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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


“Attention all students, please go to the nearest indoor shelter immediately and do not run around the campus. Attention all students……” The campus radio kept broadcasting, and Yu Ze brushed himself off and looked towards the school radio station.

What happened? In his previous memory, the campus on the 7th was very calm and no alarm sounded. The campus radio was still cycling, and he felt inexplicably in danger. With no time to think, he quickly put down the watering can and ran to the door.

He locked the trellis door from the inside and was about to turn around when he saw five boys turn out of the pathway to the left of the trellis and walk down the main road in front of it.

The one at the forefront walked with his hands in his pockets, hanging back, and a tuft of cyan hair peeked out of his black hair, standing out in the sunlight.

Long Yuan!

Yu Ze froze and immediately reacted. The Horticulture Department was recognized as a non-aggressive department, so it was closest to the Awakened Department, and the glass trellis was built in the middle of the Awakened Department and the Horticulture Department. It was convenient for the Horticulture students to practice, and it also allowed the Awakening students to calm down through the flowers and plants when their moods fluctuated.

The path led straight to the Awakened Department.

The four boys behind Long Yuan walked two by two next to each other, with the boy on the far right holding a basketball in his hand.

“Damn! Let’s see how those guys on the varsity team will be proud of themselves later!” The boy with the basketball was walking and spinning the ball, glowing.

“Lucky for them, if the alarm hadn’t suddenly sounded, they would have lost in an even more humiliating way.” The boy beside him sounded regretful.

“A’Yuan,” Bai Yan let go of the white hair curled around his fingers and jumped ahead with a step, bumping Long Yuan with his shoulder, “Did you get the message? Why did the alarm go off?”

Long Yuan raised his eyebrows but before he could say anything, he heard a shout from the right rear, “Watch out behind you!”

The moment Yu Ze saw the basketball, his pupils tightened and his heart raced.

This scene completely overlapped with the original’s memory of the accident at noon on the 8th.

At that time, the original ran out of the trellis after hearing the alarm and saw with his own eyes the scene of the zombie beast eating people. The boy with the basketball, and the memory of the boy, tall and thin, who was eaten by the zombie beast, lying in a pool of blood, completely overlapped.

Thinking about it, Yu Ze bit his lower lip and looked in the direction of the laboratory to resist the nausea that was rising. He saw a black shadow flying from afar, seemingly spotting those with Long Yuan, and with a flap of wings, it swooped down abruptly.

Yu Ze’s heart was instantly in his throat, and a layer of cold sweat rose up on his back.

Long Yuan reacted very quickly. When he heard the shout and turned around, he saw the swooping zombie beast, and the carefree expression instantly became stern, “Scatter!”

As soon as his words fell, Bai Yan pulled the black-haired basketball boy, while Xuan Miao pulled the other boy, respectively, and the two sides dodged.

Long Yuan quickly backed up, opened his mouth and spewed out a bunch of water arrows from his mouth.

Phew ~ the zombie beast’s body moved, dodging the attack and twisting its head to look at the glass trellis.

Yu Ze breathed a sigh of relief. Even with the memories of his predecessor, seeing the incident with his own eyes still shocked him.

The zombie beast had a human head with an eagle body. Half of its face was decayed, the other half blood red, and it looked extraordinarily terrible. The next moment, the zombie beast’s wings flapped, and it suddenly turned and rushed towards the greenhouse.


In less than two seconds, the zombie beast appeared in front of Yu Ze, with only a glass wall between them.

The zombie beast shouted eagerly, its wings and claws hit the glass, and the ground shook slightly.

Yu Ze did not have time to dodge and was forced to face the beast’s face. As the beast was pressed against the glass, its face was flattened and its mouth was wide open, saliva trailing down the corners of its mouth, leaving yellowish traces on the glass.

The zombie beast’s eagle eyes were fixed on Yu Ze, and the frequency of its wings flapping grew faster, showing its eagerness.

Yu Ze’s heart rate suddenly exploded. All of his blood rushed up to his brain, and he stood stiffly in place.

