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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


A tall guy on the A2 side taunted, “A1 group has never seen a fucking omega before. Now as soon as they smell one, them coming here is really fucking funny.”

Li Chen was furious and jumped onto the court with a basketball. “What are you doing here? Did you forget last year’s A1 basketball game bloodbath? Just so that you can’t say that we, A1 or the Omega Class, are bullying you, if A1 and the Omega Class students form a team and have a 5v5 fight, will you accept it or not?”

Li Chen was so arrogant and contemptuous, that an A2 alpha almost rolled up his sleeves, but the taller one who led the provocation had slightly brighter eyes.

He felt that if the A1 group of dogs wanted to make a splash, with three omegas to fight 5v5 would they even be able to create a ripple?

“Okay, but it’s no fun to play ball. How about flag? If you lose, the two classes, including your dear President Jiang, will take turns to go to the flag-raising platform to shout ‘A2 is a bully’?”

“Ohhh,” someone from A1 picked up the slack. “You’re here for our president? Since you’re playing so big… How about if you A2 lose, you take turns saying ‘Long live the baldy’ in front of the principal’s office?”

The principal was quite concerned about his hair, from hair growth to wig pieces, and going to the principal’s office to shout this phrase was undoubtedly to bet their entire high school career.

A2, “…” A1, these guys are not good at being people, but are they a set of dogs?

“Eh? You’re not a wimp, right? Our A1 and Omega Class didn’t wimp out.” Li Chen shrugged. “Now you shout ‘Daddy I’m wrong’ and get lost, okay?”

The tall guy gritted his teeth. “You damn well know we’ll fight, come on!”

He immediately organized the five best basketball players in A2. When he looked back, he found Li Chen dragging Jiang ChengLi towards the Omega Class.

The three physical education teachers also watched with interest from the side of the court. After all, such an interesting game of betting was rarely encountered once in a decade when teaching.

Shi Yu was standing far away in the shade and saw Jiang ChengLi in the middle of the court.

Li Chen wanted to pat his teammates and cheer them on, but remembered that they were all omegas, so he turned into a gentleman and cheered verbally, “Don’t be nervous, just throw the ball to me and President Jiang. We’ll win.”

The three boys nodded their heads. Jiang ChengLi was bumped by him and gave a careless mumble. When the whistle blew, Jiang ChengLi grabbed the basketball easily and quickly went under the opponent’s basket with the ball.

Lian ZiJin was watching him closely and guessed he was going for a layup. Immediately, he leaned down to assume a hands-off stance. The ball was taken to the hoop, where it was shot through with a bang.

The Omega Class cheered and screamed without mercy.

Even Shi Yu couldn’t help but look at the alpha in the field.

He was quite handsome.

“Hahahaha! Lian ZiJin is also funny, frothing in place with his hands open like an old hen?”

“Jiang ChengLi is so easy and simple in his style, tsk… Advanced alphas are so… □□.”

“The one who grabbed the ball didn’t jump up as high as the president’s two-thirds, right? Haha!”

The A2’s player’s face was ugly, and he immediately adjusted his offense to attack the three boys of the Omega Class in the next opening. The physiological gap was difficult to bridge, and the three boys’ speed and reflexes could not keep up with the alpha group. They were instantly robbed of two balls.

A2 responded with even louder howls, and someone gave their opponents bad hand signals.

Li Chen tsked as Lian ZiJin and the taller one reacted quickly and immediately switched to a double block in front of him. He immediately made a backhand pass and Jiang ChengLi caught the ball for a jump shot.

Swish – three points!

“Damn it to hell…There’s still a gap between him and the three-point line and he can get it?” Some people on the court were stammering.

Li Chen heard it, turned around and gestured.

For the next shot, A2 didn’t rush to A1’s basket, but passed and ran in a high rhythm, leading the three boys of the Omega Class to chase the ball back and forth.

Someone from A2 didn’t hold back. “Pft! Are you walking your dog?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Jiang ChengLi instantly burst in.

The guy who was passing the ball froze and pushed the ball out hard in a panic.

Shi Yu heard a scream and looked up. The basketball that had been bouncing around the court was suddenly aimed at him. He instinctively raised his hand, but the ball was stopped close to him with a snap.

It was Jiang ChengLi.

The man’s overly-white skin was thinly covered in sweat. The light shimmered over him like a glaze with clean lines that made the pupils of his eyes look open and reckless.

Like a quiet summer afternoon with wind chimes that were knocked by the wind, tinkling.

There was shouting and screaming all around. The stadium was hot and all the details afterwards seemed to be carried over. When he looked around, A1 and Omega Class were cheering. A1/Omega Class beat A2, 36 to 25.

When he glanced up, Jiang ChengLi was standing in the middle of the court and gently wiping the collar of his school uniform. 

Li Chen wanted to give him a high five, but settled for a perfunctory pat.

A1 and the Omega Class vs A2 was a big game, and someone live broadcast in the school posting. Some even captured the image of Jiang ChengLi saving the ball and posted a video to upload.

[Respirator! Aaaahhhh someone get me a respirator!]

[President Jiang, I’ll be eighteen soon. I can give birth!]

[He just saved a ball. I’m trying to figure out what college my future kids will go to.]

[Wooooooooo! Exactly who saved the solar system in their previous life and was protected by Jiang ChengLi in this life?!]

Jiang ChengLi didn’t even know about the chicken talk about him on the forum. He just lazily walked up to Lian ZiJin. “It’s not too late to be cheeky.”

In full view of everyone, A2’s faces turned blue and white. “Go on!”

The sixteen or seventeen years old faces were bigger than the sky. The A2 students gritted their teeth as they went to the principal’s office.

