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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Yu Ze didn’t expect Long Yuan to say this at all, and thought he was teasing him, so he looked over in surprise and met Long Yuan’s gaze. Long Yuan smiled lightly, with a serious look that said he was not flirting.

Xie Wan froze for a moment, her eyes falling on Long Yuan. After a while, she smiled at Yu Ze, “If you like boys, boyfriends are okay.” she said and added, “If you fall in love, be sure to tell your mom first.”

Yu Ze thought, I am just a passerby, how can I fall in love? Not wanting to disobey Xie Wan, he nodded his head and agreed, “Okay.”

Xie Wan asked about Yu Ze’s school life, and Yu Ze picked out the interesting things to say.

She said, “You guys go back to school, I don’t need you to take care of me. I’ll return back tomorrow morning.”

Yu Ze didn’t agree. Xie Wan knew her son, he was very stubborn though he said little, so she didn’t persuade him much and soon fell asleep.

Yu Ze pointed to the empty bed next to Xie Wan’s and said in an airy voice, “You can sleep here.”

Long Yuan came close to him and said back in a similarly airy voice, “What about you?”

Yu Ze replied, “I’ll just sit here for the night.”

“No,” Long Yuan rejected his proposal, “you sleep on the bed, I’ll sit. You are in the early stages of being an Awakened, sleep is important.”

Yu Ze couldn’t agree. Long Yuan was supposed to help, so how could he sit all night? He thought about it, “Why don’t you go back to school?”

Long Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Do you think I’m too much trouble?”

“No,” Yu Ze hurriedly shook his head, “the hospital conditions are not good, and mom is stable, I can take care of her alone.”

Long Yuan pointed out, “You should not forget that you are also a patient.”

Yu Ze gently moved his shoulders, “I’m fine now.”

Long Yuan said, “The zombie beast that attacked you hasn’t been caught yet, I don’t feel comfortable with you being here alone.” He smiled, “How about this, let’s both squeeze in and sleep on the bed.”

Yu Ze’s eyes widened, “That’s not good.”

“It’s decided.” Long Yuan made up his mind and urged Yu Ze to go wash up.

After washing up briefly, Yu Ze gently pulled the curtain between the two beds and sat nervously on the edge of the bed.

Long Yuan finished washing up, went out for a trip, and came back with a bottle of extra nutritional liquid which he handed over to Yu Ze, “It’s good for you as an Awakened.”

Yu Ze whispered, “Thank you.”

Long Yuan stood in front of him. He was a lot taller than him, and when he saw Yu Ze’s body tense, he bent down with a low smile, “Afraid?”

Yu Ze shook his head, “No… I’m just not used to it.”

Long Yuan said, “Then, you drink the nutrient solution and sit on the bench to rest.”

Yu Ze asked, “What about you?”

Long Yuan said, “I’ll sleep on the bed.”

Yu Ze breathed a sigh of relief, unscrewed the cap and took several sips. He then moved to the stool next to the bed and sat down.

Long Yuan took a blanket and put it over him, “Go to sleep.”

Yu Ze leaned back and grabbed the edge of the blanket, and pulled it under his chin. The white blanket made his skin fairer and he looked very good. He said, “You go to sleep, too.” 

Long Yuan was a little tickled. His fingers moved lightly, but he thought about it and so as not to scare Yu Ze, did not do anything. “You close your eyes.”

Yu Ze closed his eyes. Long Yuan felt incredible, an Awakened person could actually be so well behaved. He smiled, stared at Yu Ze for two seconds, and went to lie down on the bed.

Yu Ze was frightened and injured, so when he closed his eyes, he quickly fell asleep. He was still dreaming about being in a fire, as if his soul had become hot. When he woke up, he found himself sleeping in a hospital bed and was dumbfounded. How come he didn’t remember anything?

“Please.” Xie Wan’s voice came from the other side of the curtain.

“No trouble, auntie is too kind.” Long Yuan said.

It was obvious that the both of them had deliberately lowered their voices.

Yu Ze immediately realized that he was the only one who had been sleeping! He hurriedly sat up, and in a short while, Long Yuan came over from the other side of the curtain with a smile, “Awake? Go brush your teeth first, I’ve bought breakfast.”

Yu Ze was a bit annoyed, “Sorry, I slept too long.”

“Not long, I’m the one who got up early.” Long Yuan said, walking to the bed and bending over.

The two of them were extremely close to each other like this, and Yu Ze was slightly stunned.

While he was in a daze, Long Yuan had already straightened his slightly messy clothes and rubbed his hair.

Yu Ze blushed slightly and got off the bed from the other side in a panic. He felt that the scene just now was too ambiguous, not like something between people who were just ‘roommates’. He whispered, “Thank you.”

Long Yuan said, “You’re welcome, I’m happy to do it.”

Yu Ze blushed even redder and somehow felt that Long Yuan was teasing him.

Was he too self-absorbed?

Long Yuan pulled the curtain open. Xie Wan had changed into her regular clothes, but her face was still pale and she was eating breakfast. Yu Ze hurriedly greeted her with a ‘good morning’.

Xie Wan smiled tenderly, “Go brush your teeth, your porridge is still hot.”

After the three of them finished their breakfast, Yu Ze said to Xie Wan, “You sit down for a while, I’ll go and do the discharge procedure.”

