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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Shi Yu stood in front of the president’s desk. His long, thin hand tapped the newly filled files. “All done.”

Jiang ChengLi’s pen fell on the desk. He nodded in a businesslike manner.

Shi Yu fumbled around, took out a small bottle of alcohol and a bag of cotton swabs and put them on the table.

Jiang ChengLi looked up at him.

“Thank you for taking me to register.” Shi Yu said sincerely. He did not know that omega instincts were so terrible. His vicious bite must be quite painful.

Jiang ChengLi did not answer immediately and stared for a long time before he scanned the mole under his eye. “Mn.”

“If you need me in the future, just let me know.” Shi Yu was quite frank.

Jiang ChengLi turned his pen around in interest, wanting to ask what he needed with an omega. When he saw Shi Yu’s serious eyes, he suddenly felt that Shi Yu really could give him examples.

“Go back.” He picked up the alcohol on the table.

Shi Yu thought he was going to use it, so he turned his head and went out, closing the door behind him.

Jiang ChengLi put down the alcohol. Then, he received a message from Li Chen.

[President, you plucked Dog Lian’s hair again, huh? He came back with an expression of being stepped on with a sore foot.]

Li Chen was full of words and Jiang ChengLi was used to it.

Outside, there was wind blowing from the window to the desk and the omega’s file. The corner blew open.

Jiang ChengLi happened to see that column.

Second gender: Omega.

Pheromones: Exotic deep sea.

… Also exotic sea.

In the office, the headmaster of the grade was on the phone with someone, talking about Shi Yu.

“It’s a pity that he didn’t sign up for the chemical competition before, otherwise the alpha and the omega who won this year’s championship would definitely be from our school.” The headmaster of the grade hung up the phone regretfully and turned around to see Jiang ChengLi, who had come to hand in the information, smiling brightly. “Yo, you were just mentioned.”

Jiang ChengLi set the information on the desk.

The headmaster looked at him. “That incident from before was a misunderstanding of the boy. His family… Hiss, the situation is a bit special. ChengLi. You, as the president, need to take care of him a bit.”

Jiang ChengLi nodded. “Headmaster. Before, when the student council proposed the financial aid program… my father said he supports it.”


School ended in the afternoon.

Li Chen waited for a long time for President Jiang at A1 and said lazily, “Is the headmaster in love with you? He’s just letting you out now?”

Jiang ChengLi took the book bag he handed him. “Let’s go.”

Just down the stairs, Li Chen touched him on the shoulder. “Look there.”

Jiang ChengLi saw Lian ZiJin had blocked the stairway and stopped Shi Yu and a girl.

“Wow, Little Teardrop Mole with… Little Peach?”

Jiang ChengLi didn’t know where Li Chen got so much inspiration to give people nicknames. “Little Peach?”

“I saw her last time I submitted the basketball game roster. She was wearing a peach scented blocker.”

Li Chen leaned towards the staircase railing. “Wow, Little Teardrop Mole looks pretty good with her. It’s a pity that both of them are omegas.”

Jiang ChengLi looked up and saw Shi Yu’s face had turned slightly cold as he protected the girl. Lian ZiJin’s eyes showed hate and wanting him to get out of the way.

The ‘Little Peach’ then left with Shi Yu, her face all red.

“Yo, pretty sweet.” Li Chen also saw it. He smiled and turned around. He noticed Jiang ChengLi’s eyes stared at him deeply. He stopped smiling for a moment. “What’s wrong?”

“Didn’t I ask you not to mention him?”

“… I was wrong.” Li Chen said abashedly. He thought it was just a single inadvertent mistake. He hadn’t expected that Jiang ChengLi’s mood would be gloomy the next week.

Li Chen knocked around a few times, but couldn’t ask the reason. Finally, he found a slight hint from his own meditation for half a day. Both cause and effect, it seemed to be Little Teardrop Mole. 

Li Chen figured this out when a friend took him to dinner. He couldn’t stop smiling as he gazed at the busy figure at the bar.

When his friend next to him wondered out loud. Li Chen replied, “My president is in a bad mood lately, but I think he has someone he cares about. I’ll make sure to drag him over here Saturday.”


Jiang ChengLi was indeed in a bad mood. It was because the pheromones that Jiang Jing sent him did not affect him at all. Two omegas with symptoms similar to Shi Yu’s were also found and still had no effect whatsoever.

All of his unnatural, out-of-control changes were only related to Shi Yu.

The white kitten he’d found had been for more than ten days and turned from the original bones to a white fur ball. Now it was waiting for Jiang ChengLi to come out of the bathroom.

The fog in the bathroom made it roll twice as it backed up. Jiang ChengLi took it into his arms and the cat playfully bit his index finger.

Jiang ChengLi reprimanded, “You can’t do anything but bite. I should have picked up another one.”

The cat didn’t know it had hidden competition, just nuzzled into his arms coquettishly. The cat’s nose sniffed at the faded scab as it pulled at his collar. Jiang ChengLi found it itchy, so he put it in the cat litter box.

The cat watched his keeper change his clothes and leave the bedroom. It followed and ran out of the room then smelled a chill frost at the stairs.

The cat, as if sensing an enemy, raised all its fur and let out a threatening milk cry.

Jiang ChengLi stroked down the scales on the back of his hand and took the chill out the door.

Li Chen wanted to invite him to dinner today. He said he’d found a special restaurant. As for what was special about it, Jiang ChengLi had to go over and discover that himself.

Jiang ChengLi leaned against the car window, his wandering eyes focused while waiting for the traffic light.

There was a small building on the corner. The outside of the door was decorated in girly pink, a place that school girls would aspire to own.