Long Yuan moved the moment the zombie beast changed its direction, his footsteps following it, but he was pulled back by Bai Yan.

“The glass of the trellis is specially made, it can resist for at least a minute. Don’t be impulsive, don’t go.” He said and at the same time, he opened the bracelet to contact the security department and quickly instructed, “Xiao Lu, Xiao Yang, you go back to the college and call the director.”

The tall man, Xiao Lu, and the curly-haired Xiao Yang, did not say a word and ran towards the Awakened Department, the two were extremely fast and were ten meters away in the blink of an eye.

‘Crack…’ The glass wall cracked under the continuous impact of the zombie beast.

Yu Ze’s eyes bristled, what should he do? At this rate, the glass wall would soon break open, should he just wait to die? No! He had to live, his family was waiting for him to wake up!

His frozen arms and legs sprang to life and he shouted as he ran towards the door, “Run!”

He turned around and ran backwards, ignoring the branches that stuck out and broke as he brushed past, as well as the ones that cut into his exposed skin, and ran straight for the back door.

The zombie beast saw that Yu Ze was getting farther and farther away, and it tapped the glass even more angrily. With a bang, a large piece of glass fell to the ground, and the zombie beast rushed into the greenhouse.

Yu Ze heard the sound, felt his back go cold, did not dare to turn back, and only ran forward.

Bai Yan, “A’Miao, you go around the outside to meet him at the back door.”

Xuan Miao didn’t move, Bai Yan spoke quickly, “A’Yuan and I are fine, it’s target is Feng Ze.”

Xuan Miao looked at him and went around the glass wall towards the back door.

Yu Ze heard the footsteps of the zombie beast getting closer and closer, and felt a pang of despair in his heart.

“Ahhh…” Suddenly, the zombie beast’s mournful cry came from behind him.

Yu Ze’s footsteps paused as he looked back. He saw the zombie beast’s right wing had a hole, where the feathers were all wet.

Long Yuan shot another water arrow from his mouth, hitting its left wing.

The zombie beast swayed for a moment, ignoring Long Yuan and staring at Yu Ze with its eagle eyes covered in a layer of blood. It looked extraordinarily greedy, as if it found some delicious snack.

Yu Ze was trembling, turned his head and continued to run.

The zombie beast chased after him, while Long Yuan and Bai Yan followed behind the zombie beast and kept attacking.

Bai Yan frowned, “This is not right. Feng Ze hasn’t awakened his beast ancestor gene, right? Why does it keep chasing Feng Ze?”

Long Yuan shot a water arrow, hitting the Gretel Research Lab’s logo on the zombie beast’s wing. His sword brows knitted, “I don’t know what the research lab has done.”

Yu Ze panted as he ran to the back door, quickly pushed it open and ran out, before locking it behind him.

The zombie beast hit the door head on and let out an agitated scream.

Long Yuan’s expression was slightly relieved as Bai Yan praised him for being smart and contacted Xuan Miao, “Take him to the Awakened Department.”

Yu Ze stood outside the door, vigilantly staring at the zombie beast, while trying to adjust his disturbed breathing. However, he found that he could not calm down at all, and his hands and feet were shaking uncontrollably.

“It’s not safe here, follow me.” Xuan Miao’s tone was steady as he pulled Yu Ze’s arm and ran towards the Awakened Department.

Yu Ze was startled, his feet were forced to move a step. His feet went weak and he fell towards Xuan Miao.

Xuan Miao grabbed his shoulders in time, “Don’t be nervous, I’m here to help you.”

After saying that, he continued to run, Yu Ze was pulled to his feet and the wind whistled in his ears.

“Watch out!” When they were still about twenty meters away from the outer wall of the Awakened Department, a group ran out of the Awakened Department gate and several urgent voices rang out.

Before Yu Ze could react, he was pulled in front by Xuan Miao, followed by a forceful push from behind by Xuan Miao.

At the same time, the mournful cry of the zombie beast came from behind, followed by a “pop” sound as a large puddle of water hit the ground.

