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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Yu Ze took a few quick steps out of the school, but with a thought in his mind, he stopped in his tracks, opened his bracelet, and sent out a message. Ten minutes later, Yu Ze appeared at the entrance of the school. He walked towards the taxi stand, his steps were fast and he looked very anxious.

The next moment, two figures came out of the car and rushed towards Yu Ze.

At the same time, at the waiting point, a man in black ran towards Yu Ze, his bright black nails reflecting slightly in the light of the setting sun. Yu Ze was on guard when he heard the sound, and as the three men lunged at him, his wings unfolded and he quickly retreated, pulling his body up.

The man in black tilted his head to look at him, his silver eyes were warm, the corners of his mouth lifted in an icy smile, “This time, you cannot escape.”

The other two behind unfolded their wings and attacked Yu Ze from the front and behind, while the man in black was guarding below, forming an air-land defense.

Yu Ze swung his wings to the side, dodged the attack, turned his head and opened his mouth to spit out a cluster of fire, forcing back the two zombie beasts that pounced on him immediately after.

Yu Ze did not take the opportunity to escape, but looked warily at three. Two of them were the same zombie beasts that attacked him at Kunlin Mountain, and one, with a pair of eagle wings, had a very aggressive attack. Three seconds later, the two attacked again and the man in black jumped to a very high height after crouching low, his hands instantly bestializing and struck out towards Yu Ze.

Yu Ze’s figure once again drew up high, avoiding the man in black and concentrating on the two bird-like zombie beasts.

Due to the recent exercise, his hand has improved a lot, but the opponents were high-level zombie beasts, and it was a battle of two against one. It did not take long for him to be unable to fight. He heavily pursed his lips, opened his mouth, spitting out a cluster of fire again from his dry and bloody throat before he instantly completely bestialized, his wings flapping violently as he flew towards the school.

The hawk-like zombie beast’s silver eyes floated in a fury. It screamed and its body pulled up to avoid the fire before swooping down to attack Yu Ze.

From Yu Ze’s tail came a sharp pain, but he did not turn back and gritted his teeth as he accelerated. The next moment, he looked up with a relieved expression, and two small fighters ahead of him flew towards him at speed.

“Trap!” The hawk zombie beast spoke in a brutal tone, his voice hoarse as he stared at the Phoenix with indignation.

The other two immediately retreated. However, except for the direction of the school, there were fighters approaching in all the remaining directions, surrounding them.

The other flying zombie beast screamed in a cold tone, “Kill him.”

The two instantly turned around and went after Yu Ze, but Yu Ze was already hiding behind the fighter jets as he bestialized very fast. Yu Ze hovered above, watching the three resist, watching as the three broke their arms and legs but did not stop fighting, and his heart chilled.

No wonder Long Yuan was getting busy. The zombie beasts were much more tenacious than people unless you could burst their head in one fell swoop.

Twenty minutes later, everything returned to calm.


Outside the walls of District 6, humans and zombie beasts mixed up in a battle, Long Yuan piloted a flying machine with a team of snipers to suppress from above. Suddenly, a line of black-winged, half-faced rotting zombie beasts flew behind the zombie beasts, and these beasts attacked the craft directly.

“Spread out, everyone! Attack the flying zombie beasts above first.” Long Yuan commanded.

A quarter of an hour later, there were only a few zombie beasts left in the sky and Long Yuan’s eyebrows twisted, “Retreat.”

Unknowingly, they were chasing after the zombie beasts and had strayed from the group. The team did not respond. Long Yuan could see four flying machines in his field of vision and was sure they were all safe.

He tapped his mic, “Please respond, over.”

Still no sound.

Long Yuan opened his bracelet and was alerted by the voice assistant that the signal was being interfered with. Long Yuan’s heart sank and he suddenly had a bad feeling. He remained calm, turned on the bright lights of the craft, and gave the command to retreat by light.

Soon, the rest of the craft responded with lights: “Copy.”.

Long Yuan turned around and returned to District 6.

