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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Yu Ze was very upset when he thought about what happened to the original during the practice exercise. He was safe and sound this time, but if he participated in the practice exercise, Feng Sheng would most likely do something.

Long Yuan read through the entry instructions and pointed to the entry rules, “All Awakened who can bestialize must participate and form teams at will?”

Bai Yan replied, “Yes.”

Long Yuan withdrew his hand and leaned against the back of the sofa with his hands on his chest, “With the three of us, plus two random people, won’t we take the championship?”

“The odds are good,” Xuan Miao’s voice was slow and steady, “but not necessarily enough for us to take the championship. Although you are a flying class Awakened person, you cannot yet fly.”

The Green Dragon Awakened were very special, only once they were close to fully Awakened would they have the ability to fly. A bird class Awakened person, on the other hand, could fly as long as they had wings.

Bai Yan nodded approvingly, “Without a teammate who can fly, our ability to spy will be much worse, which is bad for the game.”

Xuan Miao’s tone was smooth, “If we team up but we don’t win the title, we will be mocked by the group.”

Long Yuan shrugged his shoulders, not too concerned. He was confident, “This situation is impossible. The championship, we will take it.” He looked at Yu Ze, “I will supervise your training for the next half a month, and try to help you bestialize during this period.”

“No, I’d rather not participate.” Yu Ze quickly refused. He didn’t want to participate at all!

With the previous instance of the school’s zombie beast escaping, the time was advanced, but the probability of the event would not change. The content of the practical exercise was to rescue ordinary people who were being chased by zombie beasts, and points were counted according to the number of zombie beasts killed as well as the number of ordinary people rescued, and they would be ranked by points.

All participating teams would be air-dropped to the exercise base, Kunlin Mountain. The base was real, but the zombie beasts and ordinary people were virtual, with holographic technology projection that would make them appear very real.

He didn’t know what method Feng Sheng used to get the real zombie beasts to mix into Kunlin Mountain and leak Feng Ze’s trail, resulting in Feng Ze being killed by the zombie beasts. Before Feng Ze died, Feng Hai even contacted him and taunted him.

It was too dangerous for him to participate. 

Long Yuan thought he refused because he was worried about not being able to bestialize and spoke out to soothe, “Then don’t participate, it’s okay if you can’t bestialize.”

Yu Ze was not comforted and became more and more nervous. With the speed of his Awakening and the plot, it was highly likely that he would be successfully bestialized before the practice exercise. To not compete, he could only bestialize when he was by himself and conceal the news of his bestialization.

This was not an easy task, but he did not want to risk it. If he died in the mission world, the mission would be a direct failure, and in the real world his body would not recover and he would also die.

He looked at Long Yuan and looked even more uneasy.

Besides him, could Feng Sheng have set his eyes on these three?

Long Yuan and the other two were the direct descendants of the Long, Xuan, and Bai families of the Four Great Families, and they were also the most powerful competitors for the Feng family in the future. Would Feng Sheng hurt them?

Feng Sheng focused on him because he had no backers. The risk of moving the Long Yuan trio was great, but the gain would also be great for Feng Sheng.

Feng Sheng may not stop his hand. He couldn’t let Long Yuan or the others take their chances!

“What’s wrong?” Long Yuan saw his face tense, smiled and nodded, “There is no need to be nervous. Let’s not talk about that first.” He said to Bai Yan and Xuan Miao, “We’ll talk later, just choose two trustworthy teammates, you’ll see.”

Bai Yan looked at him and looked at Yu Ze, before pulling Xuan Miao away, “Okay, we will select you.”

After leaving the dormitory door, he came up to Xuan Miao’s ear and said, “A’Yuan seems to have gotten the hang of it!”

Xuan Miao agreed, “Mn.”


Long Yuan pointed to the bathroom, “You don’t look too good. It’s probably because you just Awakened, and had too much physical exertion. Go take a shower and rest.”

Yu Ze subconsciously got up, “I’ll go get my pajamas,” he took two steps, then turned back and stood in front of Long Yuan, looking hesitant for a moment, then growing firm again, “I have something to tell you.”

Long Yuan froze, Yu Ze looked too serious, “Sit down and talk.”

“I’m sorry.” Yu Ze apologized directly after sitting down beside him. He put his hands on his knees and bowed his head slightly, looking like he was ready to be lectured.

Long Yuan wondered, “Why are you apologizing?”

Yu Ze inclined his head to look at him and looked him straight in the eyes, “I lied to you. I wasn’t Awakened yesterday, I was actually Awakened the day I entered the school.”

Long Yuan understood, “You were pretending to be sluggish and not wanting to exercise before?”

Yu Ze nodded, “Mn,” he honestly stated his intention, “If you hadn’t told me that the Logistics Department was unsafe, I was going to disguise myself as a Mushroom Awakened person and enter the Logistics Department.”

Long Yuan was surprised, his eyebrows knitted up, “Why?”

He couldn’t understand how anyone could want to go to the Logistics Department.

Yu Ze said, “If my Awakened identity is exposed, it will be very dangerous.”

Long Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly, “What do you mean?” He quickly reacted, “What happened yesterday was not an accident?”

Yu Ze replied, “Mn, my mother’s accident was not an accident either, it was to lure me out of school.”

Long Yuan’s face was slightly cold, “Who wants to harm you?”

Yu Ze’s fingers were slightly clenched, “Feng Sheng. It’s not just me he wants to harm.” Without waiting for Long Yuan to ask, he quickly said the reason, “Feng Sheng, in order to strengthen the Feng family, cooperated with the zombie brass. He provides information about newly Awakened, will help the zombie beasts kill those Awakened, and give them over in exchange for a uncontaminated zombie beast crystal core of the same level. The uncontaminated zombie beast crystal cores are good for ordinary Awakened and will help Awakened upgrade, while zombie beasts can upgrade by eating the hearts of the Awakened.”

