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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


The four of them were led to the departmental infirmary by Director Qi for a checkup. The results came out quickly and all of them were not infected, with little surprise.

The school doctor looked at the results several times to make sure he was not blind before announcing, “Yu Ze, congratulations, you have awakened your beast ancestor gene. From now on, you are a beast ancestor gene carrier.”

There was no joy on Yu Ze’s face, it was a surprise to him, not a joy. These things were obviously supposed to happen tomorrow, why was it happening today? And in the details, there was a big discrepancy.

Did this mean, as he had guessed last night, that everything had changed after he became Feng Ze? He felt bad, knowing that the original had been safe for two months before he died.

He’d only been here for two days and he’d already experienced a life-threatening danger.

Still feeling surprised, the school doctor asked Yu Ze, “Is there no mistake in your identity information? August, that is, you’re two months from turning eighteen?”

Yu Ze nodded, “Yes.”

The school doctor sighed, “Your case is very rare, you are the first case I have personally seen. A carrier of the beast ancestor gene detected at close to eighteen years old, congratulations.”

Yu Ze was not happy in his heart, but still smiled politely and thanked, “Thank you.”

The school doctor entered the test results into Yu Ze’s bracelet, “The information has been collected, you will soon receive an acceptance letter from the Awakened Department.”

Director Qi nodded approvingly from the sidelines and said to Yu Ze, “The Awakened Department has mandatory residency, so you should go home and prepare.”

Yu Ze hesitated, “The Horticulture Department has an exam this afternoon.”

“You don’t have to take the exam,” Director Qi said, “The admissions office will take care of it, so don’t worry about it. Just report to the Awakened Department as soon as possible.”

Yu Ze pressed down the uneasiness in his heart and obediently answered, “Okay.”

The tragedy of his past life began when he entered the Awakened Department. The original, after his genetic awakening, entered the Awakened Department after being noticed by Feng Sheng. Until the phoenix ability appeared, he was regarded by Feng Sheng as a trade item with a zombie beast.

In the end, the original died in the Awakened Department practice training under Feng Sheng’s design. Yu Ze silently clenched his fists. He must not let Feng Sheng know that he was a Phoenix Awakened.

Among the gene carriers, only a small number could successfully awaken into their Beast Ancestor, and most of them would become Mushroom Awakened who were also called Mushroom Scum.

As long as Feng Sheng thought he was a Mushroom Awakened, he would not have the slightest value in the eyes of Feng Sheng. He had a solution in mind, his heart calmed down, and looked at Long Yuan, “Thank you for saving me.”

Long Yuan raised his eyebrows, “You’re welcome, you helped us too.”

His voice was even more muffled than before, he frowned unhappily and coughed lightly.

Yu Ze asked worriedly, “Are you not feeling well?”

Before Long Yuan could answer, Director Qi asked with a serious face, “Long Yuan, have you overdrawn your energy again?”

“It’s nothing,” Long Yuan didn’t care much, “I’m going back to my dorm room.” He turned around and walked away quickly.

Director Qi looked at Long Yuan’s back and frowned, “What nonsense.” He also looked at Bai Yan and Xuan Miao, “You two are also here. How come you were outside the department? Who gave you permission to go out?”

Bai Yan’s body tilted towards Xuan Miao, his hand was placed on Xuan Miao’s shoulder and his tone weak, “Director, I’m physically exhausted. I need to rest, I’m going back to my dormitory.”

He pulled Xuan Miao, Xuan Miao grabbed him, the two of them blinked and scurried out of the infirmary.

Director Qi’s forehead veins jumped, and yelled at the door, “Tomorrow morning, both of you need to submit 10,000 words, handwritten, or I’ll call your parents.”

“Why this set again?!” Bai Yan’s depressed voice came over faintly.

The corners of Yu Ze’s mouth curled up, the familiar sense of the campus made him feel relaxed.

Director Qi glared at the door for two seconds and changed his expression to a cordial one and said to Yu Ze, “You go back and organize your living supplies, talk to your parents. You are not allowed to leave the department for any non-essential situations, and you will go home only once a month.”

Yu Ze nodded, said goodbye to Director Qi, and left the school.

