it than he did.

Since he cared, he would help his alpha out of his troubles.

For a college couple, a kiss was nothing, right?

Jiang ChengLi reacted extremely fast, held his hand as well and followed his side. “Shi Yu, why are you kissing me all of a sudden?”

“You kissed me on the forehead in my classroom, but you won’t allow me to kiss you on the side of the road?” Shi Yu raised his eyebrows. “Not like you.”

Jiang ChengLi laughed and whispered beside him, “Then can you kiss me more than once? It was too fast just now, I didn’t get the taste.”


When he returned to the apartment, Jiang ChengLi helped him bring out the prepared lunch. Shi Yu put down his school bag and went back to his bedroom to change his clothes. He was about to leave his room, his hand on the door handle, but he didn’t twist it.

The most intimate thing they had done was the kiss just now.

Shi Yu wasn’t quite sure what Jiang ChengLi was thinking, but he looked it up on the Internet yesterday and heard that alphas had a strong emotional attachment to their omegas. The more in love with the omega, the more the alpha would want to mark their partner.

But Shi Yu wasn’t able to pinpoint Jiang ChengLi.

Jiang ChengLi was a dominant alpha, but he always seemed to be restrained and calm. Even the first kiss was Shi Yu’s initiative.

Shi Yu was a little anxious, but he wasn’t sure how to express it. However, he wasn’t thinking that just because Jiang ChengLi didn’t do anything else meant that he didn’t like him.

Maybe it was because Jiang ChengLi was a dragon. Dragons might not have the same needs as people.

But he wanted a taste of being marked by Jiang ChengLi for life.

Shi Yu, who had no solution, finally turned to the Internet. He carefully watched two ‘educational films,’ but found that in addition to being unappealing, there were many messages of “deep marking hurts.”

How much did it hurt?

He carefully searched for a few pages of information, to note the steps he needed to figure out, and summed up the views as: fifteen percent of the causes are physical, twenty percent are the measurements, the remaining 65 percent are emotional. Those are the percentages of the causes of pain.

With that series of analysis down, Shi Yu thought he might not have that kind of pain.

Taking a deep breath, Shi Yu pushed open the door of the room. Jiang ChengLi was sitting in front of the dining table waiting for him.

“I’m looking at movie tickets, there’s a movie you want to see this afternoon…”

Jiang ChengLi was still choosing his seat when Shi Yu jerked his phone away from behind him.

“Jiang ChengLi, I don’t want to go to the movies.”


The omega’s warm, sweet, deep sea fragrance fell on the tip of Jiang ChengLi’s nose, followed by omega’s soft whisper. “I want to hurt.”


Night time, nine o’clock.

Jiang ChengLi, wrapped in a bathrobe, knocked on the door of the bathroom, “Shi Yu, are you okay? Don’t take too long to wash your body…I was wrong.”

Shi Yu, who was hugging his legs in the bathtub, and staring at the bathing duck with a deep hatred, was silent.

…It really hurt.

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Sue R
Sue R
September 26, 2021 5:29 pm

😯😯😯😯did they make love??.

September 26, 2021 10:45 pm

Finally..consummated but with SY sulking at the end🙄🙄🙄

September 27, 2021 1:29 am

Oh dear. Does ‘No pain, no gain’ apply in this instance? 🤔😕
Thank you for translating and editing.

September 27, 2021 5:58 am

Well… if we accept the logic from other ABO novels, marks are best made when in heat… being hasty like this… no wander it hurt. But I guess being a marked Omega means no annoying pest wondering around.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

January 28, 2022 8:50 pm

“I want to hurt.”
“…. It really hurt.”
Lmao YuYu why so cute! Good luck to ChengLi for their future!

July 4, 2022 8:20 am

SY, you said you want to hurt 😅

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