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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Long Yuan was so determined to win the practice exercise; Yu Ze didn’t want to drag his feet and so he spent the rest of the day working out.

In the morning, Yu Ze woke up, opened his eyes and closed them again in a hurry.

Long Yuan’s room was too shiny. He got up and got out of bed. He wasn’t surprised to not see Long Yuan. Long Yuan spent more and more time in the bathtub these days, sometimes even all night long.

He changed his clothes, hesitated, and went to the bathroom.

The bathroom door was half-open. Yu Ze had experience and did not push the door directly, but knocked on it, “Long Yuan, are you awake?”

Long Yuan answered quickly, “Yes, wait a minute.”

About three minutes later, Long Yuan opened the bathroom door, his body was covered with moisture and his neck was a little red. His eyes fell on Yu Ze for a second and then quickly moved away, “I’m going to my room to change.”

He spoke very fast and ran past Yu Ze.

Yu Ze, “…” Why do I feel weird?

He walked to the sink, got water and squeezed toothpaste, raised his toothbrush and was about to brush when he stopped moving and his nose twitched. He smelled a scent that was not normally found in the bathroom.

His five senses had grown stronger since his bestiality, and he was sure that he was right. It was very faint, but it was definitely there, and a little familiar.

What was it, anyway?

He thought as he brushed his teeth, and suddenly came to his senses when he looked down to rinse his mouth and saw the white foam in the sink.

He blushed blooming red.

Since then, every morning, Yu Ze smelled this smell, and it was getting stronger and stronger.

Yu Ze was so embarrassed that he didn’t dare to look at Long Yuan.

Late at night, Yu Ze was dreaming. In his dream, he turned into a fiery red phoenix, scampering up from the blazing fire, and was awakened with a ‘bang’ the moment the light chirping sound rang out.

He immediately opened his eyes and jumped out of bed. Without even putting on his shoes, he ran straight out of the room and rushed to the bathroom.

When he was three steps away from the bathroom, Long Yuan ran out. Yu Ze suddenly felt a strong intimidating force, he was on his feet and was held tightly by the figure in front of him.

“Long…” Long Yuan’s name had not yet been shouted out when his body was abruptly picked up, and five seconds later, was put back into the big bed in Long Yuan’s room.

Immediately after that, Long Yuan’s hot body covered him.

Yu Ze’s eyes widened as he tilted his head to avoid the kiss that fell toward his lips. It landed on the side of his neck instead, hot and eager.

“Mmm…” The soft flesh on his neck was bitten. He couldn’t control his soft grunt and bit his lip in time. He obviously felt the temperature of Long Yuan’s body was not right and guessed that Long Yuan’s body was in trouble, so he reached out and pushed him, “What’s wrong with you?”

Long Yuan did not answer and grabbed his hand. He pushed hard but Long Yuan also pushed harder, so he could not push him away. The kiss was moving downwards. Yu Ze’s heart was beating like a drum when suddenly, a cool touch brushed against his chin, extraordinarily obvious in the midst of the rolling heat.

He froze. His chin was hit again, still with a cool touch and also a little pain. As he reached out and touched the spot, his hand touched a jade-like thing.

Long Yuan’s body trembled violently, and his voice was low and heavy, “Ah…”

Yu Ze lowered his head and saw a pair of dragon horns had emerged from Long Yuan’s forehead at some point. The dragon horns were not big; they were goose yellow and the color looked a little cute.

After a short pause, Long Yuan’s movements became more eager.

Yu Ze was sensitive to the intimidation in the air that became stronger. He breathed slightly sharper, his heart rising with a sense of danger. If he didn’t help Long Yuan come to his senses, something would definitely happen to the both of them tonight. His heart was beating wildly, and after a moment of hesitation, he let go of the hand that was pushing Long Yuan, and took the force off.

Long Yuan’s hand was on his body, pulling his clothes.

Yu Ze relaxed his strength, and after a moment, took a deep breath and used his whole body to violently lift Long Yuan away from him, and their positions were switched. He was not averse to getting close to Long Yuan, but he knew that they could not continue.

With Long Yuan’s pride, he would definitely blame himself when he came to his senses.

He pressed his feet against Long Yuan’s legs, his left hand pressed Long Yuan’s shoulders, and his right hand tapped the side of Long Yuan’s face, “Long Yuan, wake up.”

He looked down at Long Yuan, and clearly saw that Long Yuan’s eyes, at this time, were dark golden. Long Yuan’s eyebrows were lightly pressed, looking very unhappy. A strong pressure assaulted Yu Ze, not of a hurtful nature, but brutal and not to be denied.

Yu Ze bit his lower lip, a little embarrassed.

This was the behavior of an Awakened who wanted to mate.

He called Long Yuan a few more times. Long Yuan, as if he did not hear, did not break free of him, and became increasingly manic. Yu Ze was unable to match his strength and was again pinned down by Long Yuan, his hands and wrists held tightly.

Yu Ze struggled to no avail and was afraid of hurting Long Yuan, so he was a bit anxious.