He paused, “I was very scared after I inadvertently learnt about this, and after the genetic Awakening, I was terrified. When the Awakening succeeded, I thought I must not reveal my identity.” He apologized again, “I’m sorry that I lied to you.” 

Long Yuan straightened things out and his expression grew serious. His eyes fell on Yu Ze, his expression relaxed a little and he rubbed Yu Ze’s hair, “No need to apologize again, I forgive you.” He had a smile in his eyes, “Are you suddenly telling me because you are worried that I am being set up by Feng Sheng?” 

Yu Ze was afraid he would drop the ball and reminded with a serious face, “The practice exercise participants are all Awakened, he is likely to do something here. In case there are zombie beasts mixed in, it will be very dangerous.”

Long Yuan said, “There’s no way the Feng family would stuff a zombie beast into the competition field.”

Yu Ze got anxious, “What if?”

“Don’t be anxious,” Long Yuan mused, “You’re right to consider it. The zombie beast crystal cores are too attractive. The zombie beasts are looking for collaborators, and it’s likely that they’re not just looking for the Feng family. I will ask my father to send someone to secretly pay attention.” He instructed, “No matter what happens in the future, you should not leave the school. I will have someone to protect your mother well.”

“Thank you.” Yu Ze sighed in relief.

“You’re welcome, you told me such an important thing, I should thank you.” Long Yuan said.

Yu Ze hesitantly asked, “Don’t you doubt my words?”

“What is there to doubt?” Long Yuan laughed, “You don’t have to lie to me.”

Yu Ze was very weak and he just apologized for the deception. Yu Ze was also very happy, he originally thought about how to make Long Yuan believe, but he didn’t expect that the words he prepared would not be used at all.

Long Yuan put his hand on his shoulder and nudged him, “Go take a shower and rest.”

Yu Ze did not move, hesitated for a while and said, “Why don’t you guys not participate this time?”

Long Yuan said, “It’s impossible to keep defending against people. Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.”

Yu Ze thought about it and thought it made sense, not to mention the fact that the winner of the practice exercise was well rewarded. In addition to a million dollars in prize money, the winning team member would be awarded the title of Captain. This was the best and most honorable way for Awakened people to enter the Military Department.

After all, it was a competition in which all Awakened people of the same batch would participate, and winning the championship meant they had the top ability. Long Yuan and the other two would not be willing to give up. He thought it over and got up to go back to his room to get his bathrobe.

When he came out of the bathroom, Long Yuan handed him a bottle of special nutrition solution, “Drink it before you go to sleep.”

He took it, thought of the scene when he woke up this morning, looked at the nutrient solution, and hesitantly asked, “Does this promote sleep?”

He had, after all, no memory of how he got to the hospital bed.

“It can replenish the energy consumed during the Awakening. It will make you sleep better, there are no side effects,” Long Yuan smiled, “Are you worried about what I will do to you when you fall asleep?”

Yu Ze shook his head, “No,” he thought about it and poked around from the side, “When did mom wake up in the morning?”

Long Yuan recalled, “Almost six o’clock, she woke up before me.”

“Then,” Yu Ze blushed slightly, “did she see me sleeping on the bed?”

Long Yuan corrected, “She saw us sleeping on the bed.”

Yu Ze said, “Xie Wan didn’t misunderstand anything, did she?” He was even more embarrassed, “I, I’ll go to my room first.”

Long Yuan smiled and watched him close the door. After a while, he looked serious and contacted Father Long and told him about Feng Sheng’s deal with the zombie beasts.

Father Long asked, “Are you telling the truth?”

Long Yuan replied, “Mn.”

Long Yuan’s Father’s tone was puzzled, “I didn’t hear anything, how did you know?”

Long Yuan said, “Secret. There is still half a month before the Awakened Department’s practice exercise starts, Dad, you should pay more attention to the Feng family, don’t let him do anything.”

Father Long replied, “I know, you take care of yourself.”


Yu Ze returned to the room and sat down directly against the wall, the floor was covered with the gold thread carpet given to him by Long Yuan, the texture was soft and the color was shiny. He tilted his head slightly, his white face bathed in the glittering light cast by rhinestones. He felt a sense of relief throughout his body and an urge to chirp.

The knot in his throat twitched as he unscrewed the nutrient solution and took a few sips. He let out a long breath while barely suppressing the urge.

Chirp~Chirp~” The next morning, Yu Ze was awakened by the sound of birdsong. He opened his eyes and realized that he had unknowingly fallen asleep on the carpet last night, laying on his stomach. He braced his hands on the ground and prepared to sit up, but his body fell towards his left side in a highly uncoordinated manner, falling to the ground with a faint pain coming from his butterfly bone.

Immediately after, his eyes flashed bright red, and his whole body was covered by something. In addition, there was an extremely special feeling coming from his butterfly bone.

He raised his hand to lift what was covering him. The smooth touch was as fine as silk, and to his surprise, he had the illusion that he was touching himself. However, he soon found out that it was not an illusion.

He had bestialized his wings!

Huge, fiery red wings.

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Thank you for updating!!!!

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Good that they both trust each other, I hope that with LongYuan’s help, the Feng family can no longer get close to YuZe and his mother. Thanks for the chapter!

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So he gave the other families an advanced warning. That’s good and I hope they’ll be able to do away with Mr. Feng’s evil plan (and perhaps put him into prison for deliberate murder, I hope).
He bestialised wings, just after Long Yuan bestialised his tail… cool.
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