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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Long Yuan hugged Yu Ze, as if he was worried about being robbed, and hugged him very tightly. The wound on Yu Ze’s back was touched by him, and his body trembled lightly. He muffled a grunt, “Mmm…”

Long Yuan’s chin rested on his shoulder and he looked at him with his silver eyes, which were transparent and unworldly, “What’s wrong with you?”

“It hurts,” Yu Ze grabbed his arm, “let go of me first.”

“No, you are my food, you can’t be taken!” Long Yuan hugged him tighter and rested his chin on the nape of his neck. Yu Ze’s face was pressed against his, and the cold touch spread from the surface of his skin to his heart.

Yu Ze whispered, “I’m hurt, my injury will be worse if you do this and I will die,” he pursed his lips, “it won’t be good if I die.”

“Die?” Long Yuan’s voice had little life and seemed ancient, his eyes slightly confused. There seemed to be some image flashing in his mind, and he frowned lightly, “You can’t die.”

Yu Ze’s heart twitched and he looked at him, “Do you remember anything?”

Long Yuan shook his head and released him.

Yu Ze moved away from his leg and looked at his back, the back of his shirt was cut with several holes and stained with blood. He looked at Long Yuan, turned his back on Long Yuan and unbuttoned his shirt, then took it off, revealing most of his back.

There were several scratches on the white back. The outer layer of the flesh was black, but the inner layer was red. It looked hideous, but there was no more bleeding. Yu Ze was relieved to see that he was not poisoned when he looked at the wound. He was about to put his clothes back on when his left shoulder got cold. He shuddered lightly and turned his head.

Long Yuan was standing to his left. His jade-like fingers moved slowly from his left shoulder to behind his ear, and gently pinched his earlobe, “So soft.”

Yu Ze’s face turned red and he quickly took a step backwards, looking at Long Yuan with a complicated expression, “You really don’t remember anything?”

Long Yuan shook his head, “I just want to eat.”

Yu Ze’s heart tightened, “If you’re hungry, tell me in advance.”

Long Yuan’s silver eyes stared at him, “Do you want to run away?”

“No, I’m not running away.” Yu Ze said.

Long Yuan was satisfied. Yu Ze looked him up and down, he had scratches on the lower hem of his waist, and his clothes were stained with black blood. He pointed to the hem of Long Yuan’s shirt, “I want to check your wound.”

Long Yuan looked down and took his clothes off cleanly in two tries, revealing his muscular upper body. Yu Ze saw the wound on the side of his waist and couldn’t care less about being embarrassed. He stepped forward and squatted down, carefully examining the wound, which turned black inside and out, but it didn’t look like a new injury at all, as if it had been frozen.

He reached out and touched it lightly. He was not stained with blood, and his fingers curled slightly.

Long Yuan was really infected by a zombie beast.

His eyebrows knitted up, why would it be so fast? He thought back to the information about zombie beasts, analyzed various situations, and guessed that it was probably related to the fact that Long Yuan had only been upgraded to a fully Awakened person.

Perhaps it was because of this that Long Yuan had directly turned into an advanced zombie beast. Thinking of this, his heart moved. He knew very well that Long Yuan was infected while alive and then became a zombie beast.

If there was a zombie virus antidote, Long Yuan would probably change back.

He had to go back to school.

The Awakened Department Logistics Department’s research on the antidote for the zombie virus was the most advanced in all of Watt. He stood up and opened his communicator, only to find that it was not working, and the bracelet was turned in before the race to avoid anyone cheating during the race.

Thinking of this, Yu Ze frowned. When the original died before receiving communication from Feng Hai, the communicator had been provided by the zombie beast.

“You don’t look good like this.” Long Yuan’s voice came in a cool tone.

Yu Ze looked up, Long Yuan finger nodded at his forehead again, “Hurry up, become delicious!”

Yu Ze, “…” He relaxed his eyebrows.

Long Yuan moved his hand away, took Yu Ze’s neck and sniffed the side of his neck, “That’s better.”

Yu Ze’s neck was chilly and he was worried that he would bite down on him. Luckily, Long Yuan just sniffed and rubbed his neck, and then let him go.

Yu Ze breathed a sigh of relief, “Let’s get out of here and go south.”

