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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Professor Zhao had thought before announcing that the blood that could cure the zombie virus belonged to Yu Ze. He wanted to speak with evidence, to tell the conspiracy theorists that he and the Long family did not set this up.

He was just telling the truth.

He had just put his heart down, only to be informed that the police had received a report and he was now being investigated.

At lunchtime, Long Yuan received the police’s findings that Professor Zhao was involved in a lot of inhumane research and was detained for breaking the law.

Long Yuan’s face rose with anger and he grabbed Yu Ze’s hand, “I knew his words couldn’t be trusted. If you checked in with him, who knows what he would do to you.”

Yu Ze scanned the message and saw some of the research information inside. His brow furrowed in discomfort, it was too cruel.

Long Yuan closed the bracelet, “Don’t be afraid, he won’t have a chance to come out.”

Yu Ze looked at him helplessly, “I’m not afraid.”

He was afraid his guts were not as big as a chicken in Long Yuan’s heart.

After the meal, Father Long said, “The Kunlin Mountain case is almost finished, this matter has a wide involvement. The upper level of your department has a lot of staff changes, the next few days there will be no school. A’Yuan, ZeZe, stay at home. Do not go out.”

Long Yuan nodded his head.

Father Long looked at Yu Ze, “I will arrange someone to set up a research group as soon as possible, you take good care of yourself.”

Mother Long said, “ZeZe don’t be afraid, mom will have the kitchen give you stewed tonic to ensure that even after your blood is drawn, you won’t feel anything.”

Yu Ze said, “…Thank you, Mother Long.”

He didn’t think he needed to be so serious, after all, only a hundred milliliters of blood would be drawn for the first time and it wouldn’t affect him at all. But not wanting to disappoint his elders’ concern, he still answered obediently.

Father Long went to the military department to arrange the research group, while Long Yuan and Yu Ze trained at home. Shortly after they ate, the two went to the training ground on the left side of the first floor of Long’s house.

Yu Ze started with the simplest fighting techniques, and thanks to the benefits of being an Awakened, his memory was much better than before. Long Yuan demonstrated once, and he could remember it, but his posture was not quite accurate so Long Yuan was there to correct him.

When he was well-practiced, Long Yuan and he practiced against each other and trained him on the moves. After a long day, the two of them were drenched in sweat, and they only stopped when Mother Long asked them to prepare for dinner.

Yu Ze sat on the floor panting, and Long Yuan leaned over and reached out to him, “Do you want me to carry you to your room?”

Yu Ze accepted his hand and used his strength to get up, “No.”

Long Yuan took him outside and let out a low laugh, “I know you’re shy, otherwise I would have just carried you away.”

After all, from the training room back to their room, they needed to pass through the hall, and were likely to meet his parents. With the nature of his little Phoenix, he would definitely be shy.

The corners of Yu Ze’s mouth lifted slightly, and he knew very well that Long Yuan was saying what he was really thinking. He honestly said what he felt, “You’re so sweet.”

Long Yuan’s head came up to his ear, “I’m so nice, do you want to give me a reward?”

Yu Ze’s heart beat faster for a moment and he blushed slightly, “What kind of reward do you want?”

Long Yuan pointed to the side of his face, “A kiss.”

He was very excited about the exercise and wanted to be close to Yu Ze. He got the idea during the workout, but he didn’t disturb it because he saw Yu Ze working out seriously.

Yu Ze blinked quickly, turned sideways and held his shoulder and hastily kissed him, then scampered forward, “Hurry up, or mom will be rushed.”

Long Yuan raised his hand to grab the person, but caught nothing. Looking at his back with a smile in his eyes, he touched the side of his face,] and quickly followed.

“ZeZe, slow down, there’s no hurry.” Mother Long saw Yu Ze hurriedly running upstairs, and quickly shouted. “A’Yuan, you slow down too!”

Yu Ze heard the footsteps behind him and subconsciously ran faster, but before he reached the corner of the second floor, his shoulder was grabbed. Before he could react, he was pressed against the wall by Long Yuan. His head tilted back but instead of hitting the hard wall, it was the soft palm of Long Yuan’s hand.

His eyes widened and his head subconsciously moved forward a little, “Hey…”

Before he could finish his words, he was kissed.

The second light kiss, mixed with the heat and sweat from the exercise, had an indefinable burning sensation, and both sides were soon breathing heavily.

Yu Ze could not stand it and was forced to tilt his head, moaning. The moan spilled out of the corner of his mouth, but was promptly blocked by Long Yuan.

Long Yuan let go a little, his tone dark and vague, “Mom is downstairs.”

Yu Ze’s hand on his shoulder tightened, not daring to make a sound.

Long Yuan continued to pester him for a long time before releasing him. Steadily holding his waist, he applied a little force and they switched positions.