When he got close to District 6, his bracelet rang instantly and he answered it. “How dare you not answer the communication! Get back here and write the military regulations by hand a hundred times!”

Long Yuan tilted his head and explained, “The signal was jammed.”

The lieutenant general lowered his voice, “No wonder!” He sounded dazed, “MD, now the zombie beasts’ IQ is too high! Your father contacted me when you were out of communication range and asked me how you were doing, and I said you were fine! As a result, your father said that you contacted your fiancé and said you had been injured and hospitalized.”

“So it seems that the zombie beast lured you deep and then began signal interference, all to impersonate you,” the lieutenant general’s voice raised violently, “then called your fiancé! It seems that your fiancé is very resourceful and realized that there was a problem, otherwise he would not have contacted you. When he failed to get through to you, he contacted me to ask for information.”

“He’s smart,” Long Yuan’s face sank slightly, “this is not the first time.”

“The zombie beasts are evolving more and more terribly, the more time they are given to evolve, the greater the danger to humans.” The lieutenant general’s tone was heavy.

Long Yuan snorted coldly, “They don’t have much time.”

The lieutenant general laughed, “I just love how crazy you are! Go back to the camp and contact your fiancé.”

Long Yuan responded and then hung up the communication. He then directly dialed Yu Ze’s communication but no one answered. He wrinkled his brow and contacted his father, who took two seconds to get through, “How come you couldn’t get through before?”

Long Yuan asked, “Signal interference, where is ZeZe?”

Father Long paused, “After he received the communication pretending to be you, he thought something was wrong and contacted you, but when he didn’t get through, he contacted me. After we determined that it was a fake you, ZeZe concluded that it was the means of the zombie beast which he said he had seen before. So, he decided to put a plan in place to get out of school.”

“You agreed?” Long Yuan’s voice rose.

Father Long ‘s voice was steady, “He strongly requested it and promised that nothing would happen. The zombie beasts that can show up in District 1 are definitely high level, and a high level zombie beast is almost equivalent to a legion.”

High-level zombie beasts could control low-level zombie beasts, and were strong in their own infection and attack power.

Long Yuan took a deep breath and held his temper, “Where is ZeZe now?”

Father Long said, “Meeting with the zombie beasts,” he looked at the holographic screen, “the military department will soon meet him.”

Long Yuan whispered, “Dad, you watch him for me.”

Long Yuan’s father secretly said that his son had been replaced, and solemnly replied, “Don’t worry, I will personally command him. I won’t let anything happen to him.”


“ZeZe, are you okay?” Yu Ze had just turned into human form when he heard his Father Long ask.

Yu Ze whipped his head around, and Father Long came towards him, followed by four guards with strong postures.

Yu Ze squeezed his fingers and showed a smile, “I’m fine.”

Father Long’s face was much more relaxed, “I asked the guards to send you back to your dormitory. You can contact A’Yuan later, he is very worried about you.”

Yu Ze had a little bit of weakness. After all, this matter still had a lot of risk. He honestly followed the guard back to his dormitory, and after the guard left, he hurriedly closed the door and couldn’t help but hiss in pain.

He did not care to go back to his room and directly lay down on the sofa. He pulled down the waist of his pants, twisting his head to look at the location of the tailbone.

There were two scratches there, black and red. The wound did not look deep but was especially painful, like being burned by fire, and like acid corrosion. He pulled the pillow, buried his face in the pillow, only to feel a little more comfortable. He suddenly remembered the same kind of pain he felt after being scratched by a zombie beast during the exercise.

His heart fluttered and he turned his head again. He noticed that the bruises were redder and the blackness had dissipated quite a bit. He guessed that his blood and the zombie virus had reacted and that’s why it hurt so much.

At this time, the bracelet rang. When he saw the caller, he subconsciously tried to get up but the movement was too big, and the wound immediately hurt and his forehead was covered in sweat.

He fell halfway onto the pillow and took a slight breather. He was about to connect to the communication, but found that it was a video communication so he subconsciously switched it to voice, “A’Yuan, are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Long Yuan briefly explained why the communication was not working, and then asked, “How are you?”