Long Yuan said, “I like it here.”

The zombie beasts prefered colder temperatures.

Yu Ze thought about it and thought of something to say, “There’s no food for me here, I’ll starve to death if I don’t eat.”

“You are so troublesome.” Long Yuan complained and compromised. His food could not starve to death.

Yu Ze did not move immediately, but released his wings and treated the wounds on his wings. His wings were abnormally folded, and the fiery red feathers were much duller.

Long Yuan stared at his wings, and kept touching the intact areas as he treated the wounds.

Yu Ze looked at him, hoping he would remember something, but Long Yuan’s expression seemed frozen. Nothing changed.

After treating his wings, he took them back.

Long Yuan touched his butterfly bone and spoke in a wistful tone, “I’m hungry, so I’ll eat the wings first. They look delicious.”

Yu Ze shivered and decided never to put his wings out again.

“Let’s go.” He said, leading Long Yuan to the south. He had been lying on his back for fear of being thrown off when he was on the back of the green dragon who was going extremely fast, so he didn’t know how far away he was from the site of the race now, or in which direction it was.

He only knew that Kunlin Mountain was to the north, and the school was to the south.

The location they were in now had a lot of vegetation, the mountains were not high, but rolling, and he couldn’t identify where Kunlin Mountain was. He could only use the dumbest way, and kept traveling south.

He did not dare to go north for fear of encountering the zombie beasts that were chasing them. The sun was about to set when Yu Ze stopped, he had enough energy but was too hungry. He looked around and was puzzled, “Why is there not a single critter here?”

Shouldn’t there be many animals in this kind of mountain forest?

Long Yuan ran his finger across the side of his neck, “They are not as well behaved as you are.”

Yu Ze froze for a moment, then reacted.

He and Long Yuan were one of the advanced Awakened and one of the advanced zombie beasts. He didn’t feel anything standing next to Long Yuan, but the animals were most sensitive to danger and were aware of Long Yuan’s presence, so how could they stay in place?

Yu Ze felt not too good, he also intended to hunt animals for Long Yuan to eat, as a way to save his life.

He carefully asked, “Are you hungry?”

Long Yuan replied, “Not hungry yet.”

Yu Ze breathed a sigh of relief and found some nuts and fruits for dinner.

After eating, the two of them walked some more until it was too dark to see the road, then Yu Ze stopped and rested in place.


After Long Yuan left, Bai Yan retreated as the three killed the zombie beasts, and soon after, met up with two people from another small group. As soon as that group saw them, they quickly raised their hands to show their friendship, “Mr. Yan, we’re just passing by, we’re not stealing any points.”

They turned to leave and were stopped by Bai Yan, “Wait, is your communicator good?”

One of them said, “Yes, I just contacted my teammates…” He said while opening his communicator, but his face changed abruptly, “It’s not working, and the team’s location is gone.”

Bai Yan’s face went cold, “Come here, first kill these zombie beasts.”


The event team was also in a state of confusion, “Did you catch the zombie beast that escaped?”

“No,” someone replied, “no trace of them.”

“Send someone to the competition venue immediately to ensure the safety of the students,” the person in charge had a serious face, “and restore power to the monitoring room as quickly as possible.”

“Yes.” The subordinates replied and hurriedly went to make the relevant arrangements.


When Father Long got the news that the team was attacked by zombie beasts and the power supply to the monitoring room was cut off, his face sank and he immediately contacted his subordinates, “What’s the movement of the Feng family?”

“No, Lieutenant General Feng has been in the military. His communication cannot be monitored.” The subordinate replied.

Father Long asked, “What about Feng Hai?”

“Normal for now, no contact with suspicious people.”

Father Long said, “Let me know if you have any news.”

Shortly after hanging up the communication, Father Long received a reply, “Admiral, Feng Hai has contacted a zombie beast!”

“Send it to me directly.” Father Long said. Father Long received the audio file and opened it.

Feng Hai’s voice was unusually excited, “Did you catch Feng Ze? Quickly give him the communicator, I want to talk to him.”

The zombie beast’s deadly voice was very gloomy, “He escaped.”

“Aren’t you an advanced zombie beast? How could you let him escape!” Feng Hai questioned in a high voice.