Long Yuan leaned against the wall, and Yu Ze was lying softly on his chest. Long Yuan was holding Yu Ze hard, and his chin was resting on Yu Ze’s shoulder to catch his breath. Yu Ze’s face was flushed, and the two of them were pressed against each other so tightly that their reactions to each other were obvious.

This was the first time Yu Ze faced such a situation. His heart felt as if it was going to jump out of his chest in the next second; shy, nervous, eager and a little panicked. Long Yuan controlled his emotions and brushed his fingers behind Yu Ze’s ear, who slightly tilted his head and exposed his pink ear to Long Yuan’s eyes.

Long Yuan’s breath stalled slightly.

“Where are A’Yuan and ZeZe?” Father Long ‘s voice came.

Mother Long replied, “They trained all afternoon, were sweaty all over, and went to tidy up.”

Long Yuan took a deep breath and bent down to pick up Yu Ze, who was startled and bit his lip.

Long Yuan walked towards the room, and seeing him like this, he whispered, “Be gentle.”

Yu Ze subconsciously let go of his lips, leaving shallow teeth marks on his lips. He grabbed Long Yuan and glared slightly, “It’s too sudden.”

Long Yuan lingered on his lips for a second, abruptly raised his head, pushed the door open with his foot and carried the man to the bathroom. His voice was dark, “You wash, I’ll get your clothes.”

He left quickly, looking a bit flustered.

Yu Ze opened his mouth to refuse, but Long Yuan’s figure was no longer visible. He thought about it and washed his face first. Only when he finished, he heard Long Yuan say outside the door, “I left it at the door. I’ll go to the guest room to wash it and go downstairs for dinner later.”

Soon, the sound of the door closing reached Yu Ze’s ears.

Yu Ze touched the side of his face, thinking: Long Yuan is not as shy as he is, right?

He finished his shower and went downstairs. It took a while for Long Yuan to come down. Long Yuan was fully dressed and looked handsome and fresh.

Mother Long asked, “What are you stinking up at home? And let ZeZe wait for you to eat!”

Long Yuan’s face flashed unnaturally for a moment as he sat down next to Yu Ze, “I told him to eat first, no need to wait for me.”

Yu Ze smiled and said, “I’ve only been down for a while, so I’ve kept Mom and Dad waiting.”

Mother Long said, “Don’t be polite, eat and eat.”

After eating, the family sat in the living room, chatting. Father Long briefly explained about the research group, “They are reliable senior researchers. Their character is trusted so don’t be nervous when the time comes.”

Yu Ze nodded, “Mn.”

Long Yuan said, “I want to accompany him throughout.”

Father Long replied, “You will do it even if we don’t agree, just don’t affect the researcher’s work.”

The butler reported at this time, “The two young masters of the Bai family are visiting.”

Bai Yan followed behind the butler and was also followed by a boy slightly shorter than him, who looked three points like him.

Long Yuan raised his eyebrows, “Why are you here at this time?”

Long Yuan’s mother asked, “Have you eaten yet? I asked someone to prepare food for you.”

Bai Yan said, “Thank you, auntie, we have eaten,” his face was rarely serious, “I have something important to say.”

The butler led the subordinates away, and Bai Yan and the boy he brought over sat down on the sofa. Bai Yan patted the boy’s shoulder and introduced him to Yu Ze, “This is my cousin Bai Xi.”

Yu Ze noticed that Bai Xi’s face was flushed with an unhealthy white color, and although he tried his best to control it, he still showed a hint of panic.

The corners of his mouth curved up to reveal a very gentle smile, “Hello.”

Bai Xi’s gaze flashed with amazement and he seemed to relax a little, “Hello.”

Bai Yan looked at Bai Xi, “Xiao Xi, go ahead.”

Bai Xi put both hands on his knees and squeezed his fingers before speaking, “I was accidentally infected before and only slowly recovered today after taking the latest antidote from the research lab.”

His fingers were clenched, his fingertips were pinched white, and his voice was tight, “Before I recovered, I received an order from a senior zombie beast —”

He took a quick look at Yu Ze and paused before speaking, “To kill Feng Ze.”

The air in the living room froze for a moment.

Long Yuan grunted lightly and looked at Father Long with a cold tone, “I’m going to District 6!”

Want to move ZeZe, he will destroy them all!

Planet Watt’s Districts 7, 8 and 9 were occupied by zombie beasts, and adjacent to these three areas were Districts 5 and 6. This location held the most intense war between humans and zombie beasts.

Districts 5 and 7 were half of the coastline at the edge and were relatively safe, while District 6 was directly in front of the zombie beast interference and was dangerous.

Yu Ze had the original geographic knowledge in his head. His heart tightened and he subconsciously grabbed Long Yuan’s wrist.