Xie Wan didn’t know about his injury yet, and he didn’t want her to worry.

Long Yuan stopped him, “I’ve already done it, we can leave the hospital directly.”

Xie Wan opened the bracelet, “How much is the medical fee? I’ll transfer it to you.”

“Someone has already paid for it.” Long Yuan said.

Xie Wan said, “It must be the Feng family who paid for me,” she looked hesitant, “ZeZe, you said before that I should quit, this…”

Yu Ze’s tone was firm, “Resign directly. You were injured at work so the Feng family should pay for your medical expenses, it’s not a favor.”

What’s more, nine out of ten, she was intentionally injured.

The more Yu Ze thought about it, the more uneasy he became. If Xie Wan continued to stay with the Feng family, what if Feng Sheng set up Xie Wan to get hurt again and lure him out of school? His identity was now Feng Ze, and Feng Ze was Xie Wan’s only family, he couldn’t just ignore it. Thinking of this, he asked, “How long until the contract expires?”

Xie Wan replied, “Until you turn eighteen.”

Yu Ze said, “Less than two months, you should quit now.”

“I can’t,” Xie Wan shook her head, “I haven’t found my next job yet, so if I quit suddenly, I won’t have any income, and if I quit early, it’s a breach of contract. I’ll have to pay the fee for the breach.”

Yu Ze thought about it, “Why don’t you use your injury as a reason to recuperate and move out of Feng’s house, and then resign when the time comes?”

Xie Wan said, “I can do something in half a month at most, but where can I rest that long. Moreover, renting an apartment is not cheap.”

She didn’t quite understand why Yu Ze was so eager for her to leave the Feng family, and after a moment’s reflection, thought that this incident had scared her son. She smiled reassuringly, “Don’t you worry, I only occasionally buy flowers. This time was an accident, and will not occur again.”

How could Yu Ze be relieved? This time it was a car accident while buying flowers, next time there was no telling what it would be.

Long Yuan looked at him and proposed, “Auntie, if you don’t mind, you can work in my flower store.”

“Flower store?” Xie Wan was confused.

Long Yuan nodded, “Mn, it’s my mother’s. My mother loves flowers and plants. The store is just short of experienced staff, and the flowers always die.”

Yu Ze was also surprised. The Long family were the descendants of the Green Dragon Awakened. Their fighting was superb, and the flower store was far from their style.

But if Xie Wan worked for the Long family, she’d undoubtedly be the safest. The Feng family was very powerful to him, but compared with the Long family, they were nothing. He opened his mouth to advise, “Mom, go work in the flower store, don’t stay with the Feng family. I worry that Feng Hai will find trouble for you.” 

Long Yuan said, “If the Feng family wants you to pay for the breach of contract, my family will pay it.”

“How can I do that?” Xie Wan didn’t feel comfortable agreeing.

Long Yuan said, “My mother won’t mind if we pay a small price for cutting corners.”

Xie Wan thought for a moment, “I have to meet with your mother, there still needs to be an interview. I have been staying in Feng’s house, but may not be suitable to work in the flower store.”

Long Yuan immediately agreed, “Okay, I’ll contact my mother now.”

He left the ward, walked to the stairwell and contacted Long Yuan’s mother, “Mom, I need your help with something important!”

Mother Long’s voice sounded unimpressed, “You broke the rules again and didn’t write a review? The director wants to see the parents?”

“It’s not such a small thing,” Long Yuan replied, “it’s about my life.”

“What? You’re finally getting the hang of it?” Mother Long was excited.

Long Yuan told her what happened and said, “Mom, hurry up and buy a flower store with a good environment, with security guarantees, and buy the staff together so that aunt will not be tired while working.”

Long Yuan’s mother exclaimed, “You money-losing son!” She paused, “Seriously? You’re not playing around?”

“Very serious. I’m sure and I have my eye on him.” Long Yuan said.

Long Yuan’s mother replied, “Okay, I will deal with it as soon as possible. Noon or dinner date, also let me see your sweetheart.”

Long Yuan said, “Don’t you scare him! I haven’t confessed yet, and he’s timid. I’m afraid you’ll scare him away.”

Mother Long spat out, “Wimp.”

What happened next went very smoothly. Mother Long was very enthusiastic about Xie Wan and Yu Ze, and after asking Xie Wan a few random questions, she decided on the new employee.

The Long family stepped in, and the Feng family showed great generosity by not asking for a breach of contract.

Yu Ze helped Xie Wan move her luggage to the florist’s staff dormitory before he and Long Yuan returned to school. Soon after returning to the dormitory, Bai Yan and Xuan Miao arrived.

Bai Yan asked about the situation and made sure he was okay before smiling, “It’s good that you’re okay, it’s a blessing in disguise.” He opened the bracelet and brought up the electronic screen, “This year’s practice exercise is open for registration, and we need a team of five to participate,” he turned to Yu Ze, “There is still half a month, if you can Awaken your bestial ability, you can also sign up.”

Yu Ze’s heart tightened, the original had died during the practice exercises.

Only this time, the practice exercise was an entire month earlier.


The author has something to say,

Yu Ze: I feel like I’m being flirted with ╭(╯^╰)╮


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