The store wasn’t special. What was special was that Shi Yu was there.

Jiang ChengLi saw the boy through the wide array of windows. He seemed a bit formal, conversing with the clerk like one of those guys who picked out a gift for his girlfriend but didn’t know what the girl liked.

For whom? ‘Little Peach?’

The last thing Jiang ChengLi saw was Shi Yu taking what the clerk handed him and smiling gently as he looked down.

Li Chen originally wanted to give Jiang ChengLi a surprise and hadn’t expected to see him there with a stormy expression. It deterred him from saying half a sentence of tawdry words.

Jiang ChengLi liked to pick holes when he was upset. He sat down and said, “Your taste is a family restaurant?”

Li Chen inexplicably felt an arrow hit him and forced out a laugh. “This is also a musical meal. There are folk singers in the evening, and a song and dance show in the square.”

“…” Li Chen scanned the restaurant eagerly. Why hadn’t Shi Yu come to work yet?

The last time he inquired, a waiter had suddenly resigned so the boss was short of manpower and hired a cool, teardrop mole, handsome boy.

Li Chen spent money to ask some more questions: to be sure that person was the same one, in the same school, with the same teardrop mole. Shi Yu! He desperately persuaded Jiang ChengLi, “Why, the small barbecue here is particularly delicious. Would you have the kindness to accompany me?”

Jiang ChengLi picked up the menu. “What do you want to eat?”

Someone was seated at the next table, also a student of seventeen or eighteen years old, and the surrounding area was noisy when they sat down.

Li Chen prayed that the noise next door would not be too loud, otherwise Jiang ChengLi might really leave him here alone. Before he could decide what to eat, the neighboring boy whistled flirtatiously and signaled the waiter to place his order.

Li Chen was just about to say he was finished when he saw Shi Yu, wearing a white shirt, walk over. He instantly relaxed most of his breath, and put on a face of ‘look at this! it’s a surprise!’ He turned around and found that Jiang ChengLi’s gaze was so cold it could freeze people.

Li Chen was completely confused this time.

Could it be… It’s really not Shi Yu?

Shi Yu had just started his part-time job and was not very skilled, stumbling over the dishes for the people in front of him. The man sitting at the table looked at him with narrowed eyes for a long time, then suddenly raised his hand and squeezed the strap of his apron just under the hem of his shirt.

Shi Yu went slightly stiff. He looked down and followed the fingertips to the person in front of him. “Guest?”

The boy held his chin and smiled. “You smell so good… You’re an omega?”

Li Chen did not dare to look up to see Jiang ChengLi’s expression, only eavesdropped. Where did this frivolous alpha come from? This accosting tactic was too damn old-fashioned.

Shi Yu rubbed his neck unnaturally and denied. “No.”

A girl next to him laughed and gave the boy a shove. “Oh, don’t give people a hard time!”

Shi Yu nodded indifferently and left without the slightest hint of shyness when being teased.

After the person left, someone questioned, “Brother Xu is so handsome. Ah, he actually did not shake a little. Guess he’s really not an omega, right?”

The person called Xu smiled smugly, “He must be an omega pretending to be a beta.”

“Wow, you know this too?”

“I’ve been sniffing around omegas a lot, so I can spot this little trick right away, right?” Xu said with confidence. “The blocker smells like peaches. He looks cold, but is soft inside. I’ll ask him for his contact information later.”

The girl laughed. “Tsk. Xu is going to make another move. There’s another omega who’s going to suffer.”

Li Chen listened to this and said, “Where are these nasty people from? Do they treat omegas as objects or what?”

He turned around and saw Jiang ChengLi had leaned over, as if picking something up. Li Chen didn’t see what it was and didn’t care. “President-“

Jiang ChengLi’s expression was still calm and cold, as if he hadn’t heard the wicked voice next door. “I’m going out to take a call.”

Li Chen said yes, but in his heart, he refused ten thousand times.

In terms of alpha level, Jiang ChengLi directly crushed that guy, but if he didn’t want to care… If that person made things difficult for Shi Yu, then it was up to Li Chen. As expected, Jiang ChengLi left and Li Chen heard the person behind him recruiting Shi Yu again.

Shi Yu had just come out of the staff room, frowning, looking down and searching for something. He was called out by the customer. He gave him an unhappy look. “Your meal has been ordered, it will be ready soon.”

“I’m not rushing the meal.” Xu looked at him. He saw that he was uninterested and combined with the look on his face just now… suddenly he asked. “Are you looking for something?”

Shi Yu raised his eyes and thought. Yes, this person just tugged on his apron strap.

Xu winked at him meaningfully and said in a slick voice. “I just picked it up.”

As expected, the person in front of him got nervous. “Thank you, please return it to me.”

“Eh.” Xu raised his chin and looked out the door. “Then come out, I’ll return it to you.”

Li Chen was just about to say something, when the man stood up and walked out of the restaurant with a self-conscious look.

And Shi Yu followed behind him.

“Tsk, Xu-ge is worthy of being Xu-ge. Catching an omega that is set in his ways.”

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Nasty Xu Alpha Guy: Follow me outside~ *wink*
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July 20, 2021 10:10 pm

It’s your Xu-ge that will suffer not this little Omega. And what’s with some Alphas in this novel. Omegas are nice smelling and cute, but there should be something like basic respect of personal space. Apparently those Alphas haven’t heard about it.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

July 20, 2021 11:17 pm

😎😎😎😎let see what Prez Jiang going to do

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Xu is in for a shock. No ordinary Omega and I think there’ll be a pissed off dragon Alpha already outside!
Looking forward to the next chapter.
Thanks for translating.

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Sue R
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