Long Yuan smiled at him, his eyes filled with the infinite wide world, “Watt should have been unified long ago.”

Yu Ze originally wanted to say the words but could not continue, “I also want to go.”

Father Long said in a deep voice, “Don’t be impulsive! You are still students, wait until you graduate and enter the military. Not everyone can enter the front line.”

Long Yuan said, “I’ll take the graduation test at the beginning of the school year.”

The Awakened Department had a special academic system where one could graduate when they reached a certain strength so they didn’t need to study for four years.

Yu Ze decided to exercise more seriously, and he smiled at Bai Xi, “Thank you for telling us the news.”

Bai Xi replied, “You’re welcome. You’re A-Yuan’s fiancé and rather special, so you should know.” 

Bai Yan calmly analyzed, “The group of zombie beasts has a strict hierarchy. The high level zombie beasts give orders through feeling and all zombie beasts can sense it. Low-level Awakened who can’t think, will only think about the command. Intermediate and high level ones can understand the serious impact ZeZe’s blood has on their strength, and will not spare ZeZe.”

Father Long said seriously, “ZeZe should not go out before school starts, and I will strengthen the guards at home.”

Yu Ze understood the seriousness of the matter and nodded obediently. He thought the biggest danger of the mission had already passed, but he didn’t expect there to be a bigger danger.

This time the enemy was the whole group of zombie beasts, and he knew very well that it was useless to escape. The higher his strength, the safer he would be.

The next few days, Yu Ze and Long Yuan almost soaked in the training field, only stopping when Father Long brought over the research team to take a hundred milliliters of blood after being forced by Long Yuan to rest for an afternoon.

After two more days, the Awakened Department started school.

After discussion, Yu Ze and Long Yuan went back to school.

The Awakened Department had a higher level of security. After all, the majority of the students in the Awakened Department were the future tops of the military department, and the Mushroom Awakened, who had been underappreciated for the development of the virus antidote, were also taken seriously.

The Awakened Department’s protection was even tighter than before, with an invisible wall of electricity above the department’s courtyard walls that had an enhanced voltage so that any creature that passed by would be electrically scorched.

The first thing Long Yuan did when he returned to school was to apply for a graduation test, and Yu Ze followed suit.

Long Yuan originally wanted to persuade him not to, but Yu Ze was also a senior Awakened person, not a canary in a cage, so he did not say anything. Yu Ze’s training time was short and he hadn’t taken any practical classes so he failed the virtual combat test with the zombie beasts.

Yu Ze looked at the report card and was disappointed.

Long Yuan closed his bracelet so that his diploma wouldn’t irritate Yu Ze, and he grabbed Yu Ze, “You’re already very good. I took many classes in the higher division before I passed.”

Yu Ze grabbed his arm and looked up at him, “You must be careful.”

Long Yuan said, “Mn, I’ll have A’Yan and A’Miao supervise your meals and I’ll contact you when I’m free. No matter what, don’t leave the Awakened Department.”

Yu Ze replied, “Okay.”

Long Yuan took his diploma, directly parachuted into the Green Dragon Legion, and after passing the military assessment, went to District 6. Yu Ze carefully attended classes and worked hard, and when he had time, he brushed up on the graduation test simulation questions.

At first Long Yuan contacted him every day, but later he contacted him later and later. The number of times he contacted him became once every two days, or even longer.

One evening, Yu Ze had just finished his dinner when his bracelet rang. It was an unfamiliar number.

“ZeZe,” Long Yuan’s voice came in a weak tone.

Yu Ze’s heart tightened, “A’Yuan, what happened to you?”

“I’m injured. I’m at the hospital in District 1, I want to see you.”

Yu Ze subconsciously walked out of the department as he exclaimed, “I’ll come right away!”

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January 27, 2022 4:29 pm

Oh no, it’s a trap, right? Just like before, the zombie can imitate Long Yuan’s voice. LY will never ask YZ to leave the Awakening Department and put him in danger just because he wants to see him. YZ must be too panic to realize it. A Yan, A miao, where are youuuu?! I always thought LY shouldn’t join the army. The best way to protect YZ is to be by his side. Ahhh I’m so scared!

Rachel Kim
Rachel Kim
January 27, 2022 6:44 pm

Thank you for updating!!!!

January 27, 2022 6:51 pm

Is this really Long Yuan contacting him, or a trap? An unfamiliar number; in these circumstances with the current situation, he really should check things out first!
Thanks for translating and editing.

January 27, 2022 11:13 pm

That is a trap, pretty obvious at that. And just why Yu Ze hasn’t confirmed if Long Yuan has really been injurred with Father or Mother Long? 🤦‍♀️

Thank you for the chapter!!!

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Thanks for the chapter! Trap meet foolish guy….

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