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Translated by Mojo of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


The idea that such a dreamlike thing like soulmates was occurring in reality, gave Masazumi an inexplicable feeling. The circumstances were so good that he wondered for a second whether it wasn’t actually just a shameless dream. Is it okay for me to feel this happy? He was so happy it made him anxious.

Yoshihisa placed Masazumi’s hand gently back in his lap as if it were treasure. He stroked his face, which had stopped sweating after he had calmed a bit, then cast his gaze towards the door, “Just wait a second, okay?”

Getting Masazumi’s consent, Yoshihisa left his side, walking over to the door with large steps and placing his hand on the knob to open it. Where was he going to go? Before Masazumi could ask, he looked left and right down the hallway, and called out in a low voice, “Masamichi. You’re here, aren’t you?”

Masazumi was surprised, he’d had no clue that Kase was nearby. He wanted to know more about the relationship between the two, since the mystery kept deepening. 

“Yes, yes. I’m here.” In a light voice, without an ounce of nervousness Kase casually appeared from the left side of the hallway. 

“… You… when did you…?” Masazumi didn’t want Kase to see him in such an unpresentable way, so he strained to correct his slumped position.

“Ah, you’re fine like that. I know you’re not feeling well. This third wheel is going to leave soon anyway.” After peering into the room and looking at Masazumi’s face, Kase acted like he understood everything, and stopped Masazumi. Then he turned to Yoshihisa and bowed his head courteously. 

Just maybe, thought Masazumi in amazement, things which had seemed so random before were now coming into place, and he tried to form a picture in his brain. ‘Is it that sort of thing, or what about, no that doesn’t make sense’. A shiver ran across his whole body.

“I’m sorry but for today and tomorrow, I’d like you to take him somewhere and hide him. Can you sort something out?”


Seeing Yoshihisa in his uniformed figure, Masazumi thought he created an atmosphere of dignity which wouldn’t lose even to a prince. His older classmate, the delinquent who was never in class– he had returned to this school a year after Yoshihisa had become staff here.

“And then there’s the issue of Nashiba Takashi…”

“That’s alright as well. But, it depends on what you want. If you want to borrow the power of the Marquis, you’ll need to agree to the terms.”


Such a threatening word had come out of Kase’s mouth, so Masazumi stiffened and watched their exchange attentively. 

“…Since you, the distant relative, are here, there should be no need for him to make me the successor. After all, he only dated my mother for a month, so to go so far as adopting me… that’s what the Marquis said. Plus you’re an alpha. It’s nothing to do with me anymore.”

“But you’re the real son of the Marquis. Though he has such a fine son like this, I don’t see why a relative like me has to be the successor. I had just intended to continue serving in a secretarial position to the Marquis family, as our lineage indicates.” Kase responded.

So the rumours were true. The illegitimate child which had been whispered about was not Kase but Yoshihisa. And Kase must have come to the school to watch over Yoshihisa, and report to the Marquis about his actions. That was why he was rarely in the classroom. ‘Terms’ must refer to Yoshihisa entering the family. But the person himself seemed unwilling. Though his back was turned and he had fallen silent, Masazumi was able to guess at the difficult face he was making.

“Is there still a problem? As much as he is an omega, if you want to make the second son of the Count family into your pair, then being next in line to the Marquis would make your life easier from a social standpoint. Plus your power to protect him is not that great. If you throw the name ‘Miyake’ away and become Toudou Yoshihisa, you can drag down Nashiba Takashi who keeps trying to butt in. Since the Nashiba Viscounts are a small noble family who can’t even touch the Toudous, Nashiba is the sort of man to be wary of that. He acts high and mighty for someone so weak, but he will suck up to anyone of a higher rank. I’m sure the Marquis will be happy if this is solved in the best way. If you have a child with an omega like him, it will definitely be an alpha no matter the gender.”

The conversation was becoming more graphic and honest. Masazumi felt embarrassed hearing it, and his already feverish face grew hotter. According to what Kase was saying, if Yoshihisa accepted this plan then he would never have to end things with him. However, the most important thing was Yoshihisa’s feelings. If he felt even a little bit hesitant, Masazumi didn’t want him to change his opinion or make compromises on his behalf.