Yu Ze stumbled forward several steps and was held by someone who came out of the Awakened Department.

He saw the boy who had pulled him to run curled up on all fours on the ground, his shirt scratched at the back, revealing the inky skin inside, which glowed with a metallic texture in the sunlight.

Yu Ze froze and soon knew his identity, Xuan Awakened family, the first son of the Xuan family, Xuan Miao. Behind Xuan Miao, the zombie beast bore a hole in its right wing and fell to the ground with its body slanted.

Yu Ze’s footsteps moved and he wanted to help Xuan Miao, but was pulled back, “Don’t go over there and make trouble.”

Yu Ze, “I just want to……” He saw Xuan Miao quickly get up and run towards him, so he shut up and honestly took two steps backwards and looked behind the zombie beast.

Long Yuan covered his throat and dry coughed, his eyes still staring warily at the zombie beast.

Behind him, two fighter jets came from a distance, and when they got close, two soldiers jumped off each. The four uniformed soldiers jumped down carrying their cannon barrels, and in mid-air, each suddenly opened a pair of wings on their backs, hovering steadily in the air, with their barrels aimed at the zombie beast.

Yu Ze’s brain automatically analyzed them: Bird Awakened, at least intermediate.

Primary Awakened only had the ability of their beast ancestor, such as stronger five senses while those Intermediate and Advanced Awakened could bestialize. The Advanced Awakened could fully bestialize while the Intermediate Awakened could only partially bestialize.

“Ahh!” The zombie beast flapped its wings in place, screamed in anger, then stared at Yu Ze for two seconds. It paused again at the sight of the people to Yu Ze’s left and right, and suddenly turned back and attacked Long Yuan.

Long Yuan dodged while looking up and yelled, “Attack!”

The four soldiers did not dare to fire since Long Yuan was too close to the zombie beast and it was easy to accidentally injure him.

Long Yuan’s harsh eyebrows frowned, he immediately understood their concerns and made a decision in a flash. He rolled on the ground to avoid a blow. The moment the zombie beast’s eagle claws grabbed him, he turned his hand into a sharp claw to catch it, grabbing it with two claws.

From above, he was covered tightly by the zombie beast.

“Bang……” with two shells in a row, the zombie beast’s head exploded.

Long Yuan raised his hand to lift off the zombie beast’s claws, and stood up, shaking and kneading his wrists.

The four Bird Awakened soldiers fell from mid-air, one came to Long Yuan, “Young Master Yuan, is everything okay?”

Long Yuan tugged his sleeve in disgust, “Dirty.”

The soldier breathed a sigh of relief. Since he could still take into account his cleanliness, he was fine.

This was the only son of the Long family, Planet Watt’s most talented awakened. If something happened, no one could afford the consequences. When he saw Bai Yan and Xuan Miao, he could breathe a little easier. It was too much. The Long family was one thing, but the first sons of the Bai and Xuan families were also present!

He immediately reported the situation to his superiors and soon got orders to arrange a special car to take the three, plus Yu Ze, to the hospital for a checkup in case they were infected by the zombie beasts. He explained the situation to Long Yuan, who said, “No, the department will be able to do the examination.”

The soldier was about to say something when a man stepped forward, “I am Director Qi of the Higher Department of Awakened, I will take them to do the examination.” Director Qi then pointed to the corpse of the zombie beast, “You have things to do.”

The soldier’s face straightened, and after reporting the situation to his superiors, he agreed to Director Qi’s proposal.

The corpse of the zombie beast was quickly disposed of by the Military Department, and the Director and the head of the research lab were taken away by the Military Investigation Department at the same time.

Long Yuan walked up to Feng Ze and raised his eyebrows, his voice was slightly hoarse, “It’s already okay, why are your hands still shaking?”

Yu Ze’s whole body had been shaking, but now it was just his hands, which was already much better. He squeezed his wrist, secretly exerting himself, but he was still shaking, “I, I don’t know. I can’t control it.”

Director Qi approached and looked at his wrist for a moment, “Let’s go for a checkup.”

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