Those who played were discouraged, those who didn’t complained to each other and together the group shouted “Long live the Baldy” in front of the principal’s office before being captured by the principal on the spot.

The whole process of the crime was videotaped by Li Chen and put up on the campus post for the whole school to laugh at for three days and nights.

Lian ZiJin felt so unlucky that he couldn’t help but tell Mrs. Lian about the incident when he got home.

Mrs. Lian looked grim as she held her cup of tea. “So, you’re sure Shi Yu, that bitch, has really differentiated into an omega?”

“I’m suspended from work and don’t have access to the files, but judging from the Omega Class, it’s not fake.”

“You’re unreliable. Long ago, I asked you to pull in Jiang ChengLi, and you had to go offend him.”

Lian ZiJin bowed his head and said nothing.

“But if he’s really changed…” Mrs. Lian touched the wedding ring on her ring finger. “Then you’ll have to think of a way to invite Shi Yu back.”


‘Long Live the Baldy’ became the joke of the Omega Class, and Shi Yu became the central figure.

The video of President Jiang saving the ball was posted on the Internet by someone and became an overnight sensation. Everyone was hoping to transmigrate into Shi Yu, hoping to have such a handsome god in their youth.

Shi Yu lightly scanned the retweeted hot microblog post, didn’t care much and continued to read his book.

The second bell of the morning class rang and there was a crackling of footsteps outside the door. The five students were all late, standing in a row at the back of the classroom, and the latecomers happened to be Shi Yu’s front table and the next table, so he looked a bit out of place.

Shi Yu was dozing off when He Huan and the student in the front seat named Lian Jing quietly patted him. “Shi Yu, you sit outside a bit. We’ll squat and have breakfast.”

Shi Yu had not yet woken up and instinctively mumbled. He saw two people crowded next to his table.

“You don’t deserve my shumai, you arrogant idler!” He Huan said angrily.

Lian Jing swallowed with his elbows raised, touching Shi Yu desktop books, causing them to fall. The sound scared the two of them and they puffed out their cheeks and froze like frightened hamsters.

Shi Yu lowered his eyes, expressionlessly leaned down to pick up the book and opened it as if nothing had happened.

He Huan and Lian Jing quieted down. Two pairs of watery eyes looked at him, full of apologies.

Lian Jing forked up a small meatball and put it to Shi Yu’s mouth. “Thank you Shi Yu for harboring us two shameless people.”

He Huan folded her hands, “We have no way to return the favor, we can only promise with beef meatballs.”

Shi Yu, “…”

He was just about to say no, when He Huan and Lian Jing bowed their heads in unison. Lian Jing was quick to put the fork with the beef meatball into Shi Yu’s hand.

“What are you doing?”

The sound of reading in the classroom stopped instantly.

Jiang ChengLi had an armband on his right arm with the word ‘duty’ written in bright yellow letters. There were a few other duty students outside the door as well.

They were here to check the morning reading.

Lien Jing and He Huan felt like they were covered in a cold sweat. Their mouths still contained breakfast, and they didn’t dare to say anything. The two hamsters only had two words in their heads: We’re finished.

Shi Yu swept his eyes up to see the two people’s pale faces, then looked at the beef meatball in his hand. 

Suddenly he said, “President, do you accept bribes?”

He Huan and Lian Jing’s eyes were full of terror.

They never knew Shi Yu was so wild. So wild that he bribed the student body president in full view of the public!

Shi Yu stood in front of Jiang ChengLi with a calm face, holding up the meatball and looking at Jiang ChengLi. He was thinking about what Jiang ChengLi said to him that night at the restaurant bar.

Jiang ChengLi slightly narrowed his eyes and seemed to be thinking the same thing as him.

This omega looked cold, but he was vindictive.

Shi Yu felt the fork in his hand lighten a bit, and then realized that the tiny meatball on it was gone. Jiang ChengLi lowered his eyes and crossed out the Omega Class violation from the clipboard in his hand.

The two finished the transaction silently.

The entire Omega Class’s pupils! Shook! Like an! Earthquake!

Jiang ChengLi lightly licked his lower lip with the tip of his tongue and gently said, “There will not be a next time.”

The classroom of Omega Class was quiet for three seconds. “… Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”

What’s going on? What’s going on? Why is there a strong sense of CP coming from them?!

That really was their Kaolin Flower!

He Huan and Lian Jing, who witnessed the whole thing from close range, almost fainted and gave Shi Yu two thumbs up in unison after pinching each other.

He Huan, “Shi Yu, I like this CP! For the first time, I’m liking a straight CP with a hammer, thank you.”

Lian Jing, “Teacher Shi, I would like to exchange my creamy pheromone. Please teach me how I can meet a quality alpha like Jiang ChengLi!”

Shi Yu, “…”

If he could do it all over again, he would choose to throw away the meatball.

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July 22, 2021 3:22 pm

I like Li Chen and Jiang ChengLi is pretty cool. Sense of humour comes through too. Bribed with a meatball no less ☺
Standing up for Omegas against yheir bullying peers ~ I like it.
I ship that CP.
Thank you for translating this chapter.

July 22, 2021 8:04 pm

Well, it looks like the Lian family hasn’t learned their lessons yet. I’m evilly anticipating their next face slap. Hahaha

Also, the bit with the meatball was so cute as was when Jiang ChenLi found out the peach scent was a blocker.
Thanks for all your hard work, this is such a cute story.

July 22, 2021 10:59 pm

Omg..this chapter is super cute and funny😂😍😂😍😂😍

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July 24, 2021 3:32 pm

I really enjoyed this chapter! I laughed so hard when the team lost and had to make that statement in front of the principals office lol the meatball bribe was hilarious! Our president actually took the meatball lol omg! Thank you for translating and editing this novel! Awesome!

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Sue R
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