After Kase had stopped his long speech, intended to convince him, Yoshihisa stayed quietly indecisive.

“… You don’t have to think about me.” Not being able to just sit there, Masazumi interjected politely. Yoshihisa turned gently to face him. 

Their eyes met.

In that moment, as if he had been struck by lightning his brain received an electric shock. That sensation then spread to every part of his body; a torturous, depraved feeling polluted his feverish and sensitive body. He began shaking again and bit his lip, since he felt like he was about to let out a shameless voice. 

It seemed like Yoshihisa had been affected by a similar shock. He had closed his eyes and was leaning forward slightly. 

“What’s the matter?” Kase looked puzzled, not knowing what had happened. He looked between Yoshihisa and Masazumi, but when his eyes met Masazumi’s, nothing happened. It was as if there was some kind of electric circuit only between him and Yoshihisa. It was strange, but he realized that this must be ‘fate,’ and concluded that he didn’t want them to be apart.

“No, I just decided, now.” Yoshihisa turned to face Kase again and spoke in a firm voice. Kase’s expression was tense, but then became one of compliance. “A few days ago I met with the Marquis and asked for his opinion. He wants to welcome me formally, and I think it’s a bit forward, but I will accept. In exchange, let me protect Masazumi. He is my mate.” 

“Understood.” Without his usual carefree look, Kase bowed as a faithful response. 

Was this his real personality? Masazumi was unsure. He then realized that Yoshihisa had said the words ‘my mate,’ and remembering that he became embarrassed and elated. His beating heart was too much for him to handle. 

“Are we done talking? I know it’s soon, but the terms I mentioned, I’ll leave them up to you.”

“If you want a place to spend some time together, the Marquis owns a villa in a neighboring town. I can call for a car so you can both stay there.”

“What about my work?”

“That, and Masazumi’s absence, I’ll take care of those issues. As for Nashiba Takashi, I can contact the Viscount family and warn them not to allow any careless behavior. It would be dangerous for them to incur the wrath of the Marquis so I don’t doubt they’ll make Nashiba transfer schools out of fear.”

“You’re a pretty scary guy, as usual.”

“Thanks for the compliment. Now then, please come to the entrance hall of the dorms in ten minutes. I’ll have a car ready for you.”

Yoshihisa let out a slight sigh of satisfaction. His footsteps as he returned to Masazumi’s side sounded embarrassed, and the confident air he had while talking to Kase with had disappeared. He appeared awkward when it came to love, and acted as if Masazumi’s beauty made him flustered. Yoshihisa came close to Masazumi who remained seated in the chair. He dropped to one knee beside him and took his hand in both of his own, “You heard it all, right?”

“… Yes.” At this formal gesture, Masazumi became shy and answered him clumsily. 

“Would you like to become my pair?”

Essentially it was something he had already heard. It was like Yoshihisa was earnestly trying to apologise for answering Kase before he had asked Masazumi. At first, he had believed that it was rare for an alpha to be so considerate of an omega’s wishes, but he realized that those alphas included his brother and Kase, who only ever acted like gentlemen. He came almost to the point of tears as he thought to himself that he was truly blessed.

“I thought it would be fine even if only once, I just wanted to be liked… now there’s no way I would say that I didn’t want to. I think you know that already.”

“I know, but I wanted a definite answer. That’s what a man in love is like.”

Masazumi was surrounded by Yoshihisa’s scent, and heard his caring words. Something deep inside Masazumi began throbbing and he couldn’t stand it. 

Right next to him, was his fated pair. 

He would fill him with his sperm; he wanted to be impregnated. That thought kept getting stronger. Until now he had never thought of having children, instead usually he would feel nothing but fear and disgust at the unnecessary functions of his body. By being with Yoshihisa, his awareness had changed completely.