Yu Ze raised a smile and tried to keep his tone light, “I’m fine. I’m improving fast and in another week, I’m going to apply for the graduation test again.”

“Really?” Long Yuan’s voice was dark, “Where did you get hurt?”

Yu Ze’s heart tightened and he subconsciously looked at his bracelet to make sure it was a voice communication, “No…”

“Don’t lie to me,” Long Yuan said, “you didn’t answer the video.”

Yu Ze could only honestly reply, “When I transformed, my tail was scratched a little. It’s not serious.”

Long Yuan asked, “Where did you get hurt?”

Yu Ze was suddenly a little embarrassed, “The tailbone.”

Long Yuan inquired, “Have you applied medicine?”

Yu Ze said, “I just came back to my room, I’ll apply it right away.”

Long Yuan said, “Apply it now and rest afterwards.”

Yu Ze was weak in his heart, so he obediently answered.

“Turn on the video, I’ll supervise you.”

Yu Ze’s voice stumbled, “I’m not a child, I’m not afraid to apply the medicine. I’ll do it now, really!” He climbed up very gently and went to the bedroom to get the medicine, twisting the lid loudly, “Listen, I even opened the medicine.”

Long Yuan laughed lightly when he heard this, “Good boy, rest early.”

Yu Ze said, “Mn, you also need to rest more, wait for me to come to you.”

He applied the medicine to the wound. The pain came and he couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath, biting his lips not to speak.

Long Yuan then talked about District 6 to distract him, and when he finished applying it, he let him rest without saying much.

Yu Ze looked at the hanging bracelet and the corners of his mouth curved up. However, when his eyes fell to the closet, the smile froze.

He hadn’t showered! He still had to apply the medicine again.

After washing up, he watched the news for a while, lay down on his bed, and fell asleep. 

Half-asleep, he heard a soft sound and his eyes immediately opened and were filled with alarm. The next moment, sensing a familiar scent, he hurriedly got up. Only when he reached the door, he was hugged.

Long Yuan sounded chagrined, “Did I wake you up?”

Yu Ze took a deep breath. His nose was full of his beloved’s scent and he was in a happy mood, “Nothing, if I didn’t notice someone entering the dormitory, you should be worried.”

“How’s the injury?” Long Yuan asked, raising his hand to turn on the light.

Yu Ze suddenly reacted and grabbed his hand, “Don’t turn on the light!”

The location of his injury was so embarrassing, and he was worried about the waist of his pants pressing on the wound so he was only wearing his underwear.

Thinking of the Awakened’s night vision, he raised his other hand to cover Long Yuan’s eyes and said nervously, “Can you get out first?”

He had just noticed Long Yuan’s return and suddenly woke up, not realizing that there was a problem with his appearance. Now he was so shy that he could burrow into the floor.

Long Yuan asked, “What’s wrong?” He met Yu Ze at the door and hugged him directly, not noticing what Yu Ze was wearing.

Yu Ze blushed, “I, I…”

Long Yuan had already reacted, “Injured in the tailbone?”

Yu Ze whispered, “Mn.”

Long Yuan took the wrist of his hand over his eyes and his tone was low, “I want to see your wound.” He paused, “I promise I’ll just look.”


The author has something to say: 

ZeZe: You must promise!!!

The first story is almost finished, this is the longest story of all!!!! Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard!


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January 28, 2022 5:11 pm

I love how Yu Ze is still so shy.

January 28, 2022 6:18 pm

I should have trusted that ZeZe isn’t dumb! He did well.
Will Long Yuan keep his promise and spare ZeZe’s blushes? 😉😏
Thanks for translating and editing.

January 29, 2022 1:20 am

Ufffff… Looks like he did keep his mind with him and tried to confirm things. But he was still scratched. AND that author’s note at the end of the chapter… does that mean Yu Ze will soon die in this world?
Thank you for the chapter!!!

Rachel Kim
Rachel Kim
January 29, 2022 3:31 am

Thank you for updating!!!!

January 29, 2022 5:59 am

Thanks for the chapter! Shy cuties are so lovely!

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