When he struggled, his knees accidentally touched something. Long Yuan muffled a grunt. Yu Ze froze, and then his face burst into red.

Long Yuan had an erection.

Long Yuan’s breathing became heavier and heavier, and Yu Ze became more and more nervous. Unable to move his arms and legs, he could only bite Long Yuan’s arm.

The muscles in Long Yuan’s arm were very strong, and he originally did not use much strength. When he found Long Yuan was not disturbed, he bit down ruthlessly and heavily.

“Hiss…” Long Yuan drew in a breath and looked clearer. He looked down and saw that Yu Ze’s clothes were messy and his fair skin was stained with red marks, looking a bit pitiful. He froze, reacted to what had happened, and quickly apologized, “Sorry.”

Yu Ze let go of his arm. He turned his head, met Long Yuan’s chagrined and self-condemned look, and whispered, “You get up first.”

Long Yuan hurriedly rolled out of bed and Yu Ze put on his clothes. His face and neck were all red. Long Yuan stood by the bed, his eyebrows knitted tightly, and apologized again, “I’m sorry.” 

“I forgive you, I know you didn’t mean it,” Yu Ze looked at him and pointed to his dragon horns, “you bestialised again.”

Long Yuan didn’t seem to be surprised. He didn’t look or touch it, instead he just looked at Yu Ze seriously, “Thank you.” He kneeled down on one knee and locked eyes with Yu Ze, and his tone was sure, “You like me!”

When Yu Ze refused the confession, he suspected it, and with Yu Ze’s reaction before, he was even more sure.

Yu Ze’s eyes flashed and he avoided his gaze.

Long Yuan took his hand, “I like you too. Stay with me, okay?”

Yu Ze’s fingertips shrank slightly, “I’m sorry, I…”

“I don’t accept any other reason except that you don’t like me. Do you like me?” Long Yuan interrupted him and asked.

Yu Ze pursed his lips, not waiting for him to say anything. Long Yuan whispered, “Don’t lie to me.”

Yu Ze couldn’t say the words and was silent.

Long Yuan wondered, “What are your worries?”

Yu Ze thought about it and locked eyes with him, “I’ll tell you after the practice exercise, okay?”

When he left at the end of the mission, Feng Ze would be dead in this world. Feng Ze’s life span was equivalent to only two months. He was worried that telling Long Yuan so much would affect Long Yuan’s game.

Long Yuan rubbed his hair, “Okay.” He laughed lightly, his voice tinged with excitement, “You really like me!”

Yu Ze laughed in embarrassment and changed the subject, “Are you uncomfortable anywhere?”

Long Yuan was dumb for a moment and coughed lightly in embarrassment, “No.”

Yu Ze put his mind at ease and asked in a low voice, “Do you want to use the bathroom?”

Long Yuan paused his eyes on him for a second, “No.”

Yu Ze got out of bed and went to the bathroom, while Long Yuan went to the shower in the exercise room after the bathroom door closed.

The next morning, when Yu Ze woke up, he saw the morning light shining through the window and his mood soared. He got up and walked to the window and touched the sunlight through it. He stared at it for a moment, opened the window, and his wings emerged from behind him. He leapt onto the windowsill and jumped out, wings unfurling and flapping in mid-air as he flew to the east.

The sun bathed him, giving him a golden edge, and his fiery red wings were beautiful in the sunlight, as if they were about to burn.

In a short time, various birds flew next to him, keeping a certain distance and surrounding him.

Long Yuan stood by the window, looking at him with fascination, and a strong desire rose up in his heart to fly with him. His body gradually heated up, the green scales gradually covered him, and then slowly receded.

Yu Ze flew freely for a while, landed on the windowsill and saw Long Yuan by the window. He pointed to Long Yuan’s eyes and said, “Your eyes, they’re light gold.” 

Long Yuan laughed lightly, “Mn, because my Awakening went well.”

Yu Ze jumped off the ledge and was about to retract his wings when Long Yuan asked, “Can I touch them?”

Yu Ze paused and exposed his right wing in front of him.

Long Yuan’s eyes glowed and his fingers lingered on the feathers.

Yu Ze’s fingers made a fist, trying to ignore the tingling sensation, “Haven’t you caught Feng Sheng’s little move yet?”

“Mn,” Long Yuan said, “he’s very peaceful, not hanging out with suspicious people.”

Yu Ze was puzzled. Was Feng Sheng not going to act during the exercise? He frowned. Something was not right, and the lack of information made him feel more dangerous.

Long Yuan stroked his brow, “Don’t worry, I will protect you.”


On the day of the practice exercise, when he was about to be airdropped, Long Yuan took Yu Ze by the shoulders and reassured him, “Don’t worry, I will protect you.”

So far he hadn’t gotten any news about Feng Sheng, which made Yu Ze uneasy, but didn’t want Long Yuan to worry.

He smiled at Long Yuan, “Mn.”

“All students, please get ready, the airdrop will start in ten seconds after the countdown. 10,9…”

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