Masazumi put his hands on Yoshihisa’s shoulders and raised his upper body, pressing his lips onto those of the kneeling man below him. As their mouths touched damply, Masazumi let out a delicate moan and his shoulders loosened. Yoshihisa jolted in surprise but also moved his jaw, and as if his emotions had been stirred, he wrapped his arms around Masazumi’s back and hugged him tight.

A feeling like pins and needles was welling up inside of him, and the arousal in his stomach left him unable to breathe except for gasps. 

In no time at all, the kiss became deeper.

Yoshihisa coaxed his lips open and pushed his wet tongue in. The flexible tongue probed around his mouth, and Masazumi faltered. He wasn’t sure what he should do, so he entwined their tongues. The base of his tongue felt numb from the strength of the kiss. He gasped out a moan which immediately made his face turn red from embarrassment. He had kissed Yoshihisa without thinking about it, but to be honest, this was only his first kiss. Though it was his first, it had become so intense that he felt dizzy and faint. He swallowed the saliva that had been building up in his mouth.

Some of Yoshihisa’s bodily fluids had entered his body. The thought of this made it easier to breathe, but only increased his lust. Somewhere inside of him was pulsating painfully. The greedy clenching and wetness of his hole was becoming extreme, but if that were discovered by Yoshihisa, he thought he would probably die of shame.

“… I think it’s been ten minutes.” Despite their foreplay, Yoshihisa had not forgotten about the time. “Let’s go.”

He separated from Masazumi with reluctance. Then he picked him up as if it were the natural thing to do.

“Oh– I’ll walk… so, put me down…”

“It’s fine. You’re light. So light I kind of worry about you.”

So he was held by the well-built arms and brought down the stairs to the entrance. During that time, the inside of the dorms was dead quiet, so they didn’t meet anyone on the way. The dean had apparently not returned from requesting to get the window glass changed. Nashiba and those other two were not around so Masazumi’s mind was soothed. And how he would deal with them after this– it sounded like that was no longer an issue.

Outside the entrance was a luxurious black car, with the Marquis emblem on the front. Other than the driver, in the passenger seat there was a man in his fifties wearing a black suit. Upon seeing Yoshihisa, he quickly opened the door and lowered his head in respect.

“Are you a butler of the Marquis’ villa? Sorry for the short notice. We’ll be in your care for two days.” 

“There is no problem. We are honored to know we will be receiving your presence.”

Yoshihisa placed Masazumi down on the seat, then sat down next to him. The car started driving right away. They crossed the broad school campus and then exited through one of many large gates. As might be expected from a high-class car of the Marquis, the seats were real ivory colored leather, and they were remarkably comfortable to sit on. The car hardly shook, and when he was poured a glass of water, he was able to drink it as easily as if he had been indoors. 

Despite that, Masazumi’s fever and throbbing were worsening. After a mouthful of water, the power was drained from his body, and whenever the car shook even slightly, he felt like he would moan. 

Feverish, disordered breaths came from his parted lips. His throat was bone dry almost immediately. He was surrounded by large cushions so he could let his arms rest languidly on them, as his entire body was toyed with by his lust.

‘Ha, ha…’ he struggled to breathe. Every gasp of breath gave him so much stimulation that it felt as if his sexual feelings were being stroked directly. His hips thrusted erratically in agony. His nipples, poking up through his thin shirt, were rubbed at the slightest movement of his body, sending electric currents through his brain.

“Aaahh… no! No… more, please…” He couldn’t take the feeling anymore. If only he could get some relief he thought he could make it through. He was crying softly at the frustration, his body wouldn’t stop spasming. Shamelessly, he began rubbing his hand against his inner thighs. 


At first Yoshihisa had seemed unwilling to touch Masazumi casually, at least not until they reached the villa, but now it looked like he was finding this painful and couldn’t leave him alone. A stifling smell permeated the inside of the car. The smell of his arousal and Masazumi’s heat mixed in the pheromone infused air, exciting his desires so strongly that he felt he might even cum. In this kind of situation, it was unthinkable that an alpha and an omega would be able to keep their sanity, and act with manners. Yoshihisa’s rational thinking, and his reservations about touching Masazumi exceeded the norm, his emotional endurance was formidable.