As soon as he got back to Feng’s house, Yu Ze was blocked by Feng Hai, who stared at his wrist, “Did you really awaken the beast ancestor gene?”

Yu Ze’s heart tightened and he squeezed his wrist, “Yes.”

Feng Hai was both angry and jealous, his chip hadn’t even moved yet! Feng Ze awakened on the day after his birthday, which was against him! He raised his voice, his tone sarcastic, “You are almost eighteen years old. Even if you become a gene carrier, you will definitely fail to awaken. Don’t be too complacent.”

Yu Ze lowered his eyes and his tone was low, “I know.”

Feng Hai snorted, “Look at you. You don’t look like an Awakened person. Come with me, father wants to see you.”

Yu Ze’s eyes opened slightly, his heart beat faster all of a sudden, what did Feng Sheng want? No matter what Feng Sheng’s plans were, he had to give Feng Sheng the impression that he would fail to awaken and was a Mushroom scum.

He followed Feng Hai, searching for information about Mushroom Awakened as he walked.

[The beast ancestor gene will have two transformation directions, one is to transform into the beast ancestor energy within the bearer’s body, and eventually, the bearer becomes a beast ancestor awakened with beast ancestor abilities.]

[The other kind is where the beast ancestor genes are absorbed by the bearer. The bearer’s native energy is strengthened, but because the energy exceeds the native limit, although the strength becomes greater, thinking and movement is slowed.]

[The bearer, if they have the opposite of the awakened, will have an aversion to meat and will like cool and moist places. This is because of the absorption process and behavior habits similar to decaying fungi, so they are called Mushroom Awakened.]

Slow thinking, aversion to meat, and preference for cool, moist places.

Yu Ze silently underlined these points in his mind.

As soon as he walked into the living room, Feng Sheng’s pressure came straight at him, and he moved with a sudden urge to resist. He immediately became alert, Feng Sheng was testing him?

The Awakened had the habit of beasts, had a sense of territory, and in the face of provocation, they would instinctively fight back. He clearly perceived that facing Feng Sheng’s pressure, he was much more relaxed than last night, no longer having the feeling of a small rabbit being stared at by a fierce tiger, only frozen and waiting to die. This meant that the beast ancestor gene in his body was already being transformed silently.

His face hardened as he realized that disguising himself as a Mushroom Awakened was not easy — he had to resist the instinct.

Feng Sheng surveyed his face and withdrew his intimidation, “It seems that you have not yet reached the Awakened stage. Go to the Awakened Department, cheer up and exercise.”

The entire process from the early stage of awakening to becoming an Awakened was known as the Awakening Phase. Once one reached the Awakening Phase, it meant that they would be a Beast Ancestor Awakened.

Sure enough, he was testing him.

Yu Ze tried his best to sound weak and nodded obediently, “Yes, I will.”

Feng Sheng said, “Go pack your things, I’ll have the driver take you to school later.”

Yu Ze looked at him as if he was surprised and said gratefully, “Thank you.”

After he left, Feng Hai was not too happy and was about to say something when Feng Sheng’s eyes fell on him, “Go exercise.”

Feng Hai left with a depressed look on his face.

Only Feng Sheng and the butler were left in the living room.

The butler asked, “Master, what did you say you were going to do last time?”

Feng Sheng shook his head slightly, “Since he is not an ordinary person, with Long Yuan’s status, he probably won’t be able to see it, so let’s scrap it.” He paused, “Although the chances of him becoming an Awakened at his current age are small, still, pay more attention to him.” His eyes narrowed slightly, “If he can awaken, it will be good for A’Hai.”

The butler nodded, “I’ll have someone keep an eye on him.”

Yu Ze returned to his place, the door to his room was open and Xie Wan was bending down to sort out his suitcase. Feng Ze’s clothes and daily necessities were neatly placed there.

Yu Ze did a little mental construction and opened his mouth to say, “Mom, I’m home.”

Xie Wan stood up, her eyes slightly red, with a smile on her face, “I’ve organized everything for you, see if there’s anything else you want to bring.”

“This is enough,” he hesitated, but asked, “Have you been crying? Aren’t you happy?”