“Do you want to die? Your father wouldn’t dare to talk to me like that.”

Feng Hai said, “I… If it wasn’t for me hooking you up with people from the equipment department, how could you have tampered with the communicators?! You tell me honestly, did you just kill him?”

“Didn’t kill, escaped.” The zombie beast finished impatiently and hung up.

Father Long frowned and contacted his adjutant, “Prepare the flying machine, go to Kunlin Mountain.”


With Long Yuan as a big threat, the woods were extremely quiet at night. Yu Ze was wounded and used up too much energy, so he slept very deeply. Long Yuan leaned against the tree, not at all sleepy. His eyes fell on Yu Ze’s face and looked straight at him.

In the morning, the sunlight shone through the leaves on Yu Ze’s side, and his fair skin seemed to glow.

Long Yuan’s throat rolled up and down, and a strong feeling of hunger came to him. He licked his lips, and abruptly, like a beast being ejected, pounced on Yu Ze.

Yu Ze muffled a grunt, opened his eyes, and before he could return to his senses, pain came to the side of his neck.

“Ah…” He cried out in pain and reflexively reached out to push Long Yuan. He pushed Long Yuan away with great force, and he rolled to his left, pulling away from Long Yuan. He covered the side of his neck. Under his fingers was a bumpy tooth mark which he wiped. He was relieved that even though the skin was broken, there was no blood.

Long Yuan’s tone was gloomy, “You lied to me, you said you wouldn’t run away!”

Yu Ze’s face was pale and his eyes were red, “I’m not running away, I’ll be with you, but you can’t eat me. You have no memory and you don’t know anything, you’re dangerous like this.”

Long Yuan stared at him, his Adam’s apple twitching, clearly wanting to pounce and swallow the person into his belly. But looking at his reddened eyes, he didn’t know why he couldn’t do it. He said, “I’m hungry.”

Yu Ze said, “Wait, I will go hunting for you to eat.”

Long Yuan’s tone was somber, “Are you going to take the opportunity to escape?”

“No,” Yu Ze said, “I’m injured so you can easily catch me. If I escape, you catch me and eat me right away, okay?” He paused, “Or are you afraid you won’t be able to catch me?”

Long Yuan chortled, “You go hunting.”

Yu Ze was relieved and a little excited, Long Yuan’s personality was still the same even though he had turned into a zombie beast. Without Long Yuan following him, Yu Ze easily found animals, and even birds followed him voluntarily. He caught a deer and a rabbit, and gave them to Long Yuan to eat.

When Long Yuan ate, he didn’t look and turned his back to Long Yuan the whole time, determined in his heart that he must find the antidote. After breakfast, the two of them continued their journey, and before long, they met someone from the military department who was looking for them.

Yu Ze was overjoyed and so was Long Yuan, whose eyes burned into the necks of the two soldiers. Before Yu Ze could say anything, the two soldiers’ faces changed abruptly and they assumed an attack position.

“Zombie beast!”


The author has something to say: 

Long Yuan: Hurry up, become delicious!

Yu Ze: smile (* ̄_ ̄)

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January 21, 2022 4:08 pm

Thanks for the chapter. I really hope Long Yuan will be okay!

Rachel Kim
Rachel Kim
January 21, 2022 4:48 pm

Thank you for updating!!!!

January 21, 2022 6:56 pm

Thanks for the chapter! This is going to be complicated… I hope the dad gets there soon!

January 21, 2022 8:43 pm

This is going to be very complicated, but, YuZe finds the antidote, LongYuan has to come back! Thanks for the chapter!

January 22, 2022 2:27 am

Ohhh… I can already see the demise of the Feng family. Father Long won’t let this go. Yu Ze hold on a bit longer, your little dragon needs you now.
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January 23, 2022 12:05 pm

I hope there is an antidote.
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January 26, 2022 9:14 pm

My firs thought was that Yu Ze’s Phoenix blood would be the cure. So he would let Long Yuan eat part of his wings in order to cure him. LY then wakes up and realizes what he’s done and draaamaaaa. It’s totally a dark idea. Angst to the extreme and totally unlike this story lmao.

I hope there’s a regular antidote!

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