“I wanted to do it as caringly as possible, on a bed. But I’m also almost at my limit.”

“H– he– help… help me…” Masazumi’s consciousness kept growing cloudy, and then he would be jerked back into reality by a painful throb of lust. This happened over and over again as if he were in hell. He was left gasping for air. 

Though his mind was far away, it felt as if his inside was being roasted from the inside out with heat. The swelling, congealing sexual feelings rubbed him and teased him and made him writhe in increasing agony. He didn’t have the power to move his legs so he was in danger of falling from the seat. Yoshihisa lost restraint and hurriedly pulled Masazumi towards him.

Just by being held in Yoshihisa’s strong arms, Masazumi felt shocks go through his brain, and his whole body writhed, “I’m gonna make you feel better soon.”

Masazumi wouldn’t need to be stretched, that’s how wet he was. His hole kept clenching lewdly, shrinking over and over in search of an alpha’s cock. Lubricant as thick and sticky as honey coated his underwear. There was so much that he probably looked as though he had wet himself. He could barely handle the embarrassment, but he wasn’t strong enough to stop Yoshihisa’s hand as he pulled his pants and underwear down. 

Once his underwear had been stripped, Yoshihisa used his knees to spread Masazumi’s bare legs, “This smell… It’s so erotic.”

“Stop it… please. It’s embarrassing…” Not only was Masazumi in such an unbecoming position, he was having indecent things whispered into his ear. He blushed so hard it felt like his face was on fire.

“We can’t stop now. You are already mine.” Yoshihisa had revealed his desire to monopolise. It was alpha-like; intense and energetic, bold in a way that Masazumi had not seen in him before. The more Yoshihisa demanded him to be his possession, the more his feelings of lust and love amplified. He was fully aware of how he had given up control to the man.

Masazumi leaned against his strong chest, their bodies fitting perfectly together. Yoshihisa began playing with him at the space where his legs met, and as Masazumi pressed up against his erect cock, his seedless sexual fluid overflowed out of him, “Aahh– hnn… nn…!”

It felt good.

An obscene moan forced its way out of his mouth. The fingers which pressed against his hole caused him to cry out with indecorous frustration. 

“I think I’ll be able to put it in like this.” Yoshihisa put three fingers inside Masazumi, wetly thrusting against his opening to prepare him. He undid his belt and lowered his pants to his knees. Masazumi shuddered in fear when he saw the size of the erection that Yoshihisa held in one hand, but at the same time, a tingling desire vibrated inside of him. Naturally lust won out over terror. It was as if some kind of narcotic was being produced inside his body and placating him.

Yoshihisa held Masazumi’s hips tightly, and slowly lowered him down onto his cock. Feeling as though it were sucking him in, Yoshihisa pressed his thick, hard length into the loosened hole. 

“Haah… !! A– ah!”


“Mmh! Ahh, aaah…” Once the tip had been swallowed up, with his body weight, Yoshihisa thrust moistly into Masazumi’s deepest parts, all in one motion. 

“Aah- Ah!” With a thwop he entered to the base of his shaft and Masazumi felt him pushing up inside of him. Letting out a high pitched moan, Masazumi threw his head back and his back arched in pleasure.

“!! It’s tight… Masazumi!” Yoshihisa also let a moan of satisfaction fall from his mouth. 

Masazumi felt as if he had become a butterfly specimen, pinned to Yoshihisa’s hips as he was by the huge thing inside him. He was being penetrated so deeply, they were perfectly connected. Feeling Yoshihisa throbbing inside of him, he unconsciously stopped breathing so that he could savor the strange sensation.

“If I cum in you, you… you might get pregnant. You’re okay with that?”

“It’s fine.” In between gasps of air, Masazumi clearly assented.

“I got it. You’re my mate. I’ll take responsibility for life, and treasure you.”


Yoshihisa began thrusting up inside of Masazumi, making him tremble. Chaotic waves of pleasure washed over him, everything ached, everything was confusing. His hips were lifted up and down as he was made to sit tightly on the cock which swelled even further inside of him. The pleasure was so strong that he grew confused and dizzy, and his thoughts were far away. 