Xie Wan looked at his face, “I’m just too happy. I’m not afraid to tell you that you’re too good-looking, but I’ve been afraid that you’ll be bullied after you turn eighteen.”

Yu Ze said, “I am good-looking, but also a boy. How will I be bullied?”

Xie Wan shook his head, “Ordinary people who are good looking are in danger no matter what gender they are.”

Yu Ze thought of the privileges of Planet Watt’s Awakened, the lover’s preference, and nodded silently.

Xie Wan measured his expression and reminded him in a warm voice, “Although you are not an ordinary person anymore, you only awakened at this age…”

Yu Ze saw her look torn and took over, “I know, it is likely that the Awakening will fail.”

Xie Wan saw him look calm and patted him on the arm, “It’s okay to fail. Mushroom Awakened people are good, and better than ordinary people since they can protect themselves.” She continued, “The Awakened Department has a lot of Awakened people, they,” she hesitated, but finished, “many of them will look for lovers. If someone is looking for you, you should not say yes. When you graduate, mom will help you find a suitable girl.”

Yu Ze, “……”

His graduation was a hundred days later, and by then he would have already left this world.

So he answered very nicely, “Okay.”

As he was talking, his bracelet buzzed and he received a new message with a letter of acceptance from the Awakened Department of Gretel University.

Xie Wan pulled his suitcase up, “I know you have access restrictions, Mom will come see you when she can.”

Yu Ze nodded, looked out the door, saw no one there, and whispered, “When the contract is over, leave the Feng family and find another job.”

Xie Wan asked, “Did Young Master A’Hai bully you again?”

Yu Ze wanted Xie Wan to make up her mind and nodded, “Mn, after I live in school, I’m worried that he will find you in trouble in the future. The Awakened Department board and lodging are free, I don’t have to spend any money, so you just find an easy job.”

Xie Wan hesitated for a moment and nodded, “Okay.”

Yu Ze went to school in Feng’s private car, showed his notice, and entered the Awakened Department without any problems. The Awakened Department was a large but simple building, with the south side being the main entrance and security office, the east and west sides being classrooms. The first row on the north side was the cafeteria, and the back held the student dormitories.

The middle space was divided into two large blocks, half of it was an artificial lake, and the other half a green field. Unlike the tall buildings of the rest of the department, the tallest building in the Awakened Department was only three stories.

After Yu Ze entered, he walked along the left road to the end and turned right to the west of the playground. All of a sudden, the sound of lively people came, he looked towards the field and froze in place.

At the nearest basketball court, a boy caught a ball and lifted up to shoot the ball. At that moment, his hand steeply elongated and turned into a monkey hand shape, putting the ball directly into the basket.

“Monkey, you foul!” One person under the basket shouted angrily with round eyes, and a pair of fluffy ears suddenly emerged.

In the middle of the soccer field, one person stretched his foot to stop the ball. Seeing someone grab the ball, he clamped the ball with two feet, a pair of wings sprang up from his back. His wings flapped up in the air, and not waiting for others to react, he flew towards the goal. He released the ball, lifting his foot and kicking it. The ball entered the net.

Yu Ze was dumbfounded by these Awakened people’s game.

“If I ever play with anyone from the middle section again, I’ll eat shit upside down!” The goalkeeper got surprisingly angry, and after roaring, picked up the ball and smashed it at the winged student, who flapped their wings. The ball then turned and flew towards Yu Ze.

“Hey, student, watch out!”


The author has something to say: Thank you for your support (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭? ~

Winged student: Cheat, eat food and drink!


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It’s a shame he has to die each time… will there be a way to avoid it?
Thanks for translating and editing.

January 5, 2022 1:01 pm

Thank you for updating!!!!

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Oh, so he actually awakened and not as a mushroom but as a Pheonix. Now he should do his best to avoid Mr. Feng’s plotting and he should live a bit longer. Ahhh… how I wish it wasn’t a QT story, but I hope he’ll finally find the right partner.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

Blizzard passing by say hey~
Blizzard passing by say hey~
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Somehow or another, I hate calculating people like this Feng Sheng fella.. just like the little Long said, it’s nasty

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