Yoshihisa played with his neck using his lips, the teeth of the lustful alpha grazing his skin. Then Masazumi sensed the thick smell of blood. 

The inside of his mind became completely white. 

Yoshihisa burst inside of him, filling his deepest places. An incredible amount of fluid gushed out of Yoshihisa, and Masazumi’s hole contracted tightly. That was the last thing Masazumi remembered before his head flopped to the side, fainting in Yoshihisa’s embrace.


When he came to, he was sleeping in a luxurious four poster bed. Yoshihisa was sitting beside him, as if he had been watching his sleeping face, patiently waking for him to wake up. Their hands were clasped tightly. 

“Good. You’re awake.” His tone sounded as though he was worried he had forced Masazumi too much and hurt him. 

Feeling the emotion in Yoshihisas voice, Masazumi’s chest grew warm, “…Is it evening now?”

“Yeah. You slept for about seven hours. You were examined by the doctor, and it seems like I bit you. So we’re bound together now, he said.” Yoshihisa’s eyelids fluttered in embarrassment. 

While ruminating on the bite, Masazumi spoke, “I remember everything.” 

Of course he had some unease, but more than that he was enveloped in a feeling of happiness. So his emotions were calm. Yoshihisa had decided that Masazumi was his, and as proof that he would never let another alpha have his mate, who he had bitten. Since he had been bitten, Masazumi would never feel fulfilled by another alpha. He wouldn’t be able to suppress his symptoms with medicine and if his alpha ever lost interest in him, his life would become extremely difficult.

If he didn’t trust Yoshihisa, it would be a hard thing to accept.

Truthfully, his fears hadn’t completely been erased. However, entrusting himself to any other alpha was something he just couldn’t imagine, and his instincts were telling him that this was the best choice for him. 

“I always hated myself for being born an omega.” Masazumi put into words the feelings which he had never tried to express to anyone before.  “The thought of leading a life which caused nothing but problems for my family was painful. I always believed I had to estrange from them and live by myself, but secretly I knew that would be lonely. I was miserable. I concluded that there was nobody who would fall in love with someone like me.”

But, Masazumi smiled lightly and faced Yoshihisa directly with a bright expression, “You gave me a ray of hope.”

That was what he felt from the bottom of his heart. It sounded like an embarrassing exaggeration when he said it out loud, but he felt he had to say it, “Since I met you, and things turned out like this, for the first time in my life I’m glad I was born as an omega.”

“Masazumi,” Yoshihisa’s face sparkled with joy. He was touched by Masazumi’s confessions. 

Masazumi stared at his face without blinking, and politely bowed his head, “Please take care of me for a long time.”

“Thank you. I love you, Masazumi. I’ll treasure you all my life.” Yoshihisa promised. He lifted Masazumi’s hand up, and softly bit into his ring finger. 


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Interesting journey for the Butler and driver! Guess a valet will be needed.
Let’s hope the Marquis and/or Masazumi’s family don’t reject them.
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Thanks for the chapter!!! My heart will explode, this is all beautiful ❤️

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Interesting turn of events! I hope N and jos cronies get what they deserve! Poor butler! Steamy scene! ❤️

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March 20, 2023 2:23 pm

“Since he had been bitten, Masazumi would never feel fulfilled by another alpha. He wouldn’t be able to suppress his symptoms with medicine and if his alpha ever lost interest in him, his life would become extremely difficult”. 

This passage is shocking. Knowing its an imaginary world doesn’t lessen the stark feelings of how it would impact an omega if their mate died. Or decided they were tired of them. 

March 20, 2023 3:25 pm

“Since he had been bitten, Masazumi would never feel fulfilled by another alpha. He wouldn’t be able to suppress his symptoms with medicine and if his alpha ever lost interest in him, his life would become extremely difficult”. 

This passage is shocking. Knowing its an imaginary world doesn’t lessen the stark feelings of how it would impact an omega if their mate died. Or decided they were